The Fire Chain.


A skills challenge put on by my buddy Iz Turley over at

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Video Transcription

me and Campbell just got some punk wood here and we're going to use it for a part of our fire chain maybe later on today or tomorrow all right this is my entry for the fire chain got the materials for the bow drill right there there's two tinder bundles with cedar bark and milkweed fluff in them the bow drill kit is made out of cedar the handhold is made of white pine bark there's Punk would next to it which I'm going to char right there my bow is right there I made it out of cherry there's my mom my shavings and the rest of my prep there take 700 we're losing light quick folks okay that's got me it's like barely smoking oh I think I got it I got it yes sir okay now what we don't want to happen is to lose the cool you

Kevin like it slips gets me written upon and all that fuck


whoo well that was a pain in the bum that's for sure cedar is not my favorite okay so there's my player we're going to wait till that burns down and we're going to Punk char the punk ooo I have a punk woods going into the fire alright that glowing piece next to the fire to the right of the fire is my char ponca I'm going to bury it now we'll try this piece here very flimsy there you go there we go I sure hope this is in the camera okay



sorry about the there

alright I'd say that's a sustained fire

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