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Food for a 9 Day Canoe Trip in Northern Ontario.


I show my breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks for an epic 9 day canoe fishing trip in the Temagami region in Ontario

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Video Transcription

hey folks Joe here this is the third video of my series preparing to go on my camping trip my nine-day canoe trip and this will be the last video probably before the actual trip videos so this video is going to cover my food my food for 9 or 10 days in the backcountry canoeing portage and carrying everything I own and need and have to use on my back so this is my food this is a big old Outdoor Research dry bag it's got a roll top on the top I like it because I can it's waterproof I don't have to worry I can hang my bear bag food a night and it's gonna stay dry I've got a little carabiner connected to a little clip not connected to the buckle itself not around here but around this extra little belt buckle kind of thing on the bag itself so it's not stressing the clip and it'll hang out fine this weighs a lot it's gotta weigh 13 pounds but we're going to do one along these long trips ease these trips where I'm working hard where we're moving all day long where we're looking forward to getting to the fire at night I do want some booze and in this situation I think that's most strong is the best idea because then I don't have to carry too much of it and this stuff is heavy obviously so I bought myself a 26 or of 40 Creek copper pot really good whiskey that's about three shots a night if I'm there for nine nights so that's okay I can handle three shot tonight and all honesty when I'm there at night is just to make the body stop aching basically and to get a little bit better sleep than three shots is right around perfect for me so I'll be about a shot or two shy I'm sure by the end of it but we'll just mooch off a pile again don't tell him that he told me on the phone that I wasn't allowed to do that this trip but we'll see to cook all of my food in I went through this in my gear video but it's okay just show you quickly I'm doing dehydrated meals for supper meals and I do Hydra my own and this snow-peak 900 titanium is going to my pot my everything to eat in my my drinking everything it's got a little frying pan lid I might use for some fish but probably not most likely just cook it over the fire the fish and then again my bush buddy stove is going to be my only source of cooking other than the fire but I want to rely on this so that over the way the lid sucks I tell you that yet this sucks with that out of the way we can get you the meat huh of the food that was corny alright I'm just going to pull all of this over very quickly kind of show you how much roughly is in there and then we go break away and get it all set up organized to show you exactly what I'm doing there's the no no no no there's the gist of it so what I've done for the most part is separate things into big freezer bags

I've done it for most of it anyways yeah so the idea being I have my lunch in one I have my suppers in one breakfast in one and my snacks in one so there are exceptions I do have snacks here here suppers here and jerky trade that weren't in them I just couldn't fit I couldn't find a spot form so they're fine by themselves before I go any further I forgot to mention I will not be carrying my booze in this glass jar I'm going to be picking up a Powerade bottle on the way drinking the Powerade putting this in the power a bottle and carrying it that way I've done in the past they'll hold it fine and I can burn the power a bottle after when I'm done or use it for an extra water vessel but not breaking glass point of the story okay so let's start let's start with suppers so on this end I've got I've got three suppers each right three nine meals nine dehydrated suppers that I've made three three and three the first kind I made is ground beef and rice and vegetables so all I did was I bought a pound and a half of ground beef I did like two and a half cups of rice and I don't know about a cup and a half vegetables mixed vegetables being green beans carrots corn lima beans that might be it in there so along with those that's very bland

that's the worst tasting one by far it gets very boring that's why I'm switching it up big time but to go with these ones

got some Frank's redhot just a normal kind of French red-hot I find even with my IBS I'm I'm able to eat Frankfurt Hut because it's so simple there's only like five ingredients in it I like this stuff so what I'm going to do is alternate I'll do

I guess I'll move on first so this is my chili this is homemade chili dehydrated again in my dehydrator at home I've got three hefty portions of it and then I've got three happy portions of spaghetti or pasta or whatever you want to call it spaghetti sauce macaroni noodles tons of stuff in there like meat mushrooms peppers onions there's tons and tons of stuff really really well done by the way so three hefty portions of that as well and what I'll do is I'll alternate I'll start off with spaghetti next night it'll be beans and rice and that's going to be chilly and then the same for nine night so however all I want to do it but I will be alternating and hoping to a supplement with fish as well but nine nights nine meals and even if I am these are very big portions so if I want to save a quarter of them in each before without cooking a quarter of them I could probably make ten meals out of it but I'm not too worried about it so much time we're going to do this is a dry salami like a it's not a Genoa just a dry salami smoked salami and I've got three pieces times nine days okay in there and then I've got ten flat breads on here I've got five about ten baby Bell to go with my lunch everyday so I'll be putting my lunch meat all my wraps ripping up some baby Bell put it in there and just devouring that and then with that or for snacks or whatever I'm going to be having bars mostly so I have these chewy chocolate chip Quaker bars I've got that many of them sorry one more I've also got these new trevally sweetness salty roasted mix nut ones and I think that they're all the same ones when I've got a handful of those as well I've got one Clif Bar I've got the Sun ripe fruit two goes there gluten-free nut-free they're vegan if that matters to you they're all made of uh fruit let me let me see if I can get apple puree concentrate apple and pear elderberry strawberry watermelon citrus nothing really bad does not contain peanut tree nut

and it's vegan like I said so anyways these are really good they're going to get you your dose of fruit that you need I've got strawberry watermelon I've got a berry one I've got blueberry one and then like a raspberry one so I've got this many of those I've got some packs of raisins it has a treat I've got like five York Peppermint Patties the chocolate ones

that's just like a creature comfort that a nice fat sack of M&M peanuts I've got party mix this is my favorite kind of chip so there's there's pretzels cheese corn chips ring glows there a barbecue flavor so I've got two of those I've got a pound of jerky though about a pound of jerky this is really really good tender jerky - OH for breakfast I'm doing oatmeal I'm doing two packs of oatmeal each breakfast and I will be just ripping the tops off of these pouring the hot water and eating with my spork right over the thing no mess as far as these meals go like I said they're being cooked in my pot but I will I'll bring a Greek excuse me a green scrubby and I'll probably end up hanging my pot with my food at night because they'll have scent of food in it I'll most likely be stopping a few places with Kyle along the way and I want to grab some more bars some pro bar some Clif bars just to have extras because I still do have a little bit of room in this bag with everything in it and why not you know and it would be out there for so long we are going to get fish hopefully so that will take up stresses off of some some suppers but in all honesty I'm not going to stop and eat a piece of 1/2 a supper for our snap on the trail maybe I'll cook a shore lunch while I will hope hopefully be cooking troll ish with fish I might cook a shorter lunch with some of the suppers I have if I beat fish on a previous night and have a supper banked away we'll see but moral the story is I will be getting a couple more bars along the way I'm pretty happy with my food this time I've got it dialed in I've been doing that the past few times pretty good leaving with only a couple a couple bars left a little bit of jerky left you know eating it on the last day or whatever so that's that's exactly my goal I think on this trip I do plan to have a little bit extra food just in case because be more of a safety net so alright guys thanks a lot for watching I hope you enjoyed it stay tuned for the trip videos thanks a lot bye hey hello hey

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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