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Skills challenge:1 stick fire w/ axe Pt.2


The 2nd part of the vid

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Video Transcription

alright so it kind of messed up there I it's stopped on instead of pause button so it's going to have to be a two-parter not that that matters anything okay so I split up a bunch of like pencil pencil to pencil lead thickness six I've got bunch of shavings and ate already I'm just going to show you guys how I did a few shavings and that'll make some fudge sticks and then we're going to see how it goes so I just took a normal piece let's go go go down stick a normal piece and help choked up on the app's right I'm just going to pretty much just like with a knife and it works pretty good good good solid and curly enough that i'm pretty sure to work I don't spill it all over the place ok so got those I just wanted to go through like when you're splitting the wood you don't want to hold it and try and swing through you're going to almost certainly hit your thumb so what I do that hold it I tap it in until it's driving so let's copy then I follow through with this way

just a little safety ok so to make the fuzz sticks I'm going to run the Act plate at 90-degree to the wood

that's not working very well ok so I'm going to hold the acts like this between my knee and my piece of wood and I'm going to run the wood along the basswood along with two of the scrapings I hope you guys can see that there i'm not sure the sun's too bright me tell

yeah that works good you

just do a little bit more you

good are you all right sorry about that my neighbor was outside think she thought I was talking to myself all right so like I said I scraped it this way and actually worked really well like that I think that's how I'm going to use my fire steel to support the axe and run the fire still along the blade I like Iowa woods and said I don't think it's going to not going to work anywhere else not on the pole or not been mentioned sharpening filing apply a straight edge on the back which would work but i think i'm just going to go with the place let's go stop eating my bass would put your own bass wood alright so

about my scrapings here my tinder ready next to it so it goes go


so that wasn't so bad i was expecting the the firesteel to give me a little bit harder of a time and see i got the fire going now i'm not going to keep the fire going because my neighbors probably wouldn't be too happy about it and i don't really need the fire i just did this to see to see if i could do it and now i know that i can I would encourage you guys to get out and try some stuff like this to see just just go outside your skill level outside your comfort zone and be amazed what happens I'm really glad I did it so yeah just once again thank style would turn for the for the challenge and you guys have a good one

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