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Building an Overnight Bushcraft Camp; Double Adirondack Tarp Shelter, Raised Bench, Outdoor Cooking.


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Buddy Mike and I spend 24 hours in the woods, we build a bushcraft camp, set up double adirondack tarp shelters, use our axes, knives, and saws, build a raised bed bench, have some good beer and steak...great camping trip.

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Video Transcription

hey folks wrote the woods again Mike Joe and scout we're going to do an overnighter we're going to build a camp and make hobo village of tarps cook a lot of food drink some beers have a beer it should be good nc lacquer wood right now what do you think I'm like yeah I think we found a spot like Stan is smack dab in the middle of it there is a lot of area so we got this we do have this one Ironwood

that's coming up in arcing and broke off there but we are going to take that down for firewood and building materials so we're all good on that and the rest of the area is good to go yep so that's our and what we had to get down likes just going at it with this Norlin right now sorry folks it it went before we could could film it so anyways got it down and now we won't die in our sleep

so got our tree down and we just need to buck it up probably going to use four pieces of it for the start to make a bench and we'll go through the bench making process with you guys too so basically I only want about four pieces this this long for the bench and this is a nice thick tree so it'll be good to take it off of this tree oh you got done cutting our four pieces for the bottom of our our bench and this stuff is like super super dense iron wood you got four pieces probably about five or six inches thick that took us a better part of an hour to do it both of us and our arms are shot right now so I think we're going to put the bench making aside for a minute we're going to start working on the tarp shelters and maybe have some lunch should go back to the bench after because like I said both arms are shot so from time so I'm going to tie up this communal ridgeline we're going to try to do either on deck shelters facing each other with no gap in the middle so I'm going to try and use this bridge on as a central ridge line for both of our our tarps I'm just telling a taut line hitch on it so for the taut line you guys see me tie this a million times it's just two on the inside so that's two there and then I come out on the outside and do the same thing once super easy that way you can adjust how Todd it gets I'll leave this one loose because I got to tighten up the other side just going to do the same thing on the other side and I want to make it about chest height because that's the height it needs to be for the shelter to work properly at least with the size of tarps that we have so there we go so this is a nine by nine sill nylon tarp and the other one is a ten by ten so it's going to be off a little bit but it should still work fine basically I want to put my tarp on a diagonal and I want to come down to the second Taiyo so sorry the third time there's the first second third then I'm just going to attach my pre-tied prusik Sanh they're the toggles and then that's nice and easy nice having these pre-typed russek's on this is tight we flip the tarp over to this side we're gonna use the other one on the other side no problem I just got to peg it out so we've got it tied up where we wanted like I show you guys and then we have to figure out where we want to peg it it all depends up on how big you want it my thing you insert the third maybe that's not the right one well start this one the second one I'll take it down and we'll go from there see what happens so we finished the one Adirondack shelter and we're going to set the other one up right in front of it and it was just in kind of like a big tent inside it'd be pretty cool this is gonna this top flap is going to flap over top of the other one and we are going to be very protected in here I really like this tarp configuration this is a nice stock will be yeah it could be worse could worse shelters all set up and I just need to create a little bit more Headroom so I'm just going to attach this P cord on here and pull it back and since there's no tree behind us to pull this off we're going to use the stick that Mike is holding and we're going to PEG it down behind there so just wrap it around once or twice once is probably sufficient but whatever and then we'll take it down right behind it there we go first try it all takes a lot of tweaking and stuff no big deal good that should give us a bunch more space let's go on inside and check it out might I might even cover all around yeah so we have a full groundsheet in here then so this is not too shabby so Michael sleep on this side and Scout and I'll sleep on this side you could even space these out farther and have a fire in the middle just up with a big opening on the top but we don't need to do that for warmth today because it's not going to get too cold it's like you knew what you're doing Michael oh you doing Mike cooking some lunch he's opening a can with your so sorry not attempted yeah that's pretty fancy look at you go oh now you got all the dust from the store inside your suit we're just cooking up some lunch right now Mike's got a chunky soup in his uh seagull Philly kid and I've got just some English muffins I'm toasting up I'm gonna put some some peanut butter on it I think I'll give Scout some peanut butter too because he is all about it you know about it you know about it bud you get better beauty probably very shit stuff oh yeah definitely

Alexandra Keith it up but as of today you can buy beer grocery stores huh really

that is awesome so great Great Lakes the one that rocks the Kanak and the one we're having today they have one lunch in Toronto they are carrying out a grocery store fantastic here you go peanut butter doggy but you have to check out the beer right there Mike you got carried around the store we'll just take it I wonder why I just say these kids can't see it you're thinking about it you but I mean if you just want to get in going beer you can go over it once she's done now or both kind of chilly winds picking up and sitting here not doing anything for a little bit google it chill down so we're gonna go get some firewood and the wood the rest of what we need for our bench so I've got my silky saw I think Mike's gonna bring his adventure storm books aw and I'll probably bring my little small Sandvik axe only 20 inch one this thing looks pretty badass I'm pretty happy with it oh yeah nice and toasty so we are all set up in here looking comfy you can fit easy three people in here for if you had two we're gonna fit to it two of us in this guy are you scooter Mike and I've gathered a lot of wood I don't think we're done for the night but we decided we're going to build our bench first and see what kind of firewood we have left over after that so basically we set up a little mock bench what we're going to do so we've got four rounds and those are the rounds that we cut earlier on today that iron wood that horrible decision to cut the iron wood for our bed and those will be these four right so we got four on the ground then you're going to go two long ones across a substantial size and then two shorter ones going across there and all this is doing is just building you kind of like like Jenga like levels going up so you get more height so you're not sitting with your knees bent you're not sitting too low I'm sure we're not going to go too high because that'd be more work but so once this is this we're going to stack logs lengthways and we're only going to make it as wide as it needs to be for two people there's no sense in making it long like a bed we're not going to use that and we're going to set up here our shelters are over there so this will be our hangout spot and then when it's time to go to bed see you're there here

that's plenty wide I think right we're gonna have a hangover - you're just that's dry oh yeah okay BAM Awesome's - shirt complete our framework for the bench I just got to secure it all now with Canadian GM not so I'm going to secure the first three levels of logs with the jemna so for the jam not it's really easy it's just like a constrictor knot so I want to tie a tight knot at the bottom then I top tie a looser overhand knot right in front of it but don't don't don't set you down yet

so you want to just go around everything I'm going to go underneath the support logs the big ones and just up to the top log on a diagonal you slide you're running in through the loose knot you gotta just cut I'll cinch it together that's on there real tight and then whenever you want to loosen it up you just kind of pull the tail and it loosens up really easy but we don't want it loose because we don't to fall down hate it is you want that one yeah come here see oh yeah perfect height nice get our backrest in here probably doing honestly need more than three get another one or two of it we build in our michael fire reflector oh right now I'm just constantly uh-huh there's an end game though yep Oh Michael there's making this fire reflector we're going to go around and try to find some logs to fill in for the fire reflector now you don't need to go chop down trees for this at all definitely you don't even want to do that I would rather use stuff like like that that rot a piece of wood around the ground actually I'm going to cut that up we'll use that right on and on I'm sure I just found this choice piece of red oak it wasn't laying on the ground was actually up on an angle I pushed it over but it is seasoned to perfection it's got a natural check in it shedding its bark this will be prime prime firewood I get so excited over wood so excited over the red oak what are you crying about man jeez Louise you good yeah red oak splits like a dream so as you can probably tell we're losing light I just kind of try to get our fire prep done before it gets too dark that way we can start the fire once it gets dark we're not running around trying to get some small stuff made and all that crazy stuff so we have our majority of our firewood if not all of it already all set up race you buddy it's behind the scenes behind the scenes well everything's all squared away it's about 450 right now almost 5 o'clock and it's going to get dark any time so we've got our bench made you've got a fire reflector built we've got all of our fire prep done and laid out ready to go we've got our headlamps out and just preparing for dark so before it gets too dark we wanted to show you guys what we're going to have for supper we've got a plethora of good food here Mike brought these awesome rib eye steaks if you can see it through there but it's a nice super Marbley it's all it has to have a skewer through it to hold it together that's and it's roped off too that's how tender it is so that's gonna be supper main course and to go with the steak so we have these red skin potatoes we've got four of them two for each of us and I've also got two cloves of garlic one for each of us I know it sounds like a lot but once you cook them they lose a lot of their potency and just adds a lot of good flavor to have that much in there and you can't and we're going to cook that sorry in the tin foil like hobo dinners so with that we'll also go butter a bunch of butter I made up these spiced straws you know like you see just cut the straw melt it and you can put salt pepper I put salt one pepper in one and seasoning salt in one so we've also got onion to go in with the potatoes and the garlic and the salt we've got paper plates this time using the old noggin we've also got something really good for breakfast tomorrow but I'm not gonna give that away just yet you'll have to wait and see got all our firewood cut up and stacked they're ready for the night there she goes so the potatoes take a little bit longer to cook the mistakes due so we're going to cut our potatoes into thin strips like this and then I want to cut them again so they're really small and thin and so they cook easy and quickly I'm going to do that with the garlic The Onion's all that stuff wrap them in the tinfoil and they'll take about half an hour to cook so we'll put them on the coals before we put the steaks on and try and time it so that they're done but at the same time nice chunk of butter in there a couple nice chunks of butter in there and I throw all my minced up garlic and onions on oh it smells so good save a little bit for Mike some pepper yeah I think that's good it should be done a certain way like I said tin foil has to be shiny sight in it should be shiny sight in now I'm going to wrap it by folding up this way I'm just kind of folding it down like a burrito you want it to be a little bit flat right the flatter it is the quicker we'll cook them or even a little hook take the size roll them up see that's kind of going out there at the top I didn't have enough tin foil to to fully cover it but that's okay because we have the second piece I'm going to put that part down that's fully cover flatten it out wrap it up again and wrap it really tight this time in the middle so it stays pull those guys up not good ho ho baby it's a real nice looking rib eyes just about done we got our potatoes down here underneath mines down there Donna come real thin Mike Cuddy's a little bit thicker and they're not done quite as quite yet our steaks are just about done nice and seared then flipping them every now and then and they are just gonna be fantastic I'm sure pretty crisp yet here oh yeah almost two Bush done almost I'm really excited about this food and this beer OMA crack a beer well beer number three are two and a half I guess head stocking IPA from Nichol Brook and it is very citrusy and nice and bitter it's going down really good 7% beer so awesome out here in the cool weather Joe's beer reviews he won all those rib eye steaks were killer potatoes really good little little the garlicky side oh yeah have you girly heavy garlic so I'm able to keep the Coons away tonight but yeah not much left to do but just sit by the fire tonight finish up the rest of the burgers

I head to bed it's about 10 o'clock so not too much longer maybe another hour so I sit by the fire but pretty good day you think great day yeah nobody didn't rain a lot done so we will see you guys in the morning for surprise breakfast was weird good morning scoop well Michael what do you think in oh look beautiful me too it's for getting here a comfortable comfy smooth sounds alright I like this setup probably do it again what do you think scope one more time time for the people that with people on top of people did you sleep at all but on point all night just like that you took a boy he's a good dog ye so you've been away from the fire for about nine and a half ten hours and we're kind of wondering if it was still gonna be going or not

oh man she's toasty really yeah so we can just throw some we're gonna go pluck some twigs throw it on there fan it get that fire gonna make up some some good breakfast there's a ton of heat coming off that dish that's good Oh hardwood coals man Oh Mike we almost forgot yeah I got a morning wood here we store our morning wood editor to the veg yeah alright that's gonna kind of silly like a Canadian look at that since we don't want to start a long fire today guys that'll be too much to put out before we leave right tricky yeah just get them both away you gonna dirt it so obviously we're making sausage and egg mcmuffins or just muffins cuz we're not in McDonald's but somebody dropped the eggs in the coals we won't say who it was me who's Joe jerk ass Joe that's done son yeah bad boy oh yeah well you don't have egg we have sausage melt the cheese butter English muffin and some might find this weird and sure but I'm gonna put some salt on that piece salt in your life all right see how this good good could you some eggs needs air just about to tear down the shelter now pack up everything get out of here this shelter worked out really cool super happy with it I think he'd have a couple different applications in different kind of weather you can fit four people in here easy

we had Scout was tied to this treat right here and then I gave him a long lead and he slept in the middle on top of my reflectix and either of us on either side if it would've rained we'd have been fine put a snow to would have fun it had to been rain or so on sideways for any kind of problem and even if that was the case it could have taken my messed my 5x7 tarped I had a underneath me draped it over the hole of the door and made actual door out of it yeah pretty cool first time trying something like this so happy after with it you happy with it I'm happy with you Mike you

way past the end you

it y'all

yes to dog never going to office ever ever leave my sight

there's just too many grazes you can back just beyond the nights don't get wet I think oh you got your knickers on your hand your hand yeah well I'm asking I'm offering this time you got her you got you got him breathe here all right guys thanks for watching we're out here Mike's got a drive about three hours to get home my wife's got to take the car to work so things have to happen in life but we were able to come over here just one time thank you Mike for coming thanks for having okay we'll see you guys next time bye

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