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24h Walmart Camping/Survival Challenge $500 Spent on Walmart Camping Gear, Camping with my Dog


Check out The Gear Video here, I go into detail about all the things I spent the $500 on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8q_us5eHEU

In this video, my dog, Scout and I head to the forest in Southern Ontario to Camp overnight using just items I bought at Walmart.

The goal was to see if I could buy everything needed for $500

If you would like to send me, or my family something.

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Video Transcription


hey guys

thanks for tuning in Joe here with my doggy Scout or in the wood we're gonna do an overnighter tonight using Walmart here I've spent about 500 bucks on Walmart camping gear or the other day and now is the night to test it out you can see I've got my coleman backpack on bright red loving the bright red so stay with me I'm sure this is gonna be an interesting video I'm sure you'll love it if you want some reference I did a gear video for this video and I'll link it now

and check that out find out all about the little rules that gave myself and all that kind of stuff I've been walking around the forest for about a half an hour now I still need to find a good spot to set up my camp for the day but I really want to test out this backpack so I'm gonna keep walking fly for about an hour or two find out a good decent spot even if I have to walk in circles and set up a nice nice camp rained quite a bit last night and day before as you can probably tell this is some wet wet woods I come to a spot of the woods I never come to because it's so low line but like I said I'm just trying to walk around here see how this backpack holds up this is swampy guys absolutely swampy I shove my muff boots on look over here it looks to be we're gaining a little bit of height coming over the dank a bit oh my god check this out oh-ho this is something else guys okay I found things like this before but never this big up in a tree holy crap check this out check this out they're both both of the did he try jumping through both of his joints are caught in Y branches on these small sticks it does not seem that seems so crazy white-tailed deer obviously oh what's the hot a scout what's that wait till deer backbone and ribs and feet legs the legs are the only thing that have fur left on them I'm sure the Coyotes been picking this guy clean the things you find in the forest a it's stinky it's stinky cool so let me know if you guys know what happened here or unless somebody put him up in there after they got him but I doubt that look at that - his - knee joints are caught in too small small small Y branches like that either he tried to jump through got caught which does not seem likely to me it seems like he would thrash that free you know I mean if a deer is caught he's panic mode what is that hmm crazy damn nature you scary alright that's pretty cool pretty cool pretty happy to find that there's a gotta be a healthy Cody population around here - then that's the only thing that would have eaten that other than the birds but those rib bones are chomped those rib bones are chomped right off there they're my secondary camera all right well very cool to have found that oh my goodness look at this oh man they had a heyday the fur is everywhere look at that that's all fur in the water they're all everywhere even over there cool okay but as I was saying anyway oh here we go more look at that scho what's all that make a little bed for you okay let's get over here what guys always saying the land is getting a little bit drier and higher up over here come on bud let's leave it so this will might be a good spot actually just right over there the camp cuz if you look all that continues down all that way so we're pretty swamped in here I got a supply of water but it might be a little little dearie a little deer watery so let's go over that way up into the high ground yeah this is pretty decent guys it's pretty open above there's no real big dead trees or anything got a nice flat spot on the ground here some player would yeah okay I only walked around for about an hour tops to be honest with you maybe in our 15 minutes but this is decent the backpack rode pretty well too she stuffed to the gills with this Walmart gear were you you go play with your stick it's okay

go get your stick good boy so again like I was saying there's no real danger of dead trees there's some limbs but they're all alive nothing real bad around here so my next thing is just to find exactly where I want to put my tent I have it Walmart tent with me a 4-man so it's a little bit bigger than the footprint that I normally would have but this looks like a nice decent flat level spot right here right in front of me so yeah I think that's where I want to put it I'll show ya yeah okay pretty impressed all right let's get this um this bag dumped out I'll show you what I just what I have from the Walmart okay so as you can see I have cleared a huge space here of all the leaves away I wanted to get the sticks and stuff away so I could put my tent up I'm also gonna have a fire in front so I needed two leaves away for that there's a nice level flat spot up here kind of slopes down in the front so we're putting my tent back up in here so like I said I did go over all the gear in a previous video so I'm not gonna really spend too much time going over it right now throughout the course of the day I will but first up all you need to know really to have this four-person dome tent okay this is an Ozark Trail never opened it before I purposefully did not put it together before we came out here so that I can repair anything that needs to be repaired or enhance anything needs to be enhanced

so that's scout and my shelter for tonight I filled up my water bottle in the ditch on the way in here I literally did not bring any water and so this is gonna have to be boiled a rain of tons so lots of water everywhere I'm not hating the backpack so far 65 litre not hating it at all except for the color so the idea behind this is that spending $500 at Walmart to get all of your camping gear really isn't that bad of a deal when there are sleeping bags tents even pieces of gear that cloak clothing that costs close to that if not that much that amount and remember I did buy this in Canada so the UK I was told they don't have Walmart but they have something very similar and then in in America it would be different pricing but this is what I got for 500 bucks I did take take a bunch of your suggestions when I did the gear video I said I'll be wearing my own clothes out there because people have clothes and maybe a normal thing to assume that someone can go camping with their own clothes and Walmart gear but I was going to try to spend the remaining fifty dollars I spent 450 of em I was going to try to spend the remaining fifty dollars on food but people were like people have food just like they have clothes so they don't necessarily need to buy food from Walmart to go camping with if you have a little bit of food at home you can bring it and do that so that's what I kind of simulated I brought like stuff to make a stir fry just little bits and stuff bits of things here and there from the fridge so anyways thank you very much for the suggestions on that it made things a lot easier and I was able to buy a little bit more gear with that remaining 50 dollars because there was some gear that I was lacking so I'm guessing fly pulls a little panicky gear rack Wow this thing is gonna be like a castle I'm not used to having such luxury everything's tied in these weird like half half nuts nice and easy to undo it's like the nicest and easiest thing to undo I can do it I swear here we go I'm gonna keep all the elastics and everything so we don't just throw them on the ground and get lost I want a litter I'll lose my elastics so I'm guessing this will be the cross pool that the tents normally have now to keep the fly away from the tent itself and should have two pools here normal dome tent style pup tent even this is a pup tent where's that a-frame let me know in the

maybe good we're gonna sleep in a tent tonight luxury I even got him a towel to sleep on dry them off a little bit no peasant leg for skipper scooter Magruder

okay first off I'm noticing these poles are very very cheap very they're not DAC they're not DAC poles that's for show so we're gonna be careful with them listen okay they were cracking we're going to be very careful with these poles regardless the tent is the same kind of material I would come to expect lots of ventilation though we'll get this up lots of ventilation which could be a good thing if the fly is good like other cheap tents I've had in the past I assumed that this bottom piece gets stuck up into the puppet pole itself I could be wrong on that one because it's not going in so far but that's what I think but before we do that slide it through the sleeve I guess you all sleep so you know you've got a quality Oh problems thing came undone all right take two

this knee turned out to be more difficult than I had hoped all right try this again

damn Sun halfway there Wow she's big she's big [Applause]

okay are we done that's the main part of it there's a zipper work something but from being honest I love the size of it look at that thing it's a freaking mansion okay luxurious palace okay so the top is kind of ghetto you have to tie the the poles on right here the securest of all securing devices okay cool

okay so it's got half door here where they could be venting which is good I'm just gonna tie this back there's no bugs which is the only real need for a screen but I will do up the door tonight to keep Scout in so that he doesn't get lured up by coyotes or something like that this might be their stomping grounds considering that deer carcass is literally right there I can see the ribs poking out a little turtle head poking out okay let's check what the rest of the tank is not done yet this is the fly this is a very loud blue so I probably won't put that on just yet I may put it on tonight call him for some rain in the middle of the night that's another thing I wanted to mention a lot of people were saying to me be careful they're not waterproof and I understand that completely I could definitely see this not being waterproof but they were also saying people who have had this tent or tents from home or if you just seem seal the edges it's pretty good so you can get that seam seal tape or whatever or that glue and kind of put it all on there I have not done that for this yet I did not want to spend part of my $500 on that seam seal tape so we'll see if it does rain in the middle of night it would be a good test for it oh there's a little little bulb growing a little green bulb check this out check it out how cool is this I don't know what plant it is it's a little green bulb pushing through signs of spring boys and girls I guess I'll use this fly as a pad for how big a what this isn't for you over here so there's a lay down there you go there's a bag of goodies here I imagine it's just tent stakes yeah and this is that little hammock thing that I said you can kind of hang up in the top of the tent for gear stores will do that for sure I'll put my headlamp up there or something and then Oh might come with a patch kit it feels like it has a patch kit in here I open this easily easily opened not once again Joe Joe Robinette versus the knot man what kind of knot is okay I got it all is well in the world no patch kit just instructions I guess you don't really need a patch kit for a tent that's more of a sleeping pad thing and then these tent poles are just like the little not even a shepherd Tocqueville ELLs this is a nice feature I like to have an attend a habit of my Big Agnes all right cool so in this area there's no rocks at all this my whole county it's very very soily and because it rains so much it's even easier to push these stakes in so there's just this little tiny tab going in the tab pushing down BAM son family we've got another use for this fly empty my be rode on to it to get to what I want pretty decent fly oh it's got a zipper on to almost come down all the way that's kind of cool so like I said I'm not displeased with this backpack really at all back up I can tell that the zippers aren't as quality they're not going to last the longevity probably would it be there but for the price of it and again I've only used it for about an hour hike around but it's packed to the nines I'm pretty pretty please put a pro tape please so like I showed you already got a bottle of water I wouldn't have to boil that up I brought one beer this is from Quebec from my friends jean-philippe and baby heed I can't really read anything on it cuz it's all French one buddy so this backpack has a lid that actually comes right off in the lid I brought some extra clothes I have long johns socks and then a towel for scout he's going to get dried off with this and lay on this for the inside of the backpack has a nice drawstring crappy crappy not a nice drawstring a crappy trouser and crappy quality rope but the drawstring is a good feature of the backpack I have my camera gear I have my food which we'll go through in a little bit

this is the extra gear that I brought I'm sorry bought with the extra $50 so we're gonna have to go through that for sure because in the gear video I only showed you is that I spent four hundred and fifty dollars this is the extra fifty nobody okay so next up this is what I was trying to get to this is my sleeping pad we're gonna go through this in detail before we do anything else and also a sleeping bag it was hard for me to find a good sleeping bag there but this is the best of the best this is a self inflating sleeping pad and it's a Coleman as well the lots of this gear is Coleman either Ozark Trail or Coleman I think so again this is not the smallest I have sleeping pad I have two sleeping pads that would be smaller than this together rolled out foot again Walmart cheaper cheaper gear so pretty narrow pretty narrow if I'm being honest but I'm pretty narrow as well it's probably about as wide as my normal one see how good the valve is not sure if you can hear that but it is sucking air in right away I find with the self inflating half the time I end up blowing them up anyway but we'll let that sit it's pretty decently thick like it's got some it feels like it has some insulation in it it's definitely not just air so we'll let that sit inside the sleeping or sorry inside the tent oh that's a short one man okay well good thing I'm a little guy boy okay so this one a sleeping bag in the in the gear video I was kind of confused by what the rating was cuz it gave like three or four different ratings but I'm pretty sure what I ended up believing is that it is a negative one degree Celsius that's what it says there anyway so tonight's gonna get around at around zero so I'm hoping that that will be alright I did not bring an extra sheet from home like a bed sheet or anything like that like I said I was going to do two line this because it's not gonna get in the negatives and I really wanted to test this out so I'm hoping I don't have to Co get Scout in here to keep me warm this is my first time looking at this - I don't hate the color I don't hate the color it's a mummy bag it's synthetic for sure I don't know guys I don't know how warm I will be got a little pocket inside for your headlamp or whatever okay she's a little small to hold on the small side good boy get that gun coach your eyes boy boy the last thing in my backpack sorry in the big part of my backpack is my cutting tool my axe I ended up going with a Fiskars and this one is called the x7 it's I don't know 15 inches long or so I can actually oh I thought this had a belt loop on it whatever I can still slide this in my belt it's not a big deal

kind of thing it's not too big not too obtrusive it's different it's a different kind of axe I've never had one up my buddy had one when I've used it but we'll use it a bunch today pretty sharp

just a weird grind okay before we go any further with the gear or the camping this I gotta get my priorities straight and get this guy into some cold water this I do not want a warm warm BRR for tonight I'm only bring him one I've been having some gut but issues one beer one beer oh dude no beer we're needed you see something else pretty interesting over here let's go check it out ho look at this damage from the wind there's all sorts of trees down over here but look at this one this must be basswood it's the only tree that I know that is as white as that when the bark is gone yeah and the barks hanging off of it stringy like that yeah that's fast 100% that's wet it's soaking wet okay Oh easy that part comes off see that pull hard oh good boy good job go good job you're such a good dog break it yeah yeah good boy what a good dog so you can tell from how easily scoped shredded that that it's softer would if it wasn't wet I could use it for a bow-drill I could use the cordage or sorry the the bark for cordage the elder boar we use the bark for cordage and I could you also use the bark for bird's nest like a tinder bundle and stuff like that but although that's very dependent on it being wet sorry dry not wet the opposite of what dry good boy becomes yeah big guy he's having so much fun out here I'm so glad I brought him this is a perfect day perfect area a perfect day good good good good glad I'm here I've been out in three weeks guys over three weeks crazy I'm gonna get up and start doing some camp chores here in a minute it's chopped and some firewood boil that water and everything but before I do that I need to just go through this a little bit of gear real quick because is part of what I'm gonna need to use so again like I keep referencing that other video I always spent 450 bucks so this is the remaining fifty dollars so right off the hop I asked you guys for suggestions any guys give me a great great amount of suggestions I never had a first aid kit just slipped my mind completely so that's super important to have I bought it and I haven't wrapped taken anything out of the packaging yet because I wanted to show you guys because the other video I did so this is my first aid kit Coleman no Coghlan is even worse Collins first aid kit so I'm not expecting it to be great but it's full of stuff that I can use if I need on the back it shows band-aids septic cleaning wipes gauze yeah there's a bunch of stuff a bunch of stuff some moleskin and some needle a needle and stuff like that so be useful regardless it's not the greatest but useful

and I have it now also cordage I did not have any cordage so this is crappy crappy world-famous utility cord literally called world-famous it's not actually for thickness utility core and I have 50 feet of it so I'm sure I'll be able to use that I didn't have a saw so I bought a crappy crappy Coleman folding saw I just overlooked these in the beginning because I've had them before and I remember them being so crappy but on the other hand I did have one for like a year and I used it all the time beforehand so it couldn't of been that bad I'm sure like there I know that there's better now and it and it will last they'll last for a while so anyways it's got a little bit of a cancer to it so that's kind of cool it's different than the one I originally had it's got some hang hand grooves walk so okay we'll see how it is the the blade actually looks silky blade esque silky saw esque but the locking system is kind of crap that's alright okay so saw and then last but not least this is what I did because I ordered all the stuff online it was walmart.com or whatever online because it had such a more selection than just in the store but do in doing that I never got to actually see see the things in person see the gear in person so show you the knife I bought originally it was $15 $15.99 oh and my headlamp - I didn't show you guys my headlamp that's I got that at Walmart with batteries

okay so this was the night that I got I didn't need a big knife or anything but this is just a little on the small side it's a Camillus titanium folder and well I'm sure it has a place somewhere the woods probably isn't it so I'm returning this or pretending to return it I'm not using this is taken off of the money is my point and then I bought this so I had thirty dollars let I have fifteen dollars left return this that makes it into thirty

this was 29.99 or something like that so I probably went over two or three dollars of the $500 but that's gonna be okay I'm not too concerned to push that so this is a gerber a Gerber hunting knife the reason I got this one is because it's full tang enough to use my little knife to get it out I've got this because it's full tang and it has a sheath with it and it fit my budget I wanted to get the Bear Grylls knife but it was 70 bucks I've used that knife before and it's actually pretty decent and this thing's cutting like a razor there we go okay oh that's a decent that feels decent guys no joke

okay let's check this guy out so it's got a gut hook on it which I'm not gonna use at all but maybe I can use it for like a firesteel later on because it is sharpened it's about a three and a half inch blade it seems to me dude I'm telling you like that the feel of it is not that no hotspots a little lanyard hole full tank okay so we're gonna beat this guy up see what we can do to it it's got a pretty sharp and then the best part of all is it the best part of all it's a part it's a part regardless it's got a sheath cool probably can't even fit that on my belt loop but cool and just because it seems like I've shown you everything else already I have my fire-starting kit is a magnesium stick with the little sparker and a stainless steel hook set so all of that 500 bucks let's get out get some wood boil up some water cuz I'm thirsty and mr. scooter probably is too good day I'm gonna sleep in a tent in a tent with my dog

that saw likes to bind pretty good on but seriously move yeah that's how it was buying it up pretty good skill this is my stick drop drop it go get your off go get your own

just trying to put a little bit of cordage on everything some lanyards and some stuff to grab or hang it up easily I guess I can put my headlamp in the tent that's what I'll do okay

not too shabby guys the only thing that I really didn't wasn't able to hang up was the axe but I can just put a longer piece of paracord record on that and loop that around and tie that on there no problem yeah I should've just made a longer piece or oh that's what I should have done just hung it from the bottom but I got to use it anyway there we go damn son

they're ulmus all right well let's see if this knife does actually fit all my bill cause if not I'll put it on my neck for sure oh it does what am I talking about not a problem not a problem cool it's a little forward little up farther than I like but that's okay get rid of this lanyard now that I know I don't need it on there I don't really like to have it hanging around dangling okay cool nice know what I'll do Oh ingenuity so I don't have to cut anymore I'll just tie the the remaining piece of cordage onto this longer one that was holding up the ax I was trying to hold the ax up in that way I'll give it enough room I don't really like to tie that crazy what is this sheep Ted or sheet Bend whatever it is trying to put the two cords together I just do a little overhand knot nice and easy as is the Joe way let's see now I don't know if that would've helped it any coming from the bottom up but it'll be nice to have that gear rack of all my stuff there I know where it is it's not kind of spewing a boat not just laying in the tent either so there we go let's try this

all right your rock established well carrying these gloves on my built super useful for my boat loop actually my hest Rafal line gloves got a lot of questions about those okay damn son firewood duty fired tonight

all right it's time to give this axe a little test out Scout knows what I'm about to do that's what he's crying so much concern I do have this lanyard on here now she's gonna kind of wrap it up this is dead at the top Wow it's broken right off at the top and it's live down here okay that's no good can't use that one look I'll show you what I mean that's the same tree completely dead broken off huh okay we'll go find another tree okay this one is going to break this is a dead hickory I'm sure it's gonna break off at the top so I'm just gonna shake it first so I don't get hit see like that I don't know if you saw that help us ruff okay yeah choppy choppy time

so as you can see that axe is pretty darn sharp from being honest a little punky low on the punky side and I've actually experienced that with Hickory before that's the only age well when it's dead standing but it'll be quick it'll be better farther up it won't be as wet once I have an established fire going I'll be able to use it already collected and put over for firewood near the like I just grabbed around camp boy over there all gone you oh I don't know if this one's dead or not so I'm just gonna make a little score yeah perfect no green at all she's dead I'll be able to cut this one down for firewood I am gonna switch this lanyard back to the top the case there so I don't have to keep seriously sharp like that's legit ash that's ash tree very very seasoned deaths wood and that is taken taking the down no problem I love it when my dog wins at me and cries it's my favorite thing ever I hope he doesn't get hit by this


yeah ash is a good wood to burn especially we can find it nice and dense like this

okay back for the axe I can confidently recommend this axe I have been already but man man that's the dense wood guy this is the top of that ash tree that I just brought over here brought over what I think I'm gonna do right now for my boiling my water just break off all the tops of these ash twigs cuz I can get a decent amount off the top here it's easy to light no these are for me who's it for me go on and it'll be a quick fire prep and I can boil up that water with them well then I'll have something to drink

alright there we go so got all my fire prep ready laid out there but I have an idea I want to kind of make a little fire pit with wood like an outline of wood and I got this big box wood in front of me which is a soft wood and it's actually digging down or so it'll work out really well working smart I'll work towards the near the end that way I don't have to make as many chops

I don't need it too big probably from here to here maybe two and a half feet so I'll make a little little mark there okay

is that basswood again remember how I was telling you earlier on the smaller tree that the bark comes off in strips see more so on the bigger stuff put the big one down here so don't block the heat put myself there good boy you go you're good

okay there's my fire pit not too shabby a little bass going in there

alright alright it's time to test this knife out see how she works I'm gonna baton it a bit not much at all it's only me like a baton test but we are gonna baton and then we're going to make some shavings tongs just fine with the weird gut hook on there impedes it not at all the middle is wet here there's just cavity down the middle or the pith used to be and it's actually wet ok let's make some shavings it's reacting like it's wet it is it's dammed up there turn it turn it all the heck okay we might have to get a different different piece of wood here it is decently comfortable I am noticing on the top because this the Tang pushes out past the rubber the rubber handle the skills so I'm feeling that in my hand

big-time it's actually pinching my yeah look you can see the lines it's pinching my hand my skin together there excuse me but

it's not so bad it hurt hurts my hand hurts my hand but the curls aren't so bad let's see a boat some scrapings maybe I can use this gut hook for something oh snap okay let's check that out close-up that's pretty cool okay let's see this so I'm taking this gut hook just scraping it down is this thing in focus I hope so no it's falling I should collect this these are scrapings now and if you follow my channel for a very long time you see that I used to do scrapings with actually the spine or the 90-degree edge of your knife see that there the problem is well man this is making great scrapings it kind of dulls your your edge a bit that's making way better scrapings then the gut hook was so there's not even any point talking about the gut hook scraping seconds Oh makes little curls the gut hook anyways scrapings are good for when you have marginal tender and you just want to make sure you can get you cool that's not too bad that's not too bad at all actually not hating it I wish that the Tang did not come up past the scales but I'm not hating it so the scrapings work well the shavings work well let's try some cross batoning this is no inch and a half thick or something like that this is what I was using to baton with this is what I'm gonna baton it through nobody here take that and go that go on mooch so here's the knife compared to the piece I'm gonna put on through cross baton - and on top of this soggy soggy that's what so I made myself a mallet with a nice big burl at the top so it's gonna have a lot of oomph durn that's in there mackenzie Dern all right now switch sides nearly cut that through and this is dead - this is this is ash just a solid ash you're just gonna go back in the first X I made just smash it like I did that that's pretty decent I didn't spend too much energy doing that or anything the knife is no worse for wear no no worse for wear and it's got some kind of weird even grind on it which is not the strongest grind cool this knife isn't bad they could make it better make it better by fixing the scales but don't you shabby okay maybe get this fire going like I showed you have my mag magnesium block for those of you who have not used it again it's called ones which is garbage those of you who have not used these and be worth trying to try it out just to see it it's not my favorite it's not the greatest but it works and this was better than buying a fire steel because I always use a fire steel so I figured let's try this so I got a piece of the wrapping paper from the the cordage the rope so I'm gonna collect what you have to do is shave off the magnesium right the pieces of this and it just goes everywhere because it's window stuff so I'm gonna try and collect it on here collect the size about a quarter and spark it with this actual sparking spot let's see if this even throws sparks a little bit that work alright have my camera at that yeah it'll work anyways let's try to if I can't avoid using the blade of my knife I'm going to but if I have to it's no big deal either there's that saw yeah that works I'm gonna have to put on a better surface so this is a round who round doesn't work too well for keeping things on


there we go a nice flat surface now it was I'll try to use piece of the blade right towards the handle and just over and over on the same slot that way I'm not ruining the whole blade and I know where the dull part is okay sharpen this out with no problem the spine on this is pretty rounded yeah it wouldn't do much see the little pile of magnesium starting to get you probably three or four times that amount I'm pretty happy with this a little bit I got and try and do this delicately carefully I hope the wind doesn't kick up

all right let's use a brace right off the hop extra cautious okay let's do this I need to have the very fine stuff ready to go on very quickly I might even try to put it right kind of almost on top of it next to it on top of it because this is a flash tinder it goes up very quickly and then it's done so the right prep is key and again just kind of putting these things like basically on top of it I'm gonna move the camera angle here in a second cuz I'm sure you can't see now that's gonna go and have all my small kindling right there ready

alrighty moment of truth here guys I got a spark it off of that which is even harder because it gives off weak Sparks she goes like they said very quick very very quick

haha I'm gonna have to do it again see that did you see that I hope you did Wow that was super quick guys I've used one of these things in years man look at that

I was super I was all prepared ready and it still didn't even work okay gotta do it again okay this is my second shot at it you can see this time I've actually mixed the scrapings right in with the magnesium make the magnesium is as big as this pile is but there's these scrapings and a little bit of tiny tiny curls right on top okay and then I have the smallest only the finest curls right here ready to go so Oh as long as I don't push this a museum off and then I have this stuff that was originally the first stuff the first line of tinder or whatever kindling which is like two or three times thicker than that so I think we'll be all right this time I completely provide just how fast it was I knew it was fast but damn alright you ready

take two


yes yes

got it this time wha okay okay we're in business we are in business I need to get some more shavings on top of there we're in business okay pressures off

there's little flashes every now and out of the magnesium coming through nice got no one to give it air and when not to was almost out if I didn't give it air then it would have died for sure okay cooking with fire cooking with six actually

I'll show you how much I had to use on the called ones magnesium block here put a little dent dinner and I did have it end up going on the sides like I said I didn't want to but not too bad a few scrapes from the fire steel part of it the thing is it's hard to shoot the spark off of this because it's so set back in there like that's not round right she's barely coming over the lip of the magnesium block and I'm trying to aim it in there and not mess up and not hit the this the magnesium shavings everywhere there's a little little tricky one trick I do know that we used to do is take tape like a gorilla tape and make it into an inside-out loop and then stick so it's all sticky it's like a loop of stickiness stick it to a piece of wood and then just put your magnesium in there and make the scrapings right on there and then it just sticks all onto the tape tape sticks to the wood then you light it and then the tape burns ferociously as well it's like a really really good way to start a fire this way but I didn't buy tape because tape wasn't in the five hundred dollar budget he's taking a little snooze I have to get some more wood on there pretty quick probably move this rubber handle away from the fire too that's probably a good idea nice the knife let's see let's see what it looks like now she's a little chewed up little chewed up let's look at it

so just right in there she'll chew it up but there's a $30 knife guys $30 knife and I can definitely sharpen that up well sure it still cuts just fine even it out

on some wood so you could use sandpaper and a mousepad or sandpaper in general high grit sandpaper to fix this you can even put a convex edge on this very easily actually this one just round out the shoulders a just if you have a most patent you have sandpaper the high grit sandpaper like a thousand or two thousand maybe even 800 on this you lay the same people on the most pad to hold it all down you just kind of strop and over time it will round out the shoulders on this V grinder this flat grind whatever it is and if we come compacts and become a little bit stronger and I like the way the convex cuts much much more I prefer it much more about so in this part of the woods here I'm surrounded by all these really pretty decent-sized beech trees and what's really cool about it is there's all these dead twigs and branches and like trees that had started growing from the roots that are dead this is all suffered growth over this big beech tree beach is an awesome look with high BTUs it's not the greatest to split because the grain is kind of weird it kind of chips out so like when you're splitting and it's kind of dangerous actually

what is nice to grab it's nice to grab these pieces because they burn really well as you can see nice and hot what are you doing nope didn't mean to do that there we go the whole is restored yeah grab some more of the beach not around here because we don't have any bear but where where there are bear you'll always see like claw marks in the beech tree trunks because they like to climb up and get the beech nuts and the beech bark you'll also see lots of things carved in beech trees because the bark is very smooth looks like an elephant leg and it's scars over very well the the carvings the initials whatever you'll see graffiti in the tree will usually stay there pretty good for a long time but right now I'm in the middle well beech tree Grove very cool more wood there he goes Brit get your stick and come come on do your part let's go good boy good boy look at you proud doggy oh you had a big boy

so here's my cook kit and I got from Walmart it was a north 49 I'm not mistaken might have my T's might have been it was our trail or world-famous I'm not really sure it says so in my ear video so in it I got a few different things to cups which is nice so I can drink like coffee or a tea without having to actually you know sip out of the bowl or simple to the pot sorry oh so I've got a big pot a smaller pot a frying pan and two lids it's pretty decent

I'm actually pretty impressed with this cook set this is all stainless steel like I was saying - it's not aluminum or anything junky like that then it's then and it's gonna take a lot of butter in the frying pan to have it not burn but that's okay so right now I just need to boil some water I'm going to use the bigger pot so it's faster and easier I know buddy this is the water bottle I bought from Walmart like I said I filled it up with ditch water on the way in so boiler make it safe it's actually pretty clean from the top I might not even be able to do a whole thing yeah I'll throw it in there see what it does anyway so I'm sure all of the rubberized handle material is gonna melt off real quick and probably gonna take that that plastic thing off yeah you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go oh it's not pointing I'm gonna later on at a later date or if it was pointy could get a piece of wood and screw it right on to that I can even do that with a green piece I might still but for now I don't need a lid or sorry I don't need a handle and go right in there right on the fire I am going to keep the handle and the screw together Hamsun like it was meant for it look at that

alright that's gonna have to sit for quite some time because of how much water is actually in that pot okay well that's boiling do you want to go get a drink of water come on let's go here check out the mud beer there's a plane there's a plane coming get a drink drink water good boy good dog

man I think so close I can probably see it alright I know I don't like to hear it either buddy let's feel the beer let's feel how cold the beer is that's a comfortable temperature that is a comfortable temperature I can't read a word of French Tom medio northeast India Pale Ale I picked it because of the can they sent me a bunch David and Michelle Phillipe send me a bunch thanks guys I appreciate it they sent me some Canadian MREs as well which is kind of cool but I picked this one because of to bring out because of the akin lager beer that's a really acht it is amusing nerd that's saying artisanal beer for sure that means strong beer 7% it's got hops there will be hops all right this is going back and O'Haire obey him all right let's see if she's boiling been on there for 20 minutes or so probably close to it at least oh yeah almost done almost boiled you see the little bubbles on the bottom I gotta give it a rolling boil though just to be safe but almost there for sure I'm not really pleased with how it's boiling it's not really a rolling boil so I'm just gonna help it out for a second here set it right on top try and be care as careful as possible here there she goes let me see that is that him frame that's a much better rolling boil I got to be careful here and quick but you can see it BAM done so I'm just gonna wait for that excuse me wait for that's cool write down they'll pour back into my water bottle as you see Scout has multiple sources of water to drink he's a dog his stomach is set up for drinking that water he's not gonna get sick from it he's done it his whole life and I've actually got a surprise for mr. Scout I can give him some of it right now yeah let's give you something right now because it's way past lunchtime 209 209 I've been on here since 9:00 o'clock I haven't stopped for lunch either I've eaten pepperoni and a granola bar let's get Scout some treat right now some I don't want to say it all let's get it formal I got something for you hey I got something for you big guy come on

let's go has a full big old steak go so somebody suggested it on my last video in a comment I saw why don't you ever gets killed his own steak well fine here here I'm not eating steak tonight I'll show you what I'm eating after this this is all for mr. scope so this is a hundred percent Triple A Angus beef it was only seven bucks so I can't be that mechanically tenderized back up bug back up bud yeah it's a pretty decent slab of meat I'm not gonna give it all to him right now because they'll be a little bit much at once but I cleaned the knife off it doesn't have any magnesium on I promise

that's for you big guy that's for scope to chew it up because there's a lot of meat there man maybe I should give them smaller pieces

I'll give you smaller pieces how about that they're Debbie's Oh extra leaves never heard a wait wait that's it Stumbo good dog hey go okay so maybe I'll cut them off one more small piece here the boy always lipstick so he's happy all right still got a big old chunk for dinner I'll save that you can have that for supper with me when I eat I mean there you go big guy triple a or better mechanically tenderized and I'm on this little patch of moss the moss is not a very common occurrence in my neck of the woods so I can clean mine can you back up so I don't cut your face leave my knife on the moss not too shabby

hands off oh there's bird poo right there let's not use the bird poo to clean our hands all right good boy is that good you content you content for now

all right he's still sticking around thick this is all the food right so for tomorrow morning I've got three eggs I've got three whole eggs two for me one for scope we'll fry those up in some butter I got two hunks of butter one for tonight one for tomorrow I've also got a red pepper that's not a far stretch for people to have red pepper right I don't think so

red pepper and then I've got two potatoes one small red one small normal and then a clove of garlic I've got over there oh I've got four whole mushrooms got two sausages out of a pack we bought them and the girls are having the rest tonight and I'm having these so it's very believable that you have something like that you could just kind of take it and go camping look right that's my hole that's what I'm trying to get at and then an onion a little piece a little chunk of an onion that we had as a family cut up an onion open on the counter and I just took a piece of it seems the same along the lines is you cut off like couple slices of cheese off the brick of the families gee the family cheese brick you know oh the fridge I hope you understand I'm trying to get out and then I also have a tiny little piece chocolate and a granola bar so that's everything what I'm going to do is make a stir fry with the pepper onion mushrooms garlic potatoes butter and sausages I have no spices trying to stick away from this places for a little bit I have my stomach a little filled up pretty bland so yeah that'll be good and then tomorrow morning I can even prep some onion with that actually I could make an omelet I could make an omelet tomorrow morning I have everything to make an omelet with mushrooms green pepper and onion cool so I'm gonna boil excuse me I'm gonna boil these potatoes a little bit first to make them soft I'm gonna half boil them so they're not mashed or anything like the texture of mashed potatoes so they'll be soft so I can fry them up with the stir fry and that way it'll all be good to go together because otherwise the potatoes can crunchy and I'm not really a fan of that okay that's my food pretty straightforward guys not like too much you've seen me make before I normally just fry up some food but this is a a little bit different I wanted to use my cooking gear the actual frying pan and the pot with with boiling yep oh boy a big boys I got so many comments saying no that I'm not the only one who picks things out of my dog's eyes it's been hours since I put that sleeping pad in the tent just to self inflate so let's go check that out and see how that's doing little spider spiders body get out of my home well he heard me peaceful it's a cool view out of the tent a I like it I like having so much screen so this you know stay out there seriously this is not inflating at all this is literally not inflating here okay even hard to blow up an app like force the air down the other parts of it I think this better inflate more than that I'm gonna stay warm tonight if that's the case if that's how inflated it gets bro

oh that's not good for my hemorrhoids all right that's about as big as she goes boys and girls oh man no wonder there was no water there was no r-value rating on that all right she's up she goes hear it all right uh-oh Walmart home alright here we go scope only spilled minimal make couple drops it's not too shabby I'm not gonna pour the bottom in cuz it's all funk the last little teaspoon or whatever is gonna have all sorts of dank in it my back full full cup of water over a liter I think 1.1 liters one liter it dead on it says okay they're still nice and warm it's not overly hot cuz it's pretty thin but it is BPA free so bonus the pot didn't fare too bad isn't clean on the inside no like burn marks or anything through which I was looking for and then on the outside just tarnished tarnished like it should be from use alright little sticky from the resin not too bad there's no pine just get better with you so I'll take that I stood on there if y'all black you'd be better with use I don't hate this this is this is probably one of the my more favorite pieces of gear I bought from Walmart stainless pot and pan yeah cool well I'm sitting here I think would have carved myself a club this isn't the same one that I used earlier when I was batoning cuz it was all gnarly up here what I did with this one

this is the other side of it this is like I just know this isn't it rift for you I just cut it off oh my goodness right at that at the gnarly burl part so it's it's very straight and a nice Club I want to use it for boat awning and when he cries it sticks but he's going on I can literally see it little earlier you see it could literally see it anyways I'm gonna take the bark off make it nice and smooth make a baton make a little beater stick case I have to protect myself no coyotes not only doing this for fun because I want to make a little beating stick but I'm also just playing with this and I if I want to keep using it to see how rough it is on my hands you know I mean because the whole idea is to not only like use this in a video use this gear in a video but the whole idea behind this was set for someone who didn't have the budget or wanted to start out and this is how you start like camping gear from Walmart that's how I started so I don't want to just make sure that this stuff is okay to use one time that's why I touched on the seam sealer for the tent and all that stuff so depending on how I would make my decision depending on how this knife felt you know me after using it for a long time that's why I'm doing this what I'm using this right now I'm holding it up here and this is how I hold my knives actually when I'm doing more intricate work or trying to get good leverage so it when I open my hand you'll really see just where it is it's like my index finger is right up almost on the blade and I'm choked way up on it like the handle is not big and that's the size of the handle it fits my hand fine but let me put your hand up farther get a lot more control and you're not working as really as hard because if I'm I'm trying to do it all I'm doing is taking bark off this is not a big thing but if I'm doing this you know I mean the knife is kind of sliding up and I'm using more work to get towards the tip if I already have it worked up here you know I mean the blade becomes not smaller but almost like an extension of my hand it's way more manageable that the tip is not flying up and it's right where I need it bo on the go I keep saying I was watching Bo on the go with my daughter it's a little kids show it was younger than her she used to watch it when she was when she was really young and because I've been laid up in bed a lot lately she's been laying with me and playing games and watching stuff on YouTube and stuff she's a rumor I used to watch Bo on to go and that's how she said bo on to go but warm to go oh memories of my child and her childhood she's getting so big guys six-and-a-half almost just like a little person now she's awesome we spent so much time together all right [Music]

well I should probably cut up the firewood I have my fires still going it's smoldering right in front of me here I'm gonna keep the fire going until suppertime until I go to bed I don't want to have to start the fire again with that magnesium block it wasn't fun it's a good thing to learn and I've actually that's started again before I even knew what a fire steel was I thought that was a fire steel and I used that I got that at Canadian Tire so long ago and we would use that all the time actually I wore one of those things out the magnesium not to strike her part it's a good thing to learn and it's it's a really good lesson actually in tinder and making sure that you have the right tinder and enough of the right tinder and placed in the right spot and all that stuff so yeah it's fun it's uh full of nostalgic for me but anyways I don't want to I don't want to start another fire so I'm gonna get some firewood and throw it on here because she's just apollo ash just an ashy pile are you guys thinking with this silly little fire pit line with logs it's kind of cool it's containing everything I kind of like the way it looks too gotta be careful when using that saw it's gonna it's gonna snap it's not like a silky world have a little bit of play and Bend or whatever it'll snap on me and then I think that could be dangerous to a piece of flying sharp metal towards my eye I have had this sticker on my tripod ever since I went to I think tamal give me with Kyle so many years ago my daughter put on and it's held up in rain and snow and dirt and muck and being banged around crazy well else's sticker for the one check this out there's a couple things on the snow that I find pretty funny the lanyard hole is great to have but then like cut stuff so that's a flaw and then the locking mechanism is a bit different that could see it failing pretty easily so it's got this little lip in there and this wire goes on it clips down that's it


good boy take it you can have it you want this one Hey

so I gave you one and you took - you took two hey give me that stick let's do it

actually I might be able to break some Hickory

one more this isn't the greatest idea that it's reverberates like vibrating and it's not working the greatest and kind of closer to the tree to fly work good oh man that is solid Hickory that's like a baseball bat right there leave it hey take it enough bacon enough but alright well I didn't work out half as good as I had hoped but that's alright where's the other piece we're gonna peace but oh my goodness if I just pull it through a little bit at that time saw blinds so very bad that's why they use Hickory for baseball baths and stuff like that man it's just so straight grain grain is very strong hi viola nope nope yeah that's some solid

working myself up a sweat here song me stuff up


I don't like this saw I don't like this uh not at all Coleman it's not good not good neither is that playing holy crap [Music]

there's a little prop plane pretty cool I do keep taking my hat on and off on my jacket on and off just trying to regulate the heat where did I come from over here

I left my tripod in my ax over here because my battery died I'm two batteries down I don't know how that happened because one of them must not have been full that's how I figured it out through the powers of deduction alright

choppy choppy I don't I don't really like putting this in the sheath every time it's can you see it yeah you got to really get it in perfectly but it is actually kind of handy having this okay so didn't call it a sheath case an axe case

a bench it's probably good use of time keep kind of sitting on the towel right in front of the scouts towel front fire but it's not working out too good so maybe we'll make a little small benching is that towel as they sit pad so I've come across this which is not far from my tent at all I didn't see it before seems like something I would have done this is iron wood and it's been sawed like years ago so even this bottom piece is actually better than this top piece for greatness yeah all right you know get this piece over there and prop it up on a couple pieces of wood the bark off of it cause it's all wet read all hands some beetles and worms and stuff it's about I wasn't out here fishing or self - this beetle wormies lots of worms Oh cocoon millipedes all right I'll cover those guys back up I brought it to the edge all my loves are red all my logs are red which open

just watch you know a spot here maybe it'll be a little bit more dry to inside oh yeah cop a squat on the foot not bad not bad

and since Scout refuses to lay on his towel I don't feel bad commandeering it for my seat not too bad I'm hiding for the old beetle all right how'd you guys get these twigs on here there's a decent bed of coals I just want to keep it up so that I have lots of womp in fire cooking abilities without too much hassle

wonder if I can find a tree pretty decent dead tree to throw this axe let's have some fun toss in the old hatchet I need to find a big dead tree though or like a decent-sized stump there's a deer carcass can I use a deer carcass okay here's one here is a decent one pump both actually here's a decent stump kind of low to the ground though and then there's my tree though a dead tree right there yeah this will work what happened that doesn't I guess I set the camera but such good wholesome fun look at the smoke generator over volley tent go check on that lawyer Co she's going

I love these gloves a load time for a new pair though I think I've said that a few times I am gonna get a new pair for next year probably the same exact kind estra the brand regardless of if I get the exact model or not these models like I said before the Hofstra fall line gloves fall line there's a goal flying around maybe it is gonna rain

no I didn't near any water so that guy flying around like me not we're near water much just like a ditch no not like somewhere where the shore birds are gonna hang out at all right you think with this jacket for even kept jacket it's the first time I've worn it I've had it for a while just haven't been able to go outside see how she goes on before it gets too dark that way I can actually show you it I'm guessing this is pretty straightforward and I'm just gonna have to connect this to down here somewhere okay maybe I put it on backwards maybe the vent goes over the window I think that's the case there's a name on this side it wouldn't brand it on the back okay learning as we go here right

make sense

all right and then there's that poll I got to put in here still I can Road that's kind of cool it's a good feature to have at least there go there's just two grommets and this just kind of bucks into them into the grommets oh wow maybe not oh this is what it does you have to slide it through a sleeve up here then put it through the grommet that's a take fit all right oh cool nice little awning Hey ha ha look at that

oh yes everything's coming together now super blue does it down tired of sawing and they got a bump this up go look at that four times I hit it I might have hit in two spots in those four times my point is you're trying to aim for the same spot much less effort much less effort than sawing with that sauce especially leave it I'm gonna I'm gonna put him into it down come here come sit down good I'm pleased with this axe have I mentioned that

what kind of wood is this dense I am loving the accuracy the sharpness the oomph look at the wedge on the on the head so it's got a lot of oomph when it comes time to split which I haven't done any of I'm sure it'll work really well because how wedgy that is I'm liking it like in the Fiskars this saw is by far the worst thing that I bought over that 500 bucks

it just keeps binding it's I think it's getting worse as the day goes on putting any tension on the wood at all I'm trying to pull it away actually the whole time sucks I'm like forced to just saw around it and then break it he's rough is rough yeah I should not have bought that so this was like I don't know 20 bucks or so hi everybody get out handle for that fancy handle bro with the water on the fire getting ready to boil it's high time I start making my supper ready as if Joe is a big hungry so I want to need to fry up some things none of this is for you just yet big good we need to fry up some things to do that need to cut up some things I'm also going to like I said I'd boil my potatoes so I'm gonna throw these in these two in their hole just wait until it warms up a bit to get in another cleanest water throw these in more half cook I like a Redskin potato like a red skin potatoes wrote in the woods dude you want yours you get all cut off of yours okay you're eating with me it's we eat together family alright I'll cut my mushrooms I'll be able to store them in my other pot which is helpful and I don't have a Scandinavian growing knife guys I'm putting food imagine that so might go a little better I got a lot of people very annoyed that all right the fact that I'm cutting my food with a scandi but it works and so does this this is working actually pretty decent I'm getting pretty good slices that's good even with the magnesium bar damage this is working pretty decent but mushrooms are pretty soft guys so mushrooms are no good for dogs something to keep in mind I'm not going to be giving Scott any of my stir-fry but he's got plenty like that steak

all right cool a good boil going those in there soften them out excuse me I'm gonna cut up some more firewood and get this fire ready for cooking just to melt this on my hands oh yeah gloves important excuse me so I'm gonna I'm not gonna make the fire any bigger I do have some sticks right here I just gathered some small twigs that I can shove under to make it like a twig stove effect but what I'm gonna do is move this off to the side put some bigger sticks on top cook on that cause they're still good amount of heat coming off there like I'm saying okay and then yeah I can slide the sticks underneath that if I need to this still does need to cook a bit longer so


it's a lot I might have to take some stuff out

I'm gonna take some mushrooms and red peppers out probably that's a lot of stuff I wanted garlic in the onions as much as possible I prefer that or the mushrooms and the peppers and I can actually even just save these again for tomorrow's omelet we got to put potatoes don't forget in there too so I need some room for sure talk about over the fire cook hey I follow this Instagram page called over the fire cooking it's awesome go check him out he's got a lot of followers and just amazing the barbecue wilderness stuff just all as you can imagine cooking over the fire or over the fire cooking oh snap I gotta get my gloves on again I think his name is Derek so I did like I said I stuffed some twigs right underneath the frying pan kind of used it like a twig stove deal propped it up on the logs stuff the twigs in let's check out these potatoes see how they're going I gotta whip myself up a little spatula as well [Music]

go just move the surf Rio for a second there so it doesn't burn Oh lost my okay those are getting soft yeah a little bit longer that screws in there okay that was a bad call bring it home get a pointy one for it the planing screw okay come along get the potatoes in there soon I may be only able to put one potato in oh go for the red one potato pass it on Oh I saw

it's not like there's a ton of food by any means might even be a better idea to empty this and use that to fry it all the grease and the butter in that way when I'm stirring it it's not gonna be like falling out of the thing you know I mean I have a little bit more leeway a little bit more safety I am gonna put a little bit more butter in there though because that's dry but I do have to save some for the morning you must be tired I thought he was gonna bolt after me alright it's a pretty good temperature

hey those are sawfish tato are getting there getting there everything else is pretty soft pretty done oh no sausage on the loose

turn it turn it anyways everything's almost done I might be making a second helping of this stuff oh yeah nice two more minutes

I don't want to put that lid on perfectly again I'll just leave it kind of cocked on there cockeyed okay I'll show you my setup here this is my four slash spatula they don't quit them oh yes your food sorry big guy and then I've got my hot food in my hot pot on top of the pan so I can actually set it on my lap without it being too hot that's a good setup that way oh yeah I gotta show you this finished product personally I like the crispy bit and we'll rhaenyra's quote personally I like the crispy bit look at that how good does that look guys nice and colorful nice and steamy this one's here there you go big guy either up

wish me luck yeah

potatoes are good they're like not mushy and not crispy this could be a little bit more done but it's fine totally fine onion or try the sausage yeah - pretty good I can handle that can't handle that though let's try this Bureau because it was sitting in that danke dear dead deer ridden puddle I rinsed the top out with actual water boiled water and stuff I think want to pour it into no cup no copy cup of beer all right


is that how you say cheers in French yup yes boys you got it right did a good job with that color two colors cloudy yellow clouds

that's a really good beer that's a really good beer thank you thank you very much and that's the first one I've tried to haven't drink a beer in three weeks or so maybe a month his last trip I went on and only drank a couple there very good very good excuse me fires blowing good behind me I'm pretty comfortable I took off my coat my hat and everything pretty comfortable pretty happy with the cook set I'd say it was a touch bigger I'd be even more happier with it the frying pan especially but that said it's stainless steel it's meant to be a lightweight backpacking setup so they are trying to cut the size and the weight down which I understand it's still decent size I put a lot of food in there I guess well yeah pretty happy with it I'm glad as a system like not just mom I'm glad it's a system not just one pot or one frying pan or whatever because as you saw it really came into it in handy I've got this full of food I've got I'm eating Oh this half time fried it in that fried it for that Friday and that for half the time let's go can use the lid for a bowl or a dish or whatever yep pretty happy so like I said when I started out this stuff

I was only only using Walmart here as well

or the equivalent which was like Canadian Tire anyways it was the Canadian Tire or even like atmosphere from sport chucks later on what I started out using all the same stuff and the reason so you're seeing it in play you're seeing it in use now and it's working there's really not much wrong with it like the saw sucks but other than that it's all working as I knew it would now what comes into play is quality lunch evety light weight and bulk because I don't even if this tent was a quality tent and they had a long life to it as if us were good and everything it don't lick my spork bro spork just looking at though even if it was all equality and everything it's way way too big and heavy to carry excuse me so that's where now it becomes like okay I had all this gear and where did I go from there well now I want to be able to do farther distance things and deeper in the wilderness and stuff which takes lighter gear for me especially because I'm so small right and if I want to pack everything into one backpack so I can backpack or in to get or do a backpack because I'm canoeing or whatever needs to be small and it needs to be lightweight so that's really the reason for the upgrades and because it was my hobby for it still is it's been my hobby for years man before I was big on YouTube I would ask for gear for my birthday and for Christmas and stuff like that so four years upon years upon years that's all I got for Christmas time for my birthday's was a new tent to our new sleeping bag or sleeping pad or clothes for camping closes what I still buy more than anything be honest with you but people who don't know him you were having followed the channel for a long time I have made the assumption that some of them have made you something that I'm just a rich kid who had all this gear from the get-go and that's just not the case at all in poor my whole life my mom was broke my wife's parents were broke it's just how it was so yeah really taking the time to acquire that gear was necessary I couldn't get it all at once and with the gear that I couldn't have on the higher end I just used the Walmart stuff still until it could I'm used to going in jeans blue jeans and or BDUs I got like three sizes too big from the from the surplus store I'm like a Walmart flannel insulated jacket you know those ones that came out your up few years ago they're all plaid and have a little bit of insulation in the inside of them I still have that thing I still have a lot of my old gear well anyways my point is if this is something you're into and you don't have the funds to be buying fall Raven gear and grams first Brooks axes and stuff like that just realize that I didn't either and then a lot of people didn't either and it just comes with time especially if this is going to be a big hobby of yours your family's gonna realize that your friends are gonna realize that your significant other is gonna realize that they're gonna want to get you camping stuff you get better and better and better stuff that's how it is in my experience it's a really good beard I see that

well it was good I'm gonna give this to scope right here you want a stick bigger do you

I think it's been non-stop Plains the whole day like not not a minute without a plane I'm full believe it or not was good it was very good oops goats a full two after frickin full stick he's just cleaning my spatula my mid-layer I brought this prim loft that I always wear my uplink I even I wore this on a loan I had this for like a year before that it's all patched up I highly recommend looking into something like this doesn't have to be this brand this is from MEC I'm not looking co-op just something small this one is synthetic it doesn't have to be but I can use this as a pillow I can put it in my cargo pocket it's a real lifesaver it makes a real big difference so I can wear this now I have a I have a normal cotton t-shirt on t-shirt and then I have my green sweater that you just saw that I've always been poor to wear that on alone fist and then this and with all that I'll be pretty decent tonight dipping down to zero I have long johns as well but yeah I really highly recommend looking into a premaloft like a either a synthetic or a down small like thin jacket you can just put in the middle of things or throw in your backpack it doesn't take up much room at all or weight and even the spring or the the fall that gets real to life see where sometimes I've worn it in the in the winter as an overcoat too yeah you guys have seen me wear it for plenty of years I'm sure considering I keep talking about how much I like this axe Oh wedgie the head is let's try and split it this way very good that's that Hickory get that straight grain that stuff is man clean too it's a nice piece

there's no decay on that at all oh man that smells really Hickory very Hickory all right kind of shoots them off how lucky it is again this is the straightest green wood I've seen in a while

danger Joe


just some work your bad wasn't bad at all what's your wager to say I don't hate this axe let's try and chop straight through we'll try and go right through this one it's an inch or so in diameter not a problem at all in fact it's hard to tell where the saw marks are where the hacks marks that's one is that's the saw and that's the axe just a little darker from the the paint or whatever it is on the blade okay what about next step up this one bigger this is the other one this is this one

go on scope you got hit with the last one over there buddy like a torpedo I didn't hit it as hard either I don't think I got as much purchase on it but I'm gonna hit it in a different spot now so that's there I'm gonna hit it down here mooks go so almost through ninety percent of the way through three decent what do you do something again that's not high I mean that's not white pine that's freakin American Hickory or whatever the specific name is it's Hickory seem Hickory they make Louisville Sluggers odo alright that was all child's play those just all for video this is the real test here BAM the ol red pepper test worked do you worked and then the hammer poll see if the hammer poll does the work its job oh yes juices juices properly make a good jelly one beer Oh Scott and I just been relaxing after supper it's laying here he's passed though hey to get up soon and put some firewood on that fire she's almost out it's gonna be getting dark pretty soon there's no wind at all I can see a few leaves on some trees from last year and there it's very very still this is such a cool view from inside of my tent like literally that that's right here this is all mesh like look at that it's very relaxing group peaceful yeah where would I actually need firewood I really only have that little bit there that's not gonna do much it's uh seven ten seven ten

I haven't had a fire like this in a while it's always been long fires for the winter it's kind of nice to have like a teepee style this pile of sticks on there there's a good like half we'll put it hashes and embers in there it's getting dark I know it looks bright in the screen but that's par for the course don't got that much firewood left actually this is my last piece right here so this is all oak and it's solid I'm putting it on very long like two or three pieces long so I'll be able to get a good hour hour and a half burn out of that at least just keep folding it in or whatever pushing it in but that'll last until I go to bed so whenever that goes whenever that dies down I'll go to bed probably past night I think was fun I think was a cool thing to do and test out and see and I will definitely keep pieces of this year to use in the future like if I go on a car camping trip or if I need to maybe even just keep a tent in my car my my Jeep why not you know what I mean it's totally works fine I can get a seam seal after and seal up the seams on that wasn't expense that I really can't remember off the top of my head but again it was in that previous video so to be able to check that out if you're interested the sleeping pad you can never have too many sleeping pads especially with the family I have another kid on the way we go family camping and I don't like to give the kids my high-end sleeping pads cuz they jump on them like a frickin mattress so so yeah that'll work it's packs on small enough a sleeping bag I don't know I don't know about the sleeping bag we'll see how it goes tonight the backpack yeah probably wouldn't use it on a big backpacking trip no I definitely wouldn't use it on a backpacking trip but I might use it on a canoe trip where I need a little bit more room cuz it's a 65 litre and I don't want to wear like use a rubberized backpack or something might use that the axe for sure I'll use that all the time now I'll use that at home farting around in the backyard and stuff saw is garbage the magnesium thing I'm not going to use again for sure that was just to show oh here the water bottle I probably won't use again maybe though again all these things could go on my car kit you know anyone want to I'm gonna do a car kit and keep it in my Jeep so a lot of these things that can use in that too I wouldn't look past Walmart yzma is the point I think if you're just starting out if you're a seasoned vet obviously you're not gonna be going there and and and getting things unless you're trying to improvise because that works too right glad I did it it was worth the 500 bucks for sure so what I've bought let's see what I bought that is $500 for camping gear I bought knives that were 500 bucks all day long let me get my headlamp here and see if illuminate myself this headlamp I got again from Walmart this is a Ozark Trail Oh son of a gun is for tape right let's see if I can yeah

there we go all right that's pretty decent it actually runs on three triple A's and it came with three triple A's so I've bought knives that were over 500 dollars

I have bought tents that were 500 or more

I've bought sleeping bags that were about 3 to 400 I've bought coats I have a coat that's almost 400 bucks so right around there anyway so to get almost everything you need there hang out little remember I got a cook set and everything nuts that's actually one of my favorite pieces of kit that I got from Walmart yeah I got everything I got everything I needed for 500 bucks and it sounds like a lot of money I know that I get that completely and it is you know I mean but I'm trying to compare it to right now to show you like to get everything for the cost of one thing it's pretty easy almost full people are gone scouts want vote going here it's like five minutes to nine players still burning but I think we're gonna go in here for tonight yeah apparently on it barely on it probably should have brought my GoPro for that the wide-angle everybody was sick and tired of the GoPro for the last 50 hooks all right gotta change out the socks my feet are wet oh yeah they are wet it's not even that damp there there's straight wet Long John DUP got into the little sleeping bag I don't have a pillow because again the 500 did not allow for a pillow and I don't know that Omar had a good camp pillow but I'm not going to bed just yet I'm just trying to get my wall my funeral really cold actually I changed them I didn't have about warm since so I'm just gonna try and bundle up in here for a little bit see if I can generate some more some body heat on my feet up but yeah I imagine I'm not gonna get out of bed either I just lay here for a bit and go to sleep

Scott's already got his eyes closed good it's 10 o'clock now I've been laying here I actually talked to my wife on the phone for the past little bit my fee are 80% warmed up now you can see my breath

so it's dropping down chilly I can actually look and see what temperature it is right now let's do that let's look and see whether it's 4 degrees mostly cloudy feels like 3 though which whatever so the rain is going to come now at 4 a.m. it's going to drop down to OH

saying it doesn't drop down till less than 3 3 degrees associates no the rain comes at 4 and then oh snap oh snap top one is tonight leaving off of excuse me 4 in the morning when the bottom was tomorrow starting at 7 is rain 100 percent chance of rain all right ok well that's probably it for me for tonight guys I'm going to tuck in it is 10 o'clock so it's a good time to go to bed I'll see you in the morning with the rain that's right in good morning it's after 7:00 quarter after 7:00 it's been raining since 5:00 it's still dry I just woke up literally just woke up I slept with all my clothes on my prim waffle on and everything like just barely was warm enough and I said only got down to three last night then they get a one-degree bag so take that for what it is I won't be using this bag for anything but the summer times now on or I will give it to snow for a camping or the middle iPad Jeep or something I'll get you soda but it won't be for won't be for marginal weather camping that's for sure all right I gotta get up and get out of here my wife is uh gonna pick me up after she drops the Crito off at school I don't know if I'm getting a ghetto down cook eggs this morning or not yeah I'll get with you in a minute here Oh the sleeping pad sleeping pad is not the greatest guys it's feels like a rock but it kept me from being cold like from underneath for sure I didn't feel the cold air coming through the bottom so that was the main thing Comfort zero over to ten hmm not a very nice day but it is pretty warm can't really see my breath I'm glad the rain is slowed down though that's good so this thing didn't leak it didn't leak at all actually she's trying to see if it was permeated through the sides a bit maybe I can feel a little bit dampness here on the bottom section but as you can see the fly is completely away from the tent I don't really feel any wetness I don't feel any what that's coming through in there either it did in all reality did not pour I did not was not torrential downpour it rains steady for two and a half hours three at three hours but yeah anyways okay up and out o up and out of here okay

I love it there we go I think that if anything were to touch besides that it would probably seep through like if I had my sleeping pad or my sleeping bag against the side probably wouldn't be good but it's a four-man tent don't really need to be up against the side that sucked as I was trying to do a little time lapse ten thing my memory card filled up so now I changed the memory card in the rain and got the tent to there oh man I got a hurry too it's like my wife is probably out there waiting oh it's raining it's raining hard it's going to attempt to just stop point I really have no I don't know what this either guys let me stretch this one I know it's ugly son of a gun this is a sleeping pad I could barely get it back rolled up either this stuff is not made for compact lightweight try again I'll drop the suit patch of the bottom if I have to the tent was originally strapped to the bottom loosing any compression straps okay she's got a few more things I gotta stuff into here with my hands my hands hands too cold I broke this backpack trying to zip this up trying to put things in here and zip it up the zipper completely shattered right off of it the whole zipper contraption so this is my this is my loadout I got everything in there except for the camera which is getting rained on pretty good right now but

got no room for the camera in here at all ha ha feet area I'm really hungry probably gonna stop at Tim Hortons on the way home all right that's it for me guys let me know what you think about the Walmart here and in the comments if you like this video please give me a subscription hit the bell notification follow me on Instagram that's where I'm most active that's where you're going to see pictures most active other than face but other than that's where I'm most active other than YouTube that's where you will see pictures photographs alright guys thanks I'll see on the next one good bye let's go found another part of that dear hi coat here come on she's a wet long guy she's soupy nice and soupy

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