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2 Night Winter Bushcraft Camp, Building a Shelter With a Wooden Roof, Walls and Bed.


Come along for 2 nights as we make improvements, and renovations to my wooden lean to.

Temps are cold, but the fire and good food is hot.

Wooden walls, and a roof are built, as is a cooking tripod, and a 2nd bed/bench.

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

hey guys as promised we're back at the shelter to do some work on it and we're gonna camp here for two nights Bodi Mike's with me you haven't seen him in quite some time so yeah we'll have some some good times hang out by the fire do a lot of building eat some good food and have some good drinks stay along I think you'll enjoy this one so like I said we're here for two nights we have a definite plan of what we want to do it's 2:30 now so we don't have too much time before it gets actually dark gets dark around 5:00 but today is a very cloudy day already so what we want to do is we want to make Mike a bench of his own I got mine here this is my bed my bench want to make Mike a bench going from that tree to that tree or that basic area and then we're gonna do a back wall again I don't know if we get the back wall done today but Devin probably not but definitely the bench and then put a tarp up for you and then tomorrow night we'll work on getting some more we're working on getting the roof done and back for Mike's wall if we can do all that but definitely the bench and the roof I think we should start that now yeah okay okay so Mike's over there sawing like you saw he's gonna get the big base pieces of wood that go on the ground that prop the bed up to give you some height and I'm gonna start cutting the actual bed the logs that go on the bed so here's a nice dead white pine this thing should come down very quickly I put a brand new saw sorry a brand new saw blade on my saw this is a dry aggressive dry wood blade so we'll see this is the first cut on this new blade yeah


so she was laying on the ground as you can see it's kind of moldy I thought it'd be a good tree but it's super dense but yeah it's a good trace perfect actually it's crazy though how deceiving it is man yeah all right get to work son so what are you doing tell me what you're doing right now huh you're making them a certain length so we need to prop it up we have a rock in the one corner and the other side there's nothing so I'm probably gonna need two or three on the one side and the other side I'll just need the one that way we can get the bed slash bench off the ground a little bit nice and level yeah since Mike and I both have axes you brought one boys axe and one smaller wrap through our 26 inch axe and a 19 inch axe and we can both swap and use whichever axe we need to for whatever tasks we're using all these twigs can be used as kindling and I would like to get a fire going relatively soon we have a big tomahawk steak took hook and she's solid frozen still frozen solid even so I want to get a fire going and hang it high above to thaw it out just hanging meat

lots of dead pine for building and lots of dead oak for firewood this place is awesome and we got the planes overhead so I feel like home you can stake them in - yeah check these down yep

I need to figure out what to do with that rock so you're higher on that side already yeah

you don't really want to go anyhow you don't not gonna go any higher on this side we should remove let's remove ya deal with the deal with the whole let's show the folks what we're gonna nice and yep so you can put quite a few so for the length of the bed we know we need about 4x




we'll make sure it fits and I will clean up all these extra little pokies that are on here not too many left already definitely fits see that's long enough oh yeah I'd say okay we're gonna have to prop that you are propping that up now yeah she's low but perfect okay so that's the size we need for four X lengths a vote I get these limbs off flush so that Mike doesn't know pokies we do have sleeping pads but also you don't want to break your sleep or poke through your sleeping pad right right when you're taking limbs off trees it's always good to go downward like if the limb is growing up like this I'd prefer to take it off that way the way it's growing as opposed to going against it but a lot of times they're small enough where it doesn't really matter on these little pines okay one is done probably I got seven on my bed oh sure that's a good cop a squat Mike's you know she's she's turning out yeah yeah that's for much more so a lot of you I'm sure I've seen this place before I did a video maybe three four videos ago I was here by myself building I had to leave unexpectedly early so I didn't get to finish building but that's what the piece is up above are our four we're gonna build a roof tomorrow so I did not get to tie one of the the logs on before I left last time then when we came here the one end was on the ground and I want to make sure we tie it up right now because it'll be by Mike's head horse feet whichever I'll be by him and I want yet freakin knocked over the middle so we'll cut a piece of paracord and tie it up I only brought a certain amount of paracord and we need to conserve it Mike brought some as well so I'm gonna cut my piece beforehand so I don't have to tie the whole big orange piece of paracord on there and lose a bunch of it so I know that the pieces of what I'm going around are not too big and I only need to do one knot which is the Canadian gem so this is plenty maybe I'll just get myself a little bit extra I've got my turkey knife with my Charlie knife with me today my convex knife but I wanted to show you guys this I got a sweet sheath in the mail this one hold so this is a sheath that fits my Turley Gasconade which has an unconventional blade shape a big drop point it didn't come with a sheath and it's been hard for me to find a sheath that fits this like I was saying because the UH the unconventional uh blood droplet anyways one tree leather a new leather maker a newer leather maker from British Columbia which is in Canada I know him and he messaged me asking if I'd like any she is and I told him about this knife but I didn't want to send it to him I don't want to send it through the mail and have the chance of it getting lost or whatever he said no problem I'm pretty good at eying things oh so he did and look at this it fits perfectly it has removable dangler or you can just wear it as a normal belt knife I love the color of it I'm super stoked on it so thank you Erin from one tree leather if you guys are looking to get a sheath don't want to send your knife away he can make up she's that fit knives man obviously I'm getting them to make one for my Mara Garber right now because I love that knife but the sheath on it I'd like a black I'd like a black leather sheath and it didn't come with one so you gonna make me up a small slimline black leather sheath for that bad boy okay back to the paracord cutting all that for that I love this knife I absolutely love this knife look at dirty this thing is how well use shiz oh man oh well use she's a dirty she's a dirty girl love maturely uh-huh can use your bed as a little stepladder there Mike multi-purpose bench so we're gonna do a Canadian gym not never heard me talk about this night before flying out on the end wrapper around wrap seams around tie another knot right below it slide that paracord through a wrench or down bud

just rancher buy there we go tie a little stop or not it's not even necessary but BAM son ROCs is it we're just putting some heavy-duty spikes in like I did on mine just to hold everything together Oh buddy hitting rocks well throw a tarp up on the back it's a pretty decent-sized Turk huh I want to get this fire going it's uh it's still not for you oh it's almost 4:00 we've been working our butts off ever since we got here got a lot of stuff done Mike's beds made these tarps up I got firewood so we're gonna start this fire so that we can start to thaw out that stake because she's like a brick right now and would like to eat tonight so I spark this up using my Gasconade and a fire steel and some some shavings you made out of pine Gascony is so old that the spine is kind of rounded yeah my fire still full of little ridges which doesn't really help too much there we go

like we'll get smoked out tonight like crazy it's no strong oh yeah the ground is so oh my goodness I might tell the folks at home what we're up to here okay so our steak which is sitting over there two and a half pounds and it's literally a block of ice smart Mike and Joe you've got a frozen steak when it's freezing outside three pounds for real we're gonna run a ridge line from here across to the other Pole and we're gonna dangle a steak over our fire for a little while to try and slow roast our thighs so we can eat sometime before midnight

whomp-whomp I thought it was gonna thaw a lot quicker but you know it's like negative one so I don't see how that's gonna really ten Oh too much icebox this bad boy wouldn't even fit in a ziploc freezer bag it's too big well bone tomahawk microsecond okay so yeah as you can tell a frozen we might have to pull it up a bit yeah good okay let's go we gotta go get some water and we made up a little beer we're so we're gonna go collect our beer and some water for the night because she's gonna get dark and we're kind of stuck here what's that happens so firewood yeah okay yep well lots of things to do camping in December just making our way out of the pine forest now it's nice out here a little bit brighter but windier as well we were pretty protected back in there yep

25 kilometer an hour winds too long you're we're good that's crazy she's getting cold guys let's feel Oh icebox Joe we got a little guy got a puzzled Huntsman double IPA and that is a 8.5% that's from Great Lakes brewery and another one from the states I believe they brewing and malting company Phillips I think that's a a collab and then Mike brought that and I brought these ones go zodiac by a company called Omni polo and the 6.2% these this is also collaboration but a collaboration between brewery and Stockholm Sweden and in Toronto so I'm not really sure what it only says India Pale Ale brewed by Omni polo Stockholm Sweden and Toronto Ontario Canada product of Canada so not really unperson sure on that but very very tasty beer as is the puzzle Huntsman

give me some problems oh damn son that's a decent piece that Mike just grabbed right there I'm gonna try and split that one the conventional way

she split I swear okay what we're gonna do because we are losing light quick now is just walk into things and potentially poke your eyeballs out what about those safety glasses a job what about those safety glasses anyways we're gonna bring as much dead standing as we can back oak back to the camp and then we can just deal with it later there because we don't have enough time to be farting farting about Hanukkah Louisa's we actually we actually put that one there on our last walk out so I got that and then maybe that one closer in the middle of the trail multiple pieces of wood that's no good there we go off to find more Apollo I'm here this is another good piece I got I'm just try and bring these back oh sweet another one try and bring these back to the camp there's that one behind me


precarious the snake was not thawing out with the rope method so we made a lower tripod and we're going to set it on we got two grills here and set it right on there and thought that way and smoke it quite a bit because he's smoking now I think it's probably a good time to take a butcher paper off I think so yeah boy they're trying to tell me how to cook it at the at the butcher where I got it no they call you pan sear it on either side blah blah I said blasphemy I got this damn son do you guys see that can you see that it is like a bone tomahawk look at that a hunk of meat it sure is I really hope this thing's out so we can eat it

yeah I know we won't beat until to eat considering we won't be eating till about 8 o'clock I think we're both gonna have a snack now I'm gonna have some meat stick and cheese maybe crack a beer well crack up you want to split a beer Oh slap a little smoky getting settled in here the fire's deciding it wants to be warm now and work for us and saw our steak oh so that's a nice nice feeling getting pretty comfy in here as soon as we hung up got Mike's bed made to hung up that tarp it felt very comfortable very homely I'm using this weird pillow thing to light up well I'm filming hopefully it works good yeah we we split a beer we open up one of those zodiac beers and they're very tasty so I'm almost done this one the titanium cup is keeping it at below freezing temperatures which it would be ice that's not accurate it's pretty cold though let's check out my steak oh yeah buddy

look she bled on me but it's uh yeah it's getting soft the part down by the by the bone is already starting to cook it's completely thawed so yeah I'll be good I feel like it'll still be another few hours but I think I should put the steak slice on now before gets to yeah okay we're gonna put the steaks device on now before it gets too shuddhi I had a commenter a subscriber comment one of my videos saying really appreciate all the little things you film such as and used putting steaks place on the steak for example instead it makes you feel like you're there with with us so I like that that's what I'm going for I would love all my videos to have that feel so we're gonna show camp with us right here with us oh man we gettin smoked oh it's so bad Mike you cold it's nice and comfy the key all right put a little bit extra on there just in case she falls off I like the like the cake spice you afraid of a little cakes please Mike [Music]


this is beer you can't see it there we go this is beer in a box fancy fancy beer I've never had this kind before you've had Fuller's in general just Fuller's London bride Fuller's London pride this is called Fuller's a vintage a vintage bottle 2017 a limited-edition 8.5 percent and it's a 500 mil so let's try this bad boy out it was like 12 bucks or something for this but I figured like me and how often do you see these it's a limited edition it's you know it's it's vintage ale from 2017 guys you see that every day this is nice and cold

very cool okay so let's open it up bottle conditioned you can read about it after but I can also show you guys something cool you probably already know you guys aren't a bunch of dummies this is a knot twist off there's a pop off I'll have a bottle opener obviously but I have my knife so what I'm gonna do is prop my knife against my thumb all right it's not our type of IPA I can tell you that by smelling it smells a little bit more on the multi side but there is a [Music]

almost hint of oranges underneath yep let's try this bad boy out where's your cup wooshii dark vintage vintage exactly dark

all right McHale cheers her bud a little head little foamy there's nothing wrong with that beer no that's pretty decent flavor country it sure is I like it well I can walk now the friggin chalice is the 2017 completely different than the 15 taste this good you guys want to hear what it says I wish you could answer me I wish I could hear the answer script if you said no I wouldn't read it well I'm just gonna assume you say yes because I can't I can't hear you guys you know so let me read it

finchy jail is a truly distinguished bottle conditioned bill holy crap there's a holy thing will Bob see that thingamabob I'm not gonna read it I won't come on bar you don't bore you like let's let's read this without them oh look at this we've been waiting all dude it's defrosted fully nice okay the color is so nice after uh yeah it's fully thought now in a little while I'm gonna drop it down get it seared with some flames burn up some fat tons of fat over here I cannot wait to eat this bad boy dude oh my goodness I'm looking at my fingers look at my friends okay we're calling or done so we're gonna take her off let her sit for a full five minutes let it rest look at the color on that man nice and red cannot wait to dive into this fancy oh yeah all of that blood on my on my blanket damn son that that's so delicious

all the the fat is congealing on the top nice it's cooling down yeah I'm gonna take a big old honkin bite of this in mmm you like a burger all right okay it's really difficult to eat and film don't light everything up and stuff so you bet your butt we're gonna clean these plates off get back to you soon as I can you pour me beer use a Cheers dang what a tasty beer and a tasty steak some coyotes out there hear those coyotes

can you hear that mic sounds close like I'm scared man well that's cool I don't think I've heard Cody's here before in this in the spot well we were just sitting here it's 9:30 now I'm full good tired yeah we probably drank too much all very tasty this fire is very warm it's radiating like crazy like before my feet we're really cold and my whole body just super warm and I feel very dry probably gonna turn in pretty soon we're gonna get up tomorrow we got bacon frozen bacon that's to try to cook they will put the tripod back over here we've got pancakes we got hot chocolate we're sitting around have a nice morning and then we're going to after we've warmed up and had a fire and an eighth and got full gonna start building the roof so it should be good gonna raise the roof we're gonna raise it up roof yeah like I said before our after ever since Mike hung that tarp it's been really comfortable really cozy looking I really don't know if we're gonna get his back wall done tomorrow yeah it's definitely it's not a priority or necessary no but we've got some spikes after we didn't to show this but we got some big stakes in the front there just to kind of hold everything in on Mike's bed too so like we're saying like we can we can put a wall on that next time we'll put a roof on I'm sure we'll have some some more time after the roof tomorrow and maybe what I was thinking is we can fill in that corner there yeah not sachet right just get them ready or whatever yep so like we were both saying man earlier like how great this area is there's everything there we got it all that firewood we still have a bunch of firewood laughs crazy heat radiating we're about to go to bed this is the best fire word ever right thick oak fence and easy to gather like we gathered at all within a 100-yard diameter of this this camp between the two of us in what 15 minutes tops yeah we had thought of one man luxury and I've been here a few times and done the same in cold weather and and relied on wood and even building the bed everything was right around here too so we're very happy to have this spot very happy to be here this is a cool kind of camping this is probably my favorite kind of cool weather camping you know what I mean a little bush crafty a little manmade materials just kind of hanging out doing what you want I'm glad to have Mike with me man when he gets when it gets dark like in these cold months and you're staying here for two nights think it's so boring after five o'clock there's not much I can do sitting here putting one on the fire and conserving beers beers anyways we're gonna go to bed I'll go with you guys in the morning which you guys in the morning good night what I I saluted like I was a snot Major Tom over here derp trying to think of other lyrics but it didn't come to me [Music]


you don't be good good sleep yeah a lot of coyotes do that that one point in the mill the night yeah I passed eight o'clock yeah I've been up for quite some time I got up and got completely dressed take a nice old P and then I was really cold so with all my clothes on cold back in my sleeping bag just to warm out you had a good night's sleep - who's probably pushing it for this sleeping bag

he's gonna go seven bag but it's not true anymore it's it's been a few years old and lost a lot of down and stuff so I did bring a little blanket with me and kind of draped that over half over me during the night and that helped a little bit didn't compress me down too much which I was concerned about but everything's fine like I said it's past eight so I want to get up insert this fire and start the notes all Canadians are born

these beds pretty awesome man I got my clubs hanging up where I need them my headlamp just ready to go I guess I need a GoPro during the night we're gonna sit Pat here which I stand up on and then pee that way so I don't have to put my boots on or anything my boots underneath my bed I really like this campus starting to be pretty comfortable starting to be pretty familiar this is my third time camping here first time being here oh yeah those boots are ice balls buckets of ice almost fully clothed again do have reserves that have long johns extra socks and an extra undershirt with a hood I haven't had to break those out yet and I'm gonna try not to if I have to do that tonight it's supposed to be colder tonight I'll do that tonight I will well gunslinger built look at my belt sweet belt some might think it's corny but I like it pretty fancy I feel like a gunslinger already said they didn't so we put our bacon she's not as frozen as mistake was so that's a bonus now the bacon doesn't really want to come apart just cause it's a hunk of bacon you brought their mic

Bacon's cooking players warming us up a little bit warmer the the sky has gone to complete gray there with some blue and we've had some hope but oh there's a there's a flurry there's a flurry there's another flurry we're gonna get some snow I'm totally fine with snow rain I could I could do without we've been patiently waiting over this fire this cooking tripod is turning out to be just awesome we're gonna cook some sausages later up tonight and they're frozen so I'm sure we may have to use this as well have to trim it down so it fits underneath the roof but look so let's go in there Michael yeah me too but Wow okay it's smoky not only from like being over the fire by I believe it's where I smoked bacon already tasted smoke Oh buddy that's alright I'm still gonna bacon log

maybe we can wrap our sausages in the bacon later pork wrapped pork bro bacon salad


I've been wiping the bacon grease on my gloves just so that we can attract as many predators as possible we're hanging on right so we got some work to do especially because we need a roof there's things falling from the sky so we need to bake him get it working get out working that makes sense right yep

we're gonna start on our roof the plan is to measure just past where the fire goes not even not even to the fire reflect they're just like middle of the fire up here and I'm gonna tie two logs or one big one going from this pole over to that pole this way okay and then we're gonna line logs on the roof with the thick ends on this side going back towards the back of each of the shelter so that it's kind of like angled like this so all the rain or snow or whatever is gonna go down and off the back of the shelter the reason for putting the stop log like the the end log just right mid fire is because I don't want the smoke to come all up and billow up and like kind of circle inside the shelter and just smoke us out so if I feel like if we put it only halfway past the fire it has a draft to go up and it almost might even pull it like you're saying yeah like a chimney effect so that's what we're gonna do I'm seeing is how it's only halfway the let the pieces only need to be about five feet long each so that means we can double up on trees I cut one tree down and use it twice or maybe

well he ended up venturing a little farther than we had thought we were going to need to to get the wood so Mike's gone back to get the axes so we can clear up all the limbs and stuff off the of the pieces of pine we just felt but two big ones there and two over here I believe that's gonna be enough for the full roof because it was ones I'll show you

they're big very big look at this area through the ground it's like moss pine needles and oak leaves it's very very nice very nice back here alright check out these bad boys those two I think that's even thicker than most of the other ones we have at the base it goes up there on the ground there I see mr. Michael covered whoo on some Ric Flair okay so we're just measuring now the length of the log we need to put up there is that just barely on okay we'll go over to our big logs we're going to use the butt end like though the the fat end so that we have a higher up we can get more of a pitch playing down there you go decent nice there's even an arch in the middle nice you get the old measuring stick Mike and we'll get the the lengthways ones now please and thank you and we want overhang right we want definite overhang not on the front but on the back so here let's see yeah that's a good overhang there and then yeah just keep your hand there and we'll cut that there perfect so we'll just mark the actual marking stick now and we can just use that as a guide so we already use that one two three times that one piece of wood and then the end can be used as firewood or whatever odds and ends

it's the bite mark [Music]

I'm going to tie this bad boy in place so we got no kind of wobble wobble there I lost our arch to inverted arch so again we're gonna put the thicker pieces at this side oh look at the pitch Mike yeah he's perfect anyways yeah big thick piece here sticker pieces this way everything small running this way rain snow all the shed running that way the back is stacks really well I'm not worried about dropping into that I can always catch it more and I can own honestly whenever I'm coming here and worried about it I can line this with a space blanket and be totally good she's smoking

so BAM

it's getting closer what that's looking cool

little smokey like you supposed to wear all right just taking a small break from building the roof we want to make up some winter green tea there's lots of wintergreen plants around I'll go around and show you when I pick it up when I pick it but well we're working instead of putting the Billy can right in the coals and having a chance to tip over or whatever we don't need to do it any very quick either because we're working so I've got this piece of maple let's stick it in between the fire reflector I've got another piece of heavy dense oak I got off the ground I thought it was gonna be nice and silk and wet but turns out it's like primal oak but anyways that's gonna hold that in place the the six not gonna go anywhere even if that's full of water and then if it does I can prop the stick down in the back but she's all good and we'll carve a little notch right there but it's not necessary right now so let me get some water on there

I got the water on waiting for a boil there we go walk fertile you can see how easy it is to find and obviously where it gets its name from its green in the winter time when not many other things are if you're not 100% sure on what this is break her up and you cannot mistake the smell of that winter green grows in clumps of four or five sometimes it has a red berry on it red berry you can eat we'll just grab so from here we'll grab some from a different spot so I don't really just like wipe out this this area completely

wintergreen oh there we go and that makes for a really nice tea Mike and I are going to have some so we're just both both talking about how we're kind of sketched out by the load weight on there so we're going to put a support stick on top of that one this isn't boiled yet so we're gonna do that right now let's get a thick like a decent-sized pine so we figure it will cut it leave it a little long and then that way we'll have to really prop it up like to put this under there prop it up put it into the ground a bit and then that way too later on if we feel like it we can kind of close off this area and this this can kind of be like our door but even if I don't fit in frame but there's a half wall here we could put that wall all the way to the top and have legit door pretty cool that's what I was talking about the wall there and just build it all the way up there you go so we cut it too short you can always do another one it probably needs to be a longer okay so we'll use this as a marker and add like two inches to it we're just digging down in into the ground of it so that the post that we're gonna cut to fit has somewhere to rest not too deep just a little bit pretty secure this side has popped up a bit but we're gonna take it and tie it pull it down and tie it with paracord as long we very secure yeah nice

nice and made ourselves a little a little coaster a little coaster for the beers Instagram picture it's gonna clear up all the pokies and all the Bark's off in here a little bit nicer save our eyeballs will save our puffy jackets and all oh we will put the leaves in first I guess let that steep for a few minutes and be good to go just so we save the stick and because it's easy enough well we're not using it so I'm just gonna pull it right back out drop it on the ground so nobody's tripping over it or anything and then it's right there to use when we need it who came across in the woods bill knife rock we got age what's the top one like Deering cruiser got a Deering woodchuck

you got a Turley Gasconade and we got a I don't know that name that will not go from Finland it's a honky tonky yeah few bucks right there few bucks that's lunchtime I brought some lunch meat and some jalapeno Havarti cheese which is gonna go good I'm sure it's a mustard I got some mustard packets from Wendy's

shout out to Wendy's if you've been a longtime subscriber you subscriber you'll understand why that's funny you go Michael it's a little icy Boise I think I'm gonna crack a beer with lunch - yes

all right beer lunchtime then get back to work it's really good I'm in love with Havarti no no anyone oh yeah Lou they're Muslim boy a Guapo some of this minds so solid I know sees it very well well lunch was good just finishing up a karma cetera I get back to work pretty soon because I'm chilling down sitting here that winds whipping through here you got about a third of the roof done so we'll take maybe another no fewer few trees five trees again we're only using dead we have a plethora of dead wood around here so a plethora dead pine which is very easy to work with which is good and I like to say the word plethora so just keep saying that plethora of beer left to




sorry about that know how I know you're not a peasant coaster beer a wooden coaster beer we've been working like crazy doing some more renovation some of which I didn't get on video we got a nice piece of oak as a brace for Michaels side and then we were able to take out his mistake that was holding in the other state like that exactly so that's in there very very solid it's holding that up we've got pretty much the roof done we got to get a couple more pieces over there but then we're done we also built up the fire reflector quite a bit that top piece of wood on the fire reflector is a decent size and then we were able to do a Canadian jamb not tied these bad boys in together and now that's sitting properly everything's coming together pretty good it's starting to snow a bit with just small flakes we're hoping it stays as snow and doesn't switch over to rain I'm gonna omni pull those zodiac going on right here almost done that and I think I'll go grab some more wood for the roof a yep get it done one and we've kept the fire going all day which is pretty cool it has like a nice homely feel to it not throwing too much on sometimes it's like old pine cutoff ends and sometimes it's actual fireworks actual that we've got as we've been building we've been collecting wood all day and I think this is the better way to do it wait all that that's all super dense that's more than enough for tonight we don't have to collect any more we just have to saw it up obviously really happy I switched out blades before I came I got the new blade in the middle of the day I left and this is that dry dry wood blade on it so it doesn't have the same teeth as the blade I had on it before the blade on it had on it before was an all-purpose plate this is an aggressive dry wood blade so cutting green wood isn't good with a blinds but I haven't caught any green wood fine like this is solid solid solid oak and she just tears through it like very impressed with the blade we guys who don't know this is an egg were 21 our egg Vulcanian boreal 21 saw

in there a couple have one or two maybe damn son

come look at it from this angle pretty tight pretty tight bro yeah looks great alright this is the last real piece they're still going to have to be some adjustments some patch work putting some Duff on there but last real log up there there she goes alright buddy you can walk the whole way right there you get a little hung up but that's not so bad eh uh not ducking it up oh so we're done with the roof for this trip what I really want to do I don't want to put Duff like debris off the ground leaves sticks pined up up there because it's really not gonna do much what it will do is create a fire hazard rain stuff down and not be that waterproof if I'm being honest so what I do want to do is get bark I want to get either birch bark or thick go ahead and blanket soldier just trying not to saw this we doesn't mix either birch bark or or some weight for thick white pine bark or something like that to line up on there but like I said for this trip it's okay it's not gonna rain it is snowing now it's not gonna get any warmer there's frozen puddles in the woods here so what we are gonna do what we are gonna spend our time doing it's 3:30 now we don't too much more time we're considering to have all of our wood already and everything I've been wanting to make this wall a lot taller for the past couple trips so that's what we're gonna focus on we need to put a bigger stake in because right now this stake here is nowhere near tall enough to make the wall stand sturdy okay so this is gonna be our stake we're gonna raise it up to about here just above we want the wall to come right to this top piece so we're gonna cut it maybe up here so we can drive it a couple inches to the ground and then we gonna fill up in between nice okay oh it's about as much as she's going in

that's anti once you tie it up beneath it okay cool let's get this one in there need to cut this off I'm sure a bit this is what oh yeah right there yeah it's not so bad you push those four up towards me back for me

all right cool sweet that was easier than I thought least she's not gonna come out holy you might need to put a smaller one in there actually I'll have to put another one out here I think hi another one like a tall one yeah but still he'll be fine alright guys pretty happy with our progress I think we're done for today we're losing light it's four o'clock so if Sun will be done in an hour the little little Sun there is but you got to spend our time cutting up our firewood now and getting ready for supper

check this out inside here doesn't that look cool nice and homely completely closed in obviously there's gaps everywhere but it does retain heat I can feel being warmer in here than out there

very pleased with our progress we're gonna get that tripod in here too and see see how the fit is but very cozy so you can see in there I got a lot of coverage and I'm not really exposed to anything Mike over here the wind's coming in this way and his feet are pretty exposed to the elements so we're gonna throw up this mess sharp I have a five by seven mess bushcraft USA Witchcraft Outfitters messed tarp and we're going to wrap it around the trees and make like a little wall little end wall form

so our plan is there's a tree on that side let me see it where my get me Ken he's gonna tie it off to there I'm gonna wrap it and then tie it off to this tree so he gets this whole big covered spot I already went around and cleaned off this pine of all the pokies because obviously I don't want to got more coverage where it needs to be same idea but look at that instead of being all down there like Scott what half your bed cover basically him so maybe straight in there pretty comfortable yeah they're nice but Mike it's snowing a bit there he's coming down wind's coming out do that beautiful shelter wow it's awesome looking put under air see how much room we have and see if it fits we keep it like this we're not even really losing any room there so the sticks are so close to like the legs of the tribe are so close to the fire and it fits perfectly nice ballin it's so much brighter in the camera oh my you see what I mean here how close they are not impeding any kind of walking how's their eyes like smokey he'll be alright anyways yeah nice it all fits perfectly and the back can even get dropped down more or raised up more to adjust height I've been trying to show you the accumulation of snow it's not much but it's hard to show but on this green tarp you can really see it so it's coming down more than it has the whole time right now I'm hoping we get dumped on really hope you get a freaking couple inches of snow we've got sausages got some green beans we've got some more beers it's five-thirty now it's so early lots of snow out there but we're just noticing the awesome glow off a fire in here and I had to get it on video it's just very ambient oh you guys like this video you like this type of video I feel like we've been going going going just doing stuff the whole time there's light that's right yes so I hope that there's lots of good content in the footage and I hope it's not just me rambling on like I normally do Wow yeah it's uh it's nice in here it's nice and warm it's very cool that there are very windy snowy and in here it's all right we got our snausages hope you can see that my lights dying but we got a grill up grills up on the cooking tripod what kind of these mic honey girl any girl exhausted from the old butcher it should be pretty tasty I got some mustard and cheese to go on them as well so excited for that they're not too frozen but we're gonna slow-cook them up there I'm not really too hungry or you know a good munching yeah looking forward to that proudly bring you our yearly experiment into merging an assembly of amazing flavors and aromas our nickel Brook 2016 QA our 2016 qva is a complex mixture of sweet malts fruits herbs and spices we added a mix of bacteria for tartness and retsina mices for a bit of funk lysis enjoy it today or lay it down in your cellar and savor the changes in character as it matures well we enjoyed it today I love it it's a suburban II as so it has dried figs orange peel raisins cinnamon allspice black pepper cardamom and vanilla bean cardamon car Debussy cardamon yeah kind of mom I don't know that no it's super good it's nothing like what I normally like but that's delicious yeah boy reserved second night of reserved oh we are not peasants up in this piece

non peasant bushcraft okay boys and girls the piece de resistance will kind of they Mike did you try it are they honey garlic I don't know oh my goodness okay random sauce no sausages with cheese and I have some mustard we're gonna find that retard right quick cuz that's going to go phenomenally with the sausage try these bad boys oh yeah welcome oh my yeah that tripod damn way to do it um so good got that cheese on there that mustard loving life through that yeah shut up Martin hey sir coughs them all thank you

so which to prefer of your pants the cabs or the Vita pros broke it straight broke it straight broke it that sucks dude okay guys broke my camera and microphone so fantastic okay well that sucks i legit broke my microphone it's taped up now so oh my god it just fell again I don't know if you can see it look at this mic microphone dangling off anyways I'll get back with you f go back with you I if I have something to film I'm just beside myself about breaking this $300 microphone fantastic we saw what happened my my camera there Michael dude we're just talking to it and it felt completely right off my tripod yeah I just know as if like somebody hadn't screwed it on 90% of his old me well so to answer Mike's question with my broken microphone I prefer my feet approach Hauser's for a couple reasons they're the first ones I got I really like the color scheme and they have an axe pocket but if I'm being practical the cabs because they have the nylon and they have the ventilation if I were to get one pair knowing what I know now I'd be the cabs but not as cool zabita pros and that's what matters right all right guys we're headed to bed good night creep in Mike's face yeah goodnight sleep a little bit colder last night I had to bundle up a little bit more but we got to get out of here do a long hike and a big drive to get home so we're trying to pack up now and get out before the stork storm comes we've got all this new snow on the ground probably at a couple centimeters of snow overnight so thanks Mike for coming there's lots of fun thanks for having me and we will see you guys on the next one

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