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Spending the Day Passing Outdoor Skills on to Youth


I meet up with Buddy Scott and his son, we head to the woods, practice some bushcraft/outdoor skills, cook up some food and have fun in the woods all day.

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Video Transcription

hey guys how you doing today we're going to the woods my jeep right now we're headed towards Scotts place to meet up with Scott the guy from my camping with a subscriber video but not only are we to hang out with Scott we're gonna hang out with his son Griff he's a young man who's wanting to get into this kind of stuff it's been a camping in Algonquin with his dad and stuff we're just gonna try and instill some more skills onto him I got some goodies for him should be a fun day we'll hang on the bush and have some food and hang out for the day so stay tuned I think you'll enjoy this one I'll get back with you guys wants them in the woods with those guys all right guys we're out in the woods got Scott with us so we're out here in the woods today it's a pretty cool windy day we got a we got stuff to do steel fire to make up some char cloth so let's get started on that get up into the woods in a little bit here and a little bit warmer so Griffon order to blow our embers into flames so we're gonna need a tinder bundle

what do you grab in there what do you got other hand yeah bunch of dead grass seems like a great idea to get plants what another good thing we're looking for something fluffy so if you look over here we got this these reeds they're called Phragmites they're an invasive species and they're super fluffy if you grab a couple of the seed heads there I think that'd be a good addition to your grass perfect okay so what I would do with those is I would let see your cargo pockets they're on the side of your pants I'd stuff those seed heads right into there that way when your mom washes your clothes it's gonna get all no seriously I would put them in there for sure we could put on a backpack too if you want yeah they're walking through a there they're deer prints melted a bit in the nice cool so we're still making our way over to the woods proper but is the little tiny patch of sassafras and as we're coming through it I thought it'd be cool to show grow a smell that the sassafras gives off on their dead twigs so

once you grab yeah there you go break it up break in half first and release it a bit yeah then snow where you broke what do you think that smells like there's a pith in it for sure yeah that's called a pit what do you think it really smells like so again a flower you think you kind of get like a citrusy smell like a freak

yeah like I feel like a candy orange kind of nice so the roots of it actually you can make like a root beer tea out of it that has like an old higher roots kind of taste it's really really nice you don't want to drink too much it with though because there's a stuff in it that's not really good for you but a tea every once in a while ever once a twice a year we no problem the these sassafras trees have leaves that come out in three shapes one looks like just like an oval like this one looks like a mitten and then one has like three like three lobes so they come in very different different sizes different shades different patterns it kind of makes it unique mulberry does that as well that's very similar to this but yeah if you come back in here in the summer you'll see what I'm talking about and the leaves actually have a really good citrusy smell to them too it's a good boy it's good for burning for carving and comes out like orange it's really nice really nice oh yeah aren't you happy who are you gotta have you're looking good Griff there's a samsquanch a boat you ever see you ever see it you ever hear about this yeah you know I'm talking what you ever heard that yeah man let's go check it out

does it smell like Sasquatch over there I don't really want to get too close all right I'm just completely joking with the Sasquatch thing they do say that in the wild when you see things followed like this is from them but it's not yeah I've seen this out here plenty of times in different spots people do this and then that's about it they kind of always just leave it like that which is whatever side house yeah it's just fun exactly it's better than that it's hard for something right you can wrap it around

maybe use an axe or if you're pretty hyped on using an axe grift you have any interested in using this knife full row here check her out see what she's a little boat careful its sharp okay how does it feel not of approval alright well let's go through a little bit I'm sure your dad's already taught you knife skills but we'll just make sure you're careful with it and yeah have some fun with today Tori's what so Scott's showing me up over here what kind of drone is that again it folds down to pretty small I'm pretty impressed already

going this fly okay ready to go dude but I pretty much it is war look at that thing hover I guess that's what they do right that's cool


listen terminator stuff well that was pretty cool that that drones not very heavy and it's doing pretty cool stuff so maybe it's something to look into it right now we're on the search for firewood I'm gonna go over here and grab some Aspen some dead dry standing trembling Aspen there's lots of oak in here we can use two oak twigs like this a lot of times these pretty dense oak twigs are just laying on the hanging off the yoke so I'll grab that I'm on my way back in the woods here you left me uh yeah you're good yeah we're gonna let Grif up this piece of Aspen with the axe this is a 19-inch one exacts we've already gone over that because it's such a small short axe we want to be closer to the ground kneeling or at least squatting so that land yeah the ox isn't gonna hit us it's gonna hit the ground okay so let me just show you real quick what I do I'm sure you probably already but when you're chopping or Bucky you don't really want to act the log to be moving around too much so put a foot on there yeah let me clean up over to the side so what I do is like put my foot on there and I'm over here and I'm just kind of and you don't really necessarily have to go this way and then that way like you see a lot of people doing all the time with something this small you can probably really just hit it a couple times in the same direction with an ax s sharp and it'll probably

chop for ya so why don't you give that a shot come on over here careful sharp and then hit it right where the love touches the other log because if you hit it here it's gonna kind of create resistance here hold on I got it bad for you so when you're hitting it you don't really oh you are left-handed aren't you Oh let's switch you around that sorry buddy how'd you swing an axe show me okay do it yeah you go that way don't you okay do it that way and let me see okay let me um when you're gonna swing the axe you hold it this way right with your show me how you holdin sorry there right hand on the bottom okay so when you when you're holding it try to bring your hand down slide your hand down as you're swinging instead of like so it's more of like a motion like smooth try that and then we'll switch you directions yeah keep on just pull it hold on see ya more of an on an angle yeah come on you're good no you're good man you almost got it Hart get mad at ya there you go buddy okay now let's try it the other way because I think you might need a little bit more comfortable the other way so go on that side of it take that sit pad measure where you're gonna swing though because it looks like your legs a bit closed book see right away man good very good job right where the wood touches the wood yeah yeah there you go buddy you got her very good job

yep there you go go ahead man step on it good very impressed yeah I put on like the clip

yeah the edge of it there you go right there

so grossss made a nice amount of curls for us already just finishing up and we're going to we're gonna get fire going how's that knife working out for you buddy nice nice so we're gonna start a fire we've already got our little piece down here we don't wanna start fire on the ground yep so what we're gonna do is you're gonna strike your first Oh on this Phragmites head but before you do that we want to have our shavings and stuff very close and ready so as soon as you have that on fire you're gonna put leap down leave that on there grab this put it on top grab these put it on top and then we'll start to put the grass on top and our fuel kindling and fuel pieces right after that so you can place that right down on the on the wood put your fire stone right down into it put like push down with the person onto the wood scrape hard you are useless you know what you're doing right that's right good

so it sparks like crazy okay you can literally just be like oh wow yeah this is a good okay all right go for it now try and not put it as close as you can to it so that the spark house farther I mean sorry less space to travel distance to travel

why don't you why don't you plant it right in there and try and do it that way so put yeah exactly if hey that's it just like that grab your shades quick put them right on right on top yeah right now yep keep doing it

grab all those ones put on top - we did go away

we'll get that grass on top of there - we'll just wait for a second til this grows a little bit see how the winds pushing it this way that's good because there's lots of curls on this side to catch so drop that right on top you don't even have to drop that on top - yep you're good right on top nice very good so we need to start getting some some logs on here so maybe try and look for the smaller ones at first very good yeah yeah it'll catch faster that way yep enjoying the fruits of your labor okay no problem so charcloth is what they used to use with flint and steel still use a flint steel we'll do that later on so this is just a 10 will poke a hole in it because there's such a tight seal on it and decided to have a piece pieces of cut up of blue jeans right just normal gene it's like you'd wear or whatever so these are denim they're made of cotton and there's a bunch of squares inside there so the idea is well we're gonna char it and they're gonna the private of oxygen so it won't ignite it won't combust into flames it'll just kind of char like like charcoal does you can use the same with this in very charcoal ago what a mushroom some buried underground at the ceiling yet but so the idea is to just not giving it any any air to bust oh we're gonna poke hole a small hole in this and put it right on top of fire and then when it stops smoking we'll take it up it'll be ready to use well to use the axe to poke a hole in the top cuz that's it that's a pretty big hole but that's what happens when you see next I'm sure it'll still work put this right here should start smoking on the top and then when that stops like I said we'll keep it up we'll use our gloves to good to go down


all right in here Scots kicking snow into the bacon bacon on get some tea you got eggs in the pot there what are you guys going on nice you are warm you got one up on me then old Joe forgot to put on as long Giants today our char cloth is done check that out here in a minute I think we're going to eat first though because I'm pretty hungry humm pretty hungry boy it's a nice day out in the woods though butters all boil

we got some cookies okay look at that how thick that is that is pretty fancy it is what underneath yeah that's the yeah that's good Joe is such a professional as eggs are getting cold as he pleases this camera I so dedicated to use dedication alright here's the master on there Tina's eggs the bacon eggs Peter up thank you guys for the bacon and the pita bringing the whole meal together good probably one of my favorite moments of our family trip my daughter like the five the trip it's a pastor some sort of chopped into the dirt right she's looked at it was like okay let's just give it to me I can die happy right first started pine needle in my tiem I never turned the garbage

it's awesome

this works you know what well hot sauce or something in there too okay so we've got our charcoal char cloth all done nice and black I'm gonna go up can we give it a test all right buddy so I'm gonna do this part of it and you're gonna blow it into flames okay okay so the only reason I'm doing this part of it is because I only have a knife I could not find my fire steel arm I start my piece of Steel for striking it but I will get you one I got to get one anyway so we got our char cloth the safe way to do it the normal way to do it is with a rock and a piece of steel you can actually use an old file if you have an old file at home you can cut it off hold like normal just a file and use it yeah and then I guess got a piece of Flint here which is a normal piece of rock which has a sharp edge and his heart so just back up a touch please ready all we're gonna do is pinch the knife so that it's not on my right we don't really want to use a yeah you don't really want to use like your wrist it's just kind of come down straight on it yeah I'm cutting myself a pretty good okay we got it see she's caught and she's growing you see that so what we're gonna do remember I told you we're gonna fit we're gonna face into our sari away from the I'll bring the camera around we don't want to breathe in smoke as the point I was trying to make so turn a bit more towards me yep you're good there can you see it growing there I can see growing keep keep giving it steady air try to give a steady air there you go yep yeah now take longer breath oh you got it let me see

good job buddy drop her just drop her anywhere good job yeah yeah you did a really good job and you can also use like cattail or inner bark of other kind of trees like cottonwoods Pirrie aliy fluffy and light very good job buddy a pound or pound son so Griff you've been using that knife alot today I think you've been getting along well with it why don't you uh why don't you just hold on to it for a while and yeah yeah and see you didn't be careful with it and take care of it you know what else you can do you want to see something cool here leave that right in there tell me what we've done already what we're gonna do so we just shaved this wedge hopefully

yes and we're gonna try to split and see where that goes okay let's do that okay we might want to make another one and put it down farther or if you want we can just muscle through it don't leave it no no that's a very good shot all right ready

paint up son we did it very good now I got smaller pieces we can split up you pages here look at wedges for the wind we're just packing up to leave but out here all day yeah you guys lost a sneak peek of mine it's on my new gear I got a new pack from woodsmen updated yesterday today and also you might have seen graph using my new adventure horn mountain here which looks very similar to one that I had many moons ago look at that taper on that tang wah we'll check that out in more detail later on - but just got that in as well yesterday so thanks to Malcolm with the hidden woods and thanks to Kody Adventure sworn plenty more of this to come in the future oh but look at the fire steel the first oh all right do the honors buddy well this is a good time Joe it was the afternoon with you was thanks for giving me a call there's a fun hanging over people you know [Laughter]

people are you guys don't chase after the trees okay well guys thanks for watching this is my second video with Joe this is more of a Griffin Joe video and you know what did you learn a lot from Julia you didn't already know from dad yeah Joe thanks for helping us out yeah all the wiser for it and then we had a fun time yeah I had a great time too thanks for hit me up boys never won the books huh that was a good day it was uh it's cold face cold windy hope it wasn't too windy on the camera there in the end that microphone that was fun who's fun hanging out with Scott and Griff yeah we came to learn some basic skill knowledge for myself too so thanks to those guys for watching I got a big trip planned for my next video so pretty good I'll see you guys soon thanks for watching I already said that goodbye it stay warm

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