Paper test after sharpening


Thanks to Iz Turley, Maker of Turley knives, I can finally get my Convex edge shaving sharp!

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Video Transcription

this video is for is tirely remember what I told you earlier today watch this this is really thin paper and I'm able to cut it with the full length of the blade now so that's for those who don't know obviously this knife is at early gasconade and it's an awesome night but I have really bad sharpening skills so up until a good hour ago I couldn't cut people with this when I got it it was brand new cupcake for no problem shaving sharp no problem but after lots of use in me sharpening it wrong i was using way too much down pressure when i was sharpening it i actually dolled the knife myself so I talked to my good buddy is on the phone he gave me some pointers I actually watched more of his vids and understood it and now no problem so that's a big thank you to him guys have any convex knives they suggest watching his videos and uh yeah so once again thanks buddy you

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