Catching and Cooking Catfish


Buddy Clint and I catch a bunch of Catfish, and cook one on the fire at camp.

Clints Channel.




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Video Transcription

landed my biggest catfish I've ever caught second catfish only but we're gonna get the hook off and get them back in the water quick so what do we got going on there Clinic a little one just a little I think my might be bigger than Joe's oh my goodness oh he's got some more wounds

oh he's bigger oh yeah he's like a sea lamprey looking thing oh that's rough uh well land him and show you yeah that's a fish cut put my whole hand in that mouth so I just caught one and he was big and I was super happy about that look at this look at the head off he's like a pitbull yeah look at the muscle on his head oh man oh damn he does have some war wounds on him guys good job look at that it's a good fight - look at his head look at his head so Clint just spotted a coyote we're sitting here fires out

I'm on the phone with my wife and I don't know how far away Oh 50 oh I'm not even making more like 30 yards 30 yards away he was like this nice auburn red color I guess the reddish just a beautiful young coyote came up and like cut almost towards us until he caught wind yeah he went he kind of swung around he came to within about 30 yards and then just kind of he swung around this way to get downwind of us and once he smelled us he was fine and just trotted off but joke you were talking oh yeah well so he's coming right at us he wasn't scared no maybe he smelled the catfish on her Wow that was really cool closest I've ever been to a coyote and one that looked that nice like usually they're all Maine's yet be around God that was he was a catfish and Co coming down to check the line again I heard a Clint say he's got a huge one on I'm gonna check out line I think I got one too yeah I got one decent size so channel cat this time or last time bullhead this time decent-sized bullhead cleanse show me up let's let's show the camera we got going on here couple bullheads

growling uh yeah do I need this one let's eat that one okay this guy thinks a little tool to me okay this is good sounds good to me old Clint's got another it's an eater he says all poor Clint catching the big fish again

whoa this might be a small channel cat actually what kind of gray yeah no it's another big bull head oh is a big one holy for a bull head what's a lot like we just gotta that might be a young channel cat I can't tell it doesn't look have the color of a bull yeah I gotta wear them all even more so though right here that's just skin and bone right there so kind of gotta skip this whole like butter very soft to me so the ribs go down quite a bit way to pass it on to there and just skin boning guts nice nice and clean okay

obey I am one for you that looks so good dude

they do look like chick ones I honestly taste long-reaching

this will be my first time eating catfish so we're gonna eat the I believe is a yellow bull head friends gotta bring the Franks man look at that its beauty dude

alright pull the Jo didn't hit record on the first bite whatever what

so of

my verdict does it taste very good I don't taste fish at all the texture is a bit soft kind of like eating a glass of water but we're not necessarily about them I like it yeah pretty good nose pretty good the Franks really shuts it off too yeah it really gives that buffalo Buffalo buffalo cats was a perfect day perfect now here guys we canoed in for like a half hour remember that our fan our headwind yeah I haven't seen anybody out here bugs aren't too bad bugs aren't bad at all so Clint did a recent trip to Temagami as well similar place to where we went same general region just a different different part of the part of the area and he actually put up a video on his channel you just start a channel called his old outdoors so I'll put the link in the description of this you guys should go check it out he did more of a stationary camp where he's fishing he's got his dog there really cool really cool video so buddy check her out I don't think I'm gonna eat the skin I don't know why

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