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New Land New Bushcraft Gear, Bam Son!


My Dog Scout and I travel north to explore some new land that I was recently given permission to use.

I find a couple good camping spots, Scout and I have lunch in the woods, and I show off some new bushcraft gear.

Come along for the fun!

Adventure Sworn https://www.adventuresworn.com/

TheHiddenWoodsmen https://thehiddenwoodsmen.com/

Heavy Cover Canteen http://www.heavycoverinc.com/#_l_1m

Canadian Outdoor Equip. https://www.canadianoutdoorequipment.com/

Phantomx Gear https://bushcraftusa.com/forum/forums/phantom-x-gear.299/

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

hey guys thanks for tuning in with buddy scout we are in the woods we're about five hours north of where we live and drove up yesterday stay with a buddy last night and today we're at a brand new property this is a property that's someone a subscriber is letting to use I got an email about a week ago saying that this gentleman Martin owns a bunch of property about five hours north of where I live and it backs on to hundreds of acres of Crown land so that's where we are right now just walking along a trail trying to get back into the real woods here so we're going to spend the day let's go my dog exploring this new land trying to figure out where I can come and do a hot tent camp and then also a super minimalistic camp where I'm cutting down boughs and building shelters and living with minimal gear stick along for today come with me think you're gonna enjoy it I got a brand new backpack on from the Hidden woodsman I'll show you that gonna act got some chili for lunch and some coffee she'll be a good day I'm on the trail right now so the snow is hard pack but even watch when I go off the trail a bit it's still pretty packed it's uh there's only a maybe six or seven inches of snow now he's still hard packed over here tents can punch through like you see after all that super cold weather for a while we had we end up getting some warm weather and then rain so kind of packed everything down it makes it easy for walking that's for sure I don't need snowshoes I'm not too far from that same area I was out on my solo snow snow storm video when you saw how much I needed snowshoes there right now I'm able to walk on top and it's uh it's nice

good snowshoes are fun until they're not anymore here's a perfect example I'm just walking one foot normal walking along and I get a posthole like that which holds the foot deep there so Martin and I already walked Martin's the owner of the property already walked around and he showed me basically the layout of his land didn't go up into the crown yet there's no point in and it just yet there's so much of his land already but huh I'm gonna take you back up into here he showed me a cabin let me I can use it if I want to which is very very generous very nice of him so go check it out it's locked up right now I didn't take the key from him not today today's just a recon mission scout it out and see what I can do in the future here but I'll take you here into the bush proper all right behind me I'll check it out the sky is nuts today you see that beauty just beauty oh man it's super dark in here my eyes and I'm not adjusted yet it's a very bright out on the snow obviously now we're into these white pine here very very nice there yeah so just in progress still pretty nice the wood stove in there and some coaches and stuff pretty cool now it's not as rustic as Sean James cabin but the very very generous of him like I said to let me have access to this and in the future you'll probably see that maybe with the family or something we're gonna keep on walking back on into the actual forest now a little warm touch well I brought my wool blanket force notably on what we wrote their hangout on it's kind of heavy just a little hay going all it's a nice day we started out with as negative 14 about like two o'clock in the afternoon it's mostly negative five it is 11:45 now water water all right back on the hike it's kind of cool it's kind of kind of cool not knowing the area very cool not knowing the area but being able to get a feel for it and know that I'm allowed to be here it allowed to do whatever I want here pretty cool I was actually in the market for property being the way for looking to buy just liking shooting videos on because I don't have a money I don't have a stationary place you see where I can shoot videos I don't have a Lily survival camp I don't have Martin's bushcraft Basecamp I don't have bushcraft heroes treehouse and we'll have the ripoff artists the bushcraft camp I'm just traveling around doing different trips different places and that I like that and I will continue to do that but I'd like a stationary camp a camp or I can have and come back to and feel like home and stuff like that so yeah it would be cool to have that here so I'm thinking somewhere out here in the open would be a great place to put my woods my canvas tent put the wood stove maybe tuck it back in like next to the trees there I'd like it to be out of the forest in the open and with as least snow underneath it as possible so that it doesn't melt down too much or like this is perfect look at this area this is an awesome spot great for the dog you could just run around I could see them forever that's about perfect there's not a lot of firewood there's all these pine and not much of it is dead so this is a great spot for a canvas tent but we'd have to find firewood and I believe Martin said if I walk that way there's a bunch of hard wood so let's go try let's see how far we'd have to walk that way in order to get firewood enough to keep the tent warm okay this is pretty cool this is giving me a great idea for a shelter can you guys make it what this is a bunch of spruce trees all in a little clump here they're a decent size too so I'll make sure it's ok with Martin but in the future maybe I could try to get in here and make a shelter in here by trimming away a lot of these small dead branches you know what I mean and making like a spot where I can make a little lean-to and use a lot of these vows and branches for the actual materials to make it there's no snow on the ground in here at all it looks pretty insulated they're pretty cool obeah a cool shelter the possibilities are endless which is awesome I get from here get from here no the other way buddy go the other way there you go holy icicle hanging from your beard there buddy there you go heat it up noonim noonim michael boy so I'm sitting here on the snow just catching my breath I definitely pulled a Joe I didn't format my card so I was shooting that last clip about that spruce patch behind me after I got done and I looked at my car it's a memory card full sorry I don't like the full hour round trip back to the car half an hour there half an hour back I left my camera here I left my backpack here and everything and just skirted out there as fast as I could

to get my backup memory card so now I'm back I'm all the warm sounds coming out pretty good I'm just gonna recoup here and then head up back into the woods I go saying I was trying to do same thing just an hour later I know I was staying back there for the the tent but really anywhere around here I'm allowed to be it's stupid snow and the the hard foots are right there so I would even be more inclined to maybe post up just like with the woods with the canvas tent next to these spruces and have my firewood right there easily available so right around this general area I got two potential camps already in the works do that right away a nice solid Deadwood good firewood excites me it excites me we got some brambles here maybe a raspberry or something like that blackberry you got maple red pine red pine oak red pine lots of pine so just really quickly glancing out these woods I can tell that they're not very old none of the trees are too big this is one of the bigger trees this is a pie and they grow quick give me more in 50 years old a lot of these smaller trees are a lot of the other trees are smaller the oak are slower growing there's some oak some elm some Beach so telling me that these woods were developed or cut or burned or something along those lines not too long ago lots of wood though lots of deer activity holy crap there's a little rub nothing too big and it's pretty low as well a little bit extra my marks over there still lots of tracks it's a nice American beach adding some color to the otherwise white and gray winter forest these woods just keep on going man pretty cool they're starting to open up a bit the trees are starting to change too there's an ash which all in my area those are dead from the ash the emerald ash borers no - borer nice nice uh red pine there and a decent sized birch huh so Aspen some bigger pine this is a decent forest guys not too much undergrowth well right now it's all covered in snow so I don't know but it doesn't seem like it ah these are coming up millhouse a bit over here pretty impressed oh my goodness check out this gnarly burl holy crap this thing besides the tree it's on no baby

what do you think's go this is a good place to stop right there that's for you here she's gonna lay down next to it guarantee he lays down next to it this is my new backpack from welcome at the hidden woodsman this is the day ruck the 2018 version not a Joe Robinette edition nothing like that we're not doing that this year

just add a rock welcome was nice enough to send me one of these to test Oh to play with and to promote yeah he does a really good job on his stuff he's changed things up a little bit all the stats are on his website and stuff but this is like a little bit thinner maybe not 500 d again go check it stuff his stuff out on his website he knows what he's talking about little bit thinner you've got completely bright orange on the inside for everything I've got a legit axe loop right in the front got Molly on the sides on this side this is from my original day rock like 2016 edition so the colors a little bit different this has something fancy in it a little treat from mr. Martin this is something I haven't had before called super continental ale should be pretty decent I assume it is 5.5 so it's not too strong I'll be able to drink that today I'll be fine pretty cool pretty cool 650 mil beer in or my 10 centimeter Billy can see where Billy can a couple cans of beer analogy and a smaller water bottle up fitting there and on this side I have my mother carrier can my mother canteen carrier I plan on doing a trip out of this so this will be like this comes with a role that fits underneath it show you up close actually this is made by centreline systems I've had this for a while I just have it used it fits the canteen in there has a bunch of pockets has straps on the bottom to put a Giro lure a girolle it's they call it strap over top pretty pretty sweet thing I got some stuff in here already just like in the pocket so I won't go through it right now actually because I'm gonna do an overnighter just out of this and the G roll in the winter time it actually pretty awesome video moving on Malcolm's got a pretty sweet new patch a little rubberized patch he's still in line patch on there for me he's got straps on the bottom straps on the top and put like a jacket up here a federal on the bottom whatever loops on the inside for saws it's bigger - it's like 30 litres now it's a nice pack man it rides nice the back is all mesh now he's got lots of padding and stuff so he's doing a good job love supporting Malcolm and he supports me and it's pretty good a little relationship going let's get a fire going I see a bunch of oak and poplar and a couple other things right around here that are dead that I can chop up with my axe let's do that when I get some what you want to help me get some wood okay the woods are big boys like Kleenex away love this little merino beanie this is a icebreakers and I've had it since way before alone I seem to lose it every year and find it again

and never get rid of it when I put the old sunglasses on for the wood processing keep these tests or gloves on my belt with a carabiner I got some heavy-duty a little grommet on it so like a metal reinforced I really like it check this know this really sucks tell me if this ever happens to you guys in the wintertime my finger cracks and bleeds like crazy or is it can you see it on there I don't know if you can see it if it's coming through but dude that it looks small but that is split wide open it sucks so bad especially want to put my glove on like there's like fuzz on the inside so it sticks to it and rips everything I've been putting a bandaid on it with like Vaseline and like polysporin and stuff trying to get it fixed I fixed the other phone but this one's pretty bad right now okay oh this axe you might have seen this in my last video or my um snow storm camping video this is the stereotypical bushcrafter Zack's sorry one second he's crying too much as I was saying this is the stereotypical bushcrafter Zack's this is the second one I've had of these was one of the first axes I ever bought and I dinged it up real bad on some oak and I thought they were garbage ever since then but that was like 15 years ago finally got this one not too long ago this one I got from the canadian outdoor equipment got from tim he is an awesome dude and it's a really good store so i highly recommend checking those guys out canadian outdoor equipment scandinavian forest axe from grants first brooks this is like in my mind you know the Lamborghini of axe is right it's a lot of money and it won't do you any better than a Fiskars axe but i really like it and it's all about preference so let's get to working with this bad boy I'll put a link to Canadian door equipment in the description I get a lot of stuff from those guys they hook it up I got this poplar I found nothing dad we're ready a chopper down I want to make sure I put my axe mass in my pocket this is brown right now it's not such a bad time of here I put on the ground with like a light saber okay branch at the wood was deteriorated it's not punky all right BAM son thanks for deal if delimit it for me their deal Mr dog come see the amazing deal Mr dog prize and deal em slugs like nobody's business get it get your stick here might rant at my plane it might be just froze in the woods good boy hey look at you doing your job but like a champ

drop it good good dog get your stick what a good boy you are this might look small but this is gonna be the toughest one yet of all the trees I've got this is a oka bleep white oak there we go you can see from the grain on there it is oak and get that one down too I get the ax question all the time like ax do I recommend what's my favorite axe and stuff and it's such a broad question there's so many parameters so many variables for a good all-around acts like highlight it's either gonna be something like this like a boys act or 19-inch axe and you won't have to hit B it doesn't through grants furs or wetterling's or healthfirst or Fiskars or council tool the best bet what I've had the best success with is getting old heads REE handling themselves or getting a body to rehand on on a decent handle the only thing you're really looking for is a quality head and what I like to see in an axe head is a thin axe head Swedish is always good this is like a tomahawk style but I prefer like the more American looking ones that Dayton patterns are you gonna be okay the Dayton patterns and stuff like that but yeah anyways all-around acts 1919 inch or 25 26 inch but there's tons of different uses for different kinds of axes accent is so easy nice to use not using your ass there's no reason not to just kind of throw it in there that way it's off the ground you know where it is it's good to go chief is on it axe mask is on it nice and easy a break this tree will come in handy leave it leave it long Scout doesn't steal all alright pretty handy what again that's just popular right gotta be realistic here that's not over it still work that easy people see you guys who watched that last video with Griffin Scott what do you guys think about that video anyways with Grif hope we can through alright I saw some good comments and some negative ones but anyways but I went with those guys you might have seen refusing my new knife when you adventures for knife and I kind of shoot it a little bit then thought I'd talk about it a little bit more right now I told you guys that would so I had this almost exact knife years ago and I brought it on alone with me the only difference between that one and this one it's my old knife had white g10 scales and these are ivory paper micarta if I'm not mistaken it's still very nice very similar and then the blade was 1/4 inch longer on the other one look at the tape or though look at the taper on that bad boy coming up it's 1/8 tapering down nothing almost pretty fancy so adventure swarn love those guys been a big fan for a long time

check that bad boy out pretty sweet knife I got a really nice sheath with it and a matching fire steel with the piece of shock cord around it the fire steels pretty fancy pretty nice that was Grif using that I haven't even used it yet so that other knife had a bad ending the one that was this one was made after had an unfortunate ending so anyways thanks Cody at Adventure swarm we're hoping it up

I got a fisherman knife which is a fillet knife that matches this as well at home so I'll be bringing that out in the spring and stuff so this woods very deteriorated I'm just making some curls off of it to throw on top of the fire well that's my first time using it having any problems getting used to it by any means so nice knife loved their work always have I actually have a knife collaboration in the works with them or to make a scope model and have it for sale but that's not gonna be for some time alright that's probably decent alright alright let's get this thing going I got some fine birch bark and I got some thick birch bark I'm gonna use the fine birch bark to start it thick bark work as part of the platform and add more on top with the shavings should go pretty good alright well I'm gonna put it up with those shavings almost almost screwed her up as hard as I try you

one more thing I should point out I got there's a sit pad pretty cool one from Fantomex the same guy who does my or did my still nylon poaches it's got this like cordage webbing and velcro with padding inside I got this like maybe a year ago he sent it to my house I've never used it thanks buddy so uh yeah sorry you actually I used it last last video with Grif before that I hadn't whoa I was holding on to the old blue foam pad no hold on all right the fire is going behind us if I'm being honest I've had a hell of a time keeping it going I don't know why maybe it did rain for the past couple days before I got here hey everything's soaking wet but anyways it's time to make up some lunch I've got some dehydrated chili and my wife made the chili and I dehydrated it I've got a couple more at home in anticipation for trips to come that's a good amount of dehydrated chili so there's mushrooms beans onions hearty hearty hearty chili and also to go with it somebody touching my spaghetti somebody think I'm a person anyways so that would be good good lunch I've got a scout a can of dog food so you can have that what else I got in here just things like some chips a bagel not much all right I'm excited to eat I was watching the guy who makes the center line systems who owns it say people are having a hard time getting the canteen part out of the carrier once the carrier's full gear you got out on the sides you had a really cool solution you just kind of pull it so close on the side comes right out and then the same thing for putting it in if it's that lip gets caught it's not even hard anyway but put it in so yeah just like it sounds you know you turn it sideways and then you put it in here anyways

approach out things got a little lid holder behind it to again I'll go in more detail into this once I do that overnight or above I am a Sun a rider nice so boiled up don't know if it's all gonna go in here this is like one and a half serving but oh yeah sure go she'll make a turd there we go nice so that will really fluff up fluff up snot the word really bulk up yeah hearty lunch her tea almost supper I'm not gonna put it right on the fire or the coals and just gonna put kind of next to it so it's gonna get some residual heat but also stay very warm and maybe go a little bit quicker we're just rocking bed of coals now I found some cherry some choice cherry some cherry cherry as it were Oh that show up in the camera it's dead anyway here's a little look inside the field a rough 2018 version it's got a zippered pocket in the front seat pad pocket in the back padded two saw pockets or side pockets whatever you want to use in for - flaps that come over top and my water bottles kind of weighing it down that's why it looks cool yeah nice and square I think he said about 30 to 35 liters it's my second time using it I only used it the other day with Griffin Scott so so far pretty impressed it can fit lots of gear I can definitely do an overnighter and that and that will come be - come come to me soon it's a new year new gear BAM they're still getting cooked from where it is oh it's hot yeah made with love oh it's dumb Oh buddy she done the water to chili ratio is about perfect that not too shabby guys I'm hungry I'm gonna dig in scouts really want some someone have to fix him up his uh dog food before I eat that's okay so cool down a little bit while that's happening I like to leave it I used to mix it all in but now I like to leave it at the top so I can taste a super cheesy bite so but she the parmesan so he touched my spaghetti you know you know I pulled the Joe once again I had so it's bowl next to my food next to my gear and I forgot it so we're improvising leave it for a minute buddy that food

not too shabby guys it's like a stew I think you said it's a stew let's do style it's gonna go in this baggie in the ground we're gonna eat out of that and I'll help them out cuz I'm sure it'll be a little bit difficult for them

I'll rip the sides open there you go buddy how about her good boy good dog can I eat yet the answer is no I cannot eat yet need to fix this fire give that some air and I should be okay I'm happy to report that this sit pad is a very good fire enhancer a fire blower not as good as the original blue foam pad but come on nothing can touch that right it's in illegal its own there we go meanwhile scope meanwhile Scouts done yeah I'll help you Oh buddy one sec okay here here here one more okay good boy yeah we are you got my backup water bottle oh my smart water filled up in a tap oh yeah remnants of restore for a punch Oh cheers guys still plenty hot quite cheesy Wow so I've been wearing this coat this triple fat goose coat for since before or Christmas

I'm liking him like know what I seem to bring this one every time wearing this in the city and when I go camping oh I always did go to grab my other mountain hardwear one you just prefer this one because it's got a big thick heavy hood on it and it's not it's not fragile but when I do have to go like or when I do going like a distance thing I won't be bringing this just because it doesn't pack down so that's the trade-off I guess those own lightweight ones really pack down come on the blanket buddy come I pick up here on your bed what you don't lay down Hey all right mmm my beer that was a legit remembering some moment there from Joe remembrance okay I don't have a candle per all they have is my brand new knife it's not my old Turley you know I mean it's a brand-new shiny night but you make the sacrifice right nice no harm no foul but smell it let's give it the old sniff test we guys think hoppy or citrus I'm going citrus just by the green on the bottle on the on the label oh it's a logger no it's a ale it smells a blue what blues a pilsner this is not smell like an IPA says it's a super continental ale let's try that's decent our beers are not pasteurized and contain no preservatives nice very cool ok it's gonna go good with the chili look at my sport its parmesan Oh coated [Music]

I brought him because I was only going out for the day and his he wants to come out and it was a good it was a good time to spend with him drive up here and spent last night my buddies with them and stuff so he get a little bit more attention but this is a learning experience this whole trip right this trip is me learning about this area me learning about what they can do in this area

what kind of natural resources are here what kind of terrain is here all that stuff it's also learning that I really can't have bring him on overnighters in the winter where there's not going to be like a hot tent or a place to get inside because he's uh he's shivering right now he refuses to get on this on this blanket as you can see soon they'll try again but go come up here around up here lay up here now come here here no come here good boy lay down down good dog but he's again he's only half on it and he won't stay on it for long but he is shivering anyways if I have a place to get over that like the hut then he's helped off it completely off dude go do what you're doing he wants some of this but he already had his own food or onions and stuff in here so I could still bring him out for the day and I can still bring him out camping as long as there's like a canvas tent with a wood stove kind of deal where he can get out of that and warm up and stuff oh that's okay I'm fine with that

right you old dog the old ten year old dog there's a good beer all right well I want to finish this up I'll go back with you and I'm done who's good chillin down okay in the UH in the fires not a raging anymore so I wouldn't grab this dead standing poplar you get her going again still too much that's pretty handy I gotta gotta say look inside it I remember I probably looked inside it when I first got it really don't remember what's in it oh I smoked maybe we can move oh yeah okay so it's just the sheets for the blue foam pad but this is not my flute blue foam pad it's made of different thing I actually think it's the same kind that Kyle actually said actually at lunch there like Carla had cut from an old sleeping pad if I'm not mistaken but I assume you can attach that to your backpack maybe this cordage not really sure play frisbee it's orange you don't lose it it's hanging out by the fire looking all around looked up over here I see a perfect example of why you really need to check out your canvas pot before you set up up north they call them chiku chiku

there's no MS widow-makers probably super dangerous check this out that's a big old birch no sorry it's a poplar similar sometimes poplars a soft tree it's not as about as birch Paul there's a very very soft tree broke up there it's holding up in the crook of that tree that pine and then there's like an extra bridge coming down this way and then this big old pine here just kind of propped up and then this dead poplar I'm a loose cannon I'm all this cannon style you know there's something wrong my camera now everything what's won't oh oh my gosh but anyways my original point be careful where you are camping there's a strong wind storm that's coming down and gonna ruin someone's day well it's almost four o'clock

nobody gets done work at 5:00 and about a half an hour hike up out of here so I think I'm gonna pack up get on out of here we'll split a night a buddy's house then get home to edit this video Scott what are you doing you're gonna cut your tongue Matt mom I was gonna say buddy in man at the same time mom mommy Maudie cut your tongue mouthy stop stop sorry little punk dude how many times I have to tell you to stop licking that can if you cut your tongue you're not gonna be a happy boy all right time to pack this stuff up and get out of here this is a very good trip I'm very happy I came and did this even though we're not doing it overnight it was very telling

that's good sign of things to come so I know now I have about three options for videos and that's just like at the bare minimum on top of my head just walking around looking there's plenty of options for like minimal gear stuff and natural shelter stuff and family stuff all sorts of stuff I know this video may have seemed a little gear oriented it really didn't mean to be that way it did turn out that way and I can see that I just got some new gear it's a new year I got some new gear in the new year this sit pad slides watch out big guy move over watch out slides right down the back slot of the backpack it's a touch tight but she fits it matches the color it matches so anyway like I'm saying I didn't mean for it to be such a dear video what it is and that's okay so I'll put links to the in the bottom in the description where you can get the hidden wards and backpack the grass first Brooks skin and even forest axe the heavy cover canteen the sit pad the Fantomex hip pad I don't know if he's still making them I literally got that pad a year ago and I didn't even know I was getting it and yeah so we'll see anyways I'll look and see if there is a link I'll put it but hope you guys enjoyed the video not a good time with buddy scope the next video uh-huh I will hopefully be doing a Wednesday video with my wife at home but the next trip video should be with mr. Shawn James oh no ice was a certain ice up on an ice fishing trip we'll go and we'll pull sleds behind us and have a snow snow truck or hot tent I'll pull that behind us and live out there for a couple nights and catch some fishies and hopefully eat them up although we laid on the blanket look at you what a good boy only took you ten years to catch on want some water nope

too cold to drink water dad okay well welcome saying everything's good there's a good trip good things to come good things to come with good people I'll keep you wet I'll keep you with me until I get on out of here I've got lots of words to say still never shortage of words for old Joe you know I don't want my hands it's a good tip to keep this fire going or any fire you have going until as late as you can before you leave that way you can just continuously warm your hands I probably said that on my last video but it's the truth

warmth do you ever imagine you should leave the fire going as long as you can before you leave camp oh all right there should be nice little setup you definitely spend the night open this thing if I needed to a little five by seven master tarp we'll blanket there we go all right I'm just gonna kick some snow on top of this guy

it's not too much concerned here it's pretty much deciduous and also everywhere that's where the fire pit was right there yeah you ready go bye yeah come on let's go oh yeah I can't forget that pretty legit bush it's not like it's a trails all throughout or anything like this

I'm literally falling a deer following a deer trail feel like it's way overexposed now I'll having some problems with my camera guy's trip anyways yeah not bad and then again like I said earlier there's that spot I showed you that was all that I can use the canvas tent there so lots of options all right stop post hole in here go to the post fall in a bit this is awesome I love this kind of training just open field some trees for wind protection yeah super cool you just sunglasses over here though scotty goggles

oh just saw a little animal bounding through the snow scope didn't see it OCB after it squirrel maybe can't cancel i've gotten that one today or else the postholing

will be more frequent snow it'll softened up sun's behind behind clothes all day basically yeah the clear night last night walk walking on the lake frozen lake

and we drove scott was all antsy we drove last night or yesterday really five or so hours to get buddies 'ghost and we get in let's go it's like what the heck man we drove this long to freaking sit here we walked along the lake on the lake at night was frozen obviously and yeah clear skies though that's my point of this story clear skies lots and lots of stars today Metro boomin want some more Oh Oh me back to the cabin but halfway back to the car that's another option there too for a different type of video too

it always just jump on the bandwagon and pull the whole cabin thing you know huh I'll get me some huge back on the trail we're almost back to the the car crazy dogs still got that stick drop it good boy come on come on jump up buddy up up up up good boy there you go big Street Joe activated alright guys thanks for watching the video we back with another video very soon take care I'll see you next time thanks bro

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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