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My wife and I open mail sent by you, I talk video absence and the giveaway winners are announced.

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Video Transcription

hey guys thanks for tuning in we're inside today it's a rainy day there's gonna be no trip video this week as you can probably tell it's a Friday this is the midweek video that did not come up midweek shooting this Thursday morning posting it tomorrow yes because you're sick those sick I was so sick guys I know that kind of sickness where it's like you can't do anything like you're dead it was like that I so what I had done I plan on going up with Mike camping and I told you guys that we're gonna go back up to the shelter we're gonna go to the lean-to and I drove up and spent the night at Mike's house Oh God there I would hung out for the night and in the middle of the night I get up to go pee and I am just I just realized I'm sick as a dog I got chills aches and like I'm freezing I'm sweating my throat's sore it's just like it's just this whole just sick and those whatever 3:00 4:00 in the morning so I just lay in bed until like 7:00 I finally hear Mike getting up with his kid the whole plan was he's gonna drop his kid off take care we go early up to the lean-to and spent two nights there I hear him get off of his kids dollars and so unfortunately we couldn't go on that trip I apologize to Mike I apologize to you guys

apologize to you for not being gone longer but I I couldn't do it and like I pushed myself like yeah before really guys been sick and gone yeah and this was not even that yeah I had to drive home the three hours from Mike's house home sick and so I spent the next almost a week in bed and a much better now I'm not fully recovered I still feel very very weak I literally only eat like a half a bowl of cereal or sorry I have a little soup homemade chicken soup that we'll need for like three days in a row that's all

I ate some popsicles I lost literally I lost weight I know that's hard to believe

but I did I want to have lunch with my mom yesterday and she told me even my face you could see it ha that's done that's all done with it's nice to always have this like little feeling in my head like yeah be alright to be sick for a little bit you know I mean lay in bed for a few days Netflix and chill and that's not the case with this one this was this needed to be done with I couldn't even keep my eyes open I was cause though you're talked to you a few times in numerous yeah you know it's crazy but anyways everything's better now I plan on leaving in a few days for another trip that whenever they here we go is frogs if you guys didn't know they're frogs and whenever there's a lot of noise is if we're like arguing or if the TV's on loud or like siren these flew by honking and then this stupid frog started doing the same thing I love them I love that the frogs on my favorite animals but yeah so I'm gonna go out a few days I'm gonna do a real trip I don't know what I'm gonna do yet I have no idea maybe some of these packages will have something to do with the kind of trip that I do we'll see I know what a couple of things are and a couple things are surprises so I thought again we're going to doing some unboxing I know then that unboxing is old but again like I said it's new for me and with the results from the last video it seems like you guys didn't mind it so much so we're gonna do one again not gonna make it a regular thing or anything but we're gonna do another one Before we jump into that let's talk about my sponsor for this video a movement MV MT they saw sunglasses and watches they were nice enough to hook us up myself up and we'll with some gear and we're sponsoring this video I got to pick up some sunglasses they're gold trim with the pink lines and I really like them I like I used to light them up too heavy or big or anything I really like them I got myself a nice classy watch not really one to wear in the woods not that I couldn't but this is like that my about town watch not everything has to be able to would trade so nice to have nice things in real life to move and watch to start at $98 which is pretty good deal considering the equivalent so there are around four or five hundred dollars so movements offer you guys $15 off today from any purchase with free shipping and free returns it's kind of step up your watch game today join the movement so once again guys go to em VMT calm and use promo code robin at 15 okay let's get on to the packages you wanna use my my fancy zero tolerance folder that I got last time that I'd know how to open now I still have sort of God cannot open it by the the thumb pin if I can't ball I can't actually okay I can't but right underneath it I can okay so this is from it says fly mouthwash LLC fly mouthwash thank you for being one of our first customers congrats he decided to embrace innovation we hope that you enjoy a flight mouthwash just as much as we enjoy making it so I'm assuming this is good for fresh breath why fly I thought oh my goodness I can smell it oh she's strong but okay fly mouthwash makes you fly it's like Red Bull but fly mouthwash yeah it's too white it's getting drowned oh here we go it's horse breath so thank you to fly mouth wash much appreciated I don't have a name to say but apparently they're using the name Sarah a few times must be inside you okay next up from Scott from Scott Michigan sure I know what Scott let's go you're showing you can bring your backside buddy oh I know what this is yes I spoke with Scott thank you again start this is going to be so we got a hank of paracord which is always handy thank you very much I hate buying paracord super useful got a letter here I'm not gonna read the whole thing aloud closer of the maps for the Manistee River in the north country trail there's a bonus hikes on the waterproof map but Jordan River pathway I think I did that with Kyle I think we did that one a couple like 25 April's ago the Jordan pathway sounds very very familiar and there was a bunch of we call it deer poop alley or something there was a more deer poop than I thought uh-huh off to try to link that actually that was a great trip thank you thank you for the memories not dog friendly spectacular so he basically just talking about the the trails that the Manistee in the North Country and the Jordan pathway trails which I'm definitely going to do probably in April in addition we find some useful stuff paracord 750 11 strand pair card oh that's the strong stuff thank you well I really appreciate it Scott thank you very much very thoughtful gift very useful I'll definitely get use out of all of these things paracord for sure and the maps for sure

thank you alright what's up Nick from Missouri

I like Missouri I've been there twice Mark Twain famous American National Forest I actually might be going back down to Missouri is surely from Turley Knives invited me down to camp I think early time we shall see all right Nick I think this might be the one where I'm supposed to look at an SD card there's somebody so we sent me a bunch of goodies with a memory step with some instructions on it so I I'm not sure if this is that one this is from Nick thought you might enjoy some of my holy beef jerky

oh snap I make a batch before I go camping my two-year-old daughter loves watching scope the good news you know that's great awesome since they also include as awesome awesome steak and gentle everything seasoning called snake dust hope you'll set aside the Montreal seasoning one time to give a try well I'm next next steak third person keeper she doing buddy Thank You nicking Kylie much appreciated no joke on the jerky a buy that looks legit man that's nice and thin looks legit state just you know smell it you guys smell the state does make sure it's you know you can't trust these Missourians Ernie lazarro obviously oh wow the house like uh you think that smell what is that curry ohms I like it I will try it next time thank you stick those I'm really tempted to open this Korean barbecue marinated alder wood cold smoked beef you're getting spoiled look at that fat sack of jerky I'm not gonna open it I'm not gonna open it just because I don't know when the next time I'm going to eat jerky on a camp is I don't want it to not get I don't want to spoil over here okay very cool all right let's do this one because I know what this one is this one is a camping well yeah I know what it is over the tri-state I do forget there can't be two Laz one's gonna say there's not really a tool it's for shelter

it is a time it's a white part which is pretty cool I have not seen these before let's go buddy can you come over here so that you're not yeah just sit here sit right here so there's a white tarp this is from bushcraft Outfitters my buddy my good buddy and mentor Terry Barney aka Iowa woodsmen on the u2 and Instagram sent me this so this it might invest my opinion best of my knowledge this is a ten-by-ten ripstop which should be very similar to my coyote yellow one that you guys see me use for like seven or eight years so I'll be using that I think this is my next trip to use this target I think I'll hold me to it I don't know what I'm gonna do now but that's a good idea I like to use this and then I think you said send me a poncho as well this might be the poncho that the guy that that they got made up for the store just like it's like the tarp is yeah I'm sure it is so this is heavier duty you guys remember my video maybe my last real camping video where I did the minimal gear with the sling the mother character and everything okay so I had a had a tarp in there I still nylon tarp much smaller than sa packed out probably to half the size this this is very robust compared to that so yeah this will be getting some use to as a secondary shelter and as a rain poncho so I think I have three ponchos now this one is the bulkiest by far the the most durable it seems although I'm just looking at it for the first time now all right thanks carry your bigger small very small

this one's from Josh josh is from Pennsylvania

they depend Sylvania much time so whole bunch of times what crap USA you just have a bunch of meetups the Ohio group was a big group we'd always meet up and the PA group was a big group and we kind of like intertwine pretty cool going okay rocky very rocky maybe this is the one with the pesky third hole some pictures my name is Josh I've been emailing you and not sure if you remember me and I definitely remember your buddy and Josh I know who you are for sure man I hope this helps you remember me better feel free to say my name in video Josh I will be watching to see if you do already sent a bunch of pictures of himself guilty building a Quincy so josh is a young man I'm very excited to see his enthusiasm with the pictures building the Quincy and him telling me the inspiration that he's gone for me there's more to this letter I'm going to continue reading it Josh just doesn't need to be on the whole video thank you very much buddy I really appreciate that letter in those pictures so we got some Swiss Miss hot chocolate Swiss Miss is the jam that is rich I haven't had Swiss Miss no I didn't think so I don't think in getting Canada Josh with the hookups good uh hot spicy shrimp double ramen leave parents Worchester sauce that's a fancy one for Chester charge fire short fat would some decent fat would wow that's some stinking stuff thank you mmm you guys never smelled that whoo you should smell so much just take a little whip right now you can buy this stuff now which is whatever up here there but neither here nor there that's not what I'm trying to say you can buy this stuff now which is kind of silly to me but people who don't have access to it around their place is a good way for them to try it just brief on display with if you haven't play with it gives off a black smoke very resinous good for starting fires

oh hey Perik or cherry head candies Maxwell House coffee pot hands insta fire firestarter military that's pretty cool it's like a powder that's cool some hot hands

thanks Josh that's a really cool gift buddy you didn't have to go to all that trouble I really appreciate it though you're the man all right last video or if this is a gift Luke from Beck tech in Utah oh yeah definitely this is something you wanted to show me okay so none of this is the SD card thing I must still be in the way in the mail sorry this is a new water filtration system that I really have to look at it before I

it's pretty big firstly this isn't like a lightweight backpacking thing I don't believe but there can be a use for it for sure so I'm just gonna look at that stuff and maybe you'll see that in a future video maybe in a spring here I've got a backpack though this is a pretty military looking backpack some patches on their Somali this is called I don't know what it's called okay looks like good to date back some points for you a pretty decent Maxpedition style just from looking at it about me I'm not saying that it's a rip

offer that is it's just that's what I call that style yeah I think I don't use that backpack that's not that bad all right thank you thank you person who sent me that Luke I knew that whoo

so Luke obviously works for a company and this is oh my goodness you've got some stickers just make it just gonna make it rain real quick this is called move muv yeah I'll check this stuff out and you might see that in a video later on will was able to avoid the sick which is awesome because yeah emerald was really bad I'm sure that's where I got it from but it didn't come into play until I was already gone like I think I had it it just didn't show itself and I was gone I really really wish they would have okay well that's probably it for this video

oh my goodness you would like I completely forgot thank you we're supposed to pick a winner for the giveaway from last week right I completely forgot I'm gonna go downstairs and get that stuff so I can show you as I'm noticing the winner you want to pull the winner up on there got the stuff bro I got second prize oh you might as well just to see first prizes first and then save a second prizes and write a second prize I know I keep around for some reason okay so first prize is getting the heavy cover canteen set which has a canteen the cup a couple lids and are also getting I'm sorry on the last one somebody emailed me and let me do that let me go this thank you very much I really appreciate it I might have said last time I was giving away the straps on the bottom I'm not because the new one did not come with it and I need to have the a way to strap it to the bottom so for the winner whoever wins this if you do want the straps to the time the G rule if you're gonna get a zero afterwards make sure you get the straps and I'm not sure the straps may just come with the G roll as it is I really don't know but again this is a center line systems mother carrier if you do want to research that and find that out so for the first prize other systems carrier sorry mother carrier and heavy cover alright so first prize winner is Isaac CPE sight I'm not quite sure if I'm saying that right sorry Isaac s IPE so Isaac get ahold of me my you - sorry my email is Jade Robinette one at cogeco CA email me please I'm gonna need your shipping info ok so that's pretty the first price 2nd prize up second prize I mean Scott benefit Scott evn SC OTT that is your youtube name please email me again Jade Robinette one at cogeco CA not com dot see a can of folks I'm gonna need your address as well if you guys this stuff oh that's it thank you - heavy cover chuckle heavy cover check out satellite systems check out bushcraft Outfitters check out move check out move water filters and you tell me I'm gonna check it out right now - but we need to figure out this is legit alright guys thank you for watching I really sincerely apologize for not having an actual camping video out for this past week it's not gonna be the normal I'm just sick I was just sick and I need some pie so that's all done come back full force I'll try to bring mr. skull with me on my next trip depending on the weather we'll see we'll see how it goes thanks for watching [Music]

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