Machete for Bushcraft.


Just playin around, I recieved a 12" Condor Bolo Machete for Christmas.

Made it wok a bit in the woods today.

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Video Transcription

hey guys I got a few new things for Christmas bushcraft oriented uh-huh I got my wife and my mom to get me all bushy things so I was pretty cool right here I got a condor 12-inch bolo machete there I've got to do some work to the handle still kgd has one and he can do it the handle bitten it it actually feels a lot better this one's too wide but got a dremel too so I will fix that up and I also got this huge Maxpedition water bottle holder I think it's called the 12 by 5 and it's got zebra can in it and like the small zebra cans in it and a water bottle and a sterno stove which is a pretty cool setup I think it's a lot better bigger than the other one I had and it's a certain cool Oh totally nice patch on there so this is a holodeck in here I've gotta drop these on my side straps to keep from wobbling but

I don't have the sterno stove in it right now because I'm not going to use it got my Nalgene in there and it's got small Billy can I haven't using it today and they dumped my whole reasoning behind this is I had I had the smaller couch and I had just my stainless steel cup with the wire bail on it but the wire kept ripping the inside of the pouch so I didn't really want that anymore I was kind of ghetto I don't know I didn't have it done up to nice so and then in the bottom is the lid and a little dish that it comes with so I'm just actually going to use it for a cup to day I'm going to make some tea and drink it over there I don't see it any reason why I shouldn't you know I never thought I was a fan of Condor at all I had a knack night from them I didn't really like and I just don't like the way the bush lures look and all that stuff that's just my opinion no I'm not saying that they're bad or anything I just don't like them but then when my buddy Ken kgd got one of these bolos I started using it a lot and I actually really really like it it's a very useful tool we both beat the crap out of our stuff and he really really beat his up and no worse for wear at all comes with a good edge on it and there's this false edge up here for you got a dig or whatever in the ground this is something that you don't worry about if you stick it into the ground or whatever it doesn't really matter it's all good around all around good tool I think I paid 60 bucks with shipping to Canada that's not bad at all like I was mentioning earlier the handle it's fricking wide so I got to take my Dremel in and knock a bunch ah it's too wide for comfort to be honest but that's all right we'll fix it up good and play with it today and that was pointless let's go go go on go

go on buddy and making feather sticks you can use up here it's not it's not sharpened so it's not bad kind of coil I guess it is a toil I'm not sure it's not the most comfortable thing that's for sure

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