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Overnight Winter Ice Fishing Camp in a Hot Tent with a Woodstove on the night of the Supermoon


Join me in this Canadian adventure.

Shawn James from the YouTube channel My Self Reliance and I set off from his log cabin in the forest, we hike in the snow, pulling sleds carrying our camping gear.

We travel to a frozen lake, set up a snowtrekker hot tent, chop firewood for the cold night, and auger holes in the ice so we can ice fish.

We catch a few northern pike, and cook them up for supper, all while experiencing camping in a supermoon.


Snowtrekker hot tent https://www.snowtrekkertents.com/expedition.html

False bottom for woodstove https://www.canadianoutdoorequipment.com/_search.php?page=1&q=esker

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

good morning guys how you doing thanks for tuning in today's give me a good day on my pack for my self-reliance cabin bloody Sean James built and today we are going to head out on an ice fishing trip packing up our sleds right now we're gonna head out that way to a couple little lakes Sean knows about Mike Weir wall Mike tonight I've got my snow truck or hot tent in here with a wood stove be nice and comfortable it's supposed to be pretty cool today negative 20 so it'll be helpful whoa so come along with us maybe we'll catch some fish but definitely have a good time

so came to a potential camp spot there's couple here we've been walking on the slate for a little while here's one that's right off the lake it looks like it can be relatively flat this doesn't look so bad [Applause]

snowshoe hare tracks going through that other spot - yeah right there's a home here it could be yeah hey back coat on the ice it's nice as ice Sean was saying earlier it doesn't have so much snow on it so dz4 walking there's also grip and a slot the sleds slide very easily until I land oh this looks better dude it's it's an 8 by 10 yeah for sure it will fit there lengthwise yeah it's just a bit rectangular but yeah we'll just put the door on this so they'll fit perfectly there yeah it's yeah what the straightest were gonna get yeah this is better ah nurse

yeah there's some well there's some right here is uh not the great it's a softwood but there's a lot of it it keeps going it seems I keep seeing Deadwood you got a like a balsam fir here perfectly dried there - yeah this is suitable yeah hey we could even come back in here right here alright yes we'll go down get the sleds and die come on up here [Applause]

first thing we want to do is clear spot both got some broader shovels with us clear away the how much other couple inches of snow there is set up the hot tent yeah and then we can get on the ice it's about negative 20 right now so anything we're doing with our hands kind of hurts but doing the long hike out to the lake here we really warmed up so that helps a lot is able to wrap everything with my five by seven mess trying to keep snow off of it and then I could also use it as my ground sheet inside the tent so oh man it's good shovel sleeping bag and my pillow in here the stove the tent stove pulls [Music]

right so you guys can see me use this tent once before and I can't think with the subscriber video just got my camping this for a night couple months ago this is my snow trucker tent comes with these poles they make a frame gonna get eight frame use the heat frame stretch the canvas over top have a nice warm and cozy home for the night so we're looking for this is the one with both ends open so this is gonna be a cross piece across the other ones have one and closed like that and that's the end that's gonna go in the ground [Music]

four legs one cross piece right I think that YP yeah no long yeah there you go all right good no he's got a drip okay so this first easy so there is um in the corner in the bottom there's little pockets where you can stick the legs little rubber ice part



there's a leather strap goes in the middle of this on the sides there you kind of leave the metal hanging out or sorry that the leather start hanging out [Applause]

one side through then put the leather part on


all right Sean's finishing up last Toyota and she's all set up just gotta set the stove now let's go inside and check her out it's always hard to do this with one hand got her oh yeah yeah this is actually pretty flat relatively relatively flat but plenty of room have one guys sleep on the very back wall a short walk like ways sorry that wall blank please still goes in there oh speaking of snows my mind I think that's how I had it last it was better better use of space [Music]


that's the false bottom from Canadia your foot so you don't have to put for your bricks in because the fire brooks are painting right you know they're banging all around the way a lot and then to empty it too they call it with the ashes come on back up just saying hopefully see I wanna make sure the stainless steel says Joe important part cold the Joe called the Joe it obviously hasn't been used yet I got this again from Canadian outdoor equipment they hook it up check those guys out and it fits in the trucker model

Nyko stove from Nyko which snow tracker sells this again in the snow tracker tent there's an 8 by 10 expedition crew [Music]

sit tore up there there was one part worse

yeah and then we just get the tripod rusted on there call it good [Music]

oh man it's hard for me to see looks like it's recording so just out on the the lake right now the sun's out here it's a little bit warmer than in the woods and the shade Shaun's haven't launched I already ate some snacks and stuff no no no little midday beer out on the lake so yeah pretty soon you're gonna drill some holes for some fishies and cut some firewood for tonight that's a that's a must for sure time for us to offer up some bowls try get some fishing yeah just whenever you want me to take over I'll need good for a bit okay ma'am you got done auger in those holes that was a lot of work and a lot of work so he eats I'll read a few Shawn's down there setting up the fishing rods and minnows and a lot of stuff so I'm gonna go up in the woods behind me here start collecting some wood for tonight and then go down there and join us Shawn and start fishing I've got my ax with me but only use Shawn's new max from Toronto blacksmith looks pretty badass [Music]

it's full of fat would ya that's all fat would Richter very lively catch a couple those yep it's a good meal yeah decent yeah let this guy go all right bass for the win split shot really helped on here so I'm not gonna pretend like I know anything about ice fishing but from what I've been told here we're trying to keep it off about a foot off the bottom and this is not very deep at all right here so doesn't take much line out gonna gather some of this dry exposed graph here so when we go to start the fire tonight good tinder we gather to use in conjunction it's just nice to have you know everything all in the bank ready to go before nighttime actually look right above where I'm at here's this perch and I can really grab some nice pieces of birch bark off that guy's hit super deadly it's awesome in here it's got a nice feel in here okay I'll cut up some firewood yep


so the cars are cutting the wood for the wood stove what about that links not much longer

that's what I deal with maybe 15 inches tops you have one piece of maple there but really what's so so efficient nice and dry like perfectly dry never tell you firewood excites a good dry firewood yeah I bet you uh make some really nice curls oh oh my knife is cold knife handles cold yeah look at that it's got its natural chuck in it like I always see the look for right there perfect do bode role with this one so even though we cleared out a lot of the snow or all of the snow from underneath the tent when we start the fire in the wood stove it tends to sink down into the ground even even though like I said the snow is gone it'll still melt the ground underneath it kind of get a little Wampus so I'm going to cut three lengths of a log that's buried in the snow over here

and put it underneath the wood stove so that it has a little bit more stable base so this there's a lot of that I'm gonna grab have to unbury it from the snow I want to use it because it's not good not good for firewood into lengths okay so if I can cut this yeah I can just cut this in half and use these these three pieces so we get one more they weren't quite long enough that's right just cut to reach side or I could do that that works to put it lengthways okay that's pretty secure from solid pretty sturdy level perfect just make some little shavings and stuff click my knife a little bit again this is pulsipher pretty soft wood oh yeah yep

nice and thin Airy fluffy curls no I love it

would you actually have quite a bit of wood that's good it's early it's like just starting to get stayed late a little bit longer or not getting dark right at 5:00 these days maybe a boat six almost six let's get better and there's company which is always nice so it was sitting here tonight going walleye fish - there's some walleye in there you saw I got that bass Shanker pike - but well I'd be great even if we don't eat them I'm just pull the question we're gonna eat those pike up for sure I'll let the bass go like you saw those pike we're gonna get eaten up it's cool I haven't eaten pike probably says woodland caribou last time huh Shaun maybe I did you know gone couldn't with Doug but I don't think so this is a little bit different than my normal videos the ice-fishing part of it it's just pretty cool it's it's new to me I've only ever been ice fishing once before that was down near Peterborough and we were fishing for perch and it was inside like a really nice ice fishing hut a guy who owned it kick bring us over like picnic lunch and everything so pretty nice not like this up here this is way more rugged it's very cool this is my this is my thing up here for sure plus the first fishing wasn't that great oh come on good time nice to be out for a couple days doing doing different things you know I mean the last last video yesterday was a painter at Sean's place and it was fun to who's nice to relax and kind of explore that dead area and talk about future trips reminescent chirps we've done in the past maybe tonight we'll uh we'll head sit down and have a little chat on camera about trips that are gonna come up that we might do together all right so we're sitting pretty here three pikes so far each one bigger than the last I'm eating good tonight

as you can see Sean look Josie uh the old ice hut getting a little chilly we're gonna sit in there tonight and fish for walleye rather than just sitting out in the open so that's kind of cool

we gotta push saw her t1 right here holes

steam come off my hands bring me one look at this guy bringing chairs what a nice guy yes no presently out on the ice over here no luck in a little while inside the tent I think I'm gonna go up into the woods into the shelter and not to shelter the a hot tank get the snow going we've got lots of wood I still gotta cut some wood up so Sean's cleaning up the fish right now it's almost suppertime anyway so good use of time will be I'm gonna warm that bad boy it's getting pretty cold the thing is we're moving around all day warmer to warm ourselves up and kept that one because we kept moving around but now I sat in that in that little hut for about an hour so and just got really children Suns going down too it's crazier huh not what's snow up here not what snow anywhere right now a lot farther north than I've been this year or this winter less snow than then I've been doing

I'm just gonna make some superfine curls oh I don't like wah-wah some superfine curls to work with the firesteel well I guess I got guy well the grass is hard to maneuver after it's on fire sorry I guess you couldn't see it on there so I'll leave these right on the stick that way I can move them after their lip stick them in the wood stove and like the other stuff no sharp corner on my fire steel good idea alright once again I got this false bottom in here gonna create air flow and make the bottom of the stove not warp out when I get super hot here's Sean yellow he's got fish [Music]

touching anything on my hands hurts okay go grab some wood for outside I got some split up should probably split this back way up a little bit loving my new knife from adventure sworn it's like being reunited with an old friend

shamans yelling for me we're go see what the commotion is probably got a lunker on there maybe a walleye walleye be sweet

certainly is warming up in here quite quickly

had to down jackets on probably one of those guys a suit it's getting dark it's 20 after five for a long time okay I'm thinking we go head back down there and a little bit see what shawne's up to I know he was yelling I mean cut another cut another monster pike down there so oh I have to go down and grab water too and we don't have to melt snow we're gonna just use the the ice holes to collect water phone we just gotta boil it so that's nice and handy it's easier and faster yeah that's hurry it's hard alright before I head out there I'm gonna stack up the wood in there I got two pieces of balsam fir and one piece of maple I'm trying to stagger it that way so it's supposed to be the super moon tonight I'm hoping it is we're lucky it will be canteen cup head down to the lake that was calling for the super moon super there's a nice nice purple sky either way a whole super moon bright night there's not a cloud in the sky I've got myself my cup of water that is quickly becoming ice shuns little dead set on getting some good pictures of that moon I don't blame you take photograph headed off back to the wood stove I'm gonna get this water on the boil maybe make up a hot drink coffee or something so much darker in here in the woods

I can hear it pumping it oh she's one I can feel it we got three bikes first and then I've got a perch which it kept and then says I was pulling the lines up ended up catching I think the biggest bike of the day so have those frozen outside most of the pike only have two Pike fillets in here and the perch so I'll cook those up and I'll bring the rest of the pike back to the cabin so I think what I'll do is just throw some water and some butter in this pan sort of poached in butter you're really Bank big shout-out to everybody who emailed me and commented about the splits on the finger on that in the last video excuse me it helped I was really worrying about that on this trip because my hands are gonna excuse me again getting all beat up on this trip and cold and you know the gloves and stuff but the superglue worked like a charm that was good thanks guys she's cooking there's a finished product that plates cold so first test luxury extreme I don't taste much at all not bad how about some healthy healthy in french fries

when I head down to the lake it's been booming like crazy to see such big big loud bass booms so I'd like to capture some of that on film or I guess audio and I'd like to check out the super moon see huh that guys doing go check out the ice hut super moon very big man pretty bright too I can see over here with no lights at all like I can walk completely perfectly fine

there's no cities around here by far you can't see me can't see me but I can see no cities around here no the lake light pollution it just legit from the super moon which is pretty cool camping in a super moon might be a first for me oh man I literally just missed it I have my camera off at two big booms I placed a bit bright just a bit bright ah pretty cool glad to be able to catch some fish through the ice a little bit different different content break it up a bit I think having this hot tent oh it's really making me want to do a camp with Scout so they want to go for two or three nights with him pretty soon I'm not sure - sure where maybe that other property may be back in another place it is nice walking across lakes and do it like that so maybe we'll go somewhere where there's a lake I can cross bring the hot tent stay there for a few nights wasn't here it it's a nice glow coming from the tent there we just I just got back from down at the lake we decided you should go down and try some night fishing for walleye was not successful we didn't stay at Elmira for too long anyway

that's alright we've had our fill on pike and I asked nice to be back in the warmth here so it's late it's like oh it's 9 o'clock I'm almost ready for bed I've been tired since almost 7:00 so I kind of might be an early name we tore down the the shelter the the the ice hut while we're down there so that tomorrow morning we can get up and get out of here I'm like a hours from home or something like that so it'd be nice to get up and get out pretty early in the morning so tore that down and I'm about ready for bed you're tired Sean Oh tired he's outside give me some all right folks it's uh oh it's the only ten after Anne hi we're about ready to turn in I'm exhausted Sean's already all cuddled up cozy in bed so I think this will be it for tonight hip she goes up in the morning I probably won't do much what do you got going on in the morning and getting a new breakfast you quicker yeah you know if some bright I'm gonna make it anything you know the crab of SLUSA Brittany yeah see I think that's the same I wanna hook you gonna start to play yeah I have bars I can do bars I'm there you go bars in the morning and on out of here and then eight hour drive so this is a pretty diverse strip for me two different separate things the day at Shawn's the night at Sean's and then day out here and then I out here so pretty cool I'm uh I'm happy I came happy I was able to do this meetup was shown again I haven't seen him since like I said one time really quick maybe a few months ago and then woodland caribou which is almost a year ago now so it's uh it's a long time coming so they want to lay here maybe talk about some future trips and yeah maybe we'll let you guys in on that in the future but for now it's a good night I'll see you in the morning good morning guys it's about 6:30 how just packing up you don't know to hear my huh my old sleeping bag I brought for this trip the zipper and no breaking in the middle of the night so it was wide open I had to kind of tuck it under a nose there's lots of fun needless to say I'm frozen my hands are pretty cold so packing up camp and hiking out of here so we can warm up [Music]

slowly getting there getting lighter man I'm sweating I had to take off my toque and everything crazy hot

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