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Overnight Winter Bushcraft Camp with a Dog under a White Tarp.


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Come along with my dog, Scout and I as we hike through the forest in a Canadian winter, I carry a backpack with enough camping and bushcraft gear for the 2 of us to camp out overnight under a tarp.

I cook bacon and steak on a rock over the fire, Scout chews sticks until supper time :)

This is part 1 of a 2 parter, the next video will be just as long, if not longer.

I hope you enjoy.

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Video Transcription

hey guys how you doing Joe here thanks for clicking on the video I'm with my dog Scout ruff North in the middle of the forest plan for today is use some new camping gear I got set up a tarp camp out overnight I have an axe with me I have a small backpack I have a wool blanket for my dog I have a rock to cook some bacon on and to cook some steak on there's gonna be an awesome trip I haven't been out in like two weeks so I'm super stoked to be here [Music]

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all right guys install Vikings now using the links below and get two hundred gold in a protection shield for free okay enjoy the video it's 9:30 a.m. I got here at around 9 I've been walking around for a good half an hour so I'm starting to warm up starting to actually get a little sweaty which I got to be careful of it's this morning it was negative 5 supposed to warm up to a boat and they go to Celsius and then drop down to negative 7 so seus tonight so I do have a sleeping bag for me and scout will be warm in his wool blanket right now I'm kind of like a cold the land kind of raises up so considering it's winter time I don't want to be in a cold well we're gonna camp on like a little bit of a ridge there's not much wind so that's not really an issue the other thing I do want to look out for our widow-makers

there's a lot of writing around this general area some big trees some soft trees and you have to be really careful around them

are you doing yeah I'm liking this a whole lot look you can see the ground barely any snow up here lots of milk going on I'm a good six hours north of my house and the whole drive up here there was no snow at all I get to this property where I come there's a bunch of snow but back up in here on this hill not so bad I'm not trying to deal with snow on this trip I want to be like on the verge of spring trip here on this Ridge I want to look for a specific spot I want to camp at night I got a lot of stuff this backpack including scouts won't blanket of snow and go around and look for a suitable spot up on this Ridge what I do want to look for is wind direction and widow-makers

let's get more slopey over on this side up here is not so bad actually right here notice well nothing too promising that way I'm starting to think where I first originally came up onto this Ridge is the best spot I'll have to do some like housecleaning move the stuff around yeah let me show you what I think I might do there's that solid freestanding up and I think I want to make my shelter going this way that's the way the wind is going parallel but on this side there's not a decent tree there's this half fallen one but I feel like if I clean off the branches and take take this one completely out of there I can use that for firewood that's a solid piece of oak and test this make sure it's not gonna fall this might work this piece might work just high off - it seems like it will it seems like it's all it yeah she's up in the crook there - she's caught in the crook so that seems pretty solid to me I might do that so the wind is almost on existent it's kind of going like this like a 45 - what I am right now

so that's even actually pretty good because if I tie this here and then they're back that way or that way whichever way I want to do it it's all coming together it's all coming together I'll have to take this tree out like she's dead anyway not the cherry so I'll be able to use that for firewood - I don't have big heavy-duty tools

let me show you what I do have so this is the set up I hiked in where I got my Italian wool blanket on top of my hidden woods Mandi ruck and for tools and then I started my sleeping bags on the bottom what tools I have my 19 inch sandwich and I also have a silky gone boy but neither of neither of those things are big tools it's okay though work okay let's get this backpack ripped down and clean up my area this thing is packed to the nines show you what I got a little bit here right now I'm just looking after they're looking up right now I'm just looking for my saw wow that is some seasoned seasoned oak okay good I wish I had bigger tools I'll still use it for firewood but take some doing okay one thing gun it's already looking like Hall wears myself up some warm which is nice this again I don't want to get too warm so stripping down layers as I can okay let's get this cherry tree out of the way here [Music]

I love my dog you feel bad you feel bad for knocking my camera over okay that Shari trees down I'm gonna clean up the little stump so it's a flat flush and continue on so I'll keep those and start my fire with it too my area is cleaned out sea scooter maggots they're all right where my tarp is gonna go I'll cleaned off the pine tree really good really good so I'm just hoping that that's enough space I think it is if I tie and you're higher up on the tree over there

I don't do it ironically Adirondack wind shelter good boy here good and that'll be the first time I'm using the tarp that I have with me now okay time to set up the gear bomb action I just did a gear video that's going to be posted before this trip video so if you want to know about the gear I use on this trip click on the link and now the snow is coming down pretty readily I'm going to have to get my Terps set up and get all my gear out of the elements now it's always fun I do that a lot I ask you the gear video after I've been over here for a little bit and then gotta like pack all the gear back into the backpack and continue filming the normal video the big video of it okay I got to do this and I gotta pee if you real bad surge snow I'm pretty hard I'm gonna come to this tree this fallen tree I'm just doing on a diagonal like it is here I'm sure it'll be fine tight taut line hitch in both sides actually you know what I don't want to talk line hitch in both sides because I want my my tarp to be able to stretch as far as it can and if you use a taut line hitch sometimes the rope doesn't start till out here when you tighten it up so I'm at I want to retie that side actually - I know I know so my whole my whole point is between this tree here I'm tying off and then there it's not the longest distance so I want the tarp to have as as much distance as it possibly can and with me tying a comedian gr sorry a taut line hitch you can see you can see it doesn't start right at the tree right like the because it's taut pulling out here it makes the knot stuff not start out here instead of back here so I'm losing like a half a foot space and it might not be long enough to reach to there I hope that makes sense so what I'm going to do so if I had a taut line hitch on both sides I would lose about a foot because they'll be away from the trip both trees so I'm gonna do is tie a Jolynn so like a bowline knot but tied in correctly so it's called the Jolin that way it's just basically a loop that I'm going to feed the running end around just a little loop feed the running on through and that way it'll be cinch to right up to the tree on this side and I'll only lose if anything on that side half a foot or whatever hopefully that makes sense to you guys

I understand what I'm trying to say you have a mush multi way of explaining things okay so now you can see right taught to the tree and I'll be able to get more distance yeah excuse me I will tie a taut line on this side because I do have to adjust the tarp after and all that stuff but yeah it'll be fine okay she own considering this is white and it's winter time I'll try and keep it keep an eye on where the case goes and stops at news she's durable man this is not a SIL mile on tarp this is definitely ripstop a little bit more heavy but very durable guys have seen me use my coyote tarp the yellow one for probably the better part of seven nine years and that's the same deal as this so I want to do an adder our next shelter so I'm going to go on it on a diagonal I just want to make sure that this is over you don't want to go to the third Toyota I believe so if I'm looking there's one two three and one two three perfect next thing I got to do is get some toggles and that'll be really easy consider to have all these twigs and little shoots growing all around me so there's one there's two one of the reasons for tying the taut line hitch if this is too tight which it is I can go over and loosen up so okay it should should work now all I'm trying to do is when you guys see me do this a bunch of times but Bend the cord put it through the tab easier said than done and then take the toggle and slide it through and that kind of walks everything in place there okay see slide it and all that fun stuff now the other side

the tabs are a decent size on this tarp bigger than my coyote one that's good tighten this back up do a little overhand knot so it doesn't slip okay just slide in a lot I'm gonna have to get thicker toggles it'll be little heavy-duty stake here just a little bit too heavy-duty it won't fit on the tab trim it down a touch I've been able to peg some out and I've had to tie some off the trees the grounds frozen and it's not in different spots so it's anybody all right let's go around check out this the shelter okay there she is I do have to do some adjustments pull it up a bit in the back like attach a piece of cord to that tab and pull it way out to get myself a little bit more taut and more room which is looking pretty decent go up or down and back is gonna be pulled out like crazy which is gonna bring the whole thing in together oh look at that stump right in the way I'm gonna have to saw that down hold your paracord over both through your tab and then through the loop you created nice I am my plane the planes here so this tarp is small one is made by the same people who make this white one bushcraft outfitters you can find them online bushcraft Outfitters calm I'll be right back after these messages from loud Plains okay plane is gone this will be my ground sheet there's a couple cool things about this tarp there can be used for two different purposes depending on the time of year you use it right just take my firewood don't even worry about it man um in the winter time you know especially if it's not like this if it's actually winter winter with white everywhere snow you're not seeing leaves on the ground this can be like an inconspicuous incognito kind of stealth tarp whereas in the summertime it can be a signal really right like the this stark white against like green or the brown of grass or whatever it could be definitely a signal so it's kind of cool yeah I like it I like it so far I like how durable it is and I'm anticipating getting it dirty I'm just like a knife when you get a brand new knife and you they can't wait for the patina to get on it same thing with this white tarp like I can't wait for it to get just not white use usage my therm-a-rest NeoAir x-term this is a great seating pad uses all the time [Music]

have a sleeping pad packs down small that still has a good r-value this thing is just as fine in the wintertime as it is the summertime which is awesome therm-a-rest NeoAir x therm so a sleeping pad is one of those things it's not really that fun right it's not a fun thing to buy it's not an ax it's not a knife it's not even saw back right when there is opportunity to use natural materials for a sleeping pad I like to do it but that doesn't always come into play right it's not always allowed it's not always a good use of your time if I'm doing a canoe trip or a backpacking trip or whatever I'm not gonna get to my site and make a battle bed that's just not gonna happen you know what I mean when I backpacking anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a day I don't want to get to camp and have to make camp right that's why I have things like this I want to get there and just be ready to go but down again just for change - right well what my last real trip I used boughs the last trip was like super minimalistic this trip I wanted to bring stuff that I actually like enjoy using like when I think of lucky I want to go to the woods like bushcraft up a bit like my kit that I actually really like like that I know personally that I've used a lot the backpack really doesn't fall into that because it's new and the tarp is new but I have very similar things that I know I like previous backpacks by Malcolm and previous tarps by filters so my point is for this trip this is what I wanted to bring I wanted to like bring tools that I enjoy using adhesive but to not just tool here everything my dog

enjoy enjoy my dog almost brought my twig stove we're gonna save that bite first either maybe I'll do like a hammock camp in the spring or my first canoe trip I do like to put the twig stoves away like after the fall spring you guys got any plans for the spring any big canoe tripping plans or backpacking or anything like that now it was really the time of the year that I I find like the outdoorsy people really start having that wanderlust right that like that's why they call the outdoor adventure shows are now the some of your late late late winter or early spring kind of deal although we're still a ways out from early spring I'm sure it will snow quite a bit more still okay there should be a skoettel sleep oh yeah relatively flat that'll do I don't do Scout that'll do Oh am I the only weirdo who picks things out of my dog's eyes like gunk and crust is that super weird

let me kneel in the car let me know in the comments of how much weirdo oh man I'm glad to be okay guys I really am I'm so so needing this it's been over I need it I need to stay going out to keep my sanity ah good boy you know he's not to step on the sleeping pad we don't go boys yes and cook up some bacon now cook up some bacon pretty soon I think the model of this sleeping bag is called the Talon I'm not mistaken they came out with this a few years ago pretty decent why so close oh my my stuff why am i grill broke wide open like real bat and fancy fancy Joe has a new pillow look at that thing I'm super jazzed on this pillow I probably showed it a few times now soft got insulation in it packs down smaller than my down it's lighter than my down and it actually works as a pillow any good quality cold-weather sleeping bags should have this just like this little pocket in the hood here or you can stick your backpack or your backpack we're gonna stick your pillow this one also has a yoke you can see here just like though it goes around your neck stick it right in there she doesn't go anywhere I'm looking forward to sleeping that's for me good guy mine oh so look at this setup you can actually fit two people in here like we're square Scouts back there I can pull it I could pull this tight you know even get more room a second person could definitely sleep back there no problem for two people under one tarp if you're out you need to have like a lightweight shelter for a couple of people when there's no bugs like that's pretty decent man and then if it works or rain like people are worried about sleeping in tarps in the rain and stuff I'll just pull this straight down you know what I mean you get a pretty good protection from that and I've also before use this 5x7 tarp that I have on the ground that's a straight door so I connected it to this tie out and this Toyo and it fits perfectly five feet that way or sorry seven feet that way and then five feet down and it's like a complete straight wall and the only openings you have our little tiny gap on either side where you can use as a door so it's like and then also you can throw this on over top to for extra protection so it's very versatile I that the way I camped there like I said with it with the five by seven down in front I can't like that for at least two or three nights in the middle of the winter years ago I was camping with Ken and Kyle and those guys were intense and I was completely fine it was just as good as a tent I had all the room back there to store my stuff because I was single by myself in the tarp but anyways very impressed with tarps in general square tarps I do like okay gotta start making a base for my fire I'm gonna cook up some bacon for lunch I definitely don't need a fire all night long to keep me warm because my sleeping bags legit so I'm not worried about burning wood all day long I don't have to conserve and in this immediate spot I see a ton of dead wood my only problem is you can chew on it but do not take it anywhere I'm burning that okay all right that's a good base anyway nice and straight

no sorry nice and flat pieces see if I can chop this one without piece trying to find the way it's it's best there's more more of a challenger that's the choppy okay that's decent for my platform for some fuel now I'll grab some smaller stuff which again should be pretty easy man there's lots of stuff prettily available right around here actually see a lot of really gnarly burles no let's take your I'll show you some of these girls hey my firewood homie bonus points for anyone who knows what this is called this is a fungus I talked about it a hundred times my channel

grows on cherry black not of cherry happy of springing to more Bosa so that's not the burl I was talking about this one is here we're gonna have the bar old boy that burl there's lots more to all around actually on that same tree more let's say a canker are you crying man seriously

hey wait crying why are you crying okay find me some sticks find me some sticks get to stick get a sec Brissac houston get a stick get a stick and come go do it okay okay so I figure I'll grab all the pieces that I cut off that pine tree with the fatwood in them and I'll make some shavings let's go no you have to leave that stuff alone now over here and lay down here here take this that's for you lay down now lay down good boy okay anyways I'm gonna take the the pieces that I cut off the pine tree that have the SAP in them and I'm gonna just make some curls or whatever the thing is the SAP doesn't go up very far into branches once you cut them off like it's like literally a couple inches or whatever but it's okay I still have to make like some kind of like kindling or whatever somebody's while using use the the resin from those pieces it'd be nicer if Scout was in the way and you can kind of see but that's alright all I'm doing I'll explain to you I'm shaping wood I'm shaving wood I got my new newer adventurer sworn mountaineer and using that I actually haven't been using it too much I got it although a while ago and I haven't maybe only took it on one or two trips I think I took it with when I went with Grif and Scott and then I think I had a one time after that love and the knife though just super super sharp super Bush crafty and I need to get this closer up here so you guys can see let's go it's just thinking I'm teasing them here don't touch the knife buddy stuck I'm gonna let him take it I'm just gonna let him take it so he goes over there no what are you doing he's coming back from dude you took it already homie you took it it's yours it's gone don't come and think you're gonna take more getting bullied getting bullied by a dog here bro not even a bully breed can you see it seal the resin in there that would suck wax a wouldn't shave it but the reason it's so cool reason it's so good

that just goes burns at that black smoke sorry look at the end resin pouring out of it

so that's all I'm doing just gonna collect a bunch of that stuff make fire lighting kind of fun and easy so I've got a lot of resin s curls here but it's kind of difficult because I'm only really going like this near the ends it's not the easiest way to make curls and I've really used up all pretty much all the rezident I've gotten to the middle of the Woodward's actual wood again not resin so I want to take piece of one of the one of the piece of Oaks I just cut or just split I mean try find a nice spot to work that's what is so dance man Birds next man that'll go up I'll go through well look at that taper boy that taper son led been to BAM okay I've collected some twigs and I have my bigger fuel kindling and then my fuel pieces over here so all I want to do is measure out my distance like I said before I do not need yeah just take it take it I don't need the fire for warmth but I don't want it to be so far away from me that I'm not feeling any more from it either well I'm sitting here by the by the fire tonight so I might put it about one good step away one really big step away so right here seems good to me thank you boy

okay that's where we'll do a couple flat pieces underneath it decent platform I'll even use a little brace there here's my oh my kindling or sorry all my shavings I want to use the resinous ones first off then we'll add the rest on I've got a nice matching fire still this this knife from venture salon sorry scope little close for comfort a but so because there's some resin in those curls they will burn for quite a bit longer than just normal for normal wood curls so it takes a little bit of the rush of I guess not that there is a big rush anyway prop my sticks up on my brace all at once not try to one stick it no one sticking it it's the nice thing about the brace is if you mess up and smother it you can kind of give it a little bit of air but I don't think it needs any right now this fires going to go good or show some of this is a little bit wet the stuff near the bottom of what I just cut so actually there's some stuff in there but anyways I'm gonna put it all on now so that while it's growing it's also following the wood out drawing it out that's a nice big dense piece probably split that down actually that one

what's up buddy whoo better off with this what is legit man nice and straight grained and easy to split and heavy BTUs it's probably the best of all I could ask for in firewood the best of all I could ask for word does that mean things with Joe fires not smoking anymore man she's going nice great fire to me a great bed of coals scouts loving it you want me to put your blanket over here buddy yeah that's what I'm gonna do good boy that's for you [Music]

yeah it's cold hips yeah he's got his uh crocodile

collar on one my subscribers made for him that lives in Australia this stuff is very dense and I don't feel like cutting it all up with my silky so what I'm gonna do start a long fire not out of need of the warmth just out of not wanting to cut this solid solid oaken pieces so I'll just start it off like this with the the a piece of wood near it and it will eventually start to catch and everything I'm not really gonna force the home fire but it'll happen okay I'll break it into piece I'll break it into place when I eat - yep okay so instead of cutting it I'll just wait till it burns enough fold it over break it and then that'll be the way I cut my wood or away I burned through my wood so I believe it's called Indian style I could be wrong with that though used to make like maybe the Indians star is then to the fire way I'm picking up where you build the fire right in the front and you have big logs sticking out at all different angles looking like a star and then you just feeding them into the middle it's the same idea I think when we go around and look for some rocks to prop my rock I brought for cooking I want to cook my bacon and my steak maybe not bacon I might be able to hang the bacon but I'm definitely cooking a steak on the rock I did bring this rock in inside my backpack it was heavy but it's an ideal rock for cooking and I am a person who carries around rocks to cook on instead of nice lightweight grill about 1/2 so I'm gonna go look for other rocks to support this if I can't find that it's fine I'll use wood or I'll just throw it right on the coals or whatever everything will be fine but ideally I can support this up a little bit and push some coals underneath and stuff so well that's burning down that's a lot of hard firewood hard wood I'm gonna go around and look for some rocks I might even throw some more wood on there

go but she's already starting to catch the oak on either side which is pretty cool

it's only 12 so like it's a good thing I have a lot of firewood

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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