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Preparing for a 4 day coastal backpacking trip


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Video Transcription

well hello there I'm getting ready to leave on a four-day three-night coastal backpacking trail what oh so happy about it apparently I'm just going over my gear I haven't even really fully packed I'm sure you can see some of my stuff here out in the open I'm going to use this video as a packing and telling you about my my gear video but not just telling you about my gear but packing myself or really the first time properly for this trip so yeah I have a few things that I'm not sure of just yet of what I'm going to be wearing clothes wise but the rest of my gear is pretty straightforward so let's get into it basically I'm going to be doing a coastal trail 65 kilometers long and this is up a bug late Lake Superior Provincial Park so very rugged terrain we're not gonna be walking on a flat Algonquin tight portage or backpacking Trail it's going to be boulders it's going to be sand it's going to be on the coast when do you wet so it is calling for rain two out of the four days we're there I'm going with buddy Doug which you might have already seen his gear video for so let's dive into the backpack this backpack is my full raven free Luke 55 55 litres I have used this thing for years now I got it from Doug actually uh I want to say three maybe three years ago four years ago I've been using it ever since I'm used on backpacking trips canoe trips great backpack fall Raven is not sponsoring me just I have tried many times when they won't even reply to me so this is my unbiased opinion

I love stack pack even though not happy this all Raven so on the very outside I have nothing yet and that will change I'll have my map and I'll have my sip pad on the outside this this stretchy pocket is very useful

I'll also be putting wet clothes or something like that in there down the line so I've got my tent poles on the outside there's my plane the temple stay on the outside and this large generous pocket I can also fit a water bottle into the same pocket if I need to but they're out of the way I can strap them in with this side strap Wow noisy but yeah they're not going to go anywhere I've done it like this lots I only have anything on the other side yet again like I said I haven't packed completely yet in the very top and the lid part there's an inside pocket and I have my Possible's coach in there I'll go through what's in there in a minute here so again this stuff's just thrown in part of the reason I'm doing this video please jump rope okay that's everything what I'm really probably going to be using for the very first time on this trip for the fest in the bottom of the backpack it actually had a rain cover an office baby blue rain cover because you know sweet colors red blue but that will go over my past when I need to it's just going to stay in the bottom and ride there until then little red look I'll see what the big deal is all right that's that I have a trash compactor bag that I'm going to be lining my backpack left as well just for extra assurance that my stuff will stay dry so what do you need on a camping trip

leave your basic necessities we need a shelter which in my case I don't want to be building obviously I'm walking 20 plus kilometers a day I need to carry my stuff with me this isn't bushcraft this is carry camping so I'm going to need a shelter we need insulation from the ground

I need insulation from the top like a steamed egg so you already have a tent you have a seat pad you have a sleeping bag you're going to need food you're going to need water or means to get water and in this case you're not carrying water right maybe a liter at a time but you need means to get water and that's not boiling because you're drinking tons of water a day right completely put bushcraft out of your mind this is a backpacking trip so you need a filter or drops for water or some other means of doing it quickly you need something to cook your food in which in my case I'm doing all one pot meals you need something to cut firewood with you if you're having sliders or to cut fuel with if you're using a twig stove so I've got about all these things in my head as I'm going and packing like for my trips right like I pack so many times it's just I know what my necessities are in boom boom boom boom boom shelter insulation food water and then after that it becomes more of situational is it going to rain is it going to be cold or they're going to be buzz is it's going to be snowy things like that winter is a big thing to temperature so all those things come into play after and they're not as important as your main things air is very important sorry I guess they are just as important they're just not the same every time right so he's switching those things up periodically me with the seasons so I did end up if you guys watch my five basic solo trip you'll know that I was not happy with that Marmot negative one Sophia sleeping bag that I bought I had used it on that trip and in one trip prior I brought it back to the place I bought it at which is sale outdoors in Cambridge and they were super good I liked stunk I didn't have my receipt yeah any are leaving the bag that came back with and I told the manager that and he's like bring it in he's like if you say it's not what it was what it's supposed to be then it's not and then let me exchange it for this and this is a mountain hardwear fan some sparks negative to Celsius dragon this bag is kind even smaller than that Marmot somehow and it's I've had mountain hardwear bags before they hold up I'm not concerned about this one so I'm bringing this on the trip and yeah we'll see but look at that sleeping bag guys this is my sleeping pad compared to it this is a thermo rest NeoAir xterm with my sleeping pad join with you today that is awesome that really cuts down weight and bulk very much so so sleep dancing had off to the side those are going to be used for sure every single backpacking or canoeing style trip that I do next up I have my pillow which I don't think I'm going to bring I always bring this little thing it packs down to extremely small and I can fill in the cracks of my backpack like the gaps and pull where the gear is not with this but I don't I'm not going to bring it because it's going to be relatively warm at night

and this firm loft jacket doubles as a pillow you just zip it into its own zipper on the inside I'm not going to do the whole thing but then it zipped shut and you can use it as a pillow I don't think I'm going to have to be using this at night and if I do once I get into my student bag I'll be fine it's not going to get anywhere near negative 2 Celsius that night one on there it's going to be like negative 9 or not even start positive 9 positive 6 at night so not worried about it this will be my pillow /jacket if I need it so I've already got rid of this thing that weighs nothing hit you awesome

um next up I have my cook kit and this cook kit is tried and true again which is a Snow Peak spork Snow Peak 900 titanium cook set and inside it is my Bush buddy

twig show hello you just interrupted my video making its Doug it's Doug on the phone yeah I'll give you a push pause now okay Doug wanted to just inform me that the weather has changed what you doing go on but and we might be getting a little bit more rain than anticipated but that's okay so anyways like oh it's an my bush buddy here this is my cooking kit so we'll be bringing the same one it's a tried-and-true just very good cook it so that's going to go a little still nylon bag with my sporks and then so food I guess food I have to because we're going through running through the states driving through us I'm not allowed to bring meat through so I have to stop and get my place my lunch meat and my salami and stuff there but I basically have dehydrated meals oatmeal some bars some trail mix and stuff like that not nothing to over the ordinary but that's my food there other than some lunch meat and a bag of jerky or like a salami let's not do that please like eight pounds or so I do have silky gone boy for reprocessing and Doug's going to bring a small hatchet like graspers mini hatchet I believe my patented self is the Big Agnes slight creak ul1 this is the tenth body this is descent peg poles and pegs I've used this kind of probably three or four years as well get this from buddy Dustin yeah that's going strong as saying it's awesome I love this pen a whole lot I'll show you all this stuff setups when I'm when I'm camping obviously neoprene socks for camp these are going to be my camp shoes quote-unquote so when I get to camp I can air out my feet dry them out because I'm sure to be wet all day long and then if I do need some protection from bugs 20 or from the cold or just want to wear these around camp I can do that they're smaller than like a pair of Crocs or something I don't know why I put quote-unquote Crocs but they're smaller than a pair of Crocs they're just me my camp shoes I might try something different later on but they've been working for me pretty well a luxury item I do have is Pat Cal a ShamWow style packs down pretty small but I feel like if it gets super buggy and hot one day I might want to dip in the lake superior if that's going to be super cold so I'll want to dry off even my inside of my tent to dry it off and stuff if it's been raining it's just I like having it but my luxury item I do have a rain jacket this is an Arc'teryx range shell just a jacket I'm not bringing the pants I packed down this small it's kind of bulky but it's necessary I use that oh my Algonquin trip my five-day solo trip almost everyday so okay so as far as clothes

I haven't made up my mind good if I'm going to be wearing these RAB and i'll tell you why so these are RAB brand nylon pants and they have this cinch cord at the bottom which is almost a necessity for me i don't want to wear my full raven pants oh i need i need to cinch at the bottom for a couple things for making them not so baggy nice wipe off each rub on each other and get get the pants wet all the way up from do or whatever

so bugs can't fly up it and so that I'm not sloppy you know I don't want baggy bell-bottoms out there does it doesn't make sense

lots of pants lots of outdoor brands give you these wide pant bottoms it just doesn't make a lick of sense to me so these RAB ones have a cinch I like them I've been using these for since last spring on canoe trips and stuff I just I don't know I don't necessarily like the way they fit the kind of baggy and saggy but they are good pants they're small nylon and they dry off quickly there is good things about them I just got these new ones these are from Mountain Equipment co-op and they're the same style basically but they don't have a cinch at the bottom they just have this elastic which is fine and it'll hug my mic up as well and they're a little bit thinner a little bit more form-fitting and quick dry as well nylon so I might bring these I really haven't made up my mind they're not as small as the other ones but it doesn't really matter because I will be wearing them I don't plan on packing though I'm not bringing a second pair of pants so the decision still has to be made on this hand one of these two RAB or going to co-op my boxers would be my Under Armour boxers like normal my shirt is a just like a merino wool t-shirt my socks I'll be wearing our darn tough ankle socks are made of wool as well or wool and something else my shoes are my trusty old Montrell so I've been wearing these ever to start backpacking so wearing out but they give you good ankle support and just a probably the last year I wear them I'm going to be bringing one hiking pool because I have my DSLR in my hand I'll be carrying my DSLR in my big camera in my hand the whole time so just one trekking pole and I'm sure I'll need it it's gonna be slick and bouldery the rest of my clothes actually go overall in my hat sorry I got a Outdoor Research comet with mesh on top the rest of my clothes that I'll be bringing not wearing but bringing for extra these other pair of longer darn Tufts i'll probably be sleeping these or changing out if I have to I have my Costco long johns an extra pair of under armour boxers a small merino wool icebreakers to kabini an old old Mountain Equipment co-op merino wool long-sleeve and this one actually has a hoodie so it actually might my warm clothes along the plane like rim lock I'm bringing this neck buff just in case it gets too hot or sunny you can dip it in the water put it on my neck he'll protect me from bugs - oh my neck have a thin nylon belt some tylenol a secondary a little stuff sack for my food in the day so I don't have to reach into my bag dig up my whole big food bag I can put this small one in the top section on my backpack in the the lid put my lunch for the day in it and the easy access sit pad and I have my bag that will put me putting my my dry clothes and it's just a stuff sack Outdoor Research I do think I'll also bring my piece of reflectix so that I can sit on it if it's raining or whatever when we stopped you myself a little bit more more room than just this for my buttons so I reflected can lay out and I can lay my legs on it I sit in front of fire drying off I won't be getting all wet and muddy I do I don't know if I mentioned it the trash compactor bag will be lined it aligned inside my backpack to protect it from getting wet while all the important things from getting wet my camera stuff as always a ziploc bag full of batteries chargers for my DSLR and a GoPro I'll be bringing my GoPro section as well this thing saved the video on my five-day trip because it was raining all the time but I didn't have that I would have had less than half the footage so I got on this little Jovi pod and then I'll also be bringing my chest harness oh my god XD cards - alright my possibles coach baby wipes toothpaste medical kit gas-x pills cheap bug net simple compass headlamp water purification ET first aid again pills filled body glide extra battery for my headlamp love spray sunscreen hemorrhoid cream extra GoPro stuff and then a bear hanging on a pair of course bear hanging bag omona paracord and in my pockets of my backpack I forgot I have my Swiss Army Ranger got this from Buddy Malcolm saw a nice bunch of other things so this will stay in my in my belt pocket my backpack and in my other one I have my water purification which is my Sawyer squeeze so I have two two things for water purification of the drops in the disorder squeeze just in case one fails those are convenient in there I don't have to mess around to get to them at all okay I've got everything I need now I got my reflection so here too so this is how she's going to go pull my reflectix so that it fits into the back right down the back of it okay now my trash compactor bag is going to go inside with a liner and I don't necessarily need to put all of my things inside the trash compactor bag black things like the tent sleeping bag let's even pad

I had it first time I seen baguette first in my pants I like thinking pad next to it and I'm going to keep my rain gear near the top when I put my food I'm sorry my uh let's click head down then I'll put my food the food is going to try to go in the middle close just on my back close in there then my creme lock is going to go stuff down in in the cracks to fill in the gaps is not really taking up too much room my rain gear actually you know what I can close close all that off I just put my possible touch right in the top this tractor pack the bag it's hold it down

rain gear goes right in the very top put my chest mount right next to it I think that's it for the main compartment oh sorry little booties those booty chillin in first but that's ok down there the closure on this is pretty cool so you've got a couple clasps that's a drawstring obviously and you got your class that goes there then a half foot this will be my food stuff for the day then this gets buckled to this nice coat got two buckles on the front to get the lid down I can cinch my blue foam pad shut down this before we cook it down we're going to go in the front that that folds on the side we're done Oh hold the Joe pull the Joe let's put this down in here too okay I won't be bringing my large tripod that I have the camera on right now the thing is I do have to have room in case it rains or when it does are in for my DSLR to go inside my backpack and then that's when the GoPro comes out I'll probably end up just strapping this GoPro on the outside of my bag or something you know so I can get to it easy yeah that's it guys my shoes my hiking pole my hat and clothes I'm going to wear so this backpack weighs 22 pounds I believe I waited inside so I'm going to say after I get the rest of my food in maybe if I do care I do have this I haven't decided if I'm going to carry it for water or get a Powerade bottle to put on the side just so that I can carry water if I do need to if we're at some spot where we're going to be hiking for a while where there's not the coast right right beside us which 90% of the time it is so I won't have to carry water I can just fill up and drink as I go but nonetheless I have this platypus or I will buy a Gatorade power a bottle and put it inside after all that I think I'll be topped out at 25 pounds which is pretty good

I can handle 25 pounds yeah that's it this trip is coming up soon I'll be excited when I can actually finally go on it it's been a long time I haven't backpacks in

the last time I backpack with Doug and that was years ago and I think he was saying the same thing so should be good looking forward to capable of Doug again hope you guys enjoy this hope it was informative hope you stick around and watch the full video on it thank you very much have a good day and I'll see in the next one go inside bud

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