My Bushcraft Axe


I spent some time in the woods using my axe as the main tool, I am very happy with this axe.

Video Transcription

I built this sawhorse here while buffing my buddy and I need to get across it to go to rest in it I'll just leave it there to rest the logs on that I use and to do that I'm going to use my axe and go and get a piece of wood not necessarily felt a dead tree for it might be on the ground already doesn't give you anything special I'm just going to go around and look for that piece right now now that was easy enough go on buddy got it Darren I can use the rest for firewood I could use my sob but what's the fun in that right no jokes go I'm always looking out for the dog if you vote you probably noticed he's always in the way always running around the arocs I'm very conscious of where he is at the time I'm using my axe he's chasing the woodchips it's going to serve as a crosspiece so I can rest my wood on top of that have it at a better angle for myself higher up so just walking through the woods here I'm going to use my axe a lot today I'm going to try to anyways I want to practice a little bit on chopping on bigger stuff my area there's a lot of dead ash around and they've fallen so I'm not going to take down the tree or anything I want to find one that's fallen it's up off the ground some and I'm going to just kind of buck it up I might use the pieces or something might not just just for some practice go I'm going to want to let the Knox wide and what I read the other day is try to hit it the same spot every time that way it works better for you go on I'm not only threw it off yet obviously I'm up play it put it away through I haven't thrown that many chips but the ones that have to run are quite large drink is my hint you know nice and big that's hot video a while ago someone with tame to use your axe kneeling down if you're doing this kind of thing now you want big dinner plate side trips that's all fine and good if you're using a really soft wood that was just down green soft wood fawn yeah throw one handed and get dinner plates but this is iron wood or maple I'm not sure I think it's an Ironwood it's hardwood as you can see it takes it's taken me a long time get through it I don't think that you could do that sitting or kneeling down and take you a hell of a lot longer so just just something to think of when you hear people giving advice and whatnot you got to take everything into consideration I'm not chopping Aspen here all my knees you know it's a lot harder than that as you can see now I'm switching sides this sides predominately done and I worked up a sweat so I lost a layer

yeah oxides done now drop it down that side

all right now the fun part will be carrying that back you can't I was wrong in saying it was iron with the trees Elm that's a dead arm right in front me too and it has the same holes in the wood from the bugs how's that and a little bit of bark left over right there so it's an album I'm not sure what kind this is one of the logs that I use to work on like axe work and use for base for shavings and stuff and it it outlines my camp I've got one there and then one on the other side someone's getting pretty beat up as you can as you just saw so I think with that log that I just chopped or that I bucked up order that big piece I'm going to replace this log here it's not my use out of it they're brand-new blood drawn moving on up in the world guys it's what is fully vlog grubs oops little grubs in the would not show it there


alright guys this video is done I just wanted to say by no means am I an expert I use an axe as much as I can I like using it what I use works for me might be different for you so get out there and try it for yourself alright

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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