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California Trip-Dispersed Camping in a National Forest-Giant Sequoia!


It had been over a year since I saw my good buddy Kyle.

He had moved to California for work, early 2016.

I promised him I would visit this year.

I spent 7 full days in Cali. This video shows days 1 and 2.

We hang out, go for dinner, have some drinks, and then the next morning, we head out to the Giant Sequoias and then find an awesome camp spot for some dispersed camping in the mountains.

Part 2 will have some epic scenery, as we backpack in the mountains, at Kings Canyon.

Kyles channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Kibble135

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

all right guys just touched down in California here in Sacramento waiting on buddy Kyle to pick me up yes I am in California visiting Kyle when we were backpacking we're gonna hang out do a road trip have a lot of fun so super excited for it to wait for his slowest bud

oh it's been a while but been a while I was trying to think when the last time I saw I think was tomorrow because it been that long because - um unless you went to Michigan that for tomorrow I remember it all blurs together all blurs together yeah Oh your Driving's going to make everything blur together - Oh welcome to California and he's going to drive a little crazier now here's not saying oh my gosh we're going to do I'm going to eat something hungry yeah I'm pretty hungry I drank a beer on the plane yeah and I had to pee like 15 oh no I was lucky to go to ILC it's going to be one of those trips right like bring a pee bottle because you have to stop every 100-yard that's every trip buddy oh my goodness you drink a lot of water actually won't have to pee you sweat so much in oh honey it's very warm yes on that I'm glad to be here yeah yeah how is the finite well I shave just for you yeah I'm probably with them so look like that seem to yeah I know you don't have that drug stash thing yeah Eli said yeah kind of think of chicken of the bar to be harder to endure I have a way different country there's a dip code roller gotta be a country will she doesn't watch my videos I know I love it oh one awesome she had enough of me in person I wish there's a fast-forward button on YouTube so I can get through your video there is there is relative so quick geography lesson here we are the Central Valley which is basically flatter than canvas and produces like I don't know 10 percent of the world's crop for some ridiculous like you look I'm just back at home yeah if you're basically back home except for there's a bunch of almond trees and citrus and it's rough yeah there's like lemon trees probably out there somewhere anyways so we're in the Central Valley it's very flat very boring over there to the west is the coastal range like the Pacific Oceans about an hour and a half that way and about an hour and half that way is here at about and you can't see any of its jagged abilities at tennis going home there's a wall there yeah that's like with duct tape tapping more than look every day - Joe you from California a land of great food and fruits in the nuts and so we've got two options we have three options for lunch you ready for this and now you don't do often after one state turkey knees with spinach pesto you're gonna make boats over to order it now I can make this I believe you have a menu that you make it's just complicated it's like um it's like IKEA for food called blue apron like you should probably at the mansion sponsors are very good anyways let's get caught cod and something sells salsa what is that word I don't know Timothy no tomatillo okay you know it's gonna go whatever summer squash when you say the hash if you do that or if you want we just like a turkey sandwich

well I'm a pretty simple kind of guy turkey sandwiches I really hope you like you know full Organic hippie bread because that's the only time I like oh you're familiar with for mucha I'm not okay so kombucha is fermented tea it's like the cool really cool hipster thing you drink out here you know if you're like Fedora add on big beards and your arm sleeve yeah your arm sleeve like yeah do you try to caboose on the nice thing

sprouted sevens what agreeing it's all organic flourless too good for you this is gluten free identity I know although the gluten free I don't know if it's Gordon please and some of these are between USA gotta be good there you go under second no what are we doing what are we doing what are we gonna do we are going to look at flowers and trees and then we're going to drink beer and cocktails and you could I let my out of focus like your all your lighting I like the cocktail and be a part of that you like to capital party there's trees and sub you like trees dendrology we're just at the Capitol building checking up some crazy big trees everything from sequoias redwood palm trees some crazy Oaks that I've never seen was that kind of cork cork cork and a new author roses here never promised me a rose good did he promise me earlier I don't think you want to go pick the one put in here here I don't want to believe we can put in here your little you're my earhole from where my holes in my ears are yeah your brain please come on what are you doing are you doing good we're at a different place here at all or I'm going to have to read it fancy food causing them a mercury what kind of Margaery are you gonna get caught breaking the parish it's the electrical select line and quickly through the Vistula and brandy how to do that right it's sound reasoning Tom please yeah I am alright you know I got to get that gin and juice a whole Snoop Dogg stuff that really think it is insane how are you kidding me right now I didn't grow up on the other side rollin down the street something-something slipping on gin juice I don't think that's on hold so how's your totally parrot I'll warm out sometimes like 85 90 left what'd you do a call I got too excited by the prickly pear these pants have a DWR Torino so it's okay you know I saw a column that said like I don't like the way Joe treats his friend Kyle I'm really just a verbal punching bag what do you have to say was uh for real you're a mean person I don't know why I hang out right I'm very many people tolerate you she said useless right is what you wanted me to fly here and spend a week with you I just don't like it gorgeous or something I'd like to take these beats or something that's doing anything hmm

don't let him fool you he loves me what do you think with this a red shirt red shirt I told you to bring a pillow or something you know go has a pole over at a nice restaurant with white linen tablecloth I literally don't have a polo I have like t-shirts do you wear there in Detroit miniature t-shirts destroyed miniature so my gin juice [Music]

I'll take you to the cocktail bar max and please pull me back that very part with grapefruit juice and squeezed going up in alignment well squeeze the lime he says okay this pencil is why that'll make it less Park ring more zesty good not good squash them cocktails you will in here in Canada is it a excuse of a whiskey it's not a sippy cup what is that in your drink words bilging okay so I figure it here it's you slimy Canadian finger legally so you have thrown the plant like you can align all right we got our foods what do you got there Carla sea bass amazing horns and twos and continues and I got the Kobe steak potatoes we're going to share like that

leading the Tramp style lady in the Tramp style oh she's on point bud good oh my oh oh boy Kobe beef open this pace right I know what do you got on Morning Joe I'd uh you need some more that's probably before and I don't think you need that money to to spell a funny thanks doc it's almost can drink Brantley's on the skin well it'll motor on the town happy Oh manga test so we're just getting ready gotta go packed up blue this gear bomb here where we go what are we doing today we're going on this equip and we're gonna see some big trees and and then we will camp out as a natural course they're gonna camp in the mountains you say yes good reason I feel like we're doing an 1850 style like you know let's go in all the national parks it's cool really excitable capering boom I've never done that I've never seen it's closed there's all first only things we get will be good put my gear in not - you want me to strip it out dude yes and no remember about the dog libraries I'll remember about the tibetan prayer flags is tough at all no you didn't I worked so hard on that that joke would say seven months in the making

you ruined it you don't know it's one big Oh are you reading it Kyle Kyle so we were on a canoe trip and we're talking about how he's my shirt book named toto and he's I got to get his Tibetan prayer flags and stuff and then our mommy trip like a year later I'm sick sick of the dog and he's trying to make me feel better he busts Toby's Tibetan prayer flag that he had been saving forever to make like this good joke and listen yeah you were so out of it you know was going on until idea I actually like two year joke me I was just felt bad about it

are we there yet now we've got a ways to go this is really late for those 1950's road trips like let's go to the national park and here the small child hind feet fathers figure intelligent

I never will have gum Kevin I like a celebrity because the paparazzi and get fight at a caterer in my baseball emiti done now


I want now I fished you Kyle you know we used to like that the comments are going to be I don't care right here look here can go and this literally looks like I'm driving next to all except for that building right there because we don't have that stuff in Canada but no we usually clean up our messes but that looks like Essex County right there like a little iterally other almond almond shea almond oh wow snap okay that's an overgrown well although Joe give throw mountainous Syrians that kind of Oh November Oh Mellie thank you sir and if I can have you display the far side window sure would you care for a better night

oh yeah certainly nothing guy and happy for you

perfect thanks you too certainly so I loaded this wrong path to my GPS so we have no idea we're going to go we probably lost I might have to eat you Donner Party South early style burly party can we go now till we get out of the car we walk like 10 feet from the car Kyle turns around rules so what did you forget in the color this time Ranger Joe any I'm like I'm not the guy who uploaded the GPS wrong and as I'm saying that to him because he says oh I'm not wearing the right shoes hold on a minute but to be fair Kyle doesn't know me I do we're going to get updating Doug I don't have any water I drove this wandering little dimple tendencies shot khaila

again yeah I'd say that's a tree boy I consider myself a bit of a tree nerd and this is just something Leoben never seen before I can't begin to describe the smell in the air like a very very strong cedar but overwhelming overpowering the trees so big there's burn scars halfway up it there's like this uh black boozy SAP coming out of it too spider webs on I'll take you up close to one for sure that's not see the formation of the spider web the way it's shaped I would assume that so it can catch bugs coming down the tree just to cool man the bark is very Corky in fact what did you say how thick they were three feet thick bark look at this burn burned all over here it's kind of pre I won't forget yeah it's got a fuzz to it so that's actual tree there this is that goopy stuff let's see the car almost from being burned take the SAP that tarred up that's part of the same tree so this is a touristy kind of thing like there's people all over the place there's cars right down there we're getting farther away but it definitely just like a day you think but after all I am a tourist you are resourced I matter you're serious so yeah we're going to do this today and then go find some just sorted estate land uh this natural forest land just go out of the way and I'll just kind of dispersed camp dispersed can of this first can really call amongst the trees trees yep that'll be tonight and then tomorrow we'll drive down the Kings Canyon itself try to grab a spot in a campground do some day hiking and maybe camp by a river if possible yeah the campgrounds will be walk-in right next to rivers gorgeous Thanks you might have to watch me bring my vision go out and try to fish for like three minutes and not get anything I'll give you I'll give you a tip or two of you know cricket stick with old joke Oh see what happens see what happens and kyle's in church holy like Nevada by now you were in charge in this we are ends here in above I think the highest I've ever been in elevation is like silver peak in Killarney which is what like 1500 feet or something like a book sea level and we're at seven seven thousand right now so pretty different man I've never seen anything like this all new to me legit mountains right behind me okay right there it's unreal it really is just crazy this guy there Joe it's a little little baby pinecone a little bit you make a wreath out of it that's a parable type comparison using you as a reference I mean okay so it's like it's like an inch and a half long then you like that's crazy yes exactly

preserve the natures well I believe it's I believe this is a pine right here I would bet money on it I just don't know what type at all and even that pine is like probably the biggest pine I've ever seen in my life is probably that big that's like a run it run-of-the-mill pine for here I'm sure that's a cedar no nothing oh that's just a cliff oh my oh they're like oh yeah like a bush like on a on a trunk

yeah like a tree yeah nice pine cones for days

again up into the pine yeah glad you're not blinking tree she's a begging oh man it's like a cave yes Marco this is probably the biggest one we've seen today Lincoln tree the first one I've seen that's been named there's a General Sherman he said yep but we didn't see though oh yeah we're over walking now nice thing absolutely not this is a very big one pretty straight all the way up to bigger as a car halfway up you got to think to manage three five two thousand years old so it's like this big when the other Romans were around crazy there's a big-ass bird up there way to the next she's like a black falling inside yeah I do [Applause]

oh look at this alright tell me what you want to tell you Jim say about the tree I'm a little German we're standing up on General Sherman the world's largest tree by volume single trunk tree by volume ever weighed 279 feet tall I think 103 feet around don't call them that check it with the article wiki wiki of course oh yeah pretty big here we are in the majestic wilderness no one around Pacific this screaming children and families a full family fitting for that tree

it's literally like a couple pickup trucks big around if not more Oh Mike it goes down like substantially dude it's like a drop-off into there oh my goodness hi cool there's like toilet paper stashed in there little Joe in a tree

you literally like weather a storm in this your she read that kids book my son amount know that would Brian yeah like I feel like you need a treat now that's my side of the mountain good one where he all about the tree okay like I feel like you need to tree the stick you can easily live comfortably and those you clean that shit out good look at this this is hold one like oh I know it's completely separated not to man yeah I feel like I'm in like Jurassic Park here Jurassic Park of trees this is good right here this is it alot better than General Sherman just keeps going man you know people always doing all about all those churches in Europe stuff and I'm sure the cool I've never seen him I'll probably see them come here but this don't get much better than this yeah just look at it would you look at it my side hurts are going like this much stop doing that well I have to lean back lean back just ruined a clean bag it's dead quiet out here

the only thing we can hear the birds chirping to just glorious and here the cars anymore we're far far far from the cars walk like seven or eight miles already yes miles not flowers this is a really cool part of the trail so close as far as you can see big ones big burned ones completely burnt right out and then some just big fire scars on them but honestly like with a hundred thousand cars that were in the parking lots got a huge hard time finding a parking spot no one there's absolutely no I'm here it's very hard to believe you know this is like fourth of July but fourth of July in America with my American bloody car and a super American kind of place I keep saying American you're right

spent Canada today at home with my Canadian family spent the fourth fourth of July if my American buddy murder I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now oh my goodness the two towers where's the white wizard we came out to a pretty nice opening here Kyle swears were close to his car but it's hard to believe because there's no roads you know and the cars on our road so Oh perfect it was a really the same flaw I know I because it goes down like that and we came up accidentally this way go down and go this way sure Bob he he famous last words just joking

I'm completely joking it's just funny bugging them


back in the car now that was a hike we did 10 models in about 4 hours for a bowers stop for about 10 minutes eat lunch but we were being slow at first take pictures in the trees and stuff but it got really cool near the end there a real remote feeling yeah nice anyone for like an hour plus now so very cool very good day very good hike something on the cousine check off your bucket list like one it won't what else I'm going to I guess this is the only time you see trees this big exactly so if you're into trees this is like a must so what we doing right now we are I'm not really sure we're going to kind of guesstimate as we go here last time I've done this way I stayed up of course like Road where you can just like dispersed hanbal woods

the problem is I don't know quite where it hit it's like 40 minutes from here and it's on the right hand side so perfect

yeah just pass that one tree so is passed that one tree but that one guys looking for that one train so that's cool though that's a little exciting anyway little adventurous yeah just going to see how she goes on a spot even if we don't find that one spot we'll find a spot set up camp cook up yeah figure it out pick up some food hang out excited man camping in the mountains will be another first on the first row we'll do the summer the summer firsts I was very smart I brought a chair and you can send American they serious yeah oh I wish you told me that a broken chair I didn't think about one that's right but like we could have had a launch here yeah I really wish that a jerk oh no he said that why don't you make a list yourself with good communication crap bushing in this coil oh my goodness are you trying to kill yourself I mean they're cute like they were very cute but are they trying to kill themselves Danger Danger big ok on to the next adventure Joe and his pal Kyle backcountry now bhajana or diffusion this is not it is not it and I can't get my deck I can get out there could be he said so we found this nice little pullover spot in the National Forest and there's a little boxy behind me at home but I don't think you can have you can have fires I know you can have fighters city need a permit for hibachi barbecue kind of thing but we got a little canister stove so the coops and food on the canister stoves sitting on a picnic table here and then after we cook over food we're gonna hike back behind us for boat I don't know my lish it drops down there's some flat rock and stuff open sky too so it should be good for stars tonight there's no clouds at all it's noticeably different in the shader temperature-wise so in the cart set it dropped to like 73 degrees or something it's breeze if the breeze is nice here it is a little chilly which is awesome sorry I'm wiped out man tonight dinner because I flew and they didn't have any back packing meals any dehydrated stuff stop to the grocery store I got a good old

big league beef franks so to do hot dogs and some noir broccoli chicken flavored rice books in seven minutes seven minutes so I'm going to do that up brought my heavy cover canteen use that boil up how'd everything come out he's on a roll lady the gentleman all beef did I mention it all beef franks like four times did I mention there's not gonna be any room in this cup for anything or anything on them there you go yeah that's it wait on you don't want a game camera god made fun of me enough for today yeah wow this is like lopsided as any passes ever been all right off we head into the vildan it oh man you can see the peaks over there - very cool this is really cool back in here man nice flat well I think we're going to call this home there's a the Kyle there and you can see the mountains far off and only toot it in the background so this is a nice little spot here man relatively flat

not too shabby no no Chico's no deadfall up there like that one gigantic tree we heard four oh yeah man we were in the Sequoias we had just like walk practice part talking about all this would be a nice place to camp or whatever just like almost meadow next to the big huge giant squid we're like okay cool to walk like I don't know 50 yards or whatever all of a sudden we just hear like crash boom and then a huge thud we felt so either a limb fell off a Sequoia or so cliff I'm sure was just a limb it wasn't looking like a earth-shattering noise but yeah man crazy how many people get to experience that too yeah sure this is like the finest spot right here excuse you all the filming go ahead and do all the work for you I forgot my Tibetan prayer flags but I'll make sure to bring this next trip of course par for the course what well you told you didn't want me touching your tiny tools too complex for if you comply so there's three poles in this thing I mean it's great completely freestanding it's pretty high-tech - uh-huh it's not for amateurs not yeah well let it be known that I won't let me hope it's not that I don't want to hope who study won't let me what kind of come to this the helleberg called Alec I think it means something in Norwegian nice so one of the cool things about the center several cool thing about them but the cool thing about the set is when you set it up is you go red white and blue as far as the color coordinating which is very American it's very American Israeli it's almost like it's not made in America it's not but I found that the easiest a sin I got here which was front I think how many times we use this Tenneco climbing a mountain with it though he said I had this on the shaft oh nice he's probably complete overkill for the condition but you bought it so you got to use it right yeah you got to use it and on a mountain that big you never quite know what's going to happen so mountaineering Co

nothing I know what you're doing you just look silly it's just like a look silly doing you think a me with you 24/7 you look silly all the time give my but I did not give your buddy not gonna do it I actually already did that before they made a noise yep oh my god you didn't it you guys want to see you inside the tent okay let's go one-handed it's very yellow very yellow inside for good spirits making people feel happy you think it will help is that not worse for doing camping stuff we did it hooray hoorah I like to double vestibule double opening

it's pink now it's not even all I could actually real quick yeah it's getting Pinker and Pinker love it okay okay let's see how this works you know I have some done your books on my phone we could read them aloud to each other aloud to each other I love you alright everyone can that was awkward this is John Muir we were sitting in the middle just shared about I like this is proper for this area so we're getting eaten alive by mosquitoes I'm not how to ask you to wait on me seriously I don't miss you alright as I sprayed that oh no one must want to work the Canadians or was it maple surface okay yeah time for that now why doesn't make it funny and you can't see a kid you can't deal with the reality we national pride is too strong what I heard your country's finally 150 years old now yeah just the other day you guys are getting teeth look girl like this see ya so we got uh this is called Bulleit rye frontier whiskey never had this I've never had never heard it there's a lot better than I can crack you guys right I don't believe you percent I don't for sure Canadian whiskey is pretty confident that that's American this is dry smells sweeter that way it's a very sweet whiskey that's why you can feel fashion well I'll wait you pour one then we can cheers the road oh okay well here we'll just pass her back and forth okay first I'm very then I'll make my blush cocktail you gonna is there any left she's not that mmm that's good that's good

this is good maybe take a little tad too much in that first little swig there you mean like the four ounces you drain that hose out okay I got to try and get this on film for you guys here it's to help and glow to no end word of the trip alpenglow so what are you gonna do with this car I'm making a bush cocktail using what cool blue Gatorade lukewarm right now and simple rice nice as opposed to build dis me I like I make really good cosmos do will you back to my place I'll make you a Cosmo and you're gonna you're gonna like it no it'll be your new favorite cocktail nope yes it will do you like be like you like I'm not sure cranberries memories I do like cranberries you like cosmos you have lime juice I do you're sold you you're already like your what type of booze is it is it robot vodka like alright whatever

oh yeah there we go nice that's sick I haven't seen that color since I was here last that is that is not going to show up right in photos Hey it's awesome over here we're going for a little little hike over here okay sounds good you heard it first yeah we wanted to go on a backpacking trip this trip but getting a permit and this snow is too much but it's okay I've cut my teeth here anyway

Clau Wow Wow it's something else we had a good view here I can see clearly multiple Peaks the hue of pink is not really coming through - well but look at the Blues up in there and then the pink is something else

now that was too cool we got there on those rocks until the the glow had gone making our way back to our camp now before whiskey-dick not too far off in kilometer not even nice being off the trail back in back in this National Forest Park very cool so we have John Muir's asam my first summer this year and we figured we'd skip to the fourth of July 4th of July I think it's like 1860 something I'll see what he says I can barely read this because I can't not even cross okay and your life letter just looks again illiterate well yeah pretty much

ha July 3rd tomorrow this July 4th there you go well it's not much the air beyond the flock range full of essence of the wood is growing sweeter and more fragrant from day to day like ripening fruit yeah I agree with that for today it was good very fragrant yeah you know was ripening the smell of my car the smell of everything arrives around eager Karstens mad I need to wash it oh yeah one of the it because he was let's see what's going to happen tomorrow

oh look July 5th the clouds of noon on the high

seemed yet more marvelously indescribable beautiful from day to day as one becomes more wakeful to see them the smoke of gunpowder burned yesterday on the lowlands and the eloquence of authority or Reacher's has probably settled or has been blown away by this time here every day is a holiday a jubilee every sounding with serene enthusiasm without wear or waste or pulling wear weariness because everything rejoicing not a single cell or crystal unvisited or forgotten why can't you narrate your videos like this guy like worked like sound like him so the good news about instead that's how you sound I he had a youtube channel I was I would this guy would have way more subs than you Yeah right but I would like all of his video who's John Muir the eloquent Sequoia dancing joyously amongst the pine what okay was that like look to the rapping tune of an Eminem song I felt like like I could try it like that maybe you could do it that way you know you're gonna beat so we must be near a kid's camp or something we hear American Pie blaring in the background so the little chantings such that song yeah I think a lot of people do fourth-of-july Kyle you can't no no it's not cold Canadian Pie I didn't know if you guys need to visit we don't have your poutine song bah bah Canadian poutine you know what oh why whatever beautiful you guys make up there in Canada but drove my canoe today you know if I were to make fun of things about America I would get tore apart right yeah you just don't make fun of we're awesome Europe like what are you gonna say nothing I'm not going to I'm not going to say anything because to also I know how to co-operators

hmm I'm going to turn in it's 10:30 now hit a long day we got up like 6:00 and started driving so Oh driver all you satin took a nap the whole time Knapp once but you're driving kept me away yeah I've got nothing to say with that my penalty where people were honking at you know multiple people today that was yesterday true true okay yeah probably catch up with you guys in the tent and say a little goodnight but he's just on my forehead what is this oh it's been indent from my from my headlamp didn't end up for my headlamp I figured it up so figure though yep good times good day thanks Kyle so I'm here for pulling your ass up and down for Taj's mountains unusual

some people say I'm mean to you just the truth I just speak the truth I'm Rick this is the slow pious and set up ever yeah awesome the last no no no that's fine

I I've learned to not believe you when you say that well why did you believe about anything ever my feet stink pretty bad - mine are bad like this is a good well these aren't wolf sock it were like ants running socks at least eat samesies yeah oh this is all static is running sucks

all right we're gonna sleep next to each other now it stinks so bad in this tent oh I'm taking my socks off don't don't do that please all right we're gonna go bed good night guys okay - slopey it's the slow pious it sound that bad it's like a recliner yeah so reclining good bed cuz good night while we were sleeping bag here hot hot it's 20 degrees warmer than just fan me please if there's a cross-breeze like we have a great breeze going here but there isn't good night

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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