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Camping Gear for a 9 Day Canoe Trip in Northern Ontario


Showing my gear and talking why I packed what I did for a northern Ontario Canoe Fishing trip.

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Video Transcription

I have a conundrum that's my gear for my nine-day trip I can't close my backpack thanks for tuning into guys I'm Joe stay tuned to find out what I'm going to do what I want to pad for my gear from a nine-day trip into modeling let's pull everything out of here so I'm bringing a second backpack I'm bringing a day pack one that folds down so that when we go on d Heights we're going to hike up the highest mountain Ontario and then we're going to have the tallest mountain on Ontario we'll be hiking around so we'll growth pine and stuff and I'm not carrying this thing around for day hikes Eddie this is my my backpack that I'm going to be bringing I'll go through it all in it I bought rain jacket and I put it in in this order for a reason three jacket one at the top the water I want at the top rain pants odds and ends big old poo bag chair you would like to get hit with a source of food okay I'm gonna have to rush this out and we'll go through it all in so first off this is my backpack this is my dry bag backpack that I used past two or three two trips I've been on like I said I did eight days out of this in September and I can't do nine days out of it now it's a 70 liter bag it's by Mac it's called the slog bag it's got a nice backing on it good harness system good bag so let's start with king bed this is my sleeping bag it was a toss-up between my positive three Celsius met bag and my negative seven Celsius Mountain Hardwear bag the difference between the two is the mech bag metal equipment coop bag goes probably about three quarters - a little bit less size than this when it's pack down that's a really nice size the weight doesn't really matter it's the volume so I'm deciding to bring this one over the small bag because I packed everything in here with a small bag and it still didn't fit so I'm not saving anything by bringing the small one and then this one will keep me warm indefinitely the temperatures are supposed to range you're supposed to fluctuate so as you hot days supposed to get chilly days are supposed to get rainy days and on those rainy days if we're paddling all day long into the rain in the rain I roll up a camp I want to just be able to crawl my suit bag for half an hour or whatever and warm up you know what it means so negative seven bag all the way this is my sleeping pad this is a thermo rest neo air so the one I've used all the time I really only had one sleeping pad suitable for this trip because the other two or three that I have are too bulky big or not enough insulation and they're just air underneath so this is a very old pad we've seen it use the multi multiple times it doesn't have the corners cut on it or anything it's bigger than the new ones this is like six years old but this is Old Faithful man this thing does does me really well so bring a patch kit for it and everything

should be good next up is going to be my REI chair is just a small little folding chair

polls and then the chair itself and I tossed I toss that idea of not bringing it I tell us back and forth the idea of just bringing a hammock instead to sit in the hammock around camp but in all honesty it's hard to rig one up by the fire you might have to move because of smoke you might not even have trees near a fire all that stuff who knows but I do like having somewhere to rest my back when we get to camp this this trip I expect us to have more of camp life well not so rushed we have nine or ten days out there like I'm saying so there's gonna be some camp life and I prefer to be comfortable a little creature comfort chair again it's an RV I share my tent this is my very small Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 110 was like 2 pounds including the poles and keep the poles separate it's easier to pack that way poles tent I love this thing that it's just not for me to get in but I've been international downpours with it I trust this thing it's a good 10 let's do clothes so I have all the clothes I'll be bringing extra in this stuff sack and I'll be wearing I'll be wearing full Raven cap trousers are we wearing a polyester t-shirt a light one I'll be wearing Under Armour underwear and I'll be wearing thin short smart ball hikers and that'll be throughout the day I do have some here that that might take the place of those that might later on with those but we'll have to see what we're out there so I do have a long Sun bug shirt so a Sun shirt or book shirt long long sleeves it's got its cool it's thin I have worn this doing before I like it so hopefully I'll be able to use this in the daytime I am expecting books there's going to be black flies and if you guys haven't dealt with black flies I don't even know how to explain it to it's it's insane so you need long long pants long shirts copying everything bug net all that fun stuff so Kyle Gamboa Kyle he's uh he I don't think grasped but anyways so we've got a merino long sleeve we've got another long see this will be for sleeping in this is just another poly long see but it's thick I like to share a lot and if it gets chilly I can throw that onto in conjunction with some of the other clothes that I'm wearing or by itself who knows we'll see when we're out there my long johns they're a Costco brand and got like 11 percent merino in them my smart wool medium hikers socks white one one pair of extra underwear cut I got a little pic thin pair of socks

another third pair of socks so three pairs of socks total and my merino wool beanie so that's all on my clothes not one not much clothes but in my experience you don't need many clothes when you're out there you're not changing your clothes everyday for sanitary reasons changing clothes because you're cold and changing the clothing because you got soaking wet and changing clothes because because you got too hot and this stuff will all take care of all those things I have my small down pillow I love this thing I couldn't find it when I was talking on super bummed oh this single pack down into little crevices in my backpack it'll be fine in here is my paracord bag so I've got paracord I'm most about reflective port in here Wow and then the the bag itself is silve I'll on and it will take the place of a bear bear hanging bag so I'll be able to fill this with stones or sand or even a couple short sticks and hump it over top of a branch to hang my bear bag as opposed to hanging or as opposed to throwing a stick over how'd it get hung up but this is going to be my pot cooking and everything set up for the trip for the whole nine days there's got a Snow Peak 900 titanium cook set with a rubber band around the top because

that lid is not going to stay on and inside it I've got my busch buddy this is what I'll be relying on for for cooking tweaks oh that's perfect nice little nesting fit I'm going to be bringing this boreal 21 by agawa canyon made in Canada it's actually a pretty cool little saw I like it because it's not made of wood and last time when I went out there on a long canoe trip I brought my adventurous one buck saw very nice sorry

very nice saw but as it gets wet and stays in the wetness the kerf folding it back up into the into the handle two blade it gets all swollen I couldn't get it back in for the life of me so this thing is solid it's 21 inches I've got a racing dry wood racing blade on it and yeah made in Canada everything I actually like the looks of it it's 21 inches long so we're gonna give it a nice test out super easy to set up and take down like you just saw that was me setting it up this is me taking it down takes two seconds - I got a little sleeve for for it to go in so that'll be the saw and then as a communal this is communal gear Kyle is going to be bringing a grants for outdoor acts which is the small one I think it's got the collar on it very small little hatchet like axe it's got a wider head on it for splitting which is perfect and then Kyle's also bringing an extra tarp so that we can have a communal hangout spot in case of rains my food is all in here I'm not going to go through this because I went through this in my food video again check that video out this is about thirteen or fourteen pounds of food rain gear I've got Mountain Hardwear rain pants they have big bottoms on them which I don't normally like but on rain pants I do so that I can just slip my shoes and everything right through have an architect hybrid rain shell it's got two plies everywhere except for wear that you need it it's got free on the shoulders and maybe have a butt and the elbows so a nice jacket what you said but it I have got my criminal off my MEC rim laughs I always use this is a wind shirt this is my Patagonia Houdini wind shirt fantastic piece of gear it actually folds up all into its own pocket a really thin I'm going to keep this in my cargo pocket pants like cargo pants pocket what I'm canoeing and if it gets breezy or whatever I could throw this on as opposed to having layers on I can just have a t-shirt and throw this on take it off as I need we'll see but that's my idea I've got as far as water storage I've got a Nalgene I've got a bag a platypus both 1 liter what else my my fishing rod I kind of went over in my fishing gear but it's an ugly stick with a loose le WS reel on it it's got ten ball bearings so I'm looking forward to using that I have monofilament on it right now

but I have it secondary spool that I will be putting braids on again in like Oh beautiful sweetheart were you supposed to color on that so I went through this in my food video as well but I have 26 or 40 creeks of pot and a little tiny 200 mils of Captain Morgan I have to put this in a plastic bottle stove I'll do that on the way so for this trip something new I bought some neoprene gloves and socks so I was in a carny trip a few years ago and it was like 40s in the daytime and raining all day when train for like 19 hours on day I got borderline hypothermic so I want to wear these socks neoprene keeps you warm as you're wet right I'm getting wet period I'm going to be wet day 1 my feet are gonna be soaking wet I know this but if I got these new pretty socks on you stay a little bit warmer the weather is supposed to be warm or 2 than my previous color tripper was 40s in the day so who knows if I'll need them I'm going to bring them just in case and I got my neoprene gloves which will be useful for paddling my kayak style paddle and then grabbing fish out of the water with blows they've got a little bit of a grip on you guys have seen me use this on trips before this is my piece of reflectix and inside it I have a sip pad the idea is reflectix goes down right against my back on my backpack before everything else goes in the backpack then this piece of blue foam pad can get slid in and out easily as I take breaks on portage trail or whatever if I need to sit on the ground that comes out super easy as opposed to trying to get this full reflectix out which I'll still use this reflectix as a ground sheet at night because I'm not bringing a footprint for my tent or anything so this will add protection for my singing pad at warmth and all that now when I'm at the camp I can actually lay on this use it as a like a foot thing if I'm changing whatever a million uses and it's really small and light doesn't take up much room at all because it goes flat right against your back like I said these are the shoes and when we wearing their Morel Rapids they are almost like a poor taller shoe we've got super grippy bottom see how when I do that there's like extra lines and go away those are going to grip the wet rocks really well and they're going to dry really well too because they're all vented all then tons of ventilation on these and then the cord lock is like that constricting lock so there's no laces tonight so just tighten it and go because I know somebody's going to ask well why aren't you wearing Gortex or why aren't you wearing hiking boots or anything like that because gore-tex does not keep you dry hiking boots are heavy I can go to take forever to dry so I've got these two pouches and inside these pouches are things that I don't want are small things I want to contain that I don't want to get lost or feel loose in my backpack so this one my still nylon one I've got things like extra batteries SD cards remote control camera wipes stuff like that for my camera for both my cameras my GoPro and my DSLR got a phone live in DC for my Phoenix headlamp with a couple extra batteries and with these uh cr123 s you have to cover positive and negatives when you're storing it I've got a Snow Peak titanium sport Old Faithful my battle horse knife the nish come right

emerald named that one I've got oh that should actually go into this it's a clean alcohol swab for cleaning my camera clean my lens we're doing for water purification we're doing drops these are pristine drops Kyle's using aqua or bullet bring your own actually have a secondary backup battery so pretty pretty straightforward in that one and that'll state in my small backpack with me this one I've got a first-aid kit so my first-aid kit consists of very simple things I've got some strong duct tape style tape got sting relief ibuprofen aspirin um like butterfly stitches kind of thing band-aids alcohol swabs alcohol swabs band-aids band-aids band-aids and gauze if I can't fix what's wrong with that stuff then I need a hospital anyways so Kyle's got his own first-aid kit as well I do have pain pills outside of this so in here I've got medications anti-diarrhea pills stuff like that you don't want the diary as well you're out there I've got pain pills in here stomach pills in here antacid pills pepto-bismol pills stuff like that I do have the IBS so I have to be careful sunblock in a stick no mess I've got toothpicks I've got toothbrush and toothpaste with more toothpicks I like these little sandwich these little snack baggies they would come very handy I've got a full roll of toilet paper I've got a bunch of baby wipes and a half hand sanitizer

musk all for the bugs even though it's not going to do a damn thing chapstick a lighter and also my bug net will go in there for my head so like I said earlier I was able to do that eight day canoe trip in the fall with that seventy little backpack and now I can't so something has changed what's different I believe I have a lot more food last time I just barely squeaked by with food wise so I want to bring some more food my fishing tackle is much bigger than it was like three times the size of it as it was and I'm bringing an extra backpack a small backpack that has to fit in the big backpack as well so when I end my camera I forgot about that when I'm doing Portage's we're single carrying everything each way or both of us sorry and I can't have two backpacks like sure I could wear one on the front of me one of the back but I don't want to do that so I have to have everything fit in my backpack and therefore since it's not fitting all on my backpack I think I'm going to stop at my friend Doug's house and get his 120 liter backpack it will be way bigger than I need it's the same style it's a seal line dry bag backpack I think that's what I'm gonna have to do because I can fit everything in there I can't seal it with the second backpack in it and that's no good to me this is the second backpack on one of you rain this is my why not wax canvas sling bag collapsible bag so basically this is the backpack itself wax canvas on one side ripstop on the other and then it's got to attach points you can put a sling on it and carry it around or you put a piece of paracord on it carry it around your waist if you wanted you can double as a pillow on the wax canvas side and also so actually I should show you so there it is just open it it folds all into its own pocket

a wax canvas backpack it's actually very comfortable I've used it already so that opens up to a decent sized bag great so in the in the canoe and for hikes and things like that I'll be having different things in it but in the canoe I'll have my my fishing tackle in it a couple different things for my cameras and then the most important thing is it's somewhere for me to put in my snacks for the day it's somewhere for me to have to put my camera if it starts raining I'll have a big ziploc bag I'll have it inside there I'll just be able to shove it right in and in in my canoe III don't want to be having to reach all Brown behind me to my big bag to try and fumble through stuff so anything I think I might need in the canoe I'll be having in that small backpack and anything I'm going to need for the hikes be it water snacks all that stuff I'll have that small backpack I'm going to put a link in the description where you can get yourself one of those they're really cool backpack you can just check it out I highly suggest checking the company why not it's the same company that's doing my bushcraft backpack for me really cool guys so anyways I hope you guys ohh my camera here so I'm bringing my camera that I'm shooting on right now which is my DSLR my Nikon d50 500 with 118 to 140 lens I will be bringing my shotgun mic I debated it for a while nice but I will I'm also bringing my GoPro Hero 4 silver bring a bunch of SD cards memory cards and batteries and buddy Doug is going to let me use his new Olympus waterproof point-and-shoot things so it's got capabilities for time-lapse it's got its like super waterproof so I can use in the car sorry in the canoe all that stuff so that's really nice to him so I have three cameras this time guys I should be able to get a bunch of footage last but not least polarized sunglasses so I can see the little fishies in the water as I'm catching them all right boys and girls thank you very much for watching this I hope you learn something opening bar you too much talking about my gear canoeing series

can you say bye Wow day thanks guys

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