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Solo Overnight in a Snow Storm. Winter Camping With Subscriber Gear.


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I travel north in a snowstorm to a new place covered in snow, I snowshoe around in a snow storm to find a suitable spot to camp. I use a surplus backpack, and set up a new surplus tarp shelter sent from a subscriber, in Australia, cook some food, cut firewood and have a great time camping in the winter while it continues to snow :)

winter camping video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdeRjjagB8s

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Video Transcription

hey guys thanks for clicking on the video I'm getting ready to leave tonight I got all my gear here leave it in the middle of night for an awesome winter trip and that'll be the video that you're about to watch right after this but before that I want to give a huge show to my sponsor for this video audible thank you very much audible for once again partnering with me willing to sponsor a video it's 2018 right it's not for a new you a new year new you audiobooks can do that for you audiobooks can create a new you a better you and improved you so remember last last video when I was talking at the end of Oh something I wanted to talk to you guys about this trip or I started this video it's about that a lot of you know that I have IBS and I've been dealing with it for years now what you see on video and stuff isn't really my normal life it's on my day to day life at home right

I like garbage at home my wife is a great cook she cooks three square meals a day but I snack i snack so hard and I eat stuff that I shouldn't be eating so my new me and my resolve my 2018 knew me better me is to be a healthier me it's to be a me where I can deal with living with IBS and not just be wasting away I'm not gaining any weight as you can tell I'm a buck thirty so could what I have been like that promote ten years now so I want to feel better I want to feel more energetic so what I did was I just grabbed my phone went to audible and I type a night and I typed in how to deal with IBS and this came right up curing irritable bowel syndrome dealing with IBS naturally so it's by Robert Wittman narrated by all Brinson so what I'm gonna do is listen to it in the car on the way up to my trip up north I'm about a six-hour drive this books just over an hour long so they'll give me a good starting point anyway and then something that considered the whole time I'm out there obviously if you're a healthy person audible has tons of different books to make you a better you or just to be interesting

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that's ro bi and ET two five zero zero five zero zero so once again thank you very much audible appreciate it alright guys I gotta get ready I'm gonna leave tonight like I said it's supposed to snow all men's snow all day long camping tomorrow so fingers crossed stick along for the video here it is thank you very much

stop getting snow on me bro hey guys doing Joe here I'm up north I'm finally in a real winter wonderland this is the first real winter trip of the year for me I drove all night all morning to get here it's 10:00 in the morning now I drove through a snow storm progressively got colder colder and colder as I got farther up north it's warmed up a little bit right now it's snowing it's supposed to snow all day it's gonna be a snow storm all day 100% chance of snow so the plan for today is going to it's going to drop down again tonight so I want to get over the window to the snow right now there's not too much wind my idea is to get to a conifer patch such as cedar hemlock pine that way the snow is going to be less deep there it's about two feet in the bush right now I'll be able to clear a spot away stay away from all the snow that's falling down stay overnight cook a good supper be really relaxed I have a surplus back pack sent to me from a subscriber that I'll show you and I have a couple other pieces of gear from a subscriber that's going to be my shelter for tonight never used it before but everything will go good so let's keep on walking we got to find an ideal spot I get a whole lot of questions all the time about tree identification and uses and stuff the birch tree is very common everybody knows that this is a birch as well this is a yellow birch betula elegant and Sisk a lot of people probably know that as well you can use this for fire starting just like the white birch I prefer this because it's very ribbon II and I'll collect a little bit here and bring it back with me is that yellow birches in my cargo pocket now it has some snow on it obviously is a little bit wet I'm gonna try it out warm it up in my pocket I'll be good to go when I need it

I'm hoping to get to camp and not to hold big chunks of snow are falling get the camp in not too soon or not too late and having some good camp time have a fire going for a while and stuff but that's all good I don't I don't really care if it takes me a little bit longer I'm I'm enjoying hiking look at this this turning they will rock next in here do that freaking awesome terrain very rocky originally I wanted to camp in a spot where there was a big exposed rock that I could put up against it and have my fire up against it and stuff has a fire reflector but more of my concern now is getting out of the snow the majority of the snow I want to get under with some conifers like I was saying and not really worry too much about the rock for the fire buddy whoa it's warming up man I'm warming up too Oh talk about snow holy how cool is this I've never Oh never carried anything on the top of a pack before it's always been in the bottom so I'm not used to this extra weight or extra height okay so as you can see we're dealing with like I don't know foot and a half two feet of snow here so I'm pretty excited I gotta melt some snow tonight actually has we're going I know they say you're not supposed to eat snow but I'm not gonna survival situation I do have water and means of warming myself up so this is gonna be a good little snack as I'm going look old though whoa okay on to the next one on to the next you know I stopped there for a second you know what I realized it's quiet there's no trains there's no planes there's no automobiles there's no crazy people yelling there's no Scout crying for fallen trees although I could have Scout let's go it would not be an issue that's no sir just slow to help for a minute there I don't know how much is picking it up in the in the camera but man it's snowing it is snowing oh man I wish I would have brought Scout he would've been loving it here it's better to because we're hawks you're hiking around for quite a bit but I do have a winter trip coming up with my canvas tent so we'll bring him for that one for sure be able to get him out of the elements and warmed up thought 10 years old so I don't know how many how many more yours I'll have them how many more years he'll even be able to get up and go around and do stuff I always said if I get 12 years out of them I'll be happy but now that we're almost there 14 sounds a bit better but he's doing good he's doing good so that's good what up scope oh I came up to a lake pretty decent-sized lake

this looks like there's some old soul wheel trucks flushed over I'm like camp near here it's kind of nice to have this if it clears up tonight maybe I'll be able to get some stars you got some footprints there animal tracks what is that peyote for the spacing and the size maybe it's been snowed over like crazy it's hard to tell this is pretty cool I might explore this a bit I wanna check the ice to make sure it's still really good first she's slushy she's super slushy insulated by the snow okay scratch that I am gonna skirt the edge here to find a suitable spot but I'll probably do it in the woods man she's coming down awesome very cool okay this doesn't look like such a bad spot feel like if I stomp the snow down relatively flat area this is a pretty open spot in here we're in with with in amongst the the hemlocks that's the key right

the lake is behind me I want to put a tarp here blocking the lake I won't be looking out at it but that's fine there's not that good of a view of it anyway

the wind's coming from that way the snow's coming from that way I blocked that with the tarp I put a tarp down fire in front build a fire reflector probably yeah yeah this looks like it could be home when you get this I gotta stop walking anyways it's past noon now and it's only gonna stay light till 5:00 I have lots of camp chores I need to do like the making hip finding firewood processing that firewood all that normal stuff I do already lunch to action frickin starving yeah this will be suitable I think it will I looked at Bob there's nothing like no deadfall hanging or anything there's a one tree leaning but even if it does go without coming anywhere near me not a lot of firewood not a lot of firewood in this area so when we having to travel out to the hardwoods to gather that slow time to get my gear all set up and show you guys what I got so like I said this is that LK 35 this is a Swedish backpack sent to me from an awesome subscriber from Australia thank you very much I appreciate it I have talked to him since through email and stuff very cool of him the surplus stuff I have a surplus but it's not from Australia that's sent from Australia though hope that makes sense okay sleeping bag I have a negative 20 Celsius sleeping bag that is uh gonna be a lifesaver for today it is snowing like crazy

oh my camera oh my poor camera okay so this this backpack he's a little bit different it has buckles it has buckles on the bottom buckles on the top I was attached that sleeping bag obviously to the top of it then these buckles are basically just to keep since you down so you can stuff things underneath it to on the bottom like a jacket or another federal or whatever so right off the hop got a grants first Brooks Scandinavian 4sx this is a brand new one this is some Canadian outdoor equipment or get all my goodies from then up next we got layers but a second set of gloves like a rubberized pair of gloves that way once my my leather ones get all soaked I'm not kind of screwed I have my Primaloft jacket let's just as another layer I have my fall or even granite shirt that's another layer all getting covered in snow right now I gotta get to get to the good stuff this is my food nothing fancy I stopped and got it on the way up it was all Oh neat all the time oh I got another gift from a subscriber we'll get into that a little bit I'm very excited for that one come on where is you where is you okay nope here we go this is another thing I got from the same guy from Australia so this is called a HUS military hoochie I was trying to member the name of this on the last video I was at five by seven by nine and I have two of them and it's like this like almost I don't know more durable material I don't wanna see it rubberized but more durable material than my roof top tarps so I have two of those we're gonna get that out and cover my gear up with it that way I'm not gonna feel so exposed okay there we go so tarps are the shelter for today I'll go through the rest of the stuff I got with you in a second but it's just basic stuff nothing uh nothing too extravagant I also forgot one more thing I'm not gonna be using paracord this trip I have this nylon plaited dark green eight strand two point five millimeter diameter one thousand and breaking strength Cordish that I got from the same generous Ozzie that's some of the other stuff so we'll be using this cordage today I want to run a tarp line between these two trees right cut a little bit extra there this stuff seems to be a pretty good quality uh cordage - I did a taut line hitch on the other side that's the same thing that's gonna happen on this side surprise surprise - on the inside one on the outside I should get a shirt made that said is that - on the inside one on the outside shirts coming hey shirts are coming buh-bam son alright there we go see how this works this tarps got a bunch of Toyotas all the way along it and then there's this grommet right in the corner I feel like that's gonna be my best that so I'm going to take my ridgeline make a bite in it put it through the grommet if I can okay so she's through I'm gonna throw my enormous toggle on there normally I clean it up a bunch but these tarps are durable I'm not too concerned about it alright get off the pokies off of it oh okay so that's that and I'll do it to the other side as well it's time to attach the back part gotta instead of tacking it down into the snow and using snow acres I'm gonna try to tie it off to trees behind me so to do that I want to attach a piece of cord easiest way for me to do that there's your cordage just make a little bend in it put both I'm gonna use a tab here put both through the loop through then take the running end and your tail and put it back through the loop you just created and pull both ends through now it's on there it comes off nice and easy luckily there's lots of trees around and it's not so difficult to find one in the right positioning that I need all these knots are gonna be top-line pitches what is it

two on the inside one on the oh you got it it's not so bad all right that's not looking so bad nice and comfy

but with this middle tab here I believe I can make it a lot more roomy so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna pull this one up use our cordage tie it to a tree as high up as I can and then we got to see about snapping these two together sometimes you're able to snap them together and if I can do that can you see this gap here I can kind of block that gap and make my my ground sheet all in one but we'll see either way I don't care too much about the gap but that would be ideal to mind it you know to mind the gap got my morale gar berg on this trip I wanted to use this because I got that sheet that I showed you my last video on one tree leather we've got a fire steel from fire still calm in the little further still holster so it's a nice little setup I want to use all right let's get this thing tied up what on the outside bill no bogies going on officer Pitts man my camera is getting peppered place know the things almost frozen over this that's wind real quick okay so uh good good thing good news it does clip in and I'm able to block the back with it I believe let me show you what I've started to do now we're gonna snap this thing together like I've been doing tuck it under and it's gonna be like a back wall and having zero air going through which is great my problem is he snaps a little full of snow and ice so I kind of gotta heat them up and get rid of that snow of ice in there okay you keep doing that this is looking good man all right this is gonna tie it all in really well oh yeah I have a ground sheet that goes out basically into the same distance as the top of my tarp and I don't obviously I'm gonna pull it back some because it when I lay on it I don't want to unsnap the snaps I have to flatten this out a little bit more oh it's so cold so cold on the hand oh okay I got plenty of room anyway for me and my gear I'll sit under here have my fire in front

yeah man everything's coming up millhouse this is pretty sweet so I will they pick it down in the back of it or not even I'll just put my stuff here it'll hold it down it'll be fine I'll get myself out of snow and have some lunch I am very cold I need to take around and get some wood and all that stuff because I've been dicking around here for way too long I'm probably gonna leave that in there for a little bit and that you hopes that it stops snowing because it is snow to change directions and it's coming a little bit in there I just don't want it to get all full of snow open either way I'm not too concerned about it okay my bed will be made up of trusty old reflectix and a therm arrest NeoAir we were conditioned like cameras in this is not just no I don't know if it shows up with that it's all iced up anyway so I'm just slow it's starting to ice up on there for microphone it's all soaked I hope it comes out alright hope the video turns out alright to know that I've got my setup on the snow pack down around it I can take these off for a minute while I go inside my shelter and set it up but once I start to go taking around for firewood 100% have to put these things back on I got a pair of smaller boots smaller winter boots so am i up to here so my snowshoes go on and off a lot easier than before I'll let you know how I feel about them after I've used them for a few trips or season freeing it's a freeing feeling having no snow shoes on and having my wall my shelter set up oh man you feel like anything could happen now I'm pretty solid in here there's a sweet setup man actually with these these tarps the my favorite thing is the back like I have an actual back all connected pretty sweet I don't know how much these are I would assume they're relatively economical okay lunch lunch time lunch is a premade lunch today I made it in the car before I got out like I said it was uh I bought everything on the way up I got a I got a ribeye ribeye and I got lunch shorten my life here we go guys never seen me eat this before okay flatbread Italian nope flatbread German salami and Swiss cheese the Swiss cheese is actually new Cheers mmm somewhat frozen nice okay I did tell you that I would show you everything I brought so there we go this is my hidden woodsman Possible's pouch inside here like always my camera gear I've got a charger I've got batteries I've got sorryi charger for my USB which is my phone or my GoPro I've got batteries for my do are batteries for my headlamp extra SD cards and cords cords for my phone and for my GoPro so I don't get any reception where I am now but it can still use it my phone for listening to podcast listening to audible things like that I got another hidden woods and pouch with my food in it what do I have in here just randoms I got hot chocolate oh I got some coffee look cute coffee let's have some of that too I open Oh for the morning a trail mix and really oh and I have a cup of soup a cup of soup in there too for an emergency what I also gonna put in there is my supper I have potatoes garlic onions and butter and Gumball's from my daughter right in there with the garlic honey that's some garlic garlic gum for daddy's and my onion that's gonna go my food bag as well as my steak is a nice rib eye I can just stay right on the snow and it stays nice and cool I do have some snacks like my booze and some chocolate covered almond nothing too crazy not too many snacks that's right stay healthy try stay healthy right 2018 this is maje first aid kit it's excited I have things like band-aids diet anti-diarrhea pills anti antacid pills toothbrush chopstick which is super important in the winter time let's let's let's paste a little on there right now Oh

Beauty Joe beauty I would also got in there yeah just stuff like that basically ooh a new thing I picked up some tweezers come in handy taking those slivers and tics and whatnot I don't think I'll get any ticks on this trip though benadryl stuff like that that's my first aid kit

I've got one pair of extra socks that's the only clothes I brought as one pair of extra socks just change into tonight my Possible's poach this is a Fantomex still nylon Possible's coach and in here I have things like but light which is going to go in my pocket right now Oh Joe how are you how are you dropping the ball butt wipe in the pocket to stay warm so it doesn't freeze so it's not a bad time when it's time got some fire starter fat rope I got a thermometer what does it say is right now number five I have a headlamp and I have a lens cleaner cloth which will be very handy today compass some toothpicks for my mommy my mommy went to Arizona a while ago last year and she got me a toothpick holder made of wood and I kind of like it came with some toothpicks pegs mom I like toothpicks I like the mole walked I like q-tips - not good for you but I like them supposedly not good for you I never have a problem okay that's my Possible's coach all in for all important stuff really all the old stuff that I really never go without got my agawa canyon boreal 21 saw which will come in handy you've already seen my axe my graspers Brooks it's getting even for sacks I've got my heavy cover titanium canteen

oh I see so what else oh my grill my steak spice that's it it's all she wrote for the LK 35 inside my grill bag I have a couple things I've got my lid for my canteen and I've got my spork I can't wait any longer I'm not even gonna put my huh see them cut up yet I'm starting to shiver I'm getting very cold so I need to move around because I don't want to just throw all my layers and sit I want to keep keep moving and keep active only got about three hours left the sunlight so their daylight even the science Sun so I gotta get busy keep moving because once five o'clock comes there's not gonna be much to do but sitting front that fire so I need to get it a decent amount of firewood here so I walked around a little bit already and I did see a nice big dead standing piece of dry wood so I'm gonna go get it right now here she is get it with my axe look at this beauty it's maple it's decent that's gonna be a lot of wood for me which is perfect and then there's that another dead there's a hemlock right there a skinny one see no top on it get to chop and warm myself up season 2 I may be able to just pull it down it's not really a point of chopping it if it's not connected I'm just losing wood that way never fun to lose wood no I can't move that okay what in half lengthways whoo yeah boy oh well you know in the winter for your wood warms you four times oh yeah motor shape guys how to shape oh my goodness

okay that's that one tree well that's pretty decent that's not gonna last for as long as I need it to even though a lot of those are pretty substantial so off to find more on my way by I pushed this old birch tree over it's just this little piece of it but I can probably use it as a piece of my fire reflector I don't need anything solid just dead preferably wet and this is about perfect so I'll leave this right here so when I walk back by on my trail to my shelter I'll be able to find it all right I found a really really good one it's freaking big

she's big well I think I'm gonna take it and between that and the other tree should be plenty of wood for me nice big pieces too

I want to fall it that way it's the most open


what I'm going to do is saw a v-notch on this side where I want it to fall and I want to have that v-notch sawn out I'm going to come at it straight from the back end and have it fall over no I just cut it from the back side and if everything works out she topples this away

damn son

timber that's a boot perfect right dirt why am I so excited why so excited about that I'm having fun guys I'm having fun all right now to cut that bad boy up all right that's a decent amount of wood I'm almost satisfied with it we'll probably get some more soon but uh a lot of those are really big pieces so I think I'm gonna start working on my fire reflector I'm not gonna try to pound stakes into the ground but instead just pile old stumps like old half trees and birches and just stuff I find or kicking around pile that up behind it like this let's go right here this might be more of a balsam fir it looks like from here but maybe a yellow birch stump and by stump it's like four feet long so right here yeah this isn't this is another birch aisle saw it as low as I can it'll be super easy to saw through now I want to try by oh I see another one right there too

and that's what our fire reflector will be that's what we'll try to make our fire reflector has at least whoa okay that was really easy it's a bit on the short side but it'll help it will help especially after all this birch bark catches on fire and she's coming in getting crashed on by build snow clumps that's the lake up there oh yeah that wind is lovely lovely Walled GoPro have to set up my flexor now I went over to the first tree I fell and I was right it wasn't attached in the ground but these were sticking in the ground big time and when I split it lengthwise like it did these ones stayed behind

I went over got them to use as supports for my for your reflector so I'll be going to be sitting right here I wanted a decent foot away from where I'm sitting actually not even that decent cuz I can tuck back in there with my sitting stuff I do kind of you see all this lay I'll prop them up to in the back I guess I'll have to do that drop both them up in the back or something the log yeah that's why I have to get I'm lucky to find these little broken off birch stumps or whatever want to call them everywhere very useful I'm finding now it's gonna stay for the most part by itself then once I'm getting these on there the problem is up a little bit straighter that's not so bad guys really there's a pretty decent fire reflector really quick so we're on to show you it's not so bad simple little setup you can see the distance between so my fires gonna be close enough to fire reflector or actually might catch on fire but I'm not concerned about it look what's around nothing and that wood is like soaking soaking wet so the only thing that catches the bark at first after all night maybe it's a different story but who knows I'm not worried about it it's far enough I want to stay warm and that's all I care about now I'm not relying on the fire for warmth when I'm in bed my sleeping bag my negative twenty six bag was gonna do more than fine for me tonight it's not gonna get down that cold but well I'm hanging out by the fire from my five o'clock til ten five hours I want to be warmed doing lots doing lots I gotta cut up my firewood now I believe all right what inside is not the greatest now that I split it Oh perfect it's frozen on one side so this is uh the inside of the one of the pieces of wood you can see over here the grain is really not even there it's almost Punk on this side is different but I put my lips to this side feels dry this side feels soaking wet [Music]

anyways I guess I'll just wait till later on to throw that on and the foyer is nice and good that sucks I got a lot but I'm cutting it up now I'm bucking it up to the size I need it to be for Bernie and yeah it's not looking like as much as it was and I really should be getting double that anyways triple the what I think anyways but again it's only for about five hours I need in this long piece right here that I'm working on it's super dry so this is that one that I split when I was getting it down the first time yeah add some dry soul wood here very very nice wood oh I'm all done as you can see lots and lots of work cutting that wood up time to start this fire I get chill and I gotta get a good base going so I cook like my dinner it's got a brand new fire steel calm fire steel sets fire to the snow and oh remember that the birch bark we grabbed earlier so got that super fine yellow birch bark just gonna fluff it up as much as you can

nice and dry and warm actually for my pocket so that should go up relatively easily

I have hemlock kindling some shaving this is some big fat shame as I made out of the maple and then I have my small fuel pieces so here we go everything goes away there's this log behind it now I left a big like good log behind it not one for the fire reflector I'm gonna use as my brace and then I'll let that catch on fire too and have that as my back log for my long fire listen to this what the heck is that I've heard some weird things coming out of fires and seen some stuff coming out of players but that is accelerating quite a bit actually drop it down

I'll get this look at my camp oh sweet that looks against the white but BAM son I better take a thumbnail picture it's important you know little thumbnail picture I can hear it fall over here listen now obviously in all reality it's probably some moisture something just like you know like boiling over the wood or what everybody I've never heard of do that before

and that noise his disturbing you know what sneaking in white V which it probably isn't as pine beetles in there just like slowly boiling but slowly roast into death I don't think so none of this is pine anyway I may be dead by now oh good Oh snow has slowed down finally it's almost suppertime

I'm pretty hungry maybe I will prepare my potatoes and stuff I gotta let these coals die down quite a bit it looks a lot brighter in the camera than it actually is oh my oops let's see if I can fix this my exposure was actually up quite a bit Oh way too much mm-hmm there there that looks more accurate representation yep knees and my butt whatever I was touched on the snow is a little wet now you see that steam coming off oh there it is yeah

these gloves are soaking wet so I need to dry them off a bit it's not a bad spot for him all right I'm parched ran out of water long ago so my canteen cup and grab some snow boiler up snow it's what's for dinner not really we got good steak curious pop to use my gloves to get that off of there so you saw what I did with that snow I didn't pack it in or anything I just took a couple scoops put on the fire we'll see how much water that actually gets me I'm guessing like two tablespoons tops and then I'll actually start to add snow on top of that water which will go a lot faster a lot of the times I'll pour water even on top of the snow of water that already have on top of the snow before I melt it just to get the process going a lot quicker but I don't have that luxury right now there we go ah sorry foggy in the lens oh it's more than two tablespoons of water probably got 1/4 cup of water there and a bunch of debris bunch a leaf litter as it were that's all right

that's what we got that's a decent amount of water for that little bit of snow actually not even trying so now this is what I'll do because I can't obviously scoop and lose my water no my lid it's gonna help some snow get into there with my lid now it's like slushy in there now I'll try to get as much in as I can and then if you use the lid that helps to obviously speed the process up


just in time or I caused that either one all right basically a cup of water here there's a little chunk of ice in there still but that's a good cup of water so now we leave that on to get boiled and make up a coffee coffee coffee won't waiting to cut my supper well nothing left to do now but wait for full dirt I am very hungry and going all day had that early well not early life had a small lunch earlier that you saw and I've had a little bit of trail mix since then so this steak and potatoes garlic go very nice and Gumbo's don't forget the gumballs thanks I mean she's getting big man she's turning 6 so part of the reason I only count for one night it's to check this place out but I have to be back for my daughter's birthday so birthdays in a few days actually in two days and we're having a family thing all day me her and my wife and then on the weekend we've got a swimming pool reserved for her for her birthday party so that'll be lots of fun she's turning six like I said she she is a lot of fun these days I got a Nintendo switch for Christmas and we've been playing merry Odyssey quite a lot together so it's pretty cool it's our first like video game thing we're doing together I used to have like I still do have a Playstation but I don't want to play like war games in front of her or anything like that this is good for the whole family and yeah it's fine you know a lot of times we go outside and stuff but I think she's getting sick of that I don't want to push it on her I don't want to make her overly used to doing outdoor things and get burnt out on it early on in life so having other options such as playing a Nintendo switch with her is good I like it on to the garlic garlic the garlic now passing potatoes under the garlic I have a pretty cool trip coming up in March I'm supposed to go back to woodland caribou where Shawn and I went in the spring and do the winter trip there which will be pretty epic I was told by Harlan that the possibility of Smee seeing because I'll take a float plane in again right but the possibility of me seeing a moose dead on the ice or a caribou dead on the ice from wolf like a wolf kill is a high probability of that

this is a pretty cool trip I like this this is a fun time I'm having a fun time I yeah it's I'm sick and tired of going over on my host guys I'm burned out on it I'm just being totally honest with you it's like I love to come up and go to new places and camp and see new things and stuff where I'm at around my places you burnt out on it and not my last few videos is around my host I didn't really travel too far for the holidays I was at home spending time with the family which is good but now that that's all over back hard into the swing of things traveling going to places I've not been having exciting trips my butter is solid yeah so that's my I think in any way put another small little Oh potato in there little Botox kind of frozen food another garlic in there and some butter and we'll call it good all right got my little hobo dinner wrapped up it's always a good idea if you can to double wrap it you don't know where it's been wrap it up so it doesn't burn and that's good to go on the coals for a good 25 minutes maybe a half an hour depending but 20 to 25 minutes on this fire thing okay I simply you want it flat as flat as possible that way it cooks evenly as opposed to bowl this like a Jiffy Pop you know yeah that cup of joe so sip I haven't had a sip yet cup of joe never understood that never got it cheers guys this is really good putting it on a log here so it doesn't lose its warmth through the bottom hum people on scold Joe I don't want a cold Joe my fire reflector is not going to last too long that's alright play with that CPX that cold butts intro oh man I'm super inspires toasty man like there's a super good bed of coals the fire reflector didn't catch on fire didn't continue to burn the bark burned off and now it's fine it's all rotted and smoldering the Adam fires kick you know to eat man like really really good I'm not old at all and even though it's super windy right behind me that tarp shelter with that back wall they're home son

boom and bam Sun tuck down in there there's no wind at all and super windy out there

hello ok so I tease you guys with this a little bit earlier let's check her out now this is oh I would imagine that's how you say it and then it says home done the via t o n GT e and you ve R I think I got this from a subscriber actually a family of subscribers from the Netherlands which is pretty sweet to have a note from here from them I got this box a long time ago so thank you very much you guys all of the things that you sent so let's let's read it without giving the names because I don't know if they want to really like your videos helped enjoy the outdoors and build shelters and fires with our five-year-old daughter which is really cool love the country but watching the scenery in Canada is breathtaking wanted to send me some gifts this is called Dutch oath so this is Dutch gin commonly served very cold and drunk with beer as a chaser


then is referred to as a headbutt give it a try well I won't won't drink all of this tonight so I'll be able to have that later on at home I don't really drink the booze at home I'll have a beer every now and then but oh and they sent clogs wooden shoes for emeralds no she's been wearing around the host fro time now so thank you very much guys you know who you are I don't wanna see names but I really appreciate it I got some stuff into my stomach I eat a pepperoni and a handful of jerky I mean jerky trail mix because I'm waiting for this tonight now so let's try all nip fallen into this that's gin oh it smells decent it smells decent alright pops up Oh Wow this will be dangerous that's drinkable I don't know if it's because it's cold he said in the note surfing hold commonly that's decent thank you wow that's dangerous good thing that's only 35% okay so we'll save some more of that for after supper definitely not gonna drink the whole thing yeah Wow I'm very impressed very impressed oh and they sent me these waffles it's a stupid stupid waffle and they're like like a cookie pastry thing very good anyways oh you guys are good to me have good subscribers I appreciate it I have lots of things coming in all the time and it's very cool this is this is very warm snow is stopped for now just the wind is still kicking up like crazy and there's no sign of clear sky tonight at all it's all just white so my chances of getting a starry night are slim to nil but that's okay that's okay it's nice to have the lake near me even though it's windy it's just like a cool little bonus thing camping by the lake in the winter you know I have a video of myself and Kyle buddy Kyle maybe well it's gotta be I don't know four years three or four years ago and we did a winter camp we have planned it calls from Ohio if you didn't know and you know I used to do a lot of trips together and stuff plan of which would camp to Algonquin Park for four nights and we were gonna travel and move every day we had sleds and now there's a video of it on my channel it slides and everything and we're going we book the time or what you know what I mean it wasn't anytime changing the plans or anything so like a couple of days before we check out the weather it's like at an all-time low the whole time we were there we ended up bailing a day early we were stayed three nights as opposed to four nights the best of my recollection because we found out we found a cabin on the last night and cranked that wood stove in there really hot but never go up higher than negative 20 so C's in the day before the window and at night it was donating before tea every day and we were moving around every every day all day going from Camp to camp snowshoeing with bulks behind us it was a rough trip and it was really really cold the the cameras didn't want to work right or fingers our hands are all messed up I was using the go lake shangri-la like the hardest thing to set up in the wintertime big puddle of water anyways check that video out I'll try to link it here it's that's a real winter trip man like that was Cole Cole Cole this is decent temperatures that was cold that was Kyle at one of Carl's first like real experiences which are camping too and he had these little mountaineering snowshoes and Kyle's got some weight on them too compared to me he had his he's not fat by any means but he's got some he's bulk on him and his snowshoes were like a quarter of the size of my head he's just sacred the whole time so I had to oh man we tried to take turns breaking trail but I ended up having to break the trail because his stupid little snowshoes couldn't handle it but that was oh and so it was a give and take on that on that trip I didn't put this in the video I swear to god this happened we were on the second night and we had walked for two days we were cold our sleeping bags were damp already whatever and we get to a campsite that was ok it was we were both arguing about where to camp or whatever and and because we were walking all day and I had my big boots on my feet were sweating my favorite wet so we stopped they got really cold the insulation my boots were done at that point and we were waiting till five to start the fire because he only had thin logs and not many of them and we didn't want to waste our our warmth our firewood our hangout time by the fire so we waited till five so for about an hour and a half two hours we stood there doing nothing we had everything set up with the firewood collected everything was done ready to go nothing to do and my foot got so bad I had like frostnip not frostbite frostnip on my toe I was doing jumping jacks nothing would help I just needed the fire and it wasn't time to start it yet so Kyle's like screw up man I'm like what he said just stick it on my armpit look he's a Yelp music guy it work I know it I'm like all right so we both sit down I get all like laid out on like my sitting pad and everything and he pulls this big collar out take my foot out of my boot of my sock I stick my foot in his outfit he clamps down on it we just sit for an awkward about him time staring into each other no he didn't stare into each other's eyes but yeah yeah what a good guy what a good buddy Kyle so yes I broke the trail for him but he saved my feet saved my little toesies from getting frostbite real talk this stuff you do man when you need to so yeah the third night we found a cabin and this this cabin had a wood stove in it was a big old barrel turn on inside and the cabin was not big maybe 10 by 12 I don't even know not big all full of most poop dank but we came across it were like oh girl aw so yeah we posted up there and we would cut down trees like got that thing roasted man it was like we had get a thermometer outside it was like negative like 38 or negative 42 and inside of these I don't know man close to a hundred degrees Fahrenheit hot hot hot we were in our boxer shorts and our t-shirts eating like this jambalaya of like all the extra food because we barrel a day early right so we had like extra like extra sausages and he had extra chili and stuff this is big best oh and then I had to poo in the middle of the night at negative 40 which is good

good times man I missed that guy he moved out to California for you guys who don't know I went out and visit him this summer but he was a good trip a partner for sure

good canoe trip and good winter tripping not afraid to yell at each other which is I think necessary honestly my eyes are a little bit of it smoked out what's going on there we are just like the booze guys I don't eat it like this at home you know what I mean it's this is a camping thing a lot of times all you see is me camping right so you don't really see how I normally am ahah what my normal life is it's just a camping and the camping is there's a vacation right it's a it's a fun time so I do a lot of fun things while I'm camping ie

drinking good craft beer eating good steak hanging with good friends blah blah blah

at home I don't really do many of those things except for or drinking the craft beer maybe twice a week three times a week

I was thinking and actually my wife suggested that I was saying that I want to branch out and try to do a little bit different videos and stuff but I know you guys are my audience and you do like this style of thing but she was saying just add extra videos I was wondering what you thought about that for example I still put up my normal trip videos every Friday but maybe on Wednesdays I'll upload something just about me talking maybe at home maybe with my kid or with my wife yeah just like a different style video not not a camping why can't I get in focus here not a camping video a different style there just talking about whatever current events what's going on with my life you're gonna like a pot what's using a podcast format where I just talk about like a subject obviously it wouldn't take away from my camping wouldn't take away from my my regular uploads at all so just be bonus and it probably wouldn't be every week either just whenever I felt like it but what do you think about that let me know what you think about that for real it's say it's a question it's a question that I have that's about ready I'd say oh yeah they'll do I'm gonna stay choir oh that should be good very good see my path I've been making my shoes and my boots I just want to see what the camp look like over here it's so windy very happy to have my shelter imagine you were lost imagine this was a survival situation the only anything you should have what you have on you space my can stomach still it's not fun that's not a good time go as far as to say survival sucks look at that inviting fire inviting packable pile of wood pack of wood so my sleeping bag normally I set it up right away to loft it out and they told you earlier why I wasn't doing today but now it's a nice backrest and actually leaned up against it so I will wait till I go to bed Oh buddy wow that looks good little burn on the ends too which is good for the fat oh she's been sitting for a minute smells phenomenal I'm gonna cut into her and see you guys see whoa I got my potatoes too

everything's cooled down a bit so I got a couple logs in front of me I can set I don't know if you can see this that's why I'm narrating what I'm doing that can set my steak on there you go see that on the grill on the log still so it's not gonna cold Oh buddy look at that that's all right that's tender tender boy good steak I wish I had a beer buh-bam son look at those oh my where's that spark out even a sport motorsport put that thing in sport yeah a little bit of onion and garlic and potato for the first bite see that Oh Cheers face my fears damn I'm talking to you oh that's really good oh man I would kill for a beer right now this is about the perfect time for one maybe like a lake effect lake effect Great Lakes oh I did a podcast a while back with the guy on in Toronto named the urban old oarsmen I think that podcast is called urban the urban outdoorsman anyways he sent me a bunch of craft beer from Toronto which is very nice to come thank you if you're watching and go check that uh podcast oh I don't know where you can but check out the urban outdoors and I'm sure you'll be able to find it

well I'm pretty stoked on this dinner the steak is on point the potatoes aren't burnt at all do this you see that wish I had some salt bay action to go on [Music]

Supper's done nice and full now I gotta fix the foyer ah ah she's a bit smoky guys will be an honest oh okay I need to melt some water or yep melt some snow for water because I'm dehydrated excuse the microphone shadow so my plan is to fill this up leaving leaving a little bit of water in the Kent's in the cup itself every time so that melting snow is easier okay that's about there maybe two more times and I'll have more than enough and then I can make the hot chocolate with you the XS we show you something with this canteen cup that I'm really liking it notice it on the past few camp outs comes hot it like you know melt snow or boil water or whatever you have to do to heat up water in your cup just kind of the handles just kind of make it stand you know I mean as long as you have something to prop it up against it's pretty pretty good look at that man that's pretty awesome anyways I like it I like it a lot all right it's time it's time it's vader time time for my light to get down mm-hmm get down I don't know what I'm doing apparently there we go all right it's time

smokey time holy crow holy crow I was the same my Nana used to say I think Cheers

was a bigger step than last time that's good stuff that really really tastes like a hint of berries like no alcohol no alcohol taste coffee Amsterdam post bus 1591 I'm saying that wrong 1000 bien bien Amsterdam 0.2 liters maybe I will drink all this like it I like a lot actually okay water duty again I've already been sipping over this - it's so like you can taste that it's it's melted snow it's not normal water you can it's got that smoky melted snow taste to it I have to be careful I just noticed my more absorbers that I'm having on my dangler here the pommel is exposed and it's actually kind of sharp and I have reached out and I touched on my oh I don't want to pop my sleeping pad with that so something to think of anyway just being careful now I got my hat underneath it I'm trying to be stay off of it because if i sat on that on top of the pad that would be it I believe that would be a bad time not a lot of fun night get in there what else am i doing right this is a winter camp and right gets dark early you sit around out snow for water ah that's a lot better with other people though that's the truth it should be the last one so this is taking a while it's a lot and I'm only one person for one night there's something to keep in mind the other hand I only do have what this one cook set some people bring like multiple you can you get a bunch of going at the same time bigger pots are easier have them a pot going of water the whole time but this is working just fine for me okay so that's full now completely full it's nice and warm I'll just pour pour a little bit back in get some snow boil that up and have myself hot chocolate milk hot chocolate I'm happy to have that canteen full of water I'll probably end up tomorrow morning just eating bars for breakfast like I normally to so I gotta get out here and get a long drive home and stuff but that canteen full of water will get me to the car there's a two-hour hike to get into here so tomorrow I will need that I didn't drink half as much as I should have faked coming in but I'm gonna drink this full thing full of hot chocolate probably have a few more sips of that tonight maybe even top it off again but I need to have a full one for the hike code I know that I have a Powerade in my car that I completely forgot I wanted to bring it for a pee bottle too so this is a hack this is a real-deal hack you probably heard me talk about this before but in the middle of the winter you know it's freezing cold at night nobody wants to crawl or sleep it's a legit thing I do I bring a wide-mouthed Nalgene gatorade bottle or something like that why both because you don't want to just spray back at you but yeah you just and ease-of-use you pee in it inside your sleeping bag I'm so small that I can almost get up on my knees inside my sleeping bag almost and peanut that way if not roll over to your side and MPAA and then you'll have to get up at all and if you use a dedicated Nalgene for it you can use that analogy to put boiling hot water and before you go to bed put that in here in your sleeping bag as like a hot hot water bottle kind of thing obviously keep you warm little night you have to pee pull that thing out dump half of it over the full thing out pee in that and then you can either oh this is real talk you can even throw it back down into your feet because it's warm again or you can just put it next to you I don't never do that yeah honestly it's it's what it is man you know what I mean you out here you're camping in the state you guys stay warm you don't get out of bed you want pee especially if you're sleeping in a Quincy or an igloo or something along those lines you don't want to slide over to that thing and you're in your pajamas or whatever you're wearing or put something on to have to get out to go pee there's no way there's snow way just like there is snow way one-handed and everything look at that I want to have to move this fire so fix it I mean not move it fix it look at that it's almost Oh almost all water already Oh BAM after eat hot chocolate one of my favorites I like the mint I like the mint chocolate sport I do see the titanium it cools down relatively quick I can touch the handles now the hot chocolate inside he's sure super hot still oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah you ever watch anybody watch King the hell you get the hell are you used to be my favorite animated show oh yeah Peggy she's the worst character ever absolutely hated her the boggle champion okay

nice and I can smell the mint smell them from here

hey cheers guys toasty oh my goodness well that's too hot to drink still maybe I should put her on the snow what's to come

what's to come 2018 huh 2017 was crazier for me I don't know that I can top it to be honest if you like I loaded two earlier I'm gonna have some shirts ready soon I've designed them they're just getting ready to come out and I've made sure that they're good quality I've got small medium large and extra-large sent to my house I wore them before washing them I wore them after wash after washing them they only shrunk a tiny bit there are 60/40 poly-cotton blend don't quote me on 60/40 might be 50/50 but I believe it's 6040 the small and the medium both took me perfectly they don't go wider they just basically go a bit longer so I'll have those up in a couple different color options soon I don't want to give away what it is but you guys will like it I'm sure the design so I'll point you in the direction where you can get those I don't I believe the way we're gonna do it is they're going to sell it through their website the shirt maker the the company and they'll take orders once a week and shift mode themselves and stuff so I'm not gonna even touch them at all which is ideal for me shipping from Canada is a nightmare to the states that is and to the world but mostly to the States I want to do a family camp if I can and my snow trucker tent bring the whole family including scout for a night or two do something like this I actually come into a place like this hike in for about an hour maybe not not quite as far as this and just because I got the kid and stuff she's got her own pair of snowshoes and she's got her own gear which is pretty cool oh man it's getting to be bedtime Oh tonight o'clock stay up for another hour I can't justify going to bed before 10:00 really

wow that fire is lighting it up man look at that you shut off my I had them completely very cool I love it when I can film with the fire fire light by the light of a fire as it were should I take a take a gin let's take a gin shot with a hot chocolate chaser Cheers

well that would taste like pears pears not quite like a beer chaser oh that's a straight stays together so my Footwear on this trip is different than I've ever done on a winter trip before if you watch my videos not only will you have seen it but I talked about it in the Christmas idea gift idea video I always wore bat like big whoa laughing it's like almost up to my knee pack boots I had two sets of them two pairs of them over the years of my first period lasting me seven years and about the mat-su Saint Marie but what I'm finding and I bought them anyway so I bought a new pair a couple years ago on their enormous they're hard to get into my snowshoe bindings and make it heavy to walk they're so heavy it just make it hard to walk and I don't want to do that anymore so this trip I went with gaiters and small boots the Gators are from Mac I've had them for a while now I barely ever wear them but this is perfect for them they cinch up here they go underneath the boot like Gators do and then they cover it all the boots only goes up the boots only go up to here which is like just past my ankle these are bath ins as well but they're again just like hikers their winter hikers and they're lightweight so again I don't know what my feelings are about I'm hot I'm liking them so far but I don't know I don't know we'll see how how it goes in the long run but this system is working I think it's easy to get my snow shoes on and off these boots even have like a little Gator clip but my Gator cliff is too big for it which is kind of a weird

you'd think that good fit I just want my Gator clip to go in the Gator clip but I'll just give you this money and buy these shoes I just want to buy these shoes I just like give you this money maybe like you give me the shoes doesn't work that way anyways we'll see we'll see how it goes liking it so far at first they were tight and my feet were getting smushed up into there and I was afraid that it was going to not be too warm because of that but they've really like stretched out the insulation that's like formed inside so if you have like wiggle room Mako's up wiggle room which is good they've been warm all day which is nice because ever have cold feet ease well cold to--they it's almost bedtime we'll finish her off probably two more swings Cheers

it's getting less less and less smooth it's the other way around oh nice and warm I am like super toasty here I'm all dry everything's good like couldn't be warmer this fire is uh-oh it's raging let's create enough creating a little leak underneath it too but we're far enough away all right it's all she wrote

ruin my toothpick cheers guys it's night time after this bedtime alright I'm gonna roll my sleeping bag out got someone to do I want to do it number one I said I wasn't gonna drink this whole thing and it's really not that much to be honest with you I'm not exaggerating this were sleeping bag that it knocked down but it's nice and warm I think I'm gonna sleep with my head on this side over here stay away from possible

that's my last load of firewood for tonight it's a big ol pile I got nothing for tomorrow except for three in case I do want to make my oatmeal so I had a sweater a half merino undershirt a full merino undershirt and then I beat her right next to my skin you want to take off that sleeping my long johns and my beater mi mi merino I'm gonna put my socks I'm not even gonna change my put socks on I'm just gonna keep my feet bare and if I need to put socks on it will in the middle of the night but I'm gonna put the socks that I wore today in my sleeping bag to kind of dry them out a bit they're not overly wet but definitely have some residual sweat nests on them no I'm using my firm loft that I didn't use at all today as a pillow socks in here I'm kind of a little angle so I'm gonna prop my backpack up next to me here don't fall into the fire which is probably important all right guys that's it for me tonight this is gonna be my like kun of warmth I'll get with you guys in the morning sweet dreams and think warm thoughts for me good night and it is coming down like crazy right now that's all I can hear on the tarp


I'm nice and warm in here though no fighters almost done already to sleep good morning seven o'clock in the morning I slept pretty well I actually didn't end up falling asleep till 11:30 Helene here 11:30 slept till 5:00 got up to pee it's up till 6:30 and then couldn't stay in bed any longer my my fires completely out and it's soaking wet the ashes are soaking wet I believe it drew up the water from the ground either that or it just snowed so much last night that it it soaked at all I'm not sure but either way it's it's drenched I am starving I do want to have oatmeal this morning so I'm gonna split up some pieces that I left last night I'm going to try to make a little base out of the remainder of the logs left over but I'm pretty chilled the waters not frozen slush though ha ha ha oh that was painful

ok I stayed nice and warm though nice and warm in bed time to get up yeah it's absolutely drenched it's got to be that the water was drawn up from the ground because this these other stuff to talk to this other stuff's not wet so I'll just try to light my fire right on top of these old burnt end pieces and little dogies starting to get a little bit light out get rid of this headlamp soon all my hands my gloves are frozen solid

I do have that secondary rubber pair of gloves too I forgot about all the way away in my backpack though know what you gotta turn up at it starving ok so I've got my split up stuff here some big shavings and some like pencil size even fuel sized pieces I'm just gonna take a bunch of this fat rope and and use it that way I don't feel like messing around right now get a big ol fire going with that I'll throw my shavings on throw my my big pieces on and call it good there we go Plus these pieces underneath it he's like hot burn pieces will start to ignite and char up and add to the fire it's all I see around here little fart was warming oh it's so cold you must not like me he's go starting to get light I was hoping to get a nice sunrise I already ate one this is my second these old meal packets are old I've been in my food pack for a long time so there's holes in the bottom so doing the oatmeal method this way is not the most convenient but that's a little open on your hand in the morning never hurt no one okay that's good it's a good amount of water in that one no sunrise unfortunately sometimes in the winter you'll get these really nice ones everything just kind of glows but that's all right there will be more winter camps let's see here yes it's a little hot still I love putting hot water from my oatmeal like the extra my hands in the morning it makes you just feel clean and feel uh I don't know it feels good but it's a little little still too hot I'll wait a little bit Oh feels good getting that first oatmeal packet in me I was so hungry oatmeal Cheers

all right it's about time to pack up now I just want to warm my hands up I'm glad I have this fire going as I'm packing up because packing my sleeping bag into the it's container and all touching all that cold nylon really really gets your hands cold so it's nice to have this little warming fire here going as I'm doing that so I can just kind of warm my hands up every now and then the thing that's what I'm gonna do now it's break down camp and get on out of here this isn't gonna go back in half as neat as it was coming here isn't that always the case okay okay

make sure it'll how many scramblers stragglers see this is where I slept move the camera so you can actually see you can see where I slept right here it's all melted down uneven as heck but for the most part it was pretty decent yeah it wasn't bad at all you can really see my footprint there my sleeping footprint and on my fire footprint but other than that a couple little pieces of wood nothing left it's got this really weird if anybody ever anybody's interested in this backpack mcq bushcraft on YouTube I'm sure you should all know who he is he he did a bunch of mods on his I made it actually pretty cool I'm not I'm not that mod kind of guy just personally I don't really care too much but it is very cool and you can really truck things things oh he's so important

which is awesome he's a real handy handy kind of guy if you haven't checked him out I highly suggest watching a stuff mcq bushcraft

on the youtubes good guy - from the UK okay so this the strapping system on this is it's pretty cool it's not the most convenient but it doesn't always have to do it convenient okay so that's everything here oh no my sleeping bag like I said before yesterday carrying things on the top of my pack is all new to me well it's not that bad I didn't feel overly top heavy or awkward just have to take into account how tall you are when you're walking under snowy branches alright so she wrote boys and girls the old trusty pair of snowshoes I've had these for 10 years bought them in 2007 in Huntsville when I lived there there are a pair of tubs what they are the higher-end brand that you would get at like the Walmart stuff like that I believe hiring model of the brand superfast binding system I've never had them slip out on me or anything the venture they're called xxx adventure 30 I was told by an old trail maintenance guy up in Sioux sainte-marie that when you're buying your snowshoes go big you'd rather have a little bit bigger and get your quotation down and be struggling

Kyle style

okay I wish this thing had a sternum strap again with the mods okay let's get going you got about a two-hour hike to get out of here I'll bring you along with me I'm not gonna put the camera away there's nowhere to put it oh the Sun is lighting up the trees out there on the lake you got to go down and check it out before really got step I just got to get down to the lake now walking backwards on snowshoes easy as it sounds nice oh my goodness this is beauty the Sun must have peeked away again it was all lit up still pretty still very pretty especially being in the dark for so long these aren't here on the way in I believe they're moose tracks there no way there was a deer tracks it's a toll like split total uncle Italy okay a loser a deer but you're the spacing the depth and hold a big bear it's W moose I'd say pretty cool they're fresh tooth you're not all covered in snow from last night there's on the same way I'm going look what I found mr. moose stop for a PP it's a small moose I'm on the trail now and he's on the trail all the way up from our rash man tell me without moose prank you getting it so dragged away you're a moose knuckle gotta be getting close to the Jeep now I'm so warm I hope my Powerade isn't frozen solid in the kinda Jeep the end is in sight I can see the old Jeep from here she's a good-looking girl I'll get with you once I'm in there Oh our little foggy - no foggy all right everything's squared away I'm ready to go I had a great time was really fun trip I'm glad I came and checked out this spot I think I'll bring the family back here to do a family camp in a hot tent before the winter is over I hope you guys enjoyed the video thank you very much for watching if you haven't subscribed please do that that helps a lot throw me a like that helps as well let's try to get 10,000 likes on this video that'd be fantastic if I could do that thanks again for watching have a great day and I'll see you soon goodbye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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