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2 Night Bushcraft Camp-Building and Sleeping in a Completely Natural Shelter


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In this video I build an all natural shelter called a debris hut.

It is built from sicks and materials from the forest floor.

I spend two nights camping in the shelter.

I'm joined by 2 friends, we have a great time eating bacon, and a lot more cooked over the fire, join us!

Music by Johnathan Burton

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hey guys thanks for tuning in Joe and hanmi here we were just in the host today and he's helping me pack up for my next trip I'm gonna get ready to head out the door in a few days for another big little trip before that we want to give a few shut up to our sponsor audible audible has reached out and want to sponsor another video so I'm very cool oh I'm undertaking a huge wilderness living trip coming up this spring so I'm really researching a lot in this book that I've come across on audible called solitude seeking wisdom and extremes it's about a guy who loses his lower right leg in a motorcycle accident in the ends I'm going to pad it going you with like limited supplies and going up to just live off win it and become a better person so that's coming in handy I really want to get all the information I can before I head out on there anyways lots of really good stuff for that and then also stuff for the whole family not just wilderness stuff obviously audible helps you listen to more books by letting you switch seamlessly between devices picking up exactly where you left off whether it's on your phone through your car from a tablet or at home on an Amazon echo you can get through tons of books hands and ice free while doing almost anything audible members get a credit every month good for any audiobook you guard this of price and unused credits roll over to the next month didn't like your audiobook you can exchange it no questions asked plus your books are yours to keep with audible you can go back and re-listen anytime even if you cancel your membership start a 30-day trial and your first audiobook is free just go to audible.com slash Robinette that's our OB ine T or if you're in the States you can text Robinette to 500 500 that's audible.com slash Robinette our OB ine T or if you're in the states you have the option of texting Robinette to 500 500

thanks guys so much for watching thanks again audible here's the video yo how's it going guys I'm pretty excited I'm on my way out of the city right now I'm driving up north I'm going camping with a buddy Brendan who I haven't seen in over a year brendan is a buddy from college we went to college at Susi at Murray like man I don't know 10 over 10 years ago so uh yeah pretty excited I'm gonna camp with Brendan and his friend that I haven't met before so we're on our way up there now it takes about two hours to get there

and I cannot wait Kim for two nights should be a good time buddy all right pulling up with the Timmy's just about where I need to go but I'm gonna get some lunch first so I'm not walking in on an empty stomach Dean dubs breakfast all right just rolling up gonna be a farm Bush which is pretty cool in the woods now you just found these guys out here they're looking for a spot when I got open I think I'm gonna make a natural shelter tonight I'm good debris shelter no tools no no cordage no tarps and stuff like that sleeping there those guys are just heading over there to the DRI level spot cuz over where we are right here it's pretty wet so I'm gonna go meet up with those guys maybe introduce you Scout what happened blood see hi Brendan this is Brendan buddy from college you guys have seen him in a couple of videos a couple years ago good to see you buddy good to be back this is new goatee Dave say hello Dave how we do it so these guys are set up here on this nice clear spot that's where we'll hang out I've been looking around and I think for my purposes this is the best bet trying to do an all-natural shelter not tying anything up or anything so this tree behind me see it's fallen it's actually caught in the crook of the fork in a tree it seems like a finger for years it's very very solid there's no chance in it falling or moving so I feel like if I take a bunch of dead sticks I line them up boom boom boom boom up here leave a little door do some more round it off the boat here do the sail on the back I'll have this nice little spot I can sleep and then this back blog you can see that one is a nice wind block and something to kind of snuggle up against keep me comfy the ground is kind of damp it's like frozen mud really so I am gonna leave these leaves that are directly underneath I'm gonna lay there I'll clean up the leaves around and use him for thatching and stuff but I do want them on the ground I also have my bivvy to keep me up off of the the wetness so guess the first thing to really start doing is just start picking up things like this off the ground and laying them where they fit on here I don't really want to start breaking them but laying them where they fit until I find until I run out of things like that so I guess I will build up to here leave a small door that I can access on the side and come in and turn and lay sideways

almost there

I've got this half rotten log on the ground I could buck it up into sections and use it for pieces links that I need my grants furs Brooks oh not outdoor racks given in forest acts that I got from the canadian outdoor equipment in canada that's good this log that's in front of me here I'll use it as a guide for where to stop or where to put the poles like where to start them because this is gonna be again where I rest my back against there's moving a pretty comfortable pretty pretty decent enough room just too late sorry enough room for my body but enough head height that I can sit up and get changed and whatnot because this will be my tent I don't have any other shelter my tent check it oh there's some puffballs [Music]

eleven minutes



now working up a sweat doing this and you have quite a few layers on so I can afford to lose some you will fall Raven grant it shirt on today I wore this on a camp in a while it was the old tree coat hanger Oh coming along Oh making them pretty steep I'm making the walls pretty steep the tree itself that's gonna be my roof more more or less is very wide and it almost covers my whole body weight so it's really good for rain protection that way and as long as I keep the walls very straight up it's gonna have no problem shedding the rain I'm going to put a bunch of sticks and debris and leaves and grass and stuff on top of that cover it all and my main problem I think oh it's coming show I'll show you there's gonna be at the end closing it off when I have to come up with the solution level sleep this is what I mean right here this area it's not gonna be hard there's only impossible by any means just be a little more difficult I don't know if I'm gonna end up finding big slabs of wood like that fall on trees and stacking them lengthwise or what unless I can wedge something very wide here I don't want I don't want to try just prop it up because it's dangerous can fall on me right so I want if I can wedge something very strong then I'll do that I am going to lay with my head on this side and my feet down there let's test it out look at this hole fungi a fungi it's a dad joke if I ever heard one Oh wrong way so this is basically big enough I'll make it out another foot longer and then like I said earlier in my head I'm sorry my whole body is basically underneath this this longest tree so it's really really good protection okay Solutions got some big slabs here some cottonwood tree not bark but they're not big enough to go on the outside so go on there nice little perk soon Dave had a good idea of how to finish off the end here I'm gonna put two tall ones near the end see that one right there sticking up higher gonna put another one on this side tall and then on the top of it we're gonna put one going horizontal that's the word horizontal is the work and then that's gonna be locked in there and then we can lean logged on the outside hopefully that makes sense it will if it doesn't now it will show we go to your side okay so it's probably the middle we're gonna need to secure that better yeah we're gonna need to lock this in with big big logs exactly I got a wide here too that might help actually yeah that brought it up into why it's not long enough but I can do that trying to lock everything in place here it's nice to have help yeah sure

and then we got once everything's weaned on it like you're saying pushing against there

yeah it'll lock all up man son use the dude yeah it is powerful with this one we worked long enough I think we need some sips of beverages I've got some Quebec beers and some Texas and some I love yours and also Canadian beers so you guys need a beer yes all right let's try and pick I want I would like something fruity so I'm probably gonna go with like maybe this one it says citric mosaic and galaxy yeah yeah I'm taking that one you guys go ahead and take whatever ones you want double like double IPA from Iowa that one that's a Quebec err IPA du Nord hell no all right three Canadians non-french basically means craft about power play sanity Frenchman else and really sans French not affect French so is it gonna be the Sam squinch or the nor dest of course all right boys sure sums cheers boys mmm smells good oh that's quite nice Oh should we just clean our friends off and maybe pass them around take your friends get them off your beer yeah very nice like one happen I drink that one yes extra people it goes they all taste very very similar don't fit like a in all reality yes oh this one's got a good finish all right I'm happy with this one so this one is 6% so it's not so bad what you guys got I've got a 6% as well this one's got a little bit of a crisper finish dinner or no no it's not bitter we were quite smooth I got a seven and a half

oh you're up there yes I wasn't that bad it's still early yeah I'm happy the catnip is a different kind of can so that's what this this is from Rochelle Philippe and David so thanks guys and I feel like I have to say is you know Philippe in a French way every single time I say cheers Cheers Lexa's with a grin [Music]

shelters come along really good it's nice to have some help like I said building it a lot quicker than if it were just me let me take you around and show you still the lots to do still got lots to do even see Brendan up there working you're trying to grab some bark to put on top of this so good good bass we're starting to put the smaller sticks on now for the leaves to have something to grab onto we our pol idea worked well kind of just stacking everything up that's the end there where we where I said wood might have been the hardest part to do still a little bit of gaps but still more work to do like I said there's the other side is that bark nice man very cool is there more over there pardon is there more to grab over there so maybe just toss it down for now before yeah thanks so you can see there's lots of gaps well or you're done where's Brendan's kill oh oh well oh I feel like a creep thanks Brendan's a true friend thank you Brendan's a true Frank you so that's scary you want to come in come in check it out yeah so is this our group shelter you call it in-game good times all right so next step we're going to rake up all sorts of leaves and debris off the forest floor like some aminals and Paula ah hey baby girl this is Nala she's a pretty German Shepherd come here big girl another what's this hmm sit hey sit hey fella sit good girl game pause

he's got pause for me oh what a good girl what a good girl so she's a pretty pretty German Shepherd come on let's check this up what's this Noah look in here what's it boy going come on hey come on are we doing what did she say come here

go on call her Brendan in all this the neighbors German Shepherd she's five years old very cool dog very smart got me a little muddy sorry Scott don't watch this joystick you want to stick your Brendan here Brendan Brendan Byrne who no girl so I've raked up as much as I can with my hands my feet from this immediate area I've got mostly sticks and leaves from this area but just over there where the tents are there's this grass so I'm gonna try and use that as much as possible now like I said I have rigged it up from here so I have a good base of like 2 or 3 feet of leaves and sticks going up already on the bit on the ground so now I'm layering on top of it like I should so bottom first up up as you do over shingles oh and Brendan was able to grab some big bark slabs - so we got those on the back there's a bunch of blue jays flying around right now it shakes his head Brendan's been a friend since the days that people called me Joey since my name was changed to Joe remember that not Joe I am still Joey to him

all over here Joey alright so I'm on the back you can see some of those bark slabs this is a true debris Hut no no cordage very little tools used I don't think I used my axe and my tomahawk a couple times but tons of different kinds of debris all want it all on top tit okay get back to work Dave's gone he's been gone for about an hour or so he's coming back tonight so Brenda and I are working on this where would you like we get in there gotta get more layers on but everything's sticking pretty good I want to put after I go around and get everything all covered with grass and leaves I'm gonna put some sticks to hold it in place put some more stuff on after more more debris won't debri Deborah's to get in there though we getting now looking good

who needs a tent it's uh it's getting nice and warm I got stripped down to a tee this is cuz I'm working too but Beauty it feels nice today it is it's good to get together man yeah it's good to be back I've been camped in a little while haven't seen Joe and oh god forever so yeah it's nice to be back out here but all right quick thing here I wanted to go up go over I had a lot of comments saying in my moment video that I don't know how to use a saw and then I'm using it wrong you guys are couldn't be more from the truth I'm actually putting pressure down so what they were saying is I'm putting it like this and I'm having it blind or whatever or I'm having the wrong end hold over like I guess they're thinking that I should have the more weight hanging off and having having this up here but again it's hard for me to describe but when I'm cutting I'm pushing pressure with my hand like I do know how to cut wood like regardless of what you think or regardless of anything I've been cutting wood for a very long time and I do know how to do it properly so what I'm doing here you might see this and think oh it's going to pinch up but 100% I'm pushing down pressure with this hand not as much pressure to keep it up off the ground because then it gets wobbly but enough where it's not going to bind I really do know what I'm doing in this case I I don't claim to know a lot of things don't get me wrong but I know what I'm doing here this will be binding if hos DeNiro I wouldn't be able to saw it all the way through to the very young with other binding so again putting downward pressure on this side even though this is the short side and you would assume that I need the long side hanging off the fulcrum point whatever it's called for the gravity to pull it down I am using pressure going the other way again like this it's here if it was going to pinch it would pinch but it's not going to it was a hundred percent to saw I'm not pushing down I'm leaving this completely gravity free like just hanging now grab your free sorry a pressure fruit hanging while I'm pushing down on this part pushing this part down I guarantee that what I'm saying is correct PSA I just look like a little kid you know it is it was the equipment 1% it's freaking Walmart saw but yeah you use two hands or one with this thing and you split most of the way you can see that I just pop it in there pop it right off those guys are a little long for works BAM it's kind of fun a little different you want your feet up in front of the wood that you're working on I've made that mistake before so if you glance off you're not gonna hit it pretty decent pretty decent so we're just getting stuff ready to make a fire coming up on five o'clock so be supper time soon what do you got what are you gonna make for supper today burnin oh no no actually it's sherry Fletcher's homemade thanks mom thanks I think I want to do lamb chops

buh-bam chops no present life has you come to excel yeah I've worn for about five years and a lot of research into them the prices you pay are for the amount of return effort that they are putting into their not only their gear but the outdoors right no their god they're good stewards and everything and you know what they have a legit return and all that stuff and honestly like I have I don't own a single piece of Patagonia gear that I would ever think about having to return I have the Houdini love it oh that thing's fantastic that's like actually I'm thinking about get not just isn't an emergency lair put on just oh yeah

this is a bunch of turkey vultures right above us

turkey vulture vultures eat carrion or dead stuff look at them one two three four five six at least all over the we're not food oh my gosh 20 nights ago I was in this t-shirt I started snowing it got really cold and you're bundled up and now it sounds bad code it's nice again I'm not complaining it's just strange I guess that's how spring is this one is 5.2% brood and can buy Deep Ellum Brewing Company Dallas Texas Tejas something tells anyone I like it wow that smells uh almost lager E as well actually I was that's um not very IPA like at all is that even a IPA it's a session Hale that said so that's very calm not getting quite close to night east laundry well more of a longer he said you know it's pretty good I don't get citrus out of it but its it's pretty pretty tame it's mellow that's mellow which isn't bad in the daytime rate your friends to your friends with you bring your neck beard you know you haven't cut that since the last time we camp together or have you I know lately trimmed but I I'm pretty jealous of the old beard I don't know if I'd let it go that long but you do look like a gnome you have that red hat on a big old bird well you don't have to you're pretty short already and no joke and then the Blitz that's funny I'm good see Chris I'm a gun there you go that's your shabby I'm not sure if that was any easier or not but I used it in nonetheless so again it Suns out its beauty it is suppertime so I think I'm gonna call it quits on building the shelter for tonight it's like literally 95% done it does need some more thatching not calling for rain tonight said tomorrow possibility of rain tomorrow night so we will I'm gonna finish it up tomorrow what it's suppertime really hungry does it look like we're losing late right now we have 1 2 hours of light left and it's 6 o'clock so late till a day Wow getting springy it's springy it's gonna dip down a little bit chillier tonight so I brought my negative pen I think it's going to get to negative 4 or 5 but I want to be comfortable about my negative 10 I won't be able to use it for much more for this year anyway again I have my baby sack which is great for this kind of thing the ground is mud in there there's going to be possibility of ticks because of all this grass so if I can just get right in this movie second close her up I'm gonna be good I feel like using it again with like my last trip man just like reiterated it it's you don't you don't roll off your bag you don't nothing moves around when you're in a baby sack like I have my sleeping pad and my student begins oh nice cocoon of warmth and dryness let's go toss her in the old debris Hut oh yeah look at that perfect car so I got just enough room in this shelter to put my backpack at the bottom by my feet which is pretty cool I got a decent amount of space above you can see some sunlight coming through that's still better get off thatched up but that's no problem and then I can also use this take this log as a table like I can put whatever I need my toilet paper my headlamp therefore in the middle of the night

it's pretty nice set up I'm really actually digging it quite a bit the beauty of that debris shelter you don't need any tools you don't need any rope you don't need any anything really you just pile a bunch of stuff what do you think you Laker survive get pretty hungry here fires going great or just collecting more fire because you throw a ton on to get to get good coals three guys have to cook food on the coals so kind of take some time and space time and space so for tonight I'm gonna go with my lamb chops fresh Ontario lamb chops I think about four of them in here they're already marinated and everything root from the butcher so I'm interested in having those and then I'll have a seat for tomorrow I'm not gonna do the rare steaks and at all anymore even though the past few times they're not rare just for my guts in my my all that goings-on down there but yeah that's for tomorrow and I got some steaks place on that tonight I'm chopped then we Lambchop number the show lamb chop a little annoying and puffy oh alright look at these bad boys oh yeah those damn cheese ups oh that original sizzle eh well well flame-broiled a little too much flame-broiled alright guys some flame broiled lamb chop 'yes nice and hot right off the girl I got that you know what let these cool for one second okay

Oh smokey I have a Hawaiian style pale this one is from Ontario believe Toronto nice and close again hmm

two guys break up yeah yeah I don't what marinade do you have on there but definitely rosemary yeah so you love lamp soul with a trident Seaton you see the second one good Drake was in the beginning for some reason you know super making a second Super Troopers how do you how do you do it zoom later - how do you do a second Zoolander that's that's a little overcooked on that one but I believe the ones down here let's take a well bite on this guy

Oh ma'am okay so on the chop you probably know this there's a tender side in a normal side like a like I got t-boned the inside part is tender like McCoy I'm getting smoked oh okay no they're all all the same very good that fat is nice Wow I got a move I'm gonna smoke right out free smoke free smoke it's a homemade hot sauce I know I know what you guys are saying I'm gonna go easy on it just a couple drops on one just to taste it so Dave made this what did you see you made it out of we got a mixture a scotch bonnet habanero Cayenne charred over the open fire and then mixed with as much problems as I've been having I can't turn down the taste of that and only put a couple little drop so I'm just six or seven wait that one laughs so we taste it

I made the mistake one time voters you have a smoking space around here no it's like a southern barbecue smoke so we go there I've been there a few times and we go and want to try the hot sauce they order this big meal I make the mistake of putting the hottest sauce first on the wing I put a bunch of it I burned my top I could never taste the rest of the meal at all like go reason right you ever watch hot ones yeah I like that a lot

he's a really good interviewer we see the Rachel Ray one she refused to eat the wings she was off on her pedestal or whatever but she they kept calling mainlined it she kept digging teaspoons of the hot sauce instead of eating the wings I'm talking like legit these spoons man because even on the last dab thing they do they just literally dab you mean they're not like soaking it all she's left Rachael Ray we're losing light you got a pretty nice sunset going on so I think for the rest of the night the plan is to just sit here consume the rest of our beers enjoy just camping you know just enjoy it maybe tell us some lies by the fire some tall tales yep I know what was your what what what strikes you as one of the most memorable things we did in college in college was our first winter camp yeah our trees professor who was a big backcountry guy winter we built twinsies probably took us about what six hours total to get them all full day tell it tell the folks at home owner Quincy is in case it on so Quincy is essentially an igloo without ice what you do is you get a nice big pile of snow but two or three meters high takes about a hour to to dig this pile up how long about two or three hours to move two or three all right then you got to let it settle for another two hours so that it all compact down and then you go in and start tunneling it out and who by the time you're done time you get her done there by yourself but you get yourself place to sleep there yeah lots nice little ice cave there bud so yeah no for real though what are you saying it yeah so that so anyways continue with the story so yeah we spent what was it two nights two nights yep just sleeping these little ice caves we had the first night I think it got down to about minus 27 we had a blizzard come in and I remember getting up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom and just being like blown away but I can't believe I'm actually out here right now remember how how much it sucked going getting out to go to the washroom that was before like oh the people know if you're like me a bit like this big around and you've rolled up your long sleeves because you don't wanna get a wet

so you know you end up peeing on your friends Quincy try not to wake up your Quincy partner as you do the whole process so that after that I think is when I started implementing the the old people I don't know yeah because you know the life saver that kind of situation make sure you label that bottle where's my morning up oh thank god

yeah that is a really good memory actually I agree that is probably one of the coolest things do you remember um us having the fire and hot what happened like how we oh yeah we we set the fire up and basically kept building it and building it and eventually it just melted and melted melted to the point where we could actually carve ourselves a little snow we sat around yeah we sat her on the whole thing pine boughs and put him down yeah or insulation yeah it was awesome yeah it was perfect we were actually setting probably a good two or three feet down I think it was like four or five it was a whole life snow all up for sure get back yeah yeah yeah it was very cool it was it was really cool and that year when we both went there we went there at the same year obviously it was one of the years they had the most snow I think we got over 10 feet of snow that year and they had like actual plows for the sidewalks and everything it was you saw it was crazy that I was not used to it our teacher Don Hall like he was saying he was very close a guy I've always I've always referenced as like a Gandalf kind of dude take your friends on your books and go to the woods if you have your books and your friends woods if you're in the woods call your friends pull get rid of the book tell them to bring the books remember marry boys and girls heading on into the cave a Wanderers hatchet in hand I'm pretty cold I'm I'm really glad that I brought my negative ten degrees superbaby because I don't know what it is but I'm cold so I want to climb on in and and warm up I'll keep you guys with me because I'm not going to bed just yet I just kind of wanted to come in here and warm up and lay down and relax before we went to bed it's 10:48 it's almost 11:00 10:48 is almost at that perfect okay the cameras on the log next to me here's my tripod going up here boy that's yeah I heard my tomahawk always liked to sleep with some kind of thing like that

not that I'm too concerned but if I ever need to it's nice to have it so boots are going next to me pee bottle there I'm going to put my pants in my sleeping bag because when I get up in the morning I'm going to put them on and they'll be cold if I don't do that so jacket go fair unless I need it I definitely don't want to make the mistake of going to bed with too many layers on because I'm cold right now and then getting too warm in the middle night and then sweating uh-huh and creating condensation on my sleeping bag and all sorts of stuff like that especially considering I'm sleeping out here tomorrow night too pretty good I don't think I'm gonna do this thing off point all the way leave my head out of the bivvy you folks have a good night wish me luck in here actually like I said I have such a homely feeling looking up I wonder if I could show you my view looking up and seeing this big tree and just all the logs let me see if I can show you what I'm talking about like this is literally my view that's though right above my head it looks so cool

alright folks you have a good night and I'll get with you in the morning we'll cook up some nice bacon some nice bacon as opposed to not nice bacon and eggs maybe got all that stuff so we'll have a full day out here tomorrow and tonight I will see you guys in the morning

probably said that three times see you guys in the morning see you guys in the morning all right so you guys I'm wondering couldn't good morning what's up really well a good night's sleep I stay warm and dry 7:58 right now I never heard those guys rustle or anything thus warning so I'm sure they're still in bed I can't see them they did stay up quite a bit later than me a couple Cardinals chasing each other this is nice this is a nice shelter man I pack a little bit of more debris on it today but very good okay pants pantaloons at the bottom so I think oh yeah this is soaked in condensation that's sex I'm gonna dry this up tonight I have to hang it open the Miss Sun this thing is drenched that's the problem with this Bibby then I thought I lost some some warmth early hours in the morning I'm still fine I can get too cold or anything like this we'll have to get hung up here it right what

she's a wet one but that's okay it's sunny it's quite sunny out so should dry off relatively quick not one foot at a time you know you know so cold okay gonna pee I'm gonna crawl back in my sleeping bag warm myself up a bit oh my goodness she's bright guys she's bright maybe I'm knocking him back in bed

it's not wet on the outside it is on the bottom I guess but just like a little wet from mud but on the inside it's drenched she's actually slick actually wet

well that's the condensation anyway how these things they don't really breathe so if you're not get away from the outside to get wet from the inside just like gore-tex but they do have their place for sure it's not that bad I want to try it again tonight leave it completely unzip to see if that makes you difference but I'll hang this stuff up and it'll dry in no time I'm getting hungry got lots of food for breakfast but it takes a while to cook so I'm gonna have to get a fire going everything is covered in frost just blow this oh yeah there's a lot of residual heat coming off of that 1% all right cool we're gonna be able to blow this into flames yeah

Goodin really fine too much very small twigs I grab some reeds from the field and stuff but a lot of the things that I found have condensation and do on the Brennan's go out to look for some smaller stuff no oh yeah all I'm gonna try to do here is pile everything and in the middle and blow it into flames the idea behind having it all piled it kind of just grows on each other even the the old pieces this one's a little wet because it was a dankey piece when we put it on so that's probably not the best case but the one I picked up earlier this one here she's already starting to smoke actually very cool very cool

I get rid this big wet piece nice yeah haven't you started to blow on it it's already starting to smoke I'm gonna get my fanny - I said there she goes confident in that one come to warm up the old hands All Hands to cold hands to cold so I'm pretty hungry yeah bacon yeah to somebody last night flipped this chair over so that the frost wouldn't you know get on the seat part was it that was Joe oh that was Joe looking frost free bro good hey let's see some kind of woods just sick of me kid the player


while we can officially say the grounds thought yeah well here at lease right we're the footers all right we need a crosspiece there I'll cut some wood somewhere some baked whole mr. Burton's birthday today cook up some Bacon's for breakn birthday breakfast

I am the bacon global uh anyone sure will gobble ever lower lower God some people will get this I guarantee a few people will get that you are I showed you it thoughts and what you need the Kleenex invented in 1937 John Cleese actually called the facial tissue the Kleenex is a brand new yes there's something only knows oh nice perfect

no it's a nice morning guys the Sun did go away which kind of sucks because it was nice having to note I felt the warmth off of it I'm glad I dried my stuff out when I did it actually all dried out so everything's good it's all still hanging up behind me but like I said no Sun the birds are singing the bacons on nice and comfy in this chair so everything's really good we built up this fire a little bit it's gonna take a little while for this bacon to cook I'm sure of it that's okay sit around hang out Dave had to leaf in to hike back out but he'll be back early are certain later on today it's fun hanging out with people sort of hanging with Brendan I haven't seen him in so long and so you don't really get to hang out with friends that I we've had for a long time

nobody's into this stuff that I grew up with or that I've known so it's nice we've had to switch up our cooking method a little bit the winds blowing too strong to cook it to actually cook the bacon the winds taking the heat away so we've pushed our fire in front of the bacon because the wind is blowing that way we've added the the reflector oven which is cooking the bacon a little bit faster so you can see they're looking pretty good we've also been able to eat a few pieces already because the reflector oven is cooking them much faster actually so it's getting smoked on here finish them up in the reflector all is well a little crispy but not too crispy bacon with Brendan and his beard on his birthday this is in bacon ssin the bacon is dripping on the other bacon [Music]

there's a whole bunch of deer up on the ridge trying to get over to them to get a little view for you guys but they might take off there you go see I'm through there you go there they go they're gone

all right Bacon's gone I'm sure this plate nice cup of hipster drinking drinking okay sarcastic or no I'm not I'm not I am okay we're gonna cook up to n eggs time to make up some eggs so I'm gonna go on the search for stuff to make a pot hook I'm gonna make the Birkins bill Burtonsville rig Birkenstock the Birkenstock greg yep no problem it's a pretty gray day it was supposed to be sunny she's a grade-a all right I got a shoot here I'm gonna take this one and I'll show you how to do it after I take it down back to the camp I love my sapling a tuck here is the crook here's the why I'm gonna cut it right below the Y I'm gonna just use Brennan's while they fetch it so I cut it exactly where I wanted to right below there hasn't there's no there's not a far drop with more stick below it to impede this between the pot so it's right at the the cross which is I want what I wanted now I want to leave a lip big enough for a pot Huck where am I my pots gonna hang so I'm gonna cut it big enough because this is kind of a weird shape it kind of just goes out straight as opposed to right being up so we're gonna cut it far enough away that so there's our pot hook and we don't need to make it extremely long but maybe we'll take it up to here see how I could have cut it here where this y is but maybe we'll just take it up a little bit higher until it starts to bend because you might want that extra height after so to cut it I want to use the axe again take this off so you can see the pug starting to come into shape it's piece that we chopped off already it still has a use that's gonna be the part that holds our actual pot hook up so we can start working on this one first what we do at this piece is we're gonna make the tip into like a flathead screwdriver you want to see how it's gonna sit best first rights because this has a little can't to it it's probably not gonna want to sit like this the best it's probably gonna want to sit like this because how its shaped right so stuck into the ground that means I want to point it out this way have the flat part right across the middle here so we're using Greenwood for this so that it doesn't burn easily you want to make it thin but not too thin where it's not going to support pot or the hook that's it there that's perfect

that's what you're looking for right there nice and thin for the bottom we just want to make this into a steak nice and easy that's probably good enough there I'll just there we go nice and sharp let er go into the ground no problem Mitchell don't what is that that's crazy what we want to do is carve some bird beaks in the back of it on varying heights varying levels to carve the bird beak I want to put on the back of my actually doesn't matter what you put it on but I I normally put on the back you can put on either side I'll put my knife on a diagonal hit it a bunch of times this is pretty dense wood I don't think I'm gonna go through it very easily so and this baton it's pretty lightweight not hitting it too hard so now you have to carve it out you have to carve out the bird beak carve out the notch you want to carve out everything and I did not baton in far enough so I'll have to do it again or I can carve it in but carve out everything except for the top a little triangle that you've made and then that's gonna become what rests on your pot hook so I'm just going to go again and put on a little bit more

and kind of on an upwards angle to so that it goes in and up and it's held in better when it goes on the pot hook or the pot hook holder rather you don't want to go far in because you want to really weakened the integrity of it okay we're gonna check that out and see if it needs to be raised or lowered and if it does I'll put some more notches in it just less than half the thing full of water and then I want to use that water later on for tea so the ground is pretty soft especially around here because of the fire which is good so maybe I'll stick it over here so nobody trips on it she's in there pretty good there's the plod hook holds pretty good without anything on it it's all just friction fit it's nothing to the ground and I feel like I do need to go higher I don't need feel like it I do need to go higher it's obvious so we'll put one lower and then we're gonna have to move this anyway because that's not even getting any of the fire there so put it over here maybe if I put it on a steeper angle I won't have to make another notch I'll be careful doing that yeah yeah she's gotta be raised up okay no problem I'm just gonna make another one I've already marked my XO just by scoring it like this carving a note is just as simple as stopping halfway switching your blade over carbon with two actual parts you need to be carving out not it it's helpful if you use your hand on the blade I think you can see my hand that really just started with the autofocus son of a gun see my hands away up here working I'll tell you you have control when you're trying to do a little bit of intricate things not that this is the most intricate in the world but still very helpful okay she done there we go I like to do this better when I'm cooking eggs so that the eggs don't burn because most of the flames are hitting the bottom and boiling the water the eggs are gonna be in the top and they're just cooking from steam so let's get the eggs in there I'll show you what I'm talking about all right we got some blood in there some water I'm gonna melt it before I get my eggs in

mamma Blanca

all right she's buttery oh he's a farm-fresh eggs

we're gonna put a little steak spice in there a little or a lot burnt it along all right there we have it well should be pretty good all right so the insert goes in which is you know handy for the insert to go in this isn't the way I've been cooking eggs ever since Brennan and I used to hang out open to scenery okie Dokes she done folks all right all Brennan you got the kerbs pork bud nice nice

well we'll split it this way so we each get half of the good yolk split the other one all right rec to the other one erect it oh it shouldn't stick too much either you have a plate Brennan baby complete taking bleep come on baby no stems oh there we go bunch that's all right thank you hey stop talking do you need no hot water for anything burned in at the stomach ease licorice root or maybe fennel

maybe fennel taste of fennel actually really like it my hands of choice but not because so I think if you guys have kids that are into this stuff or even if you're just starting to get into stuff or whatever you want a little easy project to do make up one of these little pot hangers I think that's called the Burtonsville rig if I'm not mistaken I originally learned about it in Moore's Kinski's book called bushcraft northern bushcraft back in the day and it's it's cool it's easy to do if you're in a place that has solid soil or rock or sand or something like that or something that you can't stick the log into it that the stick into you can take a big log like this put your prop log here and stick rocks or a bigger log right here kind of sandwich it in and that works too so you don't actually have to stick it right into the ground you could also use a forked stick in front of the log so here's a prop log and you kind of stick it in the ground as much as you can say it still needs a little bit more support you can take a fork stick and stick it right there you know time Sam and that works really well too a bunch of different variations you can do a bunch of different Oh techniques but I think it's a cool little project super easy something to have fun with your kids or like I said if you want to just kind of learn some stuff I feel go all the way down I feel so good like coats my stomach does feel good

thanks again Shane everything's dried off I'm really glad I hung it up early like I said that son really hasn't come back at all I'm gonna do the same thing tonight just a little damp on the outside I'm just not going to zip it up all the way so as it is this is unzipped half way that's probably what I'll do I'll probably leave it that way I wonder if I can tie it up I want to really kick all the drafts and Stitch and everything right inside the bivi after you've rolled it up we add the insulation and the comfortableness come on Joseph all right had lost quite a bit of air throughout the night a flimsy I definitely don't want it I definitely don't want it completely inflated because then it's a little hard for my liking


I bought this sleeping pad from Brendan Brendan works at Mac at M EC which is again the Canadian equivalent of REI ami Steve M EC stands for Mountain Equipment co-op so there are dividends and owners and all sorts of stuff like that pay a $5 fee to shop there anyways Brendan's worked there for years and I bought this sleeping pad from him there probably six six or so years ago actually the same thing with this sleeping bag I only got this a couple years actually I think he got this for me as a gift this might have been a gift from him for my birthday and a nice guy I gave him a knife today for his birthday

Maura Garr bird okay that's good you know what I might do just so no creepy crawlies get in there in the daytime just give her a little zip up just close her up I'll just have to remember before I go to bed to keep it halfway down okay I want to get this guy back in there and I'm also going to start thatching that a little bit better close up the light spots come through the little log is pretty wide and it blocks my whole body it's important to get back to the top - I didn't do yesterday at all just because I was needed to block off the side but all up in there that way everything will just shed right off

and again that's why you started at the bottom on top top they all just sheds on to the next piece and down we're getting there almost done get in there yeah I got a lot more stuff on this side this is where the prominent ones coming through so I think she's done so I didn't really know the deal whether or not Dave wanted this thing left up this is his parents property by the way where we are he wanted this so I plan on taking it down but he just told me that he's gonna come up and camp in it so they're gonna build it up a little bit better put some sticks on here keep all the debris from flying off in to win debrief the rest of the bacons in there she's almost done front pieces probably pretty done yeah that's crazy for sales boys whoa we're all just hanging out at the fire their dates my back for quite a while I think want to string up my hammock take a little snooze it's midday it's almost 3 o'clock we've it's fun it's fun fellowshipping it's fun having new people to talk to you just sit around the fire have a couple beers already and stuff so okay I want to see if this is long enough to reach from that tree for that tree and if not we'll find another location

well I haven't talked to you guys I'm quite some time it's after 6:00 know we had supper gave me two brisket for a it was pretty nice I made a decision to put the camera away and just kind of focus on hanging out so so it's getting to be that time where we stoke up the fire sit around and have a couple of beers I'm a good time very good time I thought my whole videos all my bloopers hey were you rocking when you got that one you're pretty pleased with all that yeah Bieber butter kitchen there yeah I was very surprised I'm about to open this confluence Brewing Company Rock double IPA Rock Dodger and I got sent that again from Buddy Shane in Iowa she's uh brewed in can by confluence brewing Des Moines at Des Moines so she's eight point seven let's see what time it is it might not be cracking all right seven o'clock that's right please try to remind me a step on this one yeah I tend to get carried away oh that's a hoppy beer she's a hoppy beer like that multi caramely hoppy flavor mmm Oh buddy that is mm-hmm that's multi like a thick apple juice

yeah she's pretty thick sharp let's get smooth


alright guys I'm calling it quits for tonight it's just past 9:00 it's oh it's 937 so I'm heading to bed I already got early in balance I get home early so I'll probably be here at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning

have a good night she would look [Music]



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