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Best Bushcraft Pack? The Hidden Woodsmen Day Ruck!


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Video Transcription

hey guys Joe here again thanks for tuning in we're going to look at a backpack today made by the hidden woodsman so a couple of you guys might have seen this backpack already Mitch native survival I think did did a video on one for the products and also Mike from bushcraft Oz one so this is a day rock by Malcolm cold air and his company is called the hidden woodsman obviously like I said really cool little bag let's start on the outside the first thing I really like is the fact that he made the molle webbing thick so that you can slide your axe tomahawk or shovel in and out of it I'm sure other things can go in there as well super convenient then you've got two buckles two main buckles that hold the top on but those straps that are connected to the buckles they go all the way down and it was loosen up so you can stick things in the in the front if you want so that's so that's another cool option so we undo the buckles and then you've got the top flap right so that cinches down that's going to protect your gear from getting dirt water all that stuff in it along with this big flap over top this is made of Cordura really heavy-duty stuff I'm not hundred percent sure on the specs but I'll leave a link to his website you can check it out on there for Europe for yourself but really bomb-proof kind of gear and that's why I like it so it's a more traditional pack than the Maxpedition and all that and that's another reason why I like it I think this is going to be my bushcraft pack at least for my day outings it's called the dura you can definitely do an overnight out of it you could I actually tied Canadian Jam knots on the bottom of it right here and right here and my wool blanket can fit in there and that would be my my sleep system as well as like this would be like I'm making a shelter kind of thing or maybe bring a little tarp or whatever but yeah so wants go so opening up I've got quite a few things inside today I'm just so here for a few hours I've got my premaloft jacket I've got my food so my lunch and a couple snacks in here we've got some gloves because when we working with some grass tonight I look at my hands I'll cut up some dry grass I've got a water bottle and my nesting cup Altoids 10 I've got a big nine by nine steel nylon tarp that actually fits perfectly sideways into this loop into this rucksack this is a 20 liter bag if I'm not mistaken my blue foam pad it's a paracord so once you got this bag open you can see a little bit more inside he asked me what kind of trim I wanted and I told him yellow I kind of like the yellow trim on the inside there and in the side of the the pack there's a sleeve right down in here where am I where my silky saw goes I want to tie a lanyard on there so I get it out a little bit easier but no big deal that's where the silky cell goes right in that pocket so the flap goes down like this but on the front there's a velcro pouch and this velcro is super strong Malcolm told me he uses all surplus kind of stuff so buckles and all that I'm not sure about the velcro but it's super strong let's go so in this front pocket it's not the biggest but it's just as big as you need for a 20 liter pack I've got everything that I would bring on an overnighter

for small small items so I have things like the lid to my snow-peak cup fair rod with the lanyard chopstick toilet paper baby wipes and hand sanitizers are all in the same thing gauze spoon spork story my headlamp and first-aid kit so in the first-aid there's just band-aids some duct tape and some pain pills that's all I have in my in my little pouch there that's all I need see even you might my headband of my flashlight get stuck to that velcro it's super strong velcro nice quality stuff the attention to detail is what I really like

Malcolm makes this stuff for people who use it and it shows so the stitching's all done really well by himself at home what else we got on here

oh the backs padded it's got a piece of usgi sleeping pad in the back sewn in so that's kind of nice what else we got sternum straps it's a nice backpack man Somali on the side he does sell water bottle poaches that you can fit on the side I do have a Maxpedition one and it goes in sorry a condor when it goes in perfectly fine I didn't need it today though I got the handle on the top just tons a little detail man in this like super Bush crafty style pack which is what I really like it's like a traditional pack and I haven't had one before it's really cool really cool you got the bottom two loops where your a lot where it allows you to tie your Canadian gos a paracord or you can get straps and use free wool blanket there oh he's got also this kind of cool this is more of a military style thing I think it's got these little velcro so that you don't have to leave your your strap hanging long maybe it's not a military pack thing I've seen on a bunch of different packs but it's pretty cool good idea and works really well so that's it right there boom done good stuff so let's pack this thing back up and show you how good it packs this is a nine by nine steel nylon tarp this is shelter enough shelter for whatever you would need this is a small bag but it packs really well I'm super impressed with what it can hold there you are inside empty the yellow on the one side like I said Malcolm says you can use it for a signaling which makes sense I just like that the old-school yellow color I also missed a pocket so behind the velcro one there's a little tiny stuff pocket here anyways the tarp goes in it completely sideways show you good completely sideways at the bottom so that's that's only taken up that much room on the bottom then next I want to put my blue foam pad on the back you don't need it for support I just like to have it to sit on my water and my mic up my gloves my paracord my food my L toys and my jacket so tell me that you wouldn't be more than comfortable having all this gear for a hike around the woods for a couple hours so this that's what this is called it's called the day pack it's meant for that so you've got that all cinched down the top comes over and I love the looks of that thing - he's got so many different options you can get a camel multicam any any kind of stuff I just like the old-school OD green and peyote so there we go that's the pack and you can either slide your axe Tom hop whatever and before or after no big deal turn it this way got some stickers on there on the handle for my daughter thanks sweetheart good to go ready to rock that's it okay small bag with a lot of potential these straps are comfortable everything's really nice but I really don't have a complaint super happy with it so plan on seeing a video where I take this backpack out and do an overnighter with it I'll do like I said I will just bring minimal gear I'll build a shelter we have a backpack or sorry I have a wool blanket the backpack just call it a bushcraft overnighter again so that's how she looks on my back super impressed with the build quality I don't think that this thing is going to fall apart anytime soon I'm definitely never going backpacking with this backpack this is a day pack or overnight bushcraft camp pack yeah so happy with it like I said 100 times check out the hidden woodsman he's got his own website he's got all over on the internet so you'll be able to find him easy so thanks a lot Malcolm for the pack super impressed and take care guys hope you enjoy

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