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The Bushcraft Campout: Breakfast, Series Finale.


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This is the 7th, and final video in a small series I am releasing. There will be a new video posted every Mon. and Wed. until the series is complete.

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Video Transcription

good morning guys it's about 7:00 a.m. this is going to be the last episode of my campout series slept real good last night

mosquitos couldn't get me through my bivy sack it was one of the better night's sleep I've got in the woods in a while so we're going to make up some breakfast and talk a little bit as you can see I kind of modified my pup tent it was up higher and I dropped it down lower but what I wanted to show you is that the multicam even though it has a bunch of ashes on it my trying to get in focus here has a bunch of ashes on it doesn't have any holes at all so there was a lot of embers and actually somewhat not flying up and laying it on that during the night and the day that yesterday and there's not one little burn hole so that's a good testament of the fire retardant nish of it pretty happy with it this fire is out it's dead cold there's no way of blowing it back into flames so I just made a couple little quick feather shavings feather sticks we're going to do it that way one of my favorite pieces of gear is my snow-peak titanium cook set and I don't normally use the dish that comes with it just the the cup itself but this thing is seen a lot of use been around a lot of places and it helps holds up really strong super lightweight next right inside right outside of my analogy and that's how I keep it a structurally sound and a trip like this and then my lid here so we're going to boil some water up for oatmeal I want to put a barrel on my cup I got the snare wire here with me and I'm gonna pull out I don't know probably about a foot and a half of it and you don't need any kind of tools to break this narrow wire all you do is fold it around once it around itself and pull that comes right off there's the roll it was on so now all I want to do there's a brim there's a lip on my cup eaters I'm just going to go around it once with the snare wire around the brim once and twist it together tightly so that it's not going to come off the next thing I do is I take long piece fold it over and that's going to be my bail but what I'm going to do is put this stick through my handles and wrap the wire around the stick and that way I don't have to attach any anyway other than that like it's super easy if I can do it there we go so once around this stick is plenty and then I'll just wrap it around itself again like I did on the on the lip of the cup so there you go that's my my bail don't need much water I'm just making one one thing oatmeal this morning it's probably plenty the lid goes on and then you can really see what the waters in it you can really see how it's going to work so just hold it up like that she's good to go yep this is easy is that now this part hook will be the same one that I used last night so it will be in a previous video if you want to go back and check it out how I'll use that one yeah she's rolling so there's a way to do this without making too much mess and you can heat your old meal right in the pack shifting titanium cools down real quick because those handles were roasting but she's okay now so literally just cover the oatmeal with water and you want to give it a mush at the bottom like try and stir the bottom part into it as much as possible because that's where all the flavor and the like the dry crusty bits get but normally I just kind of do that back and forth and I'll let it sit for a minute and I might need to add a little bit more water but I'd rather have it a little bit less water because I don't like soupy oatmeal so just roll the top and she's gonna sit for a minute I had to move spots that smoke is killing me over there but she's done now I just gotta be a little more ginger with her if you're using a spork so you don't poke a hole through the bottom like I've done many times but oh good it's like you would think like oatmeal would taste like so like I said last night this is just a new format I'm trying out doesn't mean that all my video is going to be like this not by dumped by a long shot we're going to try this out see how this one goes I just did an overnight or not too long ago and it got 10,000 views and it was an hour long so with these four or five videos that I put that I'm going to put out that I made last night and today we're going to see we're going to compare the views and see see what happens see the how many people stuck with each video because that's a big part of it now to watching the video through the whole whole duration of it we'll see will read the analytics and see what see what the deal is but like I said on my trip videos and stuff this isn't going to happen like this that trip videos are going to be I don't know half an hour 45 minutes long regardless so I'm not going to break it up like this at all but let me know let me know in the comments what you guys think if this is a good way to do it or not just something to try out like I said but I had a good night I slept really well all I'm going to do today is eat up my cereal and I'm going to go home it's probably 7:30 in the morning I'm probably getting picked up around 8:30 or 9:00 and that's it I don't have any other plans out here a breakdown camp and and that'd be it so thanks for watching guys please like comment subscribe and share let me know what you thought about the video series and as always I'll see how the next one thanks a lot

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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