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Beast of a Flashlight for Home Preparedness.


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Video Transcription

hey guys it's Joe thanks for tuning in today's video is going to be about a flashlight I've got a flashlight video about six months it's about time I wanted to get this beast through accept it to me and I'm going to make a video to show you all about it so the flashlight is called through 1940 I just think is a beast you got four bulbs in there you can see it in the size of my hand this is almost like a size of like a bigger than a then I teacup our coffee cup around and that's about as long a little bit longer than a coke can plus and you can see just just a volume the size it in my hand it's heavy it's a beast man with that it comes with this AC adapter it's charger just normal stuff you plug it in and then goes to the wall and then this apart has a little flat and gets plugged into the bottom you can tell when it's charging when it's not the color changers I think it's like a purple to a blue but anyways also comes with a strap if you want to bury it or wear it around your your shoulder and comes with gaskets to make it water-resistant so I'll give you all the geeky details on this all the specs all that's the first let's go downstairs in my basement words dark as hell and I'll show you just how bright this thing is all right we're downstairs in this gear explosion that I call the basement got my old tn40 and right off the hop this is as low as it goes right so super bright and I don't know the lumen off by heart but we'll go through the lumens in a minute so you hold down the button to switch through brightnesses or modes that's the second brightest whoa-oh-oh-oh and then the third know there there's a third so I guess I was wrong so first is this still very bright muhahahaha second extremely bright when we do wrong three one two three one 23 anyways then you double click and you got that which is the brightest of the bright I can put it in my face it feels like a good light ants on fire with this so let's shut the light off so got a little tiny bit of light coming from that angle and then tilt the windows allowing some light into em guess they're with me blocking the light would be the best so now we can play with the flashlight so you don't work late we get off give off okay so that's the third that's as bright as she goes I put this at the ground you can stand it up it's got a flat but look at how much later I get from that thing and if I put it on the very brightest look at that you wouldn't even need to have light bulbs in your host if the power went out anything like that that's the reason I'm get I got this this specific model is because I want to get into a little bit more of preparedness having my host ready for natural disasters zombies aliens whatever you want to call it having a stockpile of goods that will help us continue through or make it easier until the power comes back on so the good thing about this super bright some somebody tries to break in your house you put that in their eyes they're not coming in and it's got other uses too let's head upstairs we'll go through the geeky specs alright guys so I pulled up a few blanks online here specs about the the flashlight that I'd like to give you the selling points to me I'm gonna give you everything because there is availability online to get it things like that but so it's not something in it so it doesn't overheat it says the three-day ITC technology to prevent possible damage from overheating and I can when this thing is on I can feel the beam of heat coming off of it in the light but if i touch the actual glass it's not hot at all so i think that's what the talking about the charging so i plug this in the wall when i got it i plug this in wool for half a day and those charged completely fine ready to go and I think if i'm not mistaken if there's a power roads you can use a generator to charge it right so you're not going out wasting money on batteries all the time you're not having to find these specialty batteries which i have been having to do lately for some headlights and stuff it's getting a little bit annoying and pricey to be honest with you I do like the quality that it gives off the better batteries but with this you just charge it and you're going to go so what else does it say uses for advanced cree xp-e l hi LEDs of the life span of four years I'm sorry I would like to go to 20 years so there's four bulbs in there the max output is 4450 lumens and the maximum distance goes 1115 years so that's something man hey what else you got what else we got that's about it basically straight quarter it's a big heavy duty flashlight that's going to give you a lot of life it's going to give you a lot of beam it's going to give you a feeling of safety protection maybe who knows for other people this might be different things this won't be a car like for some people this is my host light this is going to be the power goes oh and there's an intruder if there's a natural disaster anything like that and this is going to be in my kit so I hope this was helpful for you guys once again this is a through 90 and 40 it was helpful hope it answered some questions hope it showed you a new product may be on the market something you can think about getting I am going to do a little bit of a video series if you will on home preparedness because I am NOT that guy I gotta tell you right now I'm not going to teaching anything are we showing this is how you need to do it because this is how i don't know i'm going to be doing it learning as we go it's going to be common sense things start calling food having different bags throughout your house with different things in it that you might be able to grab or things that you can use in the emergency stuff like that nothing crazy nothing Ted walkie nothing zombies even though joking about it just straightforward normal stuff so thanks for watching guys and I'll see on the next one bye

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