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Bushcraft Knife Skills, Unknown Visitor at Camp, 250k Sub Giveaway


Scout and I reach my bushcraft basecamp in the woods to find someone had been there, and left me a note on a piece of wood.

I showcase an awesome knife, and beat it up a bit.

There is a pretty sweet giveaway announced in this video, check it out!

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Video Transcription

hey folks Joe here thanks for tuning in and with this crazy guy wrote in the woods here seems like I've had a visitor since I've been lost here I was my rocks are all rearranged different spot and the most telltale I was written a note on this piece of wood okay so I got here I could tell things were different already you try started to put up a little wall there he tied something up my shelter looks different and then this hello my name is mark I am into the outdoors as well here till the end of March hope it's okay I crash here a couple times

he leaves this phone number which is not my area code here so the area code like I said here take this the area code is not from here from where where I live and he says he's here till the end of March which is kind of confusing for me I don't know mark if you watch my channel or if you just kind of found this place this old water container that he wrote dry wood on and tucked a bunch in I had some stash here previously he must have saw that and did that huh little strange I don't really care too much but it is a weird feeling I'll tell you that much but anyways whatever no big deal

I'm going to rearrange my rocks back to the way they should be and cut down whatever he put up and then get to enjoy my day over here cook up some food now excuse me and we'll go over some bushcraft knife skills so I want my rock the way that I had them presided firepit man what the heck with the big ones on the back to try to push the heat back to me we're out like nine negative nine degrees today Celsius this is here for some reason

and what it what is this maybe this is a table at one time okay well tell man that's strange very strange okay now that I feel like master of my domain again get a little warm if you'll fall or even granite shirt on a little jacket okay so yeah let's look at my new knife and let's play with it let's beat it through some wood sounds like some flaw I I've used as knife two times I have it on one other video this is the tradesmen the adventurous one tradesmen they got their adventurous one logo on the spine down your under the handle so when you're scraping a Ferro rod or whatever it's not going to scrape off their desert

Ironwood burl with orange g10 liners they mark my card I'm not sure I think g10 and then you can see here this is a 1/8 thick 1/8 inch thick and it tapers down to probably three thirty-seconds right around there this is his take on a French trade knife the very popular design that's been around for a long time it's proven you can see the ER goes what ventures one has the best ergonomics Bar None in on knife handles look at that it's like a trying to keep it focused the blade is about five inches long and it's very very wide at the bottom and see like bigger than like an inch and a half Scandi grind shallow scandi really pretty nice and the thing about it is I ain't afraid to beat this thing up we're gonna we're going to cross the taunted a we're going to Vuitton or going to stab this tip is quite thin I have no reservations about plowing through some wood yeah great ergonomics like I said beautiful look and blade beautiful handle the sheath just as good what I've come to expect from adventures form so it's in the it's in the sheath so I poked myself in the eye ball a good sheath should hold your knife like this not let it fall out and then when it's time to pull it out still be relatively easy to pull out scout you can't can't you keep taking my fire will again came with a matching fire steel fire still loop on the on the sheath the fire steel is desert Ironwood and orange to match my knife


what I do to keep it secure put it in take a little piece of shot cord go around it like that twist it a little bit and it's not going anywhere I can use this knife as a dangler I can take this dangler right off or I can dangle it like that either way I like adventure storing a whole lot I've been good friends with Cody the owner for a long time so let's go oh we got yeah well that's just one logo on the back there okay let's go beat the crap out of this thing I want to make a fire so I did bring a saw I didn't bring an axe at all so I could use this a lot but let's go around see if we don't have to use a saw I don't think we'll go around and see what we can do but we'll baton baton like hoy I already do have some drive firewood here so maybe I'll get the initial fire going we'll see we'll see oh and before I forget I have a really cool surprise giveaway value high value gear that I'm going to give away in this video because I'm about to reach 250,000 subscribers on the youtubes be sure to stay tuned because it's a hefty prize and you will not want to miss it what I'm putting my belt knife on especially with a dangler I do want it to be set back a bit so here's my first belt loop and if I put it through the first one it'll be here kind of in the front rip on my crotch I kind of want it back here behind this belt loop like that far back right so I'll take the belt out two loops put it through and then throw it back there that way it's out of my way it is add anguish that's going to dangle as I walk I personally like it back there she looks good too well if I have to grab another piece of wood to cross Ratana tree down I'll do that if I can pull a tree down I'll do that we shall see when I see a tree one maple will do the trick

maple kind of what the heck is this now man I'll find it all sorts of crap now what is this what is the point of this tell me [Music]

electrical tape wrapped around the tree I've got like what is going on I'm here a lot and I never seen that before it's relatively new it's go sticky craziness anyways bye - maple maple is kind of grow in these clumps of two three four or five however many and one of them usually is dead and it's about wrist thick so it's good I'm going to like to see you

clump right here potential while they're not in a clump they are most likely from the same root here's two live ones here's the dead maple right next to it so I'm going to try to just pull it down oh okay so we're going to have to cross baton that that means I need to find out of a sturdy boot on I want to do like a 45 again this is a Scandi grind remember that nothing wrong with that doing this kind of stuff with Scandi grind as long as they keep treated on point and if I search for heat-treated on point bouton was it so sturdy I just want to go around the whole tree and do this and weaken it or weaken my baton some more ahead of time got shredded here you can really see the method in the angle that I was using to chop this wood down we're going to process this whole thing using just a knife but as its skinny part it's just easier to do that and once it comes down here we'll start cross with Hannie but in all honesty even if I to act and I saw everything I would still be just doing this for the first a little bit the small pieces watch out buddy no not for you all right across the ton in time okay so once again I've tried to get it go over there please thanks bud your big helper such a big helper today not being sarcastic at all okay again like I said before try to get a sturdy baton go over there but so in cross with haunting like this I tend to go on a little bit more of an angle than when the tree is standing just because I can and again flip it over no point in trying to do it all from one side one angle okay and obviously guys this isn't the most efficient way to do things right

can you go lay down the most efficient way to do things oh my goodness if you have multiple tools and use those multiple tools for their intended purpose but everybody wants one night cruel ball try to remember to put my knife away every single time little mishaps as you can see the curls pretty fancy too I'm just pulling them off or let them fall on top of my sit pad that's my favorite way to do it so I'll have to try to keep them on or anything but you could these are my fast Canadian shaving sometimes you can pull them off with a thing attached like that and that's good for fire-starting because you can control where your fires going to go I could light this over here and bring it to my fire so that's a keeper for sure Scout what are you doing this is wood owe me another way of telling that this wood is good to go is the natural check as I've learned from more scam Keith's book bushcraft northern bushcraft call get a check that's a long time ago now but that's where I originally heard it from the key to making shavings this way just to try to barely skim your bleed along the wood until you want it off obviously you can make some really really fine shavings this way really nice shavings that's what is super nice like very clean the right amount of seasoned there's no real to pay and no green perfect look at those curls look at those curls blah alright again I'm just kind of like pry it off so I get a little platform with it brat tat tat I'm going to do this until I have this much curls so Adventure sworn bushcraft Cove has been around for quite a few years they are out of upstate New York american-made run owned business and good guys for sure their knives are pretty sought-after not sure how he's doing there his website right now or his ordering books I think he does a run of knives and then post them for sale ok I'm almost done here yeah I'm going to call that done cool let's get this fire going here you can see my amount of shavings lots of nice Airy big curls I'm probably going to take one of the pieces that I split off with like this one this is probably the best one and I'll lake this and transfer it over to these guys all right as she goes set it underneath the shaving we got a quick fire boys boys and girls well BAM done get all that on there all at once no time for farting around you know no fart animals not here

that's not so bad that's well on the end really lets you chop the truncated or cross baton cold pieces off here now set them into the fire and I've got this much length left but I think I might do I don't know I might see if I can split it length ways then I can break pieces easier with my hand we'll see we're just all playing around right this is just practicing testing this nice out a bit so right in the middle we get set I don't know that you're actually supposed to do that on the pommel but whatever so that a nice split going down it's going to take it easy and continue to do that down a little bit farther and farther as we go so I want to stay in the same split though I could go get a piece of wood and keep the split open with that that would make sense but again this isn't really anything we're just playing around nope right through onto a knot when I cut through the knot awesome all right oh that's a decent piece Oh to split that there now all I have to do now all I have to do I just threw a bunch of logs on that fire and while it's going I think it's a good idea to come out here and get what I need I need to get one sapling one green sapling preferably a maple because I'm going to use it to be cooking bannocks on and I also need to use it to make a pot hook but I figure I can make all the components of both of those things out of one sapling one maple sap this is the perfect one I'm going to cut it down and I'll show you exactly why back a camp perfect back at the camp so much warmer over here man aspire this reflector this back part it all just kind of circles the air and it's I don't know man 10 degrees warmer over here as soon as I came to sat down I felt one so anyways so here is a piece I cut just now you saw how I cut it bent it over use the just like a plush cut but it made it very 45 like a be virtual it's got an angle so that's good because I'll use that to stick into the ground already so I don't even need to make a point on the end of it past halfway done so I want my I want to make a Bertrand drill rig

plot hanger again from the more if your hands be both bushcraft so what we need is a piece that goes into the ground and it should be well you know what about that long but arm length long from my situation right now because it's going to go in the ground a little bit and I do need a piece of this to cook my Bannock on that's higher up I'm going to cut it about arm length right now the way I'm going to cut it just going to make a series of cuts into it again on an angle and I want to snap it off the sap is a little frozen it's not going to be going as easy as if it was in the in the summertime but again you can see how I'm doing I I'm the work has gone on the first inch and a half two inches of the blade right because that's where I get the most leverage we're going to cut out here it doesn't make any sense I'm cutting here because I have more power and I'm also using my hands well behind by using my second thumb to help with the cuts right again we're just going to go in and around and deep

never really any need to always go through the whole thing if you just break it around and then kind of cut around and kind of just break it it works totally fine so this piece is going to go over to the side for now it's that first piece I cut off was for the stand right the thing to prop it up what I'm doing now is actually making the hanger itself so you see my see the twig that's coming out here this is going to be my hook so this twig gets cut off right about right about there so that you can see how that will turn into my hook and then I've just been scoring around like I did before there we go little perfect the next thing we need to do is make a notch on the back of the pot hanger so here's the front and I would call this the back I want to make it about 3/4 way up I've already measured and knocked about where I want it to sit you can make multiple not just this Sun is so bright I can't see in the LCD monitor to see if things weren't focused or not it's pretty crazy anyway so again here's the back right the opposite side of the pot hanger itself I want to make a score and X see I'm kind of holding my plate up on the blade itself you get a lot of a lot of control that way so I'm rolling the blade rolling the stick at the same time making this X carve this little X out this X is in the not yet this is just you're going to have to baton it or carve it in really good but this is just a guide I'm going to show you the full step here so what I like to do is really make it deep so that there's less chance at popping off the pot hanger I've ever really actually had fall off it's pretty secure so again this this wood is frozen the SAP inside it is frozen I'm going to put on it a touch you don't want to go too far I don't want to go to the middle because I don't want a weak in it right I want to go to the middle of the piece of wood

just light lightly be conning it and carving down into where those those are basically stop cut so the tongs works okay pretty good just trim it up on the inside like that make the piece smooth almost there

you can see there how it kind of works the tip holds on just kind of works just putting the finishing touches on this is my stick that's going to get stabbed into the ground that the pot hanger itself is going to rest on so one end of the stick has that pointed end there you can see it and the other is going to be like a flathead screwdriver see I'm saying seems fine right there thin and straight across if it's jagged it's a little messed up from the tonic or whatever just cut straight across make it nice and clean that will sit on there beautifully alright we're going to stab this into the into the frozen ground now see how that works not sure how well this is going to go with not the ground is straight frozen and that's to be expected it's cooking March so what I'm going to do is stick it underneath my log here to prop it up and then I will have something in front of it to hold it up grab another log like oh let's go there we go so I'm out there I have the log behind it to hold it there just log the prop it up I'll have my pot hanger on there and it is nowhere near high enough so I can do a couple things try and make this higher which I can probably do like that that works that's fine that's quick fix quick fix

okay so I've got to get my pot we'll hang it on there you know feel good it is situated I got some eggs and some Bannock mix so I'm going to cook these eggs up my favorite way which is kind of pochi double boilie style where I put some water in my Billy can put the district stop and hang put the eggs in there and hang it up over fire I am going to put a little bit of butter in today so my eggs don't stick too bad there we go I will melt that in I guess I'll melt it in right now just over the fire before I hang it up that's good good melted we're going to get both the eggs in there Sam son and I'll ban some egg shell smelly crap and they're burning like a deer antler or like a fingernail kind of no it's the more wood on there and make up my bandit like but not you ever see that Mitch video a while ago him in Malcolm Road for making panic and keeps calling it but knock she's almost like yelling at Malcolm because Malcolm wants to cut it oh you have to break it or else bah bah blah blah this guy this guy you must break the but knock my friend of many seasons for anyone who didn't really understand how I set this up this log here this is a sturdy heavy log this log isn't going anywhere

so my pull my pot hanger is coming down stuck into the ground a bit and underneath this log and this prop log in front just propping it up at a higher pitch if I had this log farther down farther it will be at a lower pitch lower angle got my eggs on slow cooking because having started my panic yet I might even met two differents two different times two I'm going to be over here for quite a while today that's 130 Jorge holy crap anyways here am i my stick that I cut off of the rest of that maple and I think once you just skinned it just take the bark right off of it I'm going to wrap my Bannock right around it and cook it on the stick there I want to take the bark off because there can be bacteria on microbes and stuff like that in the bark that in all honesty probably aren't going to do anything to you but that's where they are and it's super easy to get it off so why not you obviously want to make sure that you're using a wood that's not toxic either like I wouldn't be using blue Beach for this alright because you're not supposed to cook on the flames of a blue beach so maple is pretty safe bet ash is safe any kind of fruit wood obviously is good might impart some taste but keep it Canadian we'll just just do maple a keeper Canadian do a little map let you know what this is probably a good time as any I have a giveaway to announce like I said earlier in the video I wanted to keep some of you guys hanging around to listen to it 250,000 subscribers I'm at two hundred and fifty forty-seven right now and I am sure in two days it'll be at two fifty so I think it's about time for a giveaway I never did one for one hundred and then two hundred came up right away super quick within a couple months was crazy

so anyways we'll get it away right now lately you've been seeing me use the heavy cover canteen set the titanium set and they are not cheap and I've heard you guys have voiced your opinions to me about that quite a few times well look what I got so that in here there's a full set up the canteen the two lids I'm sorry have three lids here's one lid free cup one loops for your canteen second lid for your canteen on it canteen itself stop weighs nothing this is a this is nothing you know I mean and it is durable as you are going to find I guaran-damn-tee that then you get your cup sits right in Ian's cup okay this cost one hundred fifty-five dollars American which translated into Canadian we're on two hundred bucks with an extra 50 bucks shipping and that's if your package doesn't get stolen and you don't get charged for customs and all the very very fun things that Canadians get to deal with when ordering things but this is for my subscribers it doesn't matter if you're Canadian or American or Norwegian or yuccas will hoppy and do they have computers and you just love you I'm sure they do anyways what you need to do you need to be a subscriber and you need to like this video

and you need to leave a comment a question comment in about a week I'm going to be doing a question and answer video a proper question and answer video I've never done one I've done update videos I've done about me videos I've done a live chat on Facebook I've never done in question and answer video proper format so your question your comment needs to be a question that I can answer on the next video do you understand subscribe to my channel comment on this video with a question sorry be a subscriber like this video and comment on this video with us with a question that I can answer on my next video I also have this will go for a second the second question so this is number one the first prize heavy cover this is an authentic Mora bushcraft black it was passed down from Doug outside to myself we both both used it quite a bit there's nothing wrong with it this thing is shaving sharp sharper than probably most of my other knives because I haven't used it too much lately this will go to the second-place winner with the second most relevant or second coolest or second most meaningful answer question if we're playing jeopardy be different story and then also this one tigress pouch goes to them as well so this is a pretty cool pouch I've kept my wallet in here before I've kept my little fishing tackle in here I've used this on a bunch of camps but two zippers moly on the back pretty cool pouch runner-up will get this so two to two winners two giveaways I guess no requirements other than subscribe subscriber like the video comment a question that I can answer on my next video my next video in a week I hope that makes sense hope you guys are interested in that that's a pretty cool giveaway man let's go for again was that bushcraft black on 60 bucks or so and the other thing 150 so over 200 bucks split up that's not so bad

that's not so bad right

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