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I Spent $500 on Walmart Camping Gear.. and this it what i'm going to do with it.


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The plan is to spend $500 on camping gear from walmart, then actually use the camping gear to....yup, you guessed it, camp!

In this video I show the gear that I chose to spend my money on, and why.

I need your help, please leave comments on what other gear, if any I should spend the remaining $50. I also need to buy food with the money.

Hope you guys like this idea.

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Video Transcription

what does $500 grow through camping gear from Walmart look like scope doesn't want to know let's find out ten items order from Walmart calm in Canada equaling almost 500 bucks first let me give you a rundown of my ideas what I plan on doing so this isn't just like oh look what I can buy at Walmart and then that's it I'm gonna go out and use this stuff I'm gonna camp either one night or two nights either with the dog or without and I plan on doing that with him within the month it won't be my next video because it have a lot of things already planned in the works but definitely within the month we'll be doing this and I'm not using so in all honesty I've only spent about four hundred and fifty dollars because I still have to buy food and I didn't want to buy food before I go so it can ruin or perish or whatever that's something I want you guys to help you with so like I said I spent four hundred fifty dollars missing me the $500 Walmart challenge or whatever I want your help deciding if I need to spend that full $50 on food or if there's other things that I couldn't buy to make my life easier while I'm out there I did pick the items to the best of my knowledge but I'm sure you guys will have lots of ideas on things that I forgot keep in mind this is the basics and this the premise of this is not just like oh I bought five spent five hundred dollars at Walmart I hope can't be one time the premise of this is I'm on a budget I want to go camping not just once but I want to start camping this start to start to be my hobby but I don't have a lot of money and I'm not gonna have a lot of money for a while so I bought my gear at Walmart and seeing how it last seeing how it does seeing if it's able to last it's able to be used more than once which I'm sure it will be because when I first started I used Walmart gear and I use can the entire gear and I used you know just department store hardware store stuff because that's all you had okay let's let's get into it I bought 10 things let me show you online as well as I go I'll show you the list of them and what they cost yeah because I think you'd like to know and once again like I said this is Walmart in Canada not Walmart in the States so I don't know about you guys or how many people have done this but for Canadians or Americans who have gone to each other's comfort countries and shopped bought things the prices are way different right in America the prices are way down in Canada prices are way up and that's only America Canada I'm sure there's Walmart in the UK I'm almost a percent sure on that and I don't know about you guys if the camera is your your money is worth more than mine for sure pounds Great Britain pounds are worth more than Canadian dollars I think they're worth more than American dollars too anyway something to keep in mind this is Canadian ours first up is a backpack let's go with that one first because that's an integral part of it right you're not carrying any of this stuff go to backpack well silica gel pack it do not eat throw away for now so mister scooter doesn't get at it okay so off the top this is a Pullman backpack Komen's of a company that's been around for a long time I don't believe it's quality is as good as it used to be Oh another thing I want to show you guys oh I got it finally I got the zero tolerance flick down and I had a couple people email me and message me and tips and tricks on how to do that apparently I was pushing too much in and up like heart when I just had to go up flick look at our risk look it up look at my wrist look at that look at our wrist

I'm sorry okay right look at the flick of the wrist yeah just working on part two of that white tarp camping video which she'll be up on Friday in a couple days all right we'll just go through this like this and order that it's here real quick so I've got a water bottle for 297 I got a Kemalists folding to the Technium for 49 for 1497 I got a magnesium fire starter for 698 689 sleeping bag for 85 bucks a backpack for 95 bucks a sleeping pad for 40 bucks a hatchet for 40 bucks cook set for 50 bucks headlamp with batteries for 14 bucks and a tent for 50 bucks so you can see the price was 398 but with shipping or sorry no no shipping with HST which is 13% that's what we pay in Canada or at least Ontario 450 dollars on the dot this one is called the Coleman eel 865 it's an internal frame backpack 65 meaning 65 litres which is a decent sized backpack I think the biggest bag I have a normal backpack style is like a 55 litre and then I have like a 70 liter in a dry bag style but yeah this will be fine this will work and I actually as soon as I could work after the case for other trips bigger bigger loads but we shall see after this trip I plan on hiking around for about an hour or two before I get to my like camping site just so I can really test the backpack carry the stuff around he's got bottom loose bottom straps where I can connect my tent or my sleeping bag to the bottom which will be ideal because the sleeping bag tent and all that stuff it's pretty bulky considering this from Walmart I might be able to fit it all in but if not that's gonna be very helpful on the bottom for me [Music]

waist belt chest belt all that stuff removable lid so that's kind of cool we're going to pack all this stuff up before we before this video is done we'll pack it all up together okay next up next up which was very very hard for me to find in store which is part of the reason I didn't Porter I'm sorry I didn't purchase these things in store and I went ahead it did online because it had such more options this sleeping bag is a negative 1 I'm sorry is a 22 240 degree fahrenheit sleeping bag which is a huge rating like difference in the rating 20 to 40 which is also negative six point seven to negative four point four Celsius again a big difference in in that fluctuation of rating but whatever so ideally we're gonna say this one goes down to like probably negative three comfort wise and at negative five dying well hi this this is another Coleman they call it the back packing line oh okay and then it says up in the corner negative one degree Celsius or thirty degrees Fahrenheit so tell me if this makes sense to you guys up here where it says 30 degrees Fahrenheit or negative one point one degree Celsius and then down here it's telling you comfort Coleman

comfort ranges if it's saying negative six points oh no it is saying negative six point seven saying negative six point seven to four point four degrees that's a bit wonky of a rating we're gonna go that this is good around two of those zero or negative one degrees yeah which I'll probably be cold then if I'm being honest if I'm going in which time it normally gets down today

below negative one and even if it does turn to the first day of spring before that we shall see anyways I'm not going to not go because of it I might if I'm being honest bring like a super May liner from home which could also or us a thin sheet a thin sheet from home because then you could potentially just bring something from home in this exercise yeah I'm like grana finishing to line inside it don't don't don't roast me over this bit for that one okay that's the second thing okay we might as well continue on the line of sleeping and stuff like that your your gear geared toward that ah so this is a thermal rest no it's not it's a Pullman it's a Coleman self inflating inflating pad and it says 2.3 pounds or a kilogram is literally giving me no r-value it's not offering an r-value rating on here oh man

says the thickness is 1.5 inches or 3.8 centimeters when it's inflated heavy duty including storage it includes storage straps who needs a rating when you have storage straps anyways I assume this will be like my first self inflating singing pad where it's decent decent oh you know what there's a little little piece of paper here maybe that says something about the reading you think it'd be a selling point that you wanted on the outside unless it's like a negative R rating no he's just telling you how to complete the pad

you know you know how to inflate a self inflating pad you guys know Walmart okay so that's backpack sleeping bag so you can pad all very important things again this isn't a bushcraft or a survival exercise this is somebody wanting to get into camping Hawaii camping here from Walmart so I could've really went with Otis you can pad and used spruce boughs and just did it that way but again this is not that kind of thing this is a camping thing like I just said so in that same thought I could have wet without a tent I mean I could have gotten just a tarp I could have got no tarp or no times at all I'm just building out your shelter but again for the purposes of this I want it to be camping this is a Ozark Trail dome tent saying it's a four person tent lightweight compact weighs like maybe four pounds or something along those lines I'll most likely take it out of here I am gonna take it over here before we go set it all up in the tent Eric's right in the backpacks properly yeah it's in a box and everything we don't need that you don't need the box and all in all honesty I really should set it up before I go home because it's from Walmart who knows if it's going to even work but I think that's more part of the actual video like trying to find out if it works and fixing things that don't work you don't I mean if one poles broken or if a tab doesn't poke through or something seeing how I can fix it in the field so I think that is what I'm going to end up doing I'll take it over the box and stuff like a sandwiches I'm not going to set it up beforehand my water bottle I've got a water bottle nano jeans are like $15 isn't that insane like literally anywhere from ten to twenty dollars I've seen no jeans for so I'm not spending that much on a water bottle this one's fine it's BPA free it's one liter it's got a spout on it it has a

or bottom so it nests in a cup holder or in your like cook kit and stuff like that so yeah we'll wash that out before I use that but that's my my water bottle pretty straightforward

my cutting tools okay so it was all up in the air on what to get like normally I like to house saw and an axe and a knife but I I'm trying to conserve money and I'm trying to buy things that work well and none of the bow saws or buck saws or folding saws that I saw or decent that's a lie there was one there's a corona there's a corona folding saw pruning saw that I thought was pretty decent but it was like 50 bucks 50 bucks 40 bucks a lot of money anyway and that would have almost ate up my whole the rest of my money of that I'm allotted to spend on this thing and I would have only ten dollars for food so spending money where I think it's wise I got this fix Fiskars x7 pretty decent axe it's got its own sheath here a little locking mechanism comes oh it's a different axe man different kind of axe than normal but I've told you guys for a long time that these are decent axes for someone looking to get into buying an axe if they don't know what they want or whatever they'll have a lot of money this is a good alternative a good option so the handle is hollow at least till there it's like this compensate handle the heads pretty pretty pretty a wedge-shaped but she's sharp and yeah it'll work they work for splitting and work for shopping and work for cutting bucking living all that stuff so I'm not saying it'll be easy this will be a little bit more work using this thing for everything for wood processing but it's going to work and I'm allowing myself money for food so that was my thoughts behind it and this was the best option I saw four axes as well getting it back in okay cool my next cutting tool which I thought was important to get because this is gonna be hard for working intricate things if I want to make a pot hang or or if I want to do anything like finesse work

it's me harden it don't have a saw so I splurged a splurge guys look at that big beast of a knife I didn't realize how small it was I guess I should have read the dimensions online but again I bought it online and I didn't realize oh that's okay it'll work it was cheaper of the knife this is a knife man you can't eat it you can't eat it cheaper of the knives and I think it'll still work I didn't want something big you know so your bones not in the frame no thank you some big gaudy knife I didn't want like a big buck knife or uh actually they had a bear grylls knife they want that like the normal adult life you had and I use one of those and it were actually works pretty decent but again I was like 60 bucks and I didn't have it in the budget so check this bad boy out let's go this is a knife homie we're gonna do do yeah thank you thank you Dad gunk out your eyes good gunk out your eyes oh yeah all right so look at this bad boy and let me get pulled over with this one not that I have any arm here let's go can you stop look at me oh yeah she shaves mmm so that's my like powerful cutting tool so that's gonna just blew on my belt pocket like Oh hangs upside down look at that that's just gonna go my belt like my normal knife does and I'll use it like an only if I'm gonna be platonic know what's haunting with that all right next up excuse me scoots you just want to be in the video next up I got a headlamp this is a another Ozark Trail piece of kit I assume those are trail has a lot to do with Walmart but it came with three batteries its ahem okay I know you want to be part of this you need to lead up you Billy done good boy you want your bone I don't know get him his bone so he's not so all of him on grill this one yesterday I've been getting them like raw beef bones lately but they didn't have a big one so I won't with the smoked it's a Banco I believe it's a little bit go bones so they're marrow they're smoked marrow bones if they want a knuckle on the bottom and it's like 10 bucks or something hey here you go big guy okay there you go Mike they're a little bit of chomping noises now no no don't tell me you don't want it are you - and go outside all right holler when you want to come back in sold my red Jeep a at that 99 Cherokee XJ it was my my dream dream vehicle for a long time now I bought it last year anyways we sold it couple days ago huh a little sad about that because I'm never gonna find one in that condition again mcq bushcraft is fixing his up right now and yeah make me want to do the same but anyways she's gone back to this I just said that because I wanted to try to let the dog out I know this my Jeep was not just just struck a chord one single tear you know okay so last I think I'm sorry we're talking with the headliner so the headlamp is 200 lumens it's got three batteries with it the part of the reason I bought it was because of the batteries came with it I didn't have to spend extra money on batteries if I'm trying to do everything as legit as I can right I was trying to only use things that I bought at Walmart rightly you heard me saying with a sheet with the signal night brain I'm not gonna wear Walmart clothes I originally tried to do that at least like odor wear but it would have been way too much money so we're close I already have because many people not only have clothes even if they're outside clothes or not you can still wear them we're trying double up on thick layer up that's what I used to do all the time still layer up but oh yeah that's decent nothing wrong that you got oh yeah okay put it on your Facebook the flood light I need em meant by holding it and it gets brighter okay there's a red on there somewhere to it perfect old headlamp I love a headlamp guys a flashlight just does not cut it for me not the same deal okay it illuminates y'all and then this OH two things left how many of you have used one of these pieces of garbage the magnesium striker with the little thing the little striker on the side so the thing is this little Ferro rod part where you get the sparks from it's it's tiny and that's really not what you're starting to fire with you're starting to fire with this magnesium block you're actually shaving down a bunch of like shaving like the size of a quarter or a nickel and then you would spark the spark on to that and it just look like a white flash of light fire very very very hot and then it just goes out like real quick I can't snap I can't snap my little finger because my burn it takes a little bit more prep beforehand once before you fire going and then you'll be able to found out the reason I bought that was because I always use a normal fire steel they had normal fart normal fire skills but something different and if you use it I said it's a piece of garbage because it's really time consuming and it doesn't it's not necessary if you know how to use an actual fair still but this is a good thing to learn how to use as well especially if you're just starting out last up is my click it and this is one of the things I actually looked at when I got it before this video I'm very impressed with it very impressed with it there's a North 49 two-person camping set made with stainless steel believe it or not

now the stainless steel is very thin but it's not a little know I don't really soak them with that there's a lot of these things as low-end things not high-end priced here would be a little bit like this but again very thick so let's check it out so this is $50 49.99 and it comes with a frypan with handles and obviously the rubber grip on the handles will get melted off but there's still metal underneath and that's fine he's a glove whatever goal it I've got a stuff sack for it all which is pretty decent too little plastic crappy cups but they have measurements on the sidewalk so that's kind of handy and also this is my kit right I have a water bottle but if I wanted to make like like a spruce needle tea or something like that while I'm out there you can boil it up and buy myself a little cup instead of trying to sit here so go pot in this pot has a lid a decent lid the pot also has a little porous boat and it's decently deep like you if you do stuff with it what it does have that I don't like is this plastic with a handle which is no problem because it's just on with a screw and you can always just want even when you're in the woods man with your knife just give it a little piece of green wood or whatever make a little square and screw that screw on to there and be fine the plastic might work for a couple trip - anyways - before with - hot melts off its finest totally worth doable so you got a pot there with the lid you've got a bigger pot with the lid both have handles then you have this frying pan that doesn't have away but that's okay so two parts with lids frying pan a little bit two cups

pretty decent honestly more stuff than I would need

myself I probably won't even bring it all but to melt snow if there is still snow when I'm there or to boil water for to make it safe for drinking these pots will do the good job obviously this is even concave on the top so later on when I fix the handle or get rid of the handle you can even put coals up on here so you could you can sit this in the coals and then you can put coals on top of here and use it like a Dutch oven because it literally has a big lip inside that's kind of decent I'm excited for this I'm excited to go do this but I'm seeing what I need from you guys that Miss said originally was ideas on what I haven't got here that I actually really really need what's a necessity for a night or two nights I haven't decided yet

with or without the dog whatever I have to bring for the dog I'm going to bring an extra okay and this isn't $500 worth of candy here for me and my dog it's just not going to happen if I can get away with getting his food for the same amount of money is mine or included in that money but don't do that because he doesn't need much you have a piece of meat and some stuff again depending on if it's one day or two so yeah pretty excited pretty happy to go do it I'm happy that I actually got the gear I've had this idea for a little while and what I mentioned it on a video some of you guys were like order online because you have much more options which is a great call thank you very much for that so let me know if there's anything in this kit that I'm missing big time that I absolutely need for a night or two in the woods let me know what kind of food you guys would get buy from Walmart to do this with the gear that I have now remember I have a pot a pan and a fire I have no grill I can still make things I can still make a girl I can use I can make whatever I want over there out of wood I can use a skewer I think use a green wood grill so keep that in mind when you're giving suggestions scouts out they're barking up a storm maybe I will bring it all because scope can use one for a mole - which makes sense it's easy bag works and stuffs at work

okay that's decent if I can get that on the inside it will of model Stratford vo so I know you know what that's using the old noggin Joseph put it back in its bag put it back in its stuff set I guarantee when I get the motor there from camping I'm not gonna have a pack in it stuff set oh it's a pretty decent pocket on the furnace you tell the Rope that they're using for drawstrings is inferior quality so we'll put the suit back at first because that's going to take up a ton of room if I can get a sideways in there I'd like to but it might not go oh yeah she goes sideways that's not so bad then next up we'll put the sleeping pad because that's quite big - yeah this tent is gonna have to get strapped to the bottom but that's okay water bottle on the side axle going inside even though it can't probably go inside cook it down in there - what else do we have left our headlamp water bottle fire starter and Mike so one two three four five six seven ten yup okay so I guess to keep track of this stuff I'll just end up putting it in the front pocket here it's really big I've got a lot of room in this backpack actually so I have a ton of room in the top here for a little bit of extra clothes and my food and then whatever I need for the dog I probably will bring considering how much room I have yeah let's get this thing strapped to the bottom look at that old okay okay does it come together everything is coming up Homer oh this can even go turn that strap to okay what's this all inside pocket inside side pocket that's pretty decent did not know about that okay

man this is big lots of room lots of room under here the straps Joseph so these shoulder pads are these these shoulder straps are very padded extremely have it way more so than I'm used to do oh look it's got the cool sideways opposed to over the outside

oh not big enough it's too big on me old Joe's skinny boy all right there we go I've loosened this and that drops it some loosened the load lifters that drops itself and fits better on my hip Oh too skinny too skinny okay that's not so bad it's not so bad guys but BAM another piece of red gear for some reason I hate the color red and almost all of my gear is red so was that Jeep that was the reason I sold the Jeep because was red that's what I looked in the mirror I was wrong these aren't the load lifters this is justice trucks these are the load lifters up here so this backpack for being Coleman and for being like the own Walmart special it's got a lot of good functions a lot of the same functions that I would look for on a pirate and backpack so there she is well thank you very much for watching this video I appreciate it I hope you enjoyed it I hope you learned something we got some ideas from it what I do need from you is the same thing I've been telling you I need some ideas to go with the last 50 dollars no more than 50 bucks can I spend on food and gear if you think I need anything else gear what and that for me and possibly the dog alright guys thanks again please hit me up with those suggestions I'll see you on Friday for part two of last week's video

take care

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