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  • 2 Nights Wild Camping In Rugged Terrain, Fish Fry, Tarp Setups, Axe Work.

2 Nights Wild Camping In Rugged Terrain, Fish Fry, Tarp Setups, Axe Work.


Come along on a 2 night backcountry camping trip.

Bushcraft, tarp shelters, axes, fish, and food!

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Video Transcription

hey guys how you doing Joe here with buddy Doug we're up at Doug's secret Lake we're gonna spend two nights here catching some bass deep frying up some bass hanging out cutting some wood handle by the fire I got a defroster pack got a frost River insulated growler pack like big ol necks log

I want a tarp camp a tent it's two days it's five o'clock now we just got here it's supposed to rain the winds in wind's coming in so I'm gonna set up my tarp right now that's uh that's a weird-looking tarp there Doug oh yeah this is Hannah scratch breaking more tent poles and it's coming from this direction right this way which it's the way I'm sitting on my term but I don't have too many options right where we are now at home and what are you gonna do what is this guy doing what are you doing

15 takes later so I'm gonna do like a flying what does a diamond flying flying pyramid anyway so one side of my terms gonna be low and I'm gonna go up so that the winds blow you know okay thanks Doug thanks Doug what's that Oh what what did you say Doug change directions again which is good for now I'm gonna come right in the bottom that's what I came up with pretty happy with it she's pretty taught this the end is relatively tight together pretty flat too now I gotta clean up hole in gear stuff in there what are you doing Doug look at shelter

all colors are own heat a nice sight - we'll have this tarp covering half of our fire that way it's not too much at risk to burn it still sitting under there and be sheltered you bring your chair me too no peasants either thinks this your dog things to show what you doing focus there we go oh you just what happened what happened my chair no that was the wind so that is council tool there's a decent sheath yes I think the velvet cut ones come with the little extra sheet its sharp sharp as the Dickens but the head looks a little strange to me looks almost like it could be upside down I know it's not yeah so the folks you know and I asked the guy and he said it's supposed to be like that which okay yeah exactly hello to chunky oh my gosh yeah right into the we don't do that why would we do that a lot of people do that we're we're job we're Oh [Music]


you drop it down to like 25 in it's like it's 2 inches bigger and I put a boy's axe my god Jojo acts under location as as mentioned we have a growler I got this growler from craft teds which is from Windsor it's a local brewery I like to go there and I got a frost River growler case I believe it's an insulated feel that tell me if it's insulate everly so so that's kind of cool it's got a little backpack straps hunter priorities so craft heads beer for the adventurous what a sweet logo what is that called slogan slogan slogan the word slogan beer for the adventurous what a sweet slogan this one is feather hat guy pa 6.6% feather hat guy is a local celebrity if you will and Wednesday walks around he's a guy walks around people think he's homeless he's not and he has feathers in his hat look two big feathers sometimes more but he's been around for as long as I can remember feather hat guy PA it's an IPA if you didn't even catch on that sorry Dougy

you're gonna got to do the oiler mmm old shirts dirtier than my face brought it up here in a cooler man put it in here you think I like the whole lot anyways you got that for a couple days we're gonna do now fishing in the rain I'm not afraid it is we're gonna rain gear up right quick get up there we've got some snakes to cook tonight but Doug has promised a fish feast tomorrow so I'm not worried about eating fish tonight we're gonna eat up our snakes and get back got a nice amount of firewood here from Doug's last visit to this to this boy he's got a couple videos so it's wacky worm time here and Doug's gonna be so kind as to help me out with the wacky worm fishing because I have had zero luck with it and zero experience really but although he's a seasoned vet when it comes to the we're gonna catch some fish or what near these hummocks here I'm using like I was saying earlier wacky worm in the middle on a ring first fish oh really that's crazy what are we doing with these let him go you don't want to have steak and fish not prepared all right nice little wall like Doug's got once here we're gonna let them both go we know they're here we got snake for tonight

cool cool I was not expecting a walleye nice he knocked my worm right off so we got these these rubber o-rings Doug did actually not me you're not we and yeah they're helping to hold the worm on so the fish don't a go nice very cool I'm not sure if you can even see me on there or but I'm done one wall I think Doug's only still caught that one double-header walleye I'm fine with that get a fire going get dried out a bit and yeah get some coals don't die just got dumped on by the toe alright show this velvet foot not too bad I'll go yeah yeah super dense this one's pretty substantial looks like somebody tried to split it yeah like I said yeah Doug is a jackass and promised a fish dinner for tomorrow night so I was at the butcher and I grabbed a couple rib eyes should be pretty decent we've got some steaks place to put on line pieces to stop that's your stop ripping the ribeye apart look at how tender didn't you're ripping it all apart stop it stop it y'all ready for this please steak steak plate I think any old cup alright enough for you then the squeaky wheel gets the beer no Joe that you are not that you're not alright I've let her sit for a good five minutes and take it cut into it and see it smells super good again again I overcooked her oh my gosh sorry stuff mmm that's one of the best day so what what's the other thing it's a good steak very good Cheers another hat guy feather hat guy PA beer for the adventurous it's probably the best steak I've had Oh taking that away from me are you that's route these birds showing my beautiful baseline camera I dropped that one really good just after 9:00 now the rain hasn't led up but yeah it's a really good night actually really relax I'm sitting by the fire under this tarp listen to that the pitter-patter of the rain I'm going some brews I had to bed in about an hour tomorrow we're hoping it'll be clear skies get out and fish a little bit well it looks very good for tomorrow yeah very promising that'll be good [Applause]


all right it's time for bed huh what dougies already in bed his little can't wait to go in my freaking wind headed to bed now what the wrong way the wrong way guys I think she's pretty decent in there looks like a good little warm factory that's not something I should say nice and cozy in there all right guys I'm all tucked in now I got lots of room super comfortable in here the winds with what not mine I put mine upside down with something heavy on top of it I want lots of room in here winds whipping outside but I'm nice and blocked and comfortable in here so sweet air you know ah there you go good night and there's some phrase you wouldn't out there we keep having really really big gusts and we were a safe little awhile I had to run back out there and I'm just batten down the hatches put everything away the tie the canoes up and everything was super super windy so all that's done now it's about 1:00 in the morning trying to get back to bed hello didn't get blown away it was [Laughter]


oh this you and pull back this tarp just so we can have some more room here rains later on she'll get back put back up put back up oh my goodness you got some bacon for today breaking right now go check out the sky situation she's a little dark a little bit look at that contrast against the trees a hoping to get a few hours without rain today some fishing done oh shut that butcher bacon ten pieces I'll make you platform all right takes us home it seems up alright thumbs Bacon's is cooked Doug made some flatbread melted cheese flat bread on them we're gonna have a little Sammie she's the toast you want I only want to online as well yeah well how many working will fit six damn son hmm my baby's on point hmm let's make it so hot for well it's not ready crisp you know you gotta cook it it's just trippin bacon juice and she's doing what is - OH we're good

well the sonnets come out in full force no real risk of rain right now so we're gonna go out and paddle fish there's a bit chilly so bundle up a bit but who knows what it's gonna be like on the water put it the shade keep it away from there's no we're on an island there's no bear here but it could be around but none on this island right now but there's tons of red squirrel we see them running around chasing each other and stuff so I'm just gonna keep my food tied up so we'll plan is to go hop into another Lake over there after some fishing so we got a little bit of gear daypack we'll do a little single carry over some terrain after leaving camp it has chilled down a bit and we have to throw on another layer here with that sorry I got my backpack

the wind yeah it's gross Doug's not one pitch off he says we're getting blown around by this wind like crazy that's a good that's a good cast they'll be a fish on that one I said this become my language they did smile gave me a but you're my son good then at work men with hats men without hats you go down to be what we're the fish doc promised me fish while we're having no luck here we're getting blown around all crazy no bites so we're gonna hop up into the secondary smaller lake over here hopefully we'll be a little more protected from the wind oh man it's so nice back in here it's just like favourite hunting just rock sparse Oh some white pine oh man lot less wind over here to beauty yeah you think

Hey all right first cast is up okay I'll be right back first cast first cast it is alright now the pressures on for me to catch that's not good I think I might switch up to a spinner if this silly wacky worm doesn't work oh I had one Doug oh he came up and took it again came up and took it again got him

that was awesome I thought I thought I had lost it for sure he came up and grabbed her I watched him Kim grabbed her little bass you've been letting him go alright playing dangerous dangerous games off he goes alright thanks to Doug's tutelage I've got another one on oh she's a bigan no decent-size anyway hold on killer bigger than my last one hope you look into yeah very nice largemouth a Oliver pretty cool we're still we're still playing the game throwing back and she had something supper yeah very cool he see through my worm way high up when he hit it so the wacky worm it's not just a myth that's just a myth for whole Joe I caught one but I think was fluke and then I'm Doug caught like seven and it's like however long we've been here ten minutes so I said Dougie any little help and talk me through her basically you just letting it fall and I guess I wasn't wanting to fall long enough and then sometimes I drop it up pick it up and drop again and they usually hit on the fall right by the hummus and the weeds and such it's different man it's different than reeling different than using your spinner baits that's for sure once you know about that Doug that beast right there is fun man catching fishies what could be better well this has been fun we got some clouds coming in on us and it's getting late Leon had lunch yet so I think what we're gonna do is grab a fish each and head back make our way towards camp again

oh yeah this is not dinner this is not dinner he's got to go back if you don't succeed try try again oh my goodness all that and he spit it all of that and he spit it I gotta be careful here this is my room now with doesn't affect anything the wind noise maybe the fish no it's gonna rain normally they played better when it happened so well I think I'm gonna do Doug's over there start heading back and fish some of the spots that we were catching fish shot on the way here because other than that little baby I'm not having any luck I don't think Doug is either all in the water feels sun-eater just as good he swallowed the hook anyway so that's a perfect eater for me nice oh we've got our fish quota we're headed back to the big lake now to get back to our camp he's starting at firewood and everything there's no wood coming so hop in the news boot over to the other side of the lake and search we got some swirling winds in the rain spoon from a bunch of different sides so I'm gonna try to close up my shelter a little 5x7 tarp a little door I'm just gonna use the previous previously used toggle the existing toggle even okay just tack this onto the the existing tab on the ground if not I can make yeah I'll have to make new steaks I think luge will take a second just gonna put in rough right now make sure I have enough room on the other side too Oh little chipmunk go chipmunk something wrong

there it's not the prettiest thing but it'll work and then if I want to get in we just do one of these crawl in get what I need and then I can even close this back up from the inside open to the fall colors over her will it hike around a little bit maybe oh it is oh my goodness holy there we go well there's a nice big fire pit over there this is a really really cool really nice well made one it's not been using so long that there are very cool alright we've hit the gold mine there's one two three four nice big dead oak pieces I think we take two standing will have more than enough alright then you go for this one here oh I don't even need to do anything just push it over perfect try not to hit my camera with it go by him we'll need to bump it up a little bit in order to get it over to my canoe and then into my canoe as well nice little wood hole punch - you're pretty good


okay we got two different axes like you guys saw earlier in the video Doug's graspers standing forest axe my cool velvet cut you can see the difference how tall they are Oh much of a difference the blade is really this is more of a tomahawk style than finish so I'm gonna use both just put some wood let's see which I prefer the grass for what is what the grassers is more controllable I feel precise with it this does have longer handle to it all right we're just gonna get this fire fire going before we played up the fish be some better calls letting the fire will be mr. mittens this joke we're not starting the fire now mr. mittens we did it all right let's play some fish stringer allen-key

whoo sorry welljust entire dig you got all this food prep done and the rain is coming down so hunkering down under the tarp now go wait for the spread died down a bit into coals you can throw our hobo dinners on I didn't show you but we both made potatoes onion butter and some spicy pepper medley all right check it out got a full rainbow complete arch that's pretty decent

this is probably one of the most colorful rainbows I've seen look at this look at the strength on that what does it mean crazy weather Doug's got some oil in that pot warming up right now we're gonna do some English style fish and chips okay it's time later time you want these Flay's actually they're pretty good nice and dry stick that looks so good kerplunk get any vinegar No Tarasov mm-hmm buh-bam son angry squirrel oh hello second squirrel girl no need to be so alright in brave are we come come to me come to me I am the squirrel master what will views a squirrel master from it's a thing sure is duck doesn't know it's looking pretty fancy no that's all time still everything's just about done we've got one beer left we'll split it you'll cut up staple Mumbai wait to see if we've got good pours all right guys moment of truth here yeah sir cedric's oh wow


that is really good which one I spoil you yep all right cut it brought vinegar but it would have been nice as some tartar sauce to you that's really good man very good thank you all right here cool your mouth down nice nice

oh that's good that's really good you're the potatoes little crispy little crispy bits now very good very good food I have Bannock mix but didn't bother making it because the wind was so strong with the oven frypan so that's it so I'm just gonna sit here and enjoy my meal I've been sitting here all night went through all that firewood we collected I got the last bit of it burning down now they were going to head to bed soon was your favorite part of the day the wind I enjoyed catching all those fish I enjoyed learning the I enjoyed watching you learn something new and excel in it oh wow yeah it was fun it was good it is a is exciting to learn a new method of fishing it was kind of fun a little bit more finesse II a little finesse II that's the word last night it was super warm and I stripped down some stripped down most things just left my boxers and my socks on my shirt on but I'd take my socks off halfway through the night and my shirt so I'm gonna strip right down tonight again it's not very cool though the winds the way the winds what's making it cold but inside here is very protected they don't feel any kind of wind at all like in the shelter even with this door on it next a little buffer alright guys have a good night I'll see you in the morning

lordy yep that a really good night's sleep the wind kicked up again it started raining again last night but nice and dry and comfortable in there it literally just got off a breakdown camp but have some breakfast cuz I know you've never seen this before we see the twig stuff called the bush buddy it's a bush buddy it's a bush party it looks like a solo stove but if you didn't know you would actually this is a gasifier stove folks a gasifier well Doug it means it's a gasifier it burns the smoke yeah you put you cook basically boil water for meals or oatmeal's of oats that you would eat in the a.m. Oh dog indoors Chris outdoor double-side who wasn't checked out that dog outside video after I've mentioned it on my last video huh huh who I want to know who did it if you could just do this next but just destroy that leg button brah it's everyday that's your that's your guy huh no legit fruit do you know Doug's working on the Jake and the Logans and the P and the pewds and the and the idubbbz you know idubbbz items is actually pretty funny yeah this makes fun of every other youtuber ever this guy he's not so old he's not so old he didn't like he didn't like that one you could tell from the lack of witty response oh no what why you forgot your hearing aid at home this get here anymore yeah a couple hours ago when the old man got up at 5:00 in the morning like they do what Paddy's half God - oh my god I would love this trip a good time now we're off to Shaw nose place to check out his cabin get back with me in a week and you'll see that video see bye Doug

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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