Hammock Camping


In this video I use a DD hammock for the first time.

I camp out in the forest with my buddy, and his dog.

We grill up some steak.

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Video Transcription

hey guys it's joe i'm hammock camping tonight in my new DD hammock i'm at my buddy's place he's camping in his hennessy hammock so yeah stick with us we're gonna cook some food up there's a different dog skillets night here there's a husky named duck that will introduce you to maybe uh tell a few stories have some beers nothing much just just a good night there there's buddy Clint and this mallet is awesome using a quick act quick hatch knife I got sent by maker Brenton so yeah it's a beast if you look at it in my hand it is enormous just a big old bruiser of a knife this should do yay that's probably enough huh that's it you go oh yeah boy he's out good boy okay I just got him chicken breast bone in nice and so we don't cook it and then therefore they'll never never cook any you can give dogs bones just make sure they're not cooked what are you doing buddy good boys yelling no no he's fine he's fine what's their seat height of the youtubes see heinie enough oh he's all about the beer all about the beer right on the hammock oh those look nice dude yeah Angus whoo fancy that you like a lot yeah and gets nail that in there New York's yes oh those are that's not really nice day you know cooking these right on the coals this time I'm gonna try to go for medium rare I really like medium rare

first my steaks this is a nice Angus fresh cut so medium rare it is Oh buddy la de Beaufort it's hop city robot IPA damn off we don't want so much head we don't want so much head sorry buddy oh man lot smells like it's so good oh oh yeah

I like some better than the octopus really yeah there's no like there's no bitter at the edge maybe it's more better for sure but yeah I like this one better

we have a band where all those stakes were delicious

Clint's cousins came out and said hello to us for a minute while we're eating so didn't get too much going there but Suns going down now our bellies are full we've drank the beers but now we have the Kraken

you ready look are you okay are you ready to release the Kraken yeah what's up big boy I'm going to bed you come with me well I'm in the old hammock tonight made into bed all right a little neat a little inebriated to say the least those beers went down good then had a little bit of the cracking frigging release the Kraken but in the half now all warmed up ready for the night so yeah wish me luck I'll check it in the morning

good night well it's the morning time you think it is Clint about eight o'clock I slept right through hey I had a few too many pups last night some some daddy pops and I slept really good in his hammock my feet are a bit cold to be honest with you but the way up there where the undercoat stops and I my feet are way up there in all reality I should have been over here or my my feet are covered by the undercoat but again I think the daddy Pop's had a little bit of influence on my decision and yeah but good night's sleep time to get up and face the world it's a beautiful day sunshine there's spider webs I can see so we're we're doing good that's all you need that little Fiskars there that's it's nice nothing wrong with it

stuff like this what's up big guy oh yeah yeah yeah yeah oh I guess I could put guess I could put my sunglasses on considering I'm facing the Sun last night was pretty good I had a good time around the fire eat some good food I met Clint through Facebook he messaged me and told me that his family has some property close to where I live it's about a 45-minute half an hour 45 minute drive from where I live and if I'm being totally honest to you we're on his family's property right now his host his family's house is probably I don't know four or five football fields that way through a field so we walk back here with our gear setup and there's a good good amount of woods back here yeah so he offered me use of his woods and we've been we've been hanging out a couple times a nice guy so get along pretty good it's nice to have another person a friend into this stuff close to where I live because I don't want to go always go at so low and Mike and Kyle and does I'll live hour's drive from me so there's not always that last-minute like okay let's do this and that's what this was this is a last minute thing so yeah pretty cool see how this goes holy that's yeah that's a tough one it is look at that you are you you are an outdoor chef shit up cooking show shit look at that an actual pancake it is put some icing on that he's out a GSI or MSR it's definitely GSI nice oh bloody like we're Canadian hey thank you perfect okay thanks

so I like the hammock I like this the fact that it's a side entrance as opposed to a bottom entrance the only the only other hammock I use like I said was a Hennessy and it had a bottom entrance so getting out to go to the bathroom at night was always an issue like a 10-minute issued going out and getting back in and all that stuff but with this thing you can kind of just do one out the side of it lay in bed and just you know do your business out the side it's not not such a bad setup to be honest yeah happy happy with the hammock I got a great night's sleep this is going to be more of like when I go out for overnights and stuff I'm probably bringing my hammock especially in buggy weather because this this bug net is is completely off my face yeah I think it's be ideal so the mantra quilt worked well like I was saying it was just my stupidity I wasn't in it prop it properly my people are sticking out of it but next time I'll I know a little bit better yeah super happy with it in fact that you can use snicks with it to hold it up it's kind of cool too so I didn't even tie any fancy knots or anything I just did a old shoelace knot overhand knot wrapped around the tree a couple times did that and it held totally fine

super easy to undo I mean there's a plethora of birds over here alright guys that's it life has to happen today so Friday so go back I think when I take the kid kiddo and the wife out today and let's go do some work so we're out thanks for watching

I'm sure you'll see us together again maybe we do another no overnighter out here in a different spot or something uh yeah just rambling so bye see

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