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Unboxing Camping Gear with my Wife - $300 Titanium Canteen and Gear Giveaway.


Video that I'm referring to for the Bushcraft Gear Giveaway


Heavy Cover Canteen,pan, Centerline Systems Mother, ect..


Axe Mask and loop @onetreeleather on instagram

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

you guys Mohawk Joe here thanks for tuning in

alright hey you guys do it thanks for tuning in this is our midweek video something that I started to really enjoy shooting and filming and shooting and filming editing and uploading I'm hoping you guys like it too let me just get this out there because there was some confusion I'm still doing my normal Friday videos guys I'm still doing my camping videos when I push crap when winter stuff nothing's changed nothing's changed we're just adding more videos so we've got some packages today I'll get up and get them because my vana is pregnant first we got something from British Columbia something from Australia the Americas and another thing from good old US of A I know what they all are except for the Australian one so let's open up the British Columbia one British Columbia is in Canada it's on the west side of Canada that's why we did a show alone I'm at Cooper Island British Columbia it's one of I think that's Canadian as in Ontario as a time Terry y I was an Ontarian we always look at British Columbia like the you always like a less British Columbia has a nice place to live nice place to visit to be well you tell the folks what we were supposed to do was going to take me away to a beautiful winter wonderland for my birthday we didn't know if she was like allowed to fly like health wise that she's allowed to fly we found out that was a go yeah but the seasick the seasickness the morning sickness is too much is you're getting little bit better now anyways well be for another time I guess so will has never been out to be see you know fooling plain of you I I flew on the plane when I was 12 by myself for the first time ever so emotional bullying okay first up from my good friend Erin who's the owner and maker of one free leather so we've seen one shoe leather in a few of my videos I've got some nice shoes made for them this is an axe max max mask you say an axe mask not an axe sheath because that is not correct all right look this leather stamp kind of a little cool touch I don't put that on my on my keychain I think my keychain part of this so one tree leather Instagram really weird okay I know this is taking a long time all right Oh Beck Beck very nice I'm gonna go grab my ax I'm going to put it on there to see the fit know what this is - this is a belt loop for an axe carrier now the skin of a forest axe the one that this is for is a little bit too big to wear on your belt but sometimes this is not for you this is nothing actually to put on your belt and in case you do need the accessibility of hanging it it's there and this is all made of very thick 'la leather I don't even know form 4 or 5 mil maybe I could be wrong with that but it looks thick romantics alright

that's the Scandinavian forest axe from Grant Spurs Brooks got this from the canadian outdoor equipment so this mask is much much floozie er not bad that's how all of its much flimsier so this is the grant Spurs mats if it came with it that's Aaron's max he's still Bennet but look at that good difference right anyways it's got a nice nice logo on it I like the color the Warren look to it that's the same kind of look that my Gasconade sheath that he made me has for my Turley alright Fitz

I've got a little dilemma she's a touch small Aaron did not have the skin name in for sex to use as a template so we just eyeballed it and the two knife sheaths I've got before from him he did the same but this is different this is a specific acts right it's just it's just a little too tight so what I am going to do is soak it in water and see if that goes because it's almost on you know I mean it's really just this last little bit when I soak in water see if that opens it up a little bit and then once if it if it does I'll leave it on at wet form mm-hmm seeing it'll be a really tight good fig sheet or ax mask if not I'm just gonna let Aaron know and he'll make you up another one and send me another one no problem you already told me that going into it if you didn't fit just let him know so very very close fit Aaron I really like it and we'll see out after the the web forum we see if that makes it fit thank you it's much nicer isn't it the sheath anywhere is for the absolute you just put that on your bill it's obviously with the mask on it just hangs all right when we open it next well Australia or America so it says on here the gentleman's name leather goods sweets toys and clothing Oh a mixed bag so thank you Luke from Australia Oh God

snacks kangaroo me tenders for scope some kangaroo streets it's alright okay using authentic Australian meat it's it is it ours Australian people like what would oppose you think it's a Canadian meat what would you think the meat would be moose she malkos meaty tenders are delicious tasting dog treats using authentic Australian meat yeah it says kangaroo oh there we go kangaroo who met tints collect nuts soy protein Vegemite sandwich specially you just smiled and gave me a bunch of my son you know the crickets there you want a kangaroo dog treat only good boy our daughter had a kangaroo come visit her class last week and she was very scrappy he's eaten enough okay next up

oh wait kangaroo that's an Australian flag it's not addressed not a British play my talk Jumbuck all thank you with Joey and flag we'll give this to Emily you can Timmy Taylor original the most original the most irresistible chocolate biscuit that looks good I'll try it in town yes you got it good really good one more well he's getting down on that Roux okay this is scary will you tell me what is it that's why it's scary it's not a Vegemite sandwich okay I'm gonna read the note I'm sure it'll say in the note what it is wit cream just random unlabeled weight cream that's what it's scary okay says Wow you're not beginning a minute good eye Joe it literally says g'day Joe that's awesome I'm not gonna read it all but I'll read some of it goodnight Joe just wanted to say that really enjoy your videos I'm from Australia so it's good to see snow camping a different bush I've sent you some stuff we'll go through with you when we started my own leather business ginger aunt leather hoods Australia a couple of months ago from my back for and apart so I'm getting new to the games and I've been getting a few sales so the gear I've said is it's getting in for sour so I made a sheep in a collar for it oh I didn't know if they're not 100 second cheap in colour maybe this won't fit Aaron oh snap how did I miss all this stuff I'm sorry oh look a bell to ginger aunt leather goods oh what a cool lean-to thank you the colors all right nobody no worried oh yeah

or you know mommy's not let him have his treats order go boys there you go lady better what are you betting in it okay this is pretty sweet so it's actually a really cool leather design on it - you did a really good job um check this out this is a caller now I have this on my small Sandvik that Mike made for me that's a belt not that skinny that's really actually a sweet built for sweet don't call her first oh that's really cool actually I really like that and I'm gonna scope that is a badass collar you beat some peeps with that all right I imagine I have to loosen this up quite some wait a bit before you know good boys you know it is the same setup I ran on my own my own hopefully it will be close as I think I saw the es marks on it so I think the same bloke you made our axes yeah it does say yes yeah what he's referring to is the stamp on the the head that's the maker's initials yes it also gave you some stuff for scout I've seen he turned 10 years old I have a rescue dog as well anyway I made a freshwater crocodile lined with cow high collar oh that's so awesome that is look at it you can tell now I had no idea oh it's like he's from Australian has access to these things that's so cool dude really I'm pumped on that huh I hope it fits I'm sure well it looks perfect I don't know if you get smack oh we don't in Canada those are the dog treats but my old dog tiny my old dog tinnie my old boy tinnie is in rome tinning can loves them and they are like crap for dogs never seen a dog not like them yes this is my beard balm that's what the white stuff is beard balm make as well but it makes a great waterproof beeswax almond world well I really appreciate that and maybe in a few years I get a few I can use it there's a really cool gift a really cool care package what I'm finding out is Australians are very thoughtful people like they yeah thought it was like four things for the family things like that we'd actually have spoke about before like anyways very cool very cool people as a whole I got some not very cool people from Australia commenting on my videos to try to tell me that like I'm exaggerating about the cold and stuff cause they don't see like I know it's like yeah that's all right fits perfectly good it took me about 45 minutes to get it on but look at that I just got to lease it up tie it up and back Oh bye bye oh let's see see if this mask fit I'm sure it does considering he said he used his as a template yeah it does very nice

so both very very very nice pieces of leather okay

and what hat I gotta wear Jost I'll just put that so cool this is from last year couple subscribers made that for my family actually in subscribers oh yeah look at you doll big down I think my next box has something for some viewers I think that maybe there might be a pretty substantial giveaway in one in this box there's a pretty expensive too actually this is from heavy cover there might be some which is a canteen that I normally use you know there's a couple of different things in here actually - we got a canteen set that's the titanium canteen set that I always use got full set there God oh yeah another mother carrier at different different colors I actually really like this color way better than the other in the one I have that's pretty cool survival alright shield hey check that out a knife I think I think that's a folding knife a flashlight okay so it's like it's like for your survival kit if you lost your sunglasses or something or they broke when you're out in extreme temperatures like the brightness from the snow and stuff for the UV rays it's a pair of sunglasses that are in here that wrap around our string you can shake them to your head to keep your eyes protected from the UV rays that's pretty cool I wonder if we open them if it's impossible to get back in yeah yeah I can take them home no no maybe I can okay that's it oh there's sunglasses that's a roll roll a pair of sunglasses these weighed like half an ounce so anybody's going back it's like a film container size well back in and seeds are already hard - I didn't completely take it apart it's hard to get back in okay cool so these are called survival ice shield

I believe that Chris at heavy cover would have all this stuff on his website so it's heavy cover ENCOM I believe I'll put it in the description nightcore SRT 3 defender 550 lumens flashlight that's pretty cool it says built like a tank proudly / built in the USA ky USA hinderer ZT Andrew I'm sure it's a knife I told Chris I was looking clothes in the market for a good pocket knife but it's pretty nice knife that's smooth action on it no batteries I'm not sure how to close this can open it though why can't I open it I'm doing something wrong it's a pretty decent knife eh I like it it go well with my jogging pants right my jogger my tortoise what are they used to this action that's pretty cool life oh don't look don't look into the flashlight then no what is that it's very great yeah I'm probably not going to look into a flashes blue red and anyway really great nice gracious Wilhelmina push the button and then you turn this loop in it genius hmm there's nothing nothing perfect nothing stuff there we go strobe can't see in the camera there you go alright well what's the stuff going on

what does it take one double a one double a hip nice so that's a night core I don't think I've ever really used one of these before all right cool and then the type of knife it's gotta be called zero tolerance what on CT VT obviously zero tolerance Joe alright cool man

I think that's everything I just have to make sure but I'm almost positive but I'm going to give this away this heavy cover canteen set this is a frying pan this is a titanium frying pan maybe I'll give this away too yeah yeah there's a Frank gun okay how about that how about I give away let's I'm not giving this away I'll give mine away but I'm keeping this I like this color a lot oh look at that in a sport okay you guys are getting hooked up here you guys are getting the hookups

okay so nothing you can tell my last video I did I use this was my setup right this was my whole kit for my winter overnighter and this is my new mother carrier as much as I like things to match I really really like this color like a whole lot better so I'm keeping this one I'm gonna keep it with my G roll my unmatched zero I don't care I will so I'll give away my mother carrier I've only used this mother carrier two or three times there's nothing wrong with it at all smells of smoke and I won't charge you extra for that comes with the straps comes with everything that this was gonna come with okay it does not come with the giro I did not get it to you roll for this it's gonna come with everything that the other one came with not missing though at all on anything like I said it's a bonus because it smells like smoke so I'll give away this this that's what I'll do I'll do two giveaways I'll do the mother carrier and the canteen set which is like together probably a $300 value maybe even more and then I'll give away the frying pan the titanium frying pan and a spork a blue titanium Sport is like 30 20 $30 sporks as a second prize first prize second cross well you have to do to be entered into the giveaway what you have to do to be able to have a chance to win it's tell me what beer I drink first on my last video my last Friday video the video that I did overnight with minimal gear trip what did I drink first okay so that I'm sure my kind of people putting the correct answer in the comments of this video that out of those people who put the correct comments the correct answer I'll pick from for the first prize and then I'll do like I'll do to random generator number generators that's what I'll do get them all in there I'll label them and they'll say you we were saying just now just first prize will be the mother care and the canteen set the second prize it's going to be the titanium heavy cover frying pan and a spork so for the winner to be chosen you have to go back to my last video the video where it is the overnighter with this not the middle of your overnighter figure I'll find out which beer that I drink first the name of the beer that I drink first in the video come back to this video comment it in the comment section and then I'll pick two winners I'll do not gather all the names who've got it right put them

number generator I'll do two two winners success okay oh one more package this one I know what this is we'll do that in another video or maybe even not so alright that's pretty decent I hope you guys enjoyed this video it's kind of I never ever did unboxing videos you mean when even though it was like the big thing did one last week was the first one well it's kind of cool now because it's not just unbox stuff and that's it it's like I'm boxing things that there's a lot of it and then I would use it I'm gone I'm going to use it so yeah alright I think we're gonna call it here thanks for watching guys I hope you liked it hope you enjoyed it stay tuned for Friday we'll have another trip video up I'm not sure what that's gonna be right now but it'll be up hmm take care alright so I'm able to get it on I soaked it in the bathtub for about 20 minutes goes on no problem at all now strap goes on nice and secure BAM son

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