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Take your Friends and go to the Woods! A Bushcraft Overnight.


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My good friend, Brendan, who I had not seen in years, came down for a visit...he told me he wanted to do some cool bushcraft stuff, lol. so we headed for the woods, we used our knives, axes and my Adventure Sworn Bucksaw. We built a raised bed bench, a fire reflector and cut a ton of firewood.

We had a great time camping.

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Video Transcription

there he is what's a good hey guys thanks for joining once again we're here in the woods me and my friend Brendon what's up guys we are going to camp for the night stay to stay tuned look at Ritter alright yeah yeah definitely so there's like a ton of ton of shots set up yeah like a lot of times I have it in my head what I want to do already and before I even go out a lot of other time go with whatever is going on time sometimes I'll make shots were like I don't have to say anything we're what I'm doing share yourself

nice Murray Mears will be proud that's that sassafras Brendon doesn't have this asked for us where he lives so we're gonna probably use that for our kindling fire fire considering it's a nice wood for that right uh-huh they should take a piece home make a spoon or a kook sir smash it fries you were doing the through the lag yeah great beers way hit the board get mad at it Brennan there you go she went right around that nada

no worries but my old friends call me Joey

would shaving so Brendan asked me what we use for tinder around these parts because where he lives he's got birch bark and stuff and I said good ol wood shavings so we walked around until we found a red oak couple red oaks and we made some shavings out of that Brendan used his knife I use my knife and we have all of this oak here sassafras tons of wood land of the hardwoods in shape yes we wanted to know firing on it ourselves maybe get some dinner

so I found you your morsels for oh my good strange brought my Charlie Gasconade to use today got this a while ago haven't really used it too much just except for our home playing around really nice belt knife I really like this knife what's the handle it's a natural micarta so no liners now micarta got a kind of a grippy feel to it and almost a full Kong a full height convex they're super durable mm-hmm all right Brian walk us around the camp show us what we got going on all right well this is gonna be our main fire pit part yeah yeah it's perfect it lots of wood so it's pretty easy to gather uh-huh so we're going to get a fire it on after the Sun Goes Down here this is our main camp over here we both just brought our gust view of ground sheet set it up weathers beautiful right now I'm gonna have a really good night yeah yeah we get the fire on cook up some food and just enjoy ourselves we got these um these back rests we figured out that we only needed two each because our spines will fit inside in between the the poles there oh my lovely assistant then you just sit back and then we can even make a footrest out of some logs make that log there another fire in front not too shabby

I will pile it up there and then as you can see there's just a plethora of dead wood sticks and whatnot so we're not too concerned right now and we're not needing the fire for warmth or anything for sleeping so it's all good good to be out doing steak for dinner tonight looking forward to that we've got a bunch of small girls that were going to light first right so what you're going to do is move I'm going to move this over here

you like these curls by putting your fire still look directly in so cleanse it directly in yep you're going to try and get your sparks to go right on to that and then you put your shavings right on top of that I can show you a different way to do it okay so it's used this first it's a little bit longer and try to use your knife like use the length of it so instead of trying to do the flick your wrist thing you keep your wrist straight and just slide out straight down using a lot of pressure okay

this might this board might move on you a bit try that don't use your wrist at all used circuses use that you got it no you got it you got okay so now take these put them right on site just leave it right there yep you're good you don't need to blow up just set them right on top everything's good now take your kindling grab your kindling here and just put it right on top all at once now go up real quick nice you know we were an Algonquin we actually discovered the balsam fir SAP and even the fresh stuff will take a spark very readily yeah the blisters yeah yeah we grab some we had a little bit of birch that we found on one of the Fort Dodge trails we didn't even have to pop it up or anything drop a little bit of balsam fir on it nice though no New York Strip can't go wrong with that one for camping brought a girl this time and I brought some much real stakes place switch it up but that that stake is over an inch thick so a good eatin Brendan's doing a Canadian MRE with his soldier bar for dessert big old steak on there I rake some holes off to the side there so we can keep our fire going or it is and I can cook my steak used oak and maple to get some nice coals should be really good looking forward to it so we're living life up here we got this super hoppy beer hop city robot IPA I've never never had it before it's seven point one it says right on it strong beer so that's gonna go with my steak steak hoppy beer sitting in the woods on a bench we made in front of a fire with old friends good night tonight I did yes what is that this is potato bacon and Cheddar's lady and I'm already chowder all right moment of truth here super juicy

you know I'm calling that good medium-rare yeah that's what's happening right now all right so we have a full moon tonight and it's it's really cool but we're deep in the forest so we're going to walk out to the trail to check it out but we want to be able to make sure that we can find our campsite again Brendan's got this dim little half-dead headlamp where I got this new thrunite flashlight I have to check out tn for a we're going to leave it on as a beacon to come back to so I'm going to set it on let's see set it on I could probably set it on low and be fine to be honest yep so leave it pointing that way that way we'll know where to come back uuhh

I'm back

so we're back now that worked out pretty good

I just want to show you guys the modes for it if this is the low mode you hold it down medium high twice super high that's pretty freakin bright man and then again it's that stroke once again now's the thrunite TN for a if you guys want a chance to win this flashlight just comment in this video I'll give this away in two weeks just comment I I'm in and yeah I'll ship it anywhere in the world so Brendan and I are old buddies you know each other for go eight or nine years yeah and we're both from southern Ontario East from a couple hours north of me but we're both very southern Ontario so both decided to get into college for an outdoor program what the natural is at first yeah I went up to take the park operations program I think you that's to college and yeah so it's pretty cool made a lot of good friends there did a lot of cool things like we had we learned trees we we slept in we make Glenn Z's made so Quinn's these are basically big mounds of snow Susan st. Marie is pretty north and they get a lot of snow there so we've big mounds of snow and you let it salt solidify and dig it out it's like an igloo almost essentially so we spent what two nights there yeah that's what we did for school is really cool it was pretty neat we basically spent 75% of our time outside way to learn yep so we all came pretty good close friends and so Brendan took the train down to visit because it was been too long had been like five or six years Cindy since he'd been down so good times yeah that's been really nice man glad he came down so I think we're going to turn in soon he's probably up for tonight but he's not got to go he doesn't have to go till later on tomorrow so probably hanging out the woods for tomorrow cook up some eggs and a little more and stuff good night thank you guys

good morning guys it's about eight o'clock in the morning sup really good going to vote for o'clock a little bit those voted stop really warm

I'd like a negative seven degree sleeping bag I think Italy got done five plus pretty good fire is completely out probably to Stoke it up make some eggs Brendan still sawing logs over there I actually wake them up the way Kyle woke me up bang on pots and pans probably won't do that as I was super horrible looks like seeing a stormy day today stick it out here for a little while but I don't know how long well we're sitting around the fire last night got nothing else to do I just started making some shavings and some bigger pieces off so that in the morning it'll be easier to start to fire off the mess around trying to make shavings and all that stuff so I'm going to use those and grab some beach twigs these Beach twigs are perfect very very thin like pencil lead cut size nice and dry just plucked a bunch of these so if you guys watch my channel at all you've seen me do this before probably plenty of times so just crack a couple eggs on top of my billy can and little dish this time I'm actually going to put some moisture I'll steak spice in it pepper it up a bit shoot plenty and put up a baby grilled cheese put her in there and it will taste phenomenal I'm sure chunk such as this baby bone stuff keeps real good - I take it on a knee make new tripping and no issues this will be nice and cheesy break that little bit yeah boy

and he arises with beer in hand this is my favorite way to cook eggs over the woods just fill up the Billy can halfway or whatever with water set your dish in the top with your food in there hang her up and call her good then in about 10 or 15 minutes I'll be ready are you doing you need to be closer but go closer right right there and follow through oh snap son I went in there too alright there's the finished product it looks super good and I can't wait to eat that good oh man that was the first time putting the baby Bell in it we have fun yeah man super windy rain held off for now all my cellular phone is ringing my tools for this trip by Charlie Gasconade like I was showing you last night my adventure swarm bucks up and my grandma's axe I found had a 26 inch handle we did a lot of wood processing this trip with all the firewood we collected building a fire reflector and building that bench and these tools we're really happy to have them to saw especially so good times but do you think you want to start getting on here or some yeah all righty yeah yeah a good time yeah there's an old blue peach tree instead and it's got a spark peeling off and I'll take this back to camp after let's see if we can light it with the first deal you see if it'll go with first I've got it to go before it burns pretty good like it has some kind of oils in it just wanting to go see it has a kind of a sizzle to it yeah you hear it and it's not the greatest but you probably just kind of buff it up quite a bit no I'm cell buffer but for real good Bruce Buffer alright guys that's it for us almost 12 o'clock getting hungry we're heading out of here thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it I'll see you on the next one

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