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Turley Gasconade long term thoughts.


This video shows my day in the woods, lots of me talking in this one.

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Video Transcription

alright guys on the bush again with Scott and just to show you how much rain the moisture been getting lately this is where I normally cross over the ditch there's a log that goes across all this and it's been completely washed out it's like wrap it in there now there's no way I'm crossing that and that's where I need to go over there so I'm gonna go down about kilometer and a half that way this coating I got to the crossing point here we're still on the trail we haven't crossed yet I still in this show I made a video maybe last winter about him jumping over that I don't know what he's gonna do here cross no all right I'll probably end up jumping that probably a good six or seven feet across go on that's the wrong way dude anyways it's slippery so I can't I can't show myself crossing that I'll try and get him jumping it jump swim see him get taken away by the current this is only a creek that in the summertime I can walk across I found some nice dry pieces of ass here these two here they're not the biggest in thickness but they're really dry and it's good wood to burn so I'm gonna just clean this up a little bit so I can make a saw table you know it's not necessary but I want to show this saw in action you really want this scope you really wanted that bad it's really not bad it's cutting a straight line it's cutting straight it's not going on Tai angle diagonal or anything which means it's not the blade isn't too loose or twisting while I'm doing it good tension on it I really really think this would do the job in a pinch obviously I'd rather have a a bow saw a real bow saw Cottrell blades or whatever but this is nice if you break your saw or you just want to carry your blade or whatever it'll it'll do the job I'm splitting like this how do you guys probably saying get your hand over the way but in all reality I'm only going like this until it grabs putting it after probably see four ways of doing it I do it like this not saying it can't happen and just like everything everybody's gonna make their own judgment calls and see what they feel safe doing and maybe one day I won't get bit doing this I won't feel safe doing it anymore but you know most days I come out into the bush I do a split wood foyer I'm mostly doing it for practice it's a very important skill to learn be able to start a fire when you need to but today is a day where you actually wouldn't need to do that the woods are soaked it's been raining on and on for days and with the drop in temperature everything is just sorry the rise in temperature all the snow that we did have have melted and then the rain it's it's everything is impregnated with water so it's days like this where it's imperative to do the split wood fire things like Gasconade kind of day let's hide this Johnston 8 for well over a year now you used it in a lot of a lot of different places I really like it it's probably my favorite knife that I have bite early and a while back I feel a few you probably remember I had to get rid of most of my knives and when I come to came down to it I couldn't sell this one or my Green River they're both very similar in blade shapes and I think I do use my green over the most but this is my favorite it's a very very well-thought-out blade shape and it's 3/16 steel oh one tool steel which now I tend to not get that effect this is my thickest played but really it shaves and and does feathers it's a very combats grind it shames and does feathers with the best of them for sure like you couldn't ask for really much more than that no if you picked that up in the camera but the pretty thin and lots of spirals on them it's a stout blade I've never had any issues with it I can sharpen it back up it's a paper cutting sharp I can't get here papi shirt but that's that's no fault of the of the knife that's me that's my own in capability of sharpening I guess there's a good tutorial by is how to sharpen a convex grind with some sandpaper and a mousepad and that's that's what I use to learn how to how to sharpen and honestly I don't know I don't need any sharper than what it is I'd like to be nice to be able to white pair off my arm with it but I've come to the realization I can't do that and that's okay wood selection is a big thing has it's been a little bit of a topic lately on bushcraft USA what selection is everything when you're doing stuff like this you want a straight grain as possible dry dead standing or fire prep you don't have to have an expensive knife to do this at all just a little bit of the knowledge and skill expensive knife is fun though you got this sweet new fire steel from a member for Christmas thanks a lot man I really appreciate it and it's light my fire style

so I'm not really used to it but I'm sure we can get it going and in these woods and at this time of year moving the leaf litter and all that stuff away from your campfire it's it's not really necessary and obviously you always have to make that call yourself you're not gonna obviously in the middle of I don't know Florida I don't know hot to state anyways make a fire and just open the open like this but and where I am and this time of year is normally covered in snow it's just a nun seasonably warm year with lots and lots and lots of rain all the snow that we would have got normally as been rain and there's no way that anything is going to catch on fire and there's a little bit of a ditch right behind me that I can collect water and pour on it to make sure it's done if something shirts out when I'm done but I always used use your own judgment and be careful okay that's my bush chair made with that boat so I made a my little axe what Canadian bacon is looking pretty good I'm thinking it's almost done don't be jealous

don't hate Canadian bacon yes sir I'm go ahead and show you guys what I do to ensure there's not gonna be any problems I have water from my packet in but if not I would have found water around

like the stomping at a bunch until becomes a big mud puddle there's gonna be absolutely no chance of it catching and again use your own discretion this works here you might not work where you are you might live up north where there's a bunch of shield Canadian Shield or rock on the ground and there's a bunch of roots like spruce roots going on there's no that's done taken care of and I'm not even packed up and ready to go yet so I can check on that a few more times

now that log obviously behind there needs to get put out I don't have any water left so quick view of the ditch and me tossing the log into the ditch well that's pretty much taken care of it that lights on fire then we got problems and I'm all packed up ready to go and just one more shot that's where my fire was

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