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Fire by Bowdrill, Fried Eggs in the Woods, Growing up without a Father.


I take my dog Scout to the local woods, find all the materials for friction fire, cook up some eggs, and talk about how it was growing up without a dad, while being interested in the outdoors.

Hope you all enjoy.

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Video Transcription

well good morning folks old scooter and I are out in the woods today just making our way over to the actual forest proper just getting covered in burrs oh my goodness

covered in burrs the dogs covered - mmm smell this bergamont right here very oh very pretty

hmm hmm it's a nice day one bigger it's a nice day I'm glad to be out here um it's been a while since I've been to this plus it's this spot specifically look at this stuff I don't know what this is actually is that Oh a different kind of plant I'm coming this place for yours spring winter fall summer for I don't know 10 years I've never seen that plant I've literally walked by that spot 100 times pretty easy

anyways today I'm going to attempt to light a fire with a bow drill I'm gonna cook up some eggs sit and have a little chat with you guys unending don't go into the long grass knock into the long grass okay this is a relief that's a proper forest yet but I need to get over the back grass man you see this you see this look at this - second probably literally five minutes walking in there and I am just covered in burrs I can't imagine the dog get over here Scout big guy oh look at this look at this that's never gonna come out Oh No gonna be in for a good brushing when we get home there big guy oh man you can't handle it either you'll be all right oh we go well I'm really hoping that the tics have slowed down for the year because if not we're walking in watch where you're going big guy this is tick Haven here obviously so yeah hoping that they're hoping that they're done for the year I mean I'm covered in crap Oh finally Oh nonsense and into the woods a little oasis oh man all right don't get rid all this nonsense I actually worked up a pretty good sweat walking through there it's nice and chilly this morning from he feels like one of the actual first real mornings of fall but the sun's beating down out in the open there and trying to claw my way through the tall grass okay poor old Scott's gonna spend the rest of the day picking burrs out of himself

well I'm happy to be using my dear rock from Malcolm today I've been able to use this in quite a while just been doing like bigger trip for I need a big backpack and stuff like that but know that I'm doing full I'm able to come to the woods and spend days up with my buddy

start to pack this again so what I have in my bag today what do all have in my bag skate what a little eye gunk he's going little high gonk go get that kind of accent is that that's like a it's a bastardized hex all right so I got my dog with burrs got my heavy cover can't no heavy cover frypan I just messed up the handle on there we go

I have you have our titanium fry frying pan want to use that in conjunction with some butter and I'm gonna fry up two eggs I just actually normally I wrap them up and put them inside my cook kit and all that but I just cut the the carton works fine they didn't break I didn't walk in for maybe 20 minutes tops then I've got an English muffin so butter up my pan butter up the English muffins I'll fry up the eggs and then all toasted English muffins on fire in a biblical simple sammich I've got my old camera with my 15 sorry my 35 millimeter lens on there so I can take some nice bouquet shots and that's that's not a bad picture anyways some nice uh F 1.8 shots just b-roll and then I've got my small tripod that I'll use that on not much really I got my gone boy my silky gone boy a piece of paracord for my bow for the bow drill little lens cloth for my camera sit pad original blue foam pad above the ham what else I got on the side here my heavy cover canteen where the cook and my lid really like to use this when I can what up Chris shut up Chris heavy cover

alright so that's that side and then on this side I'm a little well specialized coach with extra batteries for my DSLR and a pretty cool little bow drill bearing block from the lone woodsman and it's leather this guy's just got a little hole with a bearing these guys it's pretty cool moon woodsman logo on there but that bearing looks like a cheater thing alright so it's been super quick there's me no friction on the top when I'm when I'm bowing so yeah pretty cool if you are gonna bring any parts of the bow drill with you might as well make it useful right ok I could bring an antler but what's the difference than bringing this rather than finding something on the ground I can find something on the ground too and I've done that multiple times but I'm use this thought I'd like to use this to bone woodsman bearing block socket Deeley that's it I actually took tit straps off the bottom because I don't want them flopping around they don't want to roll them up either so they're removable put those back on I plan on using this backpack with the wool blanket soon go do an overnighter or maybe a 48-hour bushcraft camp kind of thing but yeah so that'll be the the bag at its most capacity this is probably at its least capacity uh but you need to bring this bag really I could have got away with a smaller backpack what here we are

so what we need to do now what I want to go do is find some trembling Aspen or find some cottonwood the trembling Aspen is good to use because it's about wrist thick and it's straight and I could just saw it down really there's a lot of dead standing over here they know exactly where they are the Cottonwood works better as a friction fire wood but it's it's denser it's harder to find dead and it might not be a straight grain but none of that matters we'll go out we'll look for Aspen or Cottonwood whatever one looks better we'll get a bearing sorry we'll get a Oh to Blue Jays there God

we'll get a tinder bundle we'll get some firewood bow all the fun stuff we get that bow drill fire go I'm not gonna go too deep into it you guys see me do that a hundred times but yeah we'll go do that

seems like that kind of day I haven't done that in a long time so let's go it's still picking the burgers before I forget I do have my knife on me as well

I always forget to say that because all my belt and I do have fire steel but otro modo time this is good this could potentially be part of my tinder bundle the only downfall is it's on the ground but do you see how fluffy that is tough fibrous that is it's a very very fibrous and that will go well in the tinder bundle so that's gonna go right in my pocket

well we're walking around looking for good materials that can even be added that can't be a tinder bundle by itself but it can be added to things like fluffed up cedar bark or a Phragmites head or something like that only go here you can see the stand of trembling Aspen I was talking about all very white all very straight grained and I see a dead one right in the middle there's that dead one I was talking about but I see a couple behind it better even smaller I don't know no I guess I'm taking this one anyway him down pretty easy that's just all those leaves up there is just a vine that's wrapped around it go back scope [Music]

nice and solid anyway that should do pretty good nobody I'm gonna cut off a big chunk of it right now

son of a gun get out of here buddy you picked up that stick something bought me in the nose okay yeah I'm here I'm here again here's my plane I know was my big little nose you know if it wasn't so big probably could've avoided that take another big length off of here so I'll take two big lengths which is more than enough this is actually a hung up in the tree too which is better than laying on the ground so I can come back for it if I need it but these two chunks should be enough for my beau jewel kit oh my goodness coat and my my fuel dude you want to take this one here good boy don't let my camera hole don't hit my camera hey come crazy crazy dog go on get your stick I'm coming no get yours he knows exactly where to go when he's gone good boy he's all the way in the woods already oh what a good dog what are you doing where'd you go go get it get your stick and bring it here go on can't be doing your job halfway there bud thank you drop it thank you good boy nope good and these are okay you know how I've told you would before gets this like decay on the outside sometimes but it still means it's good on the inside that's usually only with harder wood but this Aspen seems to be no leaving scale this one's mine it seems to be very old and it's done that and on the inside back up back up thank you on the inside it's super dense and it's dry dry dry I can tell it's super dry so leave me buddy so I caught my my workings for a bow you can't have that I got my pieces for my kit no but I still haven't got my tender one min I can't keep them off of this go get your own stick go get your stick look it's just it go get your stick he's all amped up good boy anyways I'm gonna cut this I'm gonna get my spindle in my my hearth board out of this and we'll worry about the tinder bundle later this log is old and spongy not the greatest a baton on top of but it'll work fine very clean wood very white wood yeah that should work very well mmm smells a good Aspen all right so I need to keep one of these is my hearth one of these making into my spindle I'm gonna keep the thicker one gonna keep this one for my hearth it'll make this one into my spindle I'm gonna get rid of the rowdy little decayed part on the outside I don't want to carve down my hope my spindle from this size it's a very big size to carve from so I'm gonna take off I'm gonna leave the middle because it'll be the driest I'm gonna take off each side there's the middle that line going up in the middle of the dark that's the middle of the piece of wood so you can see it's kind of broken off not not very straight but that's fine so I'm gonna take off another side on this side of it keep that it'll be good kindling and then take off some of the back so the tops you not the work not the biggest anymore it's pretty good but the bottom because I've been bent awning like this and it's not been splitting straight down

I stayed fat so we're gonna take off some of the bottom and some of the back you want to get it to skinny now obviously because you wants it to skinny you're not putting wood back on to it to make your spindle but we got lots of room to play with here yeah that's good and dry when you when you see me doing that putting the wood to my lips there I'm not really smelling it all the time I'm feeling for moisture so you just kind of touch it to a lip and when the wood is wet you'll feel it in your lip the moisture in your lip it'll kind of just stay with you a little bit but anyway so got a decent sized piece of wood I have to shave down so my spindle now but before I do that I want to make this part into a hearth what I want to do to make this into a heart this make or baseboard whatever you want to call it is make this about I don't know half an inch wide or thick so what I'm gonna do is the taunt off some of that side again that came up pretty decent I might even be able to leave it that thick there all right decent let me Carly single spindle I'll be right back with you damn you hear my stomach super hungry cook these eggs up okay and what I ended up doing with my spindle is I kept it super fat but I carved down the end really fine so you don't need to have your whole spindle skinny going all the way down if the end of it is skinny and I really know how to work this thing see people doing this all the time block my face so the other Fagan comes at focus just look like a fool going like this all the time anyways anyways the whole skin spindles not skinny just the tip is which is fine and then the top fits perfectly well fits perfectly in the bearing so that's good I think this will work I have high hopes on this one starving it's always a gamble right especially I haven't done it forever last time I did try it I failed anyway so this baseboard is basically gone put my foot there yeah I don't have to worry about this baseboard too much just make a little divot I dunno what I do need to do now is make my bow with my paracord and get out cinder bundle all right she's on there locked on there pretty good

with the burnt end of the paracord holding it on I suppose a bit on the short side I normally like them to be to the end of my hand for my armpit but it's close enough it's non this sides just gotta be cut and spliced in there like that you want to line them up to make sure that the end like down here is lined up straight with how this would be I'll be right there so get a rough idea this is dangerous be careful doing this I've cut my my thumb very badly doing this before

these silkies are you want to pull to cut on the pole there's no sense in pushing especially doing this there we go once it's in there [Music]

you don't want to go too deep and you don't want to run off to the side either you want to try to keep relatively straight in the middle and deep enough that you can slide the paracord in twice once on top of each other now it just comes to tightening it that silky saw makes a small slit when I'm when I'm testing how wide it needs to be your health how time taught it needs to be like to take the spindle set it in there for like a practice run that's really tight that's too tight she's in there that thing's tensioned like crazy I'm gonna loosen it up a bit and call it good actually I might even leave it in there now like that might even just leave it like that and get it in no problem so I just kind of wrap the extra around and then usually I took it back in the slit but I don't know if that's gonna be possible on this one yeah okay it's in there so there were good to go we're almost ready you just need actually I can even burn in before I go get my tinder bundle s well do I'll burn in burn my hole in I go get my tinder bundle while I'm waiting I get my armor break but I am sad why do you want my stuff so bad bro yeah I'm good let me hook you up hook you up with a little deburring action he hates me brushing his tail and his tails in a rat tail right now do this well that fellow good boy okay burnin all right so again we're just burning in here not trying to go for the coal yet Thanks

it's a perfect burning very charred not glazed just want to cut the notch now get really easy kind of make a little pie looking thing and go to town you don't really want to ever do this on your lap slip through and cut yourself pretty good it's the first instinct to do it that way is you get so much leverage but away from your body has definitely we've been the way to be doing it

there you go all right so I just want to grab some dead grass pretty fine stuff pretty dead stuff when we use that as the outer part of my bundle I'm going to use that stuff remember that stuff we grabbed earlier off the ground well you can tell it's pretty dry it's dusting from my in my pocket so now the fact that it's like giving off dust tells me it's pretty dry I'm gonna fluff that up as much as possible

very very very fibrous and now that's gonna go inside the bundle there and I've got I've got shavings from making the spindle and stuff those are gonna like hold on the outside so that when I put it down and start blowing on it if I am blowing on it still those are gonna catch so anyways that's yeah that's a good bundle I have no no worries about this bundle not working so all we got to do it now is produce a good coal actually and oh he cut a dunno is produced a good coal and get some kindling ready because we don't want to have this fire going with nothing to put on it because once it starts going it's going right right even those super ugly big curls will help things like this will help batten down this piece and use this I wonder if I can just bottom pieces in woodworking honest you saw it split it with this wood wedge

nope alright

those battement like normal batten down the hatches Baton Rouge Louisiana there you go you can have that one well just good boy okay we're going for the coal now I've got my leaf underneath my bird hole I think I'll be able to get it right on this try looks good looks real good see how it's still smoking it's a super good sign

hold this man was still on nice okay notice how I'm not rushing I need to be able to breathe I need to be able to blow into the tinder bundle as well okay so I'm gonna transfer this into my tinder bundle carefully nice pretty good guys pretty happy with that one


no I can breathe whoo I was my first successful bull girl firing clear it sometime I'm gonna have to give this some air care she doesn't look like she's going to good I really should have put a platform down first but I didn't I didn't this is this is gonna go I'm not worried about that oh I'm gonna let that burn down to coals now I only have the trembling Aspen on there and a little bit of some oak twigs but thin oak pigs they'll burn down pretty quick and I want to cook up my egg eggs for mr. scooter like I said so how'd you guys enjoy that canoe trip video I had a really good time doing it there's a lot of fun I'm trying to try to break up these these trips like next trip I go on this is just in between take an in-between trip video here the next trip I go on I'm not gonna do the whole canoe trippin thing even if I use my canoe to get into a certain spot like a wilderness area I'm not gonna focus on canoeing and moving every day and something I'm gonna focus on like a bushcraft style hang out in a specific spot for a night or two or whatever and maybe even fish for my dinner or whatever but not make that a huge focus of the video excuse me just to kind of break it up like I said I've been doing canoe trip videos I only really did two real big ones this year but that's my plan that's my plan for the next video we'll be like in a remote setting not around my house I'm gonna drive like seven hours to get there probably canoeing and then not even show that can you really much the coals are almost getting there I got to prepare my stuff so I've got like I said I've got to melt my butter can you back up so I'll give you an egg I promise just back up for now scope dude that's the problem with spoiling your dog man he never used to be like this he never even care about food at all but now he does because he's spoiled spoiled little shepherd EGH I pulled enough for my butters actually hard it's been a while since that all right melt up this butter I got actually a before I even start doing that I gotta try to toast this at the same time I think those coals like I said aren't gonna last for long and it's very very very windy right now they're gonna burn out even quicker better to burn out than fade away right okay foodstuffs don't want no leaf litter no leaf litter English muffin I was watching a eggs I was watching bushcraft heroes livestream and he said leaf litter it was just so funny to me in the leaf litter not making fun of them at all I just like I like the way he says so I I even messaged them both in the chat say leaf litter again he's a creep ah Joe those guys are cool guys I like them a lot Beau and Matt both on that I believe Matt and Beau and Ruben moving the Canadian alright she's hot as you can see ridiculously hot that'ii in their skillet you can have broken yolk broken yolk dug oh yeah I definitely didn't bring a spatula to flip these with so we're gonna try and do the old flipper Oh hopefully the old precarious flip there is a decent amount of butter in there don't pick me English muffins are getting toasted up too good okay we had some technical difficulties I broke scouts and I broke mine so Scouts is here on this plastic baggie almost fully cooked but he's fine with that I'm sure and I have waited too long to do this unless my own up to now so yeah just you know the follies of being Joe but whatever gotta get this flipped over put together in some sort of thing and put off my sandwich I might make scrambled eggs now I guess Oh Joe okay anyways let that solidify put that on my English muffin a color sandwich that's for you good boy so good here too too hot hold a big boy here eat it oh man she's done he got a little little char on my fish muffin too

he's got a scoop this in somehow that's not so bad been using this knife for everything since I got it probably sharpen it up today after scraping on this titanium so much but whatever why not have why do I have to lift you're not gonna use them why bring a spatula when you could use your knife in the woods right your pewter okay you have to bring a spatula I could use a freaking piece of wood but there we go well messy fried egg sandwich you slide around in there fluttery eggy goodness oh I forgot to have one or two extra butter for it sit that right in there down on the back of it extra greasy perfect cheers guys very good

very very good that's not for you buddy already had yours fully I'm buddy come on lay down good boy excuse me

so I was just thinking normally I burn this burn my bow drill sets once I make over here but maybe somebody would like it you know what I'll even send them the bearing block too so I think that if you are a person who who wants to learn the bow drill and you haven't been able to you haven't been able to get it you don't know what kind of wood to use or whatever maybe who cares whoever even if you do know how to do the bow drill but maybe if you do know how already don't answer I might tell you you can't no big deal

yeah if you can't find the right wood or just almost there or whatever if you think that you can get it with just this proven set then throw a little thing in the comments that I'm in for the bow drill kit and I'll pick a winner in in a week and I'll send it to you I'm not gonna make a full video or anything maybe I'll do a update on the next video maybe but I'm definitely not gonna do a specific response video like Timmy from out west one one the blow drill kit video you know what I'm saying so I'll said the hearth board with the notch and the hole already and with this already matched up you can you literally wouldn't have to do anything to the to anything except for put that in there and spin it and that hole will last another two or three burns maybe but you know this is a proven set you saw it collected you saw it work right anyways I'll send the hearth the spindle the bearing block I won't send the bow because you can make your own bow obviously but I'll send you the paracord I'll send you the paracord and to make the bow the way that I do it you can make the bow of however you want but if again this is for somebody who needs a little bit of help cut a walk a cut a stick with a Y branch you only have to tie a knot literally you can slide this this loop over something that fits on it or something that fits over like a Y branch

and then you just cut the the bottom of the bow

do exactly what I showed you earlier on in the video I would really like this to go to somebody who needs who needs a little bit just a little push who's almost there you know I mean who just needs that proven sad or whatever anyways so I'll send you a paracord the whole kit again just put like I mean for the bow drill kit oh this is good good day

well chili I'll be getting lots of emails lately messages and stuff saying well my videos have helped people or brought people closer together or help them through a hard time and stuff and I just want to I don't want to single anyone out but I want to thank you all for those emails it's cool it's cool hearing that this has become more than just a hobby it's like a passion for people it's becoming more and more popular not just watching my videos but going on I don't even mean watching my videos I mean going on doing these things and people who can't physically go out and do these things that we're watching yeah it's very cool it's very cool to hear so it's it's uplifting it's it's giving me it's rejuvenating me as well you know I've been doing this for a long time a whole long time this is still but I'm super lucky you guys like it I don't even realize it how lucky I am I don't have to go to work I don't have to go to the nine-to-five job every day it's crazy and I'm thankful for that thankful that people are taking this seriously you know I used to be ashamed I used to be embarrassed when I'd say I had a canoe a YouTube channel I had a job you know I mean back in the day working 9:00 to 5:00 every day I had a YouTube channel on the side and was embarrassing it was weird what do you do oh I'm a grown-ass man and I run around the woods I've filmed myself you could I mean but now it's like it's a profession it's become it's become something I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for YouTube this is this is something else

but I am happy that is changing people I'm happy that it's giving people a new perspective as well as as well as me getting a new perspective when people are emailing me and telling me these things very cool I keep saying so at the end of whatever I'm saying so like Doug so it rubbed off Doug so I grew up without a dad my father's name is Jerry on biological dad's name is Jerry him and my mom were together when they were younger I used to party and whatnot and I mom got pregnant that was it she nipped it in the bud she became a Christian she stopped party I never heard my mom swear smoke drink none of that stuff my whole life but Jerry my father he he couldn't quit drinking so that was it he he was out of my life I never knew him I think I got a couple presents for him when I was a kid like young to two years old but I never knew him I never remembered him never knew him I had one picture of me and him together when I was like maybe four or something like that dressed up as cowboys maybe three but yeah that sucked man I always felt like I was missing on something big in my life I really had like a like a void like this I mean s I felt a lot my mom would take me camping and things like that and she married a guy and a good guy Ron when I was six and Ron was became my dad I called him dad I had a brother and sister after they got married so my brother and sister were Ron's and so we're only half brother and sister but we never say that or anything we're just brothers brothers and sisters it's what we are they're young my brother's 10 years younger than me my sister's eight years younger than me so I never really was close to them growing up I was more you know how it is just put off annoyed by them I had to babysit all the time and stuff that's what it was but but Ron was a good guy he he just wasn't very vocal he was very very quiet and my mom couldn't they didn't get along after a while so they split up maybe when my brother and sister were older well I was in high school so they must have been together for 10 years or something like that but getting into this you know a lot of the guys that I hang out with a lot of guys that I watch whatever they think their dad taught them you know I mean they shoot we they hunt their men they know how to clean a deer I don't know how to do any of that stuff I was never shown I was never taught still and now we're in this we're in this genre I'm in this genre I'm on the top in this genre on YouTube at least and I never had a dad I never had anyone to show me this stuff so I always growing up I always like latched on to even when I was old or even even when I was on bushcraft USA like maybe eight years ago six years ago I I just like thrived and craved their like adult male role model attention and like the attaboys you know what I mean like it's the truth I'm being completely honest with you guys when Terry Barney Iowa woodsman on there would give me like a thumbs up or that strong work or whatever I was just like oh man this is great you know and I mean like I felt well good I met my biological father you hear that here why understand why I need to go that get out of the city to shoot a wilderness maybe help I met my biological father when I had emerald emerald six ish so six ish years ago I moved into my house a while back and and meeting my cousins who lived around the corner my biological cousins and we got talking and stuff they set up a meeting with my dad and he came over no I went over to visit him and at noon and he was already drunk and it was kind of a still still alcoholic it was just such a turn-off such a such a put off I needed closure a like it I needed closure and I thought I thought I was ready to have this guy in my life I was ready to have have a dad you know I mean but yeah drunk right off the hop at 12 o'clock noon and just man just a shell of a man honestly nothing that I wanted to to be associated with really but then we had emerald and invited him over for he's a grandpa you know biologically but even just him holding her on the couch I was so scared of any drunk you know me and so is just kind of got rid of that now to have it haven't talked to him in five years maybe I don't have any desire to anymore it's just not something I'm looking for it's not something of that I feel I need anymore but I do want to say to the people who who don't have fathers or to to the guys who are raising kids now who didn't have a father and stuff you know what it's like I'm never gonna leave my kid ever even if I divorce my wife which I highly doubt that's gonna happen I got a freaking I got a good one but um I'll never be out of her life I'll never be able to add my life I'll fight for you know you it wouldn't come to that we would have we would have 5050 you know I mean that's just how it would be I know it but man don't leave your kids don't leave your kids and on the plus side look at me look how good I turned out you can you can I felt like I needed a dad to be able to be an outdoors and I felt like I need to be shown the way by that but I learned I learned a lot on my own I learned a lot through mentors like Terry barney is Turley my buddy can Doug Sean later on even just not even about how to how to be in the woods but how to conduct yourself as a man that's the most important thing in a mom my mom my mom was great my mom was just a saint and she still is and I love her to death and she is she's done everything for me and my brother my sister and she's got a new husband not a new husband she they've been married 10 10 years at least now Joe and he's a good guy and I'm glad they're together yeah yeah I don't know why I started talking about that or where I went with that I hope somebody got something out of it though

it's funny man you come to the woods for a little bit just a little little little refresher you know what I mean and you get all these epiphanies and all these these things you should talk about or think about okay I think I'm done I think I'm done for today I think when I take scope back home work on this video a bit and yeah it's Saturday so my wife is my wife and kid are out of birthday party they won't be there too long we have supper together today it's a good day I feel good planning an inning my next trip I'll expect to see that soon expect expect to see lots from me I'm on my grind back home a grind you know I got to get back on the ball my last video I put up that video last night the the second part to my canoe trip video and I got a 35,000 views overnight and listen don't tell me to relax about the views and that you you I should be happy with thirty five thousand views and all this nonsense I'm not happy with thirty five thousand views overnight I want to be back to a hundred thousand views overnight I want to be back on top I want to be back making the greatest videos on YouTube in the outdoor community I want to have tons of subscriptions and tons of views and tons of likes so that's my goal I'm getting back on there it was a lot of the the season timing and the seasons and me losing a little bit of lackluster there but yeah real tough rule top all right I've said goodbye like five five times five teen times goodbye thanks for watching I'll see you in the next one I appreciate it

for my family to yours who's that is that guy we even talked about that guy I've never talked about that guy that guy is not really much in now is he anymore

alright guys thanks

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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