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Gear Loadout/What I Took for an Overnight Spring Camp.


This video is meant to accompany my "Spring Bushcraft Camp" video released an hour earlier

Here I go over all my gear used on the trip, and in the trip video.

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Video Transcription

hey folks thanks for tuning in I'm here again up north the mosquitoes flying around my camera so you hear some buzzing and seasoned bugs in the lens I want to do a spring overnight bushcraft camp on my backpack got a tarp I got a little bit of food there's a river right down there I'm camped above a cliff if you'd like to see the full video please check out one of these corners and it'll be up soon this is just a gear video but what I have for this trip I always get questions about it and I don't really like to always put it in the main video plus I'm gonna be able to make two videos out here after driving eight hours to be here so okay let's go for the stuff on the outside of the backpack just like always this axe if in 1918 wetterling's large small hunter's axe I believe this is one of the first axes I've ever bought I've had this for over ten years super old wedgie head awesome axe so I haven't used in a long time feeling a little bit nostalgic bust out the old wetterling's the other side I've got my heavy cover canteen and a canteen cup and then underneath it Malcolm told me that I can fit my lid completely underneath it and that's what I've been doing now goes underneath everything next in my military style it is a military surplus canteen cup holder everything goes in there nice it contained there's a link in my description for this canteen if you're interested it's titanium it's bomb-proof check it out on the bottom I have a little blanket we're doing a little blanket today guys so we got the old Italian wool blanket should be good it's going to get down to 12 tonight Celsius not so bad pretty nice get my straps get my straps you know on this side I have my food this is my little tiny baby touch with my food in it for today and 12:00 morning I'll go through that in a little bit right on top as you can see if you watch the full video I stopped and grabbed some birch bark to start my fire with I have this is new to me a heavy cover titanium grill I mean that's a KTM grill titanium frying pan so I'm hoping to go find some leeks and some fiddleheads and probably up with my supper that should be nice the reason I brought this because it's super lightweight it just goes right in honestly weighs not much at all you can tell the difference in these between other titanium they're a little bit more dense but the weight is not even the factor I've got my premaloft my trusty old MEC uplink trim loft I've had this thing for years better part of ten years I've got because there's a river down there

unfortunately the the rainbow trout run through it unfortunately I don't see any it's a very shallow river and I don't see any trout in there at all but I've got my old M rod go try to use it after nice pack rod there I've got some fishing gear got a little merino wool toque for tonight man these bugs getting buggy I've got my sit pad my grill Possible's pouch with first aid everybody always gives me grief about not having first date I do have first data just don't mention it all the time it's usually in my Possible's pouch possible so it's first aid sunglasses water treatment lots other stuff that I don't really remember but are in here extra batteries stuff like that lots of extra batteries and SD cards and cords for my camera gear have my thumb rest NeoAir x therm so I've been using a lot I really like this sleeping pad if you're looking for a signal pad this is the one to get I use it in the winter in the summer it's a little bit pricey but I have my last one for like seven or eight years I still have it it's a great pad

if honestly if you're it's a little bit pricey and people don't like paying money for things that aren't fun a sleeping pad is not fun you know what else is not fun not getting a good night's sleep when you're out on a canoe trip or even an overnight you got to get up and bust your butt in the morning you can't sleep it's about a couple hundred dollars in your sleep I've got a tarp this is the same type I used on my last trip this is a homemade tarp my buddy Kyle made it for me we are in the process of getting more of these manufactured for anybody interested I got a lot of questions about these tarps super-lightweight bomb-proof as you saw in my last trip I've been using this for years - guys you've seen it I got a couple beers in here too but we're going to save those for after just to go over them and hold right he'll drink them during during dinner that's an extra pair of cord and a pair of socks for my nighttime if it gets cold and a patch kit for my thermal rest so that's all my gear except for my beer my food like I said is all on the outside I'm going to supplement with wild leeks and fiddleheads and I was hoping for trout but maybe I can settle for some crayfish there's literally no trout in that River you can see right through it I got a bag of sage along give me some sage for sore throat 40 mm peanuts I've got a little bit of butter I got a couple bars jerky rice garlic and oatmeal for the morning so really no meat no except for this like three three pieces of jerky not much food but again I wanted to supplement with wild foods this time so we'll see how that goes this is all my gear I'd strongly urge you to oh sorry my knife I've got in my my waist belt I've got this nice sack holder it's like a Swiss Army knife slash fire steel case she actually should show you a little closer

so I've got this lone woodsman leather sheath for my sac farmer actually this is a bush crafter but 50 farmer to stuff a lanyard attached it doesn't need it but I can take it off I can have enough room to use it it's pretty cool new product new uh new gear line - lone woodsman pretty cool stuff and then for fire starting a half a book of matches little paper matches nothing fancy I just want to try something a little bit different so it's not wet or anything it's no big deal my backpack is the hidden woodsman de rock 2.0 Jill Robinette version I think that's everything

I'll put some links in the description for the canteen the backpack the the lone woodsman sheath hope you guys enjoyed this video it's just a little teaser I'll probably release this very in very quick succession with the actual trip video to see how that goes this time but yeah please stay tuned for the video I hope you enjoy it have a good day guys I'm about to set my car up my shelter up it's going to get some rain soon so on a half packed up before that happens and then off to forage take care guys see on the next one

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