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Day Out. New Hammock, Talking History's Alone, and a Fire


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Alone, History, Channel, Bushcraft

Hammock--Yukon Outfitters

Knife--Adventure Sworn

Backpack--Camleback M.U.L.E

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Video Transcription

I want to get out of here go for a walk pretty thick back in there we on my good alright folks I haven't been out in a while it's like a repeat of my last couple videos a trip planning video already and then couldn't go on my trip and had another trip plan got a trip video ready and couldn't call my trip so I'm sorry for those who are looking forward to it and I believe me I'm sorry I couldn't go but it is what it is and things are looking up so so decide to go here for a couple hours while I can it's a little cool right now it's a little bit of a breeze and mosquitoes aren't attacking me for some reason which is fantastic so take advantage of this we've got a couple little pieces of gear I wanted to hang out with

I got a hammock and everybody who knows me knows I don't use hammocks but this is a different kind of hanok this isn't a hammock that I'm going to exactly use for sleeping it's like a hangout hammock kind of thing so it's made by yukon outfitters and it's made in tennessee so it's uh I believe it's multicam if it's not I'm sure so we will correct me maybe it's not multicam it's nice anyways I'm just going to set it up in here and have a little a little smoky fire case the book decide to come up I have to get rid of this tree but it's cool because it's good and I can use that as my firewood this is all a sassafras Grove right here so

a lot of root rot really really wet around here so a lot of good dead standing ones can you stop that for a second bud Thanks geez Louise so if yet to set this hammock up I got this side on all I'm doing

just making a loop in the middle of my paracord so I'll have somewhere for my carabiner to attach to and all I'm doing nothing fancy

trajectory uh just an overhand knot right on there fancy pants so I've got it on this tree I'm gonna need it to stretch quite a ways way over here and I think I may have tied it a little high the first time we'll get it all figured out and all I'm doing is just wrapping wrapping it around the tree and I'll tie a couple overhand knots on the back of it to secure it and that'll be more than plenty it'll grip really good you caught it for their scent these carabiners with it

and they also sent their own attachment system but it I didn't want to use it just yet this is a little tight a little tight okay I'm gonna have to loosen that thing there we got it all set up now the moment of truth yes I follow my bum bum might be a little high but that's no big deal

oh yeah

scout are you concerned about me up in here you seem a little bothered by this maybe it's that stupid train that's always in my videos that could be it too I could get used to this just coming out relaxing in a hammock it's not that I've never really done before I've only ever used a hammock for camping and that was a hennessy hammock so I couldn't really get the full effect with the bug screen on that's pretty cool in a while it comes with this stuff sack that's attached to it so you don't really have to do anything just fold it back and do it self and it's all good handmade in Tennessee in the state so if that's a plus for a lot of people then maybe check these guys out I'm pretty impressed with it I know it's just a hammock but I like it I like it better than the Hennessy I have as far as tools cutting tools and whatnot today brought the old trusty laplander the old beat-up battle horse probably doesn't even have any good cutting action left on it but I obviously couldn't find my silky sell out in my mess of gear and this is what I brought it'll work fine and then I got my Beauty adventure storm Mountaineer play with and just a small fire steel let's get a little fire going using this good sassafras sceetos are starting to come out so hopefully that will get them away make them go away I want to just clear a space of all these dead leaves that I'm not gonna start this little patch of sassafras on fire I don't need to make it big because I'm just making a little smoky fire right now put close proximity to my hand but again it's not gonna be a rager so I'm not worried about it I want to just lay in my hammock and be able to not get bitten by bugs and it's code as well there's a heavenly breeze coming through here it's really really nice so what I'm doing is I want to get rid of the end right because the end is where the water is where the moisture is and plus I also need a baton so what I want to split down the rest of it that could be my baton I'm going to leave it a little long probably longer than I would normally cut the rest of my wood yeah this saw is on its way out and it's still a little damp even not that high up that's all right so that will be our baton when you're using a saw be it a folding saw whatever any kind of saw and you're cutting the way you put the pressure on the wood matters right if I was cutting this wood it's hard to describe right now if okay so if I hand it like this right and if I cut this wood on this angle it's going to pinch because it's pushing it up this is this log of is pushing the wood back up to pressure so if I was using a log to cut on top of I would put the log to the left in my in my case of the wood so that this free end is just hanging off and there's no nothing pushing it back there's actually gravity pushing it down but it's a little close to the ground it's a small log so I use my leg as the log and I'm nowhere near my leg cutting so it's all good this this is a piece of crap wood just for sure Wow I might have to get another piece this is a rod before I look and see if I need to get a different piece of wood or not there is some of this beaut like I can use so these little these little twigs sauce fresh twigs are super dry as you can see and they break off really easily

they smell phenomenal too if you're not a hundred percent sure on what your if it's a sassafras tree or not just smell it it's got like this spicy citrusy smell I can't really put my finger on it but it's one of my favorite smells in Natura it's really nice so smells good when it's burnt into will collect all these twigs and if we can't use the rest of log at least we can use these so I got a little bit higher up smaller pieces and they're dry enough on that same piece of wood and it's okay because leave it because I can use the bottom pieces for a brace or a buffer from the ground and I'm not trying to cook her anything on it so let me go [Music]

so did everybody watch the premiere of alone on history last night hope you guys checked it out papi did a pretty good job showing the realities of it

I really hope nobody judges anyone too bad because it's always easy to say what you would have done anybody else's case I'm guilty of it but when you're out there it's a different story and I have nothing but respect for all the guys that went out there I became friends with a lot of them all of them didn't stay in touch with a bunch of them a really good group of guys you haven't seen it check it out before the watch a lot of people say that they like the best I think it's the best thing since Survivorman for sure I may be a little biased

yeah those mosquitos are starting to come out now okay get this fire going so I can relax in my head I'm pretty beat pretty beat these days

I got this little light my fire won again I couldn't find my bigger fire stills oh here she goes it's good to practice with other stuff anyways that what you're used to she goes she took off pretty good just want to make my brace so I don't smother it

these sassafras twigs have oils in them that help him burn pretty good pretty ferociously there she goes nice not too bad I like sassafras a lot you can do a lot of things with it a few videos on sassafras back a few years ago making all sorts of different things mainly fire and also tea as I'm sure you know

there we go smoke it all up take a bath in that stuff a lot easier starting to fire here then on the wet coast good old Carolinian forest gotta love it BAM son

this is pretty relaxing really relaxing

I think I need to do this more often I really worry about coming up and getting a bunch of stuff done but come on relax enjoy the woods I haven't done that in forever I think that's important for me anyway I want some water bud I was able to grab a branch a live branch off the sassafras tree because I wanted to show you a few things now this is already you've been gone over I'm sure a million times but maybe new subscribers to my channel people who haven't seen it already would find some of this interesting I'd like for that plane to go I planes and trains up in this video all day so sassafras leaves can be tricky they can look three different ways the first way it's just a normal leaf it's got no teeth on it just one leaf one lobe all right the second way they can look is like a mint you can see it there so it's got the normal one lobe and then just just thumb part that would come off that would look obviously like a mint like I'm saying and the third kind

is it try lobed leaf so like the mitten but plus another one so pretty variable on the leaves now mulberry does this too I don't think it goes to the Tri leaf but it gets the mitten sometimes but a surefire way again to tell if this is sassafras is bust these bad boys up it's like a fake that the the fresh leaves are like a fake lemon citrus can deflate smell like like say like a Jolly Rancher lemon something along those lines I didn't know if they have a Jolly Rancher lemon flavor but that's what it reminds me of just a super fake citrusy smell now when my fake I mean like artificial candy flavor scout stay here then the dead the dead wood smells more spicy with lemon in it but our citrus in it but yeah just rambling on so you [Music]

that's it for today nothing too special just a nice relaxing day of thanks for watching guys and as always why eaten grass bro


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