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Crossing Ontario's Oldest Park- A Paddle and Portage Adventure!


Part 2 of the across Algonquin series. Click top right corner for pt1

Join buddy Doug and I as we move across water and land, for 175km over the course of 7 days.catching food as we go, moving all day, every day to complete this linear trip from the west to the East of Algonquin.

Doug's Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZSVM6R2vcY&t=1s

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

alright guys good morning day 4 day 4 really nice morning get some oatmeal on the go for a change you know switching it up a bit we're gonna get a little bit of earlier start this morning just packing up and heading right now because I know saying last night lots and lots of foraging to do today the winds kicking up and stuff so it is going with them still the same way we're gonna get out I'm gonna try to pack my backpack a little bit differently my canoe wasn't riding the best on it so I'm gonna leave myself a little bit looser and try and have because when it when I pulled it down when it's emptier his back Park stays up I have a go back frame in there it stays up and it slopes down what I want it to do it's kind of like square out up here so that the canoe rest better on it I'll try to do that regardless they'll be okay I just want to try to make my like five kilometers of poor toshing today a little bit more comfortable we got a over to two and a half kilometer portage and a bunch of little ones too and considering all the port arteries I want to put this big camera way so I don't have to keep taking it a note have to reach one she's such a dick what a dick move by Doug yeah yeah I need a little you know we'll get them back just wait just wait good

goodbye campsite you were decent you were not Doug surfing in the rapids all right we're gonna run a 170 warm-up portage right before we get to our 2500 meter one I switched my backpack like it was saying and listen it's super rubbery super noisy but it's riding exactly how I want to it's riding huh he normally euston so that's good I need to be prepared for that big one I need to be in good working order I don't want to have to keep stopping trying to adjust and all that so good everything's coming up millhouse all right let the fun begin my time this 9:26 2345 meter for dodge it's actually a really cool site to the campsite I've been pretty pleased with our progress its 939 and go out since 926 I assume we're halfway done I feel with no breaks no stopping I feel like I can go another 10 minutes so I think I will go until 950 and then if we're not at the end I'll stop for a break five-minute break

oh well rester okay it's 950 but I think I'm just gonna power through I think I feel like we're near the attic your water yeah how they gonna power through it's getting a little muddy too so that's a good time we're in a low spot obviously we're they close to where the port touch starts I believe I believe and we're done 9:57 so 31 minutes since we started and the end is literally right in front of me that was cool this one's called the purple unicorn you know what a portage has a name it's a it's a piste whoo

yes sir not too shabby at all okay I was wrong I looked at the marker here it's not called the purple unicorn it's called unicorn Hill hello Iver aka unicorn Hill 2345 later who wears boots like that hey where's boots like that to go portaging not this guy okay now it's water and snack time and then we have a little paddle and a couple 900 meters 700 meters Mora portaging it's a portage day

well that was about perfect we got done that big old port ours Doug's like you know what my rest my relaxation is gonna be taking a couple casts in in these Rapids I said yes that sounds fun we've got both got a nice road each a couple more casts nothing decide to move on we haven't seen anyone since yesterday yesterday was Monday

so obviously the weekend was over so we saw nobody yesterday I that's what I meant to say yes you saw nobody yesterday yesterday was Monday today being Tuesday and how remote we are I don't believe we're gonna see many people if any we're leaving on our last day is Friday so maybe we'll see some I'm sure we will see some quickly and access like we're leaving Oakland that's okay this is a very pretty stretch of the river we're gonna be camping tonight and radiantly cuz bass I believe walleye wrote wrote in lake trout so I will be very interested in catching some baths yep oh just at the start of a 700 meter port over into Cedar Lake Cedar Lake is an access like Kyle and I started on that Lake on a big fall Algonquin trip a couple years ago but I want to show you guys this it's actually shows in my Jeff's map this is here across from 1888 so a cordial June 1888 I don't know what IHS means that's pretty nuts though it is old I'm not gonna touch it pretty sweet the old metal spike in the ground lots of history in this park it's paddling hard lacrosse cedar right now this is by far the biggest lake that we're gonna hit on this trip but the wind is with us not bad at all sounds a bit much it's getting really warm we've been on this lake for quite some time but we're nearing the end of it it's only a couple of few decent-sized Portage's and then we're into radiantly today's mumbai good it's only 12:20 this is by far the most productive not productive but the most faster move in a day one more to go we wanted to stop and have launched a couple port Hodges ago but the put in and the take out were like very sunny and shards of rock they had fallen off it just wasn't comfortable at all it was super hot so he pushed on push on push on because there was no like good spot or whatever here's a nice shady spot but was too long we shouldn't waited that long I was soft when I got here I eat a pro bar people chocolate Pro bar and a bunch of jerky and pounded the water so I feel a hundred times better Doug need a whole chicken teriyaki dehydrated meal we're sitting here in the in the shade there's no Sun here the ground I'm sitting on the soft rock and it's actually all soaking wet so it feels really good but you know it cleaned up and head on we'll be at the camp pretty soon finally on radiant lake a camp for the night of a huge camp back in there with some in the red pine very nice camping I haven't Oh gone in the water this whole trip and I'm stanking and I gotta wash my boxes and stuff so here we go radiant lake looking very radiant oh she's cold guys she's cold is she shallow so I think they can't even jump it's like a slow wade oh my gosh it's good it's good refreshed after that swim food cooked up just having some racing pepperonis tonight so hopefully tonight we can get out and go do some fishing just radiantly Chris plus a bunch of different kinds of fishing at yeah something we have to were done eatin head out for a little nighttime paddle fish probably an early night for me was officer

zing work working all that but Doug just did see how hurt thank you to whoever stood at this campsite first yeah all right Supper's done have a little dessert my Kendal mint cake so I had awesome subscribers send me some from the UK

you guys haven't tried some I highly recommend it a little letter here sent on the 2nd of April so I'm a little late on this one hey Joe

just a little something to say thanks for all your videos it's gonna send you some British beer but it seems Canada has some very strict import laws so Kendal mint cake it is something almost every British hiker carry would carry just in case and if you don't like pure sugar and peppermint at least you get a nice 10 out of it it comes in a really cool Tim so thank you I can't really make up the name I think it's Linda Lena either way thank you so much I really appreciate it my apologies for not take some thank Lita for not acknowledging up earlier I just hadn't used it I hadn't eaten it earlier it's been sitting in my gear room so again thank you very much I'd really do like it

it's like brushing your teeth but with sugar and peppermint thank you it's a beautiful night I think I'm just gonna troll considering we're in the lake there's not really too much structure there's a cool point so here I'm gonna go troll by them but I'm just gonna be paddling really slow it's um very very buggy very mosquito you in the woods so I'm staying out here until dark so we'll go back and light up the fire Doug's way over there

we can keep in contact with her go Telly's if we need to but we're both on just on a big lake and you know where our campsite is so no big deal oh man day for night for already mmm a huge day on day seven so it's not like six nights and then we're out it's six nights and then another full day we're gonna have to eat everything but supper I believe on the last day I've been home we'd gone from home for six nights already this will be the sixth night because I had to go north and get some canoe rack put on my car and spent the night at my buddies and then Doug and I met up and shuttled the cars are where I spent the night in Huntsville in a hotel so when I got to spend one night on on the back end of this away from home to the seventh night gonna be in a hotel so nine nights total away from home oh it's been a while it's been a while price since the spring that I spent that much time away my family and I really spent a lot of time together this summer makes makes me miss them even more but it's good times out here I'm gonna doing this again it's good to spend a little bit of time away I think it makes you appreciate things more just that it's just the truth really I'm sorry if this video is a lot of me talking and telling you things and more than showing you things that I'm doing it's just we're putting insole money miles every day and it's hard to set up shots and stuff all the time but I'm doing my best and trying

probably beat pretty beat I had just rice and pepperonis tonight because I wanted to give myself a break on the heavy like chiles and spaghetti 's and stuff I have a couple - more chilies and a rice left or something we have two more nights after this here like I said so I have one extra meal I always get chastised for bringing only only enough what if something happens you know I mean kind of thing but I have one extra meal and we've been catching trout like crazy we didn't eat any today but that was more out of knowing we shouldn't take time to stop and cook them up and I'll get back with you guys if I get anything I'm not even really like I said well I would have been too lucky I've been too good I'm just trolling anyways being on the boat I'll get back with you well it's almost time for bed see my phone Mike what is you can see my food bag is dwindling dwindling it used to be full with no booze can to empty booze container in it and now it's that full with them empty booze container been using this earth sack so I don't have to hang my food you guys have seen us before it's a good day it was a hard day lots of portaging and tomorrow's gonna be no different we have 13 separate port horses to do at the end of the day is like a 1400 and then a thousand and all sorts of fun stuff so we're gonna bad get some sleep get back some energy I'll get back with you guys in the morning I have a good name oh but not actually going to bed didn't say morning guys another beautiful morning here in Algonquin I'm going to eat my breakfast up pretty quick so we can get on got a big day ahead of us oatmeal











today was a peg we did 13 kilometres of no 13 port Hodges there equal up to both a sixty five seven seven thousand meters was about seven kilometers port talk so it's basically a backpacking trip with the canoe on our head today very very hot you can see I got a whole farmer's tan from a couple days now very hot day lots of work I'm exhausted man we just pulled up on the site on radiant no Traverse Traverse Lake so this is our second last night here it's 6:30 I'm white and I'm like beyond belief this is a rough hard trip see exactly what we wanted wanted to go across the park if you want to make this thing epic like actual journey kind of thing and that's exactly what this is so it hurts so good we're gonna eat supper now I'm gonna do chili I believe I'll give it back with you guys in a little bit I gotta set up my camp and all that fun stuff still big day you got a big day tomorrow too and the next day sure bud this trip ain't for the faint of heart believe me when I tell you that so we're on this red pine island you see it here you know manna King talk my brain is done okay on this red pine island you can see here behind me there's absolutely no firewood and I'm not in focus nothing

nothing's working for either of us ha ha red pine island no firewood that's the problem there's no firewood I don't there's no dead trees the daughter we're gonna be able have fire Thanks so I've been collecting yeah where is it sticks and pinecones and whatnot get the bush buddy rock and how fire in there cook and then just keep the fire going a little bit smaller so that the bugs will stay away and stuff like that pretty cool story

I lost my um a couple years ago in Algonquin Mike Mike and I were here and he didn't have a sip pad and we we found one at the end of a portage so he took it he kept it and then today or me know like day two we stopped Doug and I on this trip stopped I had a a grassy big sight to look at the map and have lunch and I left my sip pad there the same kind that Mike had found and I left it there I didn't notice too like the night or whatever and then today as rakonin to a poor Tosh Doug's up we had a music it's your lucky day or so like that look at what we found Redemption blue foam pad so I have commandeered the blue foam pad once again I have a sip pad and the University is right uh-huh as well okay I got to eat as I'm losing my way I'm using this tokes titanium pot now instead of my old snow-peak 900 this is an 1100 it actually has a decent lid that fits as opposed to that that frying pan lid that ever goes on so works out pretty well my busboy fits right inside what about you Doug how's your foot looking why would you say that mom's chilly knees weak arms are heavy just walk around picked up he's nervous he looks calm and ready to drop bombs but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down the whole crowd goes so loud e gross gross come on man hello so this is Doug's foot fungus in here not parmesan she put your fuckin ear mites food okay this is not Doug's foot fungus this is Parmesan cheese I do it right now it's like gonna sculpt I both fully hydrated fully good what you got going on what after supper we're going to go paddle around let me take a few casts which is a really nice night so and we get when we hand cannot can't stay here by the fire because there's no wood so it's good to be able to laugh after such a grueling day you know it's probably cuz this is done probably cuz it's done oh no you didn't lose walk in the park walking ugh

oh all right I'm gonna eat my food tonight look at this night what we're eating the sky is all pink then it's a little bit too late now 7:45 it's kind of stopped but now it's chilly it's a complete contrast from the day I thought it had these visions of myself swimming when I got to the camp but there's too late

I've lost a ton of lures on this trip more so than normal but catching lots of fish too

Doug caught a monster walleye today I only cut what I catch I cut a big fall fish a nice decent size bass and a couple small enough a couple smaller small with us baths all my goodness bass but Doug caught a decent walleye go check his video out he's gonna have a video of this trip too but we'll see all his point of view and his walleye excuse me such a nice temperature right now super peaceful

we're almost done this trip two more full days one more night after tonight this is an adventure man for sure we are busting our butts we're singing a law to the park very few people I don't seen anybody today at all we ended up seeing people last night on radiant but since then and it doesn't even really matter it's just cool it just just feels more remote that way and it's this this part of the park is beautiful too there's huge Hills looks like northwestern Ontario morning day six she's uh she's all misty little misty I thought it was raining when I was laying in bed but it's just the mists tripping off the about the trees back there so rope a little bit earlier today considering went to bed pretty early last night

Michael Landon over here all right this morning you want to switch it up a little bit this morning maybe have what you gonna have for breakfast I think I wanna do two packs oatmeal inside the packet with mmm peanut in each you know swish it up a bit we need to even wait though because we couldn't see across the lake for all the mist so we're gonna head that away today to our final camp for this trip will be an all-day paddle again and portage you ready or what you mean and we're off Doug was just telling his camera that we're not gonna fish and we're not wasted not wasted spent quality time fishing but today make up some ground

so fishing rods are staying intact attached to the boats no matter how many were happens you come to write mitt he's backpedaling on our pack already back tackling

well it's a little misty but I can't really tell where we can't see really dog going log sticking a little water here

and then this looks super cool awesome this time of year usually gives up the misty mornings because of the hot days and cool nights just another thing I love about fall camping although this isn't really fall this is like Indian summer a very fortunate that we're at this part of the trip right now it seems how misty is we're on the water all we have to do is get the end of this Lake and then it turns right into the river and there's no we can't we don't have to make any navigational choices or whatever we just follow the river so I think soon this mist will stick around for another maybe half hour 45 minutes or something like that but just paddle good I have to worry about it at all and believe we're just coming up to our first portage we can hear the rapids right in front of us here there it is there's the portage we can't see them the mist is burning off but here's our portage I can see the sign is our first one of many today I think it's only 300 these are almost like real Portage's sketchy just like that one for cars over and the mist is gone with a paddle for these wrapped it's real quick kind of fun it really does suck you right for the rock say wow so we're at another rapid and we'll see a poor taj 165 meter poor taj but we came to this spot where there's a trail but there's no poor Tosh sign might mean we can run these Doug's run up ahead on the trail to look and see how bad they get up there if they stop

we just ran a couple sets and they weren't bad at all so you know it's been happening like that throughout this trip we can run some when there's no signs that someone there is signs this sign just might have fallen off but hey he's saying the poor Tosh is up there still he's just Yellin it to me so he's gonna walk it anyway no he says yeah is it doable okay I'm alright I'm just gonna go up to a poor Tosh it's not far up okay take it easy this water is moving pretty good

stick to the left there she be there she be like the blood that's why you never just assume that you can run the rapids just because you can't see anything bad it always gets worse

that's why we're being extremely cautious about this we're super deep in you don't want a broken bone or worse how my map it says there's a ranger cabin up here that you can actually camp and you can reserve in camp in it so I think I'm gonna go pull up there and check it out I'll bring the camera so you guys can see this is pretty cool nice spot

oh it's locked it's locked up this cabin has been refurbished by Ontario parks and now available for use on a rental basis for Kemper mobile access point illegal to occupy this count with odo Cabot Calpurnia permit an eagle somebody's busted it off already see a couple bunks in there table woodstove obviously oh it's different well I'd even consider doing that in the future you don't give yourself a break you can dry out your stuff have to worry about it especially if it's raining yeah decent-size I've imagined this is the hoose you know it's Ontario Parks shed huh wow that's something a little different okay back in the boat Doug's fishing you broke the pact the Portage's only section of the river remind me more of something out of a homogamy or something lot more wild normally I'll gone from Portage's are low-lying muddy walks through the woods precarious

I feel so good oh there on the back Oh hold on all right look at the map what's that

five minutes you're saying five minutes in the boat but

the Jeff had a random campsite along the courthouse so I stopped for a bite to eat

Doug's cooking up a full meal in his Bush buddy so I got some time here I figured I'd dry out my stuff we my tent was soaking wet from condensation last night like absolutely drenched so just hanging it up here on this tree my ground sheet my my footprint there it's already dry just from sitting in the Sun so I also got the bag hanging up in a tree I got a gear bomb figuring out my foodstuffs and everything getting everything packed really good for these big four targets we've already done quite a few poor toshing today quite a few port hushes today a lot of kilometres but mm-hmm lots to go still so I want to get my bag in order our feet have been wet this whole time for a few days now so I got my shoes and socks off right now my Neil prints off my shoes up trying to dry my feet oh I'm gonna put on my wet socks because there's new Europeans are way too hot loving this water filter I'm still doing really good its head has slowed down a little bit you just got to shake it up a little bit cleaning out the filter on the inside see it there great great piece of kit probably one of the best things I bought a long time just getting packed up we gotta get our butts in gear here man this is just poor talking Qatar's we were in the boat for maybe two minutes you can still see the other Rapids got to get out again these foreclosures are nice they're hot it's getting to me it's wearing me loaded it on we go this part of the river is super rugged looking it's way different than the rest of what I've seen from Algonquin big cliff faces like this but this is like back in here on the river with all the loose rock on the bottom so it's wild very cool how cool is that

what did you find Doug oh my ripped in half oh there's some crazy things written on that riff raff Vincent herb I'd Petawawa peanuts hmm keeping the firewood try we saw the yellow as we're passing by duck that was a packraft looking thing it did look like that but just totaled news danger elbow where we're answers so all the muses poritosh is back in here there we go go to the thick of it into this whoa slippy poison ivy all in here the water must have come up here in the spring wash all this here our dad Oh fantastic

beast mode this whole day referring killed it man we just did over 3000 meter poritosh at the end of the day after doing like a multiple thousands multiple mm it's just such a hard long day we get to this at the end of this portage and auger just like like elated right all we have to do now is find a find a camp on this Lake it's 70 11:00 at night Suns going down we are drenched I'm freaking stink to high heaven every part of me soaking wet sink Doug man eating food on the trail like stopping every ha nul 5 6 her meter just bowing down food just didn't uh that the fuel in us so we are very happy tomorrow we shaved off a ton of work tomorrow we only have one portage to do tomorrow 500 meters which is nothing else gonna walk in the park at this point so everything is on the up this is the this is the last leg of the trip we're gonna camp tonight I'll still stay with they'll keep it with us until we're out the car tomorrow I woke up in baby mode oh I love it I absolutely love it that feel if you like so live so live it's weird it's weird so much work it's so hard yeah there's a couple here we got to find a camp now which I don't care I don't care where we can't but don't care what we do I'm gonna give myself a little bit I'm freakin dunzo hug it with you guys in camp all right guys we're at camp now it's 20 after 8 obviously dark have a little crappy fire going with some what would we don't even carry now we're just cooking up our supper we're so beat it did some calculations and I was wrong oh we didn't do 40 kilometers we did 33 kilometers but what 13 have 30 and a half of that was Porto's so yeah man I'm pretty calm Phil pretty complex with our day 13.5 climbers with a canoe on your head right walking up and down rocks and through the woods some of these Portage's today were the more more more rugged ones I've seen in Algonquin they remind me a lot of Temagami it was very cool lots of good stuff seen today we didn't film obviously too much when you're moving that quick in that hard man we were literally drenched it's like it all every part of us was soaking wet it's crazy but very very happy to have it done and now we can't get home to our families even quicker tomorrow we don't have to spend the whole day here and that's three hours one way not three hours one way now we have to stay in a hotel because we're gonna be whipped we have to shower we just like I can't even go to a restaurant but yeah uh good day though very uh very happy it's done so supper and bed good day there's mosquitoes Oh freaking the other awful there's this pepper me what about the weather yes what about the one with the weather that's been the most ridiculous we could leave me here we had six full days well the first day was a tiny bit chilly maybe I was just being a baby I was just playing yep you know a little baby with that but warmed up stayed warm not a cloud in the sky I've got to see stars we've got to see pretty nice sunsets don't carried his ring home for nothing Doug didn't bring a rain jacket or pants no I didn't bring a tarp okay sorry that's enough there okay I got this blue foam pad we found you use that Algonquin blue foam pad [Music]

I did pretty good with food on this trip this is all the food I have left we have about 10 kilometers to go tomorrow so I've got a sandwich some two pieces of jerky Doug brought for me left he brought me more than two pieces have a sandwich I have a handful for nola bars a Clif Bar two packs of oatmeal for the morning and my emergency ration which is [Applause]

dehydrated chili and Parmesan cheese we did eat fish what two lunches so that helped as well but tomorrow I assume I will eat my sandwich the jerky Clif Bar and probably a granola bar so I'm just left with a few granola bars not too bad it all fit in my earth sack food for seven days in my earth sack which is pretty cool super tired head to bed now guys check back in with you in the morning good if you're watching alright guys this is the last morning we're up pretty early heard some wolves howling last night

wolves howling early this morning which was pretty cool 6:48 misty morning and guess what we're having for breakfast you'll never guess it I'm not Doug switch is actually switching it up today what are you got going on today Douglas anything on the reel I do need to figure out something else for breakfast like I understand on a stationary trip or a bushcraft overnight or something that I can do bacon eggs you know I mean and that's that's great all day long or just for breakfast but even real home we hope these more better a little more better more better more gooder but maybe if you guys have some suggestions about what I can do for trips like this where it's getting up and moving in going to town well that was cool I was already so as I say things like this kind of trip were lightweight fast and also non perishable like later on in the year it's okay to have some things that are gonna go bad but even this this trip it got really really warm so I know there's bacon jerky I don't know how good that is from my stomach my guts with all that nitrates and stuff in it anyway so you guys have a solution or a suggestion please let me know because I'm all ears or all eyes because I'll be reading the comments right all right guys I'm gonna finish up eating get on that paddle ten klicks nine and a half klicks out to the car my co-star concise to convey leaking tugs fever messed up they're all pussied falling off keep telling them you're old things like this happen material know it another word for materia is you don't all date



well that was pretty cool man we were talking about how we wanted to get those wolves on camera again they then they start howling up we're both recording then what happened Doug it wasn't recording I'm so sad I held my camera pretended to be recording they're literally right across the lake right there well I'm not even across just a diagonal to kitty corner or the bank doggy corner cuz they're k-9 but yeah

the trips done basically I got all my gear packed up Doug's getting ready here he's playing Joe today slacking slacking that's me yeah you know you know what that means

okay but really cool trip you went across the park across Algonquin Park in ten kilometers in ten kilometers I'm calling it that I don't foresee anything bad happening in ten kilometers so yeah man feel pretty good feel accomplished I don't my boat actually I don't feel sore today at all no me neither what are you doing what does this even go first all right so I believe yeah we'll take you with us to the end I'll probably talk to you in the car well strap the canoes on the car I'll get a final a little verdict on how the trip went with a little mr. Doug while he's driving maybe maybe you can get the fishermen in catch in a few seconds maybe you can get the wolves next time the hell you just stick on the copy yuck I'm just gonna get it under the water for a little bit to fish your fish jumping all night Doug caught a catfish in here go take a couple casts it go over near where the wolves were howling the walls of Oakland where's that bark right in the middle of it see they are Chloe wolves - I believe I watch this whole thing last time I was here oh yeah the moon's coming out again guys in the morning Doug thinks it's the moon what a silly guy I told it was the Sun but you know and we would laugh if you can't tell we're joking around lots of times with the things we say oh I didn't do that right I'm so glad we bust our butts yesterday and the day before to get here this is just like we're just floating this is so relaxing right now we know there's nothing left just a paddle and a little 150 meter portage we were all in a rush to get to the cars and stuff at first but doesn't even matter now

Oh Doug's gonna be for lunch let's look at the beaver lodge he's gonna catch a fish here hey Sean what do you say oh I was all excited I thought you had a pickerel a stick really says in the morning was a great way to end it what do you think about that Swift pack boat Doug very cool look at this guy's honestly this is something else like the reflection reflection of the moon non-going joke it's actually the Sun you couldn't tell like me this is awesome here that we've been hearing that for the last little bit the army base up here and they keep dropping bombs super loud echoes right through this river it's actually kind of cool I'm glad to be off the river that's it a lot of cloaks alright man she's in sight we did it Doug

we did it done cross Algonquin Park and seven days six and a half days oh you so died yeah

yeah get a few more air high-five what oh we did it alright guys I'll catch up with you in the car go last minute less word Delia here before you bomb we told you put the bomb on I tell you put the ball on watch football on Seinfeld Kramer puts the ball on that's what they can't sue the balm dalm boom like a gilja of Gilead alright we're done all ready for the road is your stomach rumbling I'm ready for some real food yes I think hamburgers greasy food yes we're after we did the superior hiking trail top of that roadside stand yeah that was the best burger I was super good we met those people biking across Canada yeah yeah we have we paddled across like on the park these people are basically across Canada all right guys that's it we are done we're driving out now we got a good some food like we said I had a really good time was an epic trip a very good adventure whose rough and it was there was a purpose and we did it and yeah it's pretty cool so we can see what you think Doug because I don't know who else I could have gone with to put up with me do all the crazy before I take it back yeah so go check with Doug's channel dugout side he's got YouTube channel with lots of great videos and he will have a video of this trip and I'll have the only walleye on video of this truth - you got to see that yes so until the next time thank you very much for watching I'll see you later bye

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