Green Wood Splitwood Fire


This is another Hardwoodsman Challenge, over on BushcraftUSA.

Build a splitwood fire out of a green(live) tree, you have to use a firesteel for ignition.

Yes, I killed a live tree for this, Yes, I am a horrible person, and am going to hell for it.

In all seriousness, Ash Trees are done for in this area, as soon as it got a bit older, and started to get furrowed, corky bark, the Emerald Ash Borer would have burrowed into the tree and killed it, like it has done to all the Ash around here.

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Video Transcription

go on let's go go all right as per the rules hardwoods been challenged make a fire with green wood here's a green piece of ash and here's another Greenpeace ash that has leaves on it so you can tell I just cut it pulled from the same tree and it's pretty wet but we'll see how it goes I think it might be a little bit too hot today hey scoop what do you think bud yeah that's what I thought alright for turley hardwoods on this challenge you got to use at early knife no not really but in my mind you do so get rid of these limbs well got my two pieces and when he was 14 a baton and then I probably cut this in half we use this for the fire try this one Swiss a surprise and I failed think ash is one of the better ones to use

mosquitoes are freaking nuts ah killed out here stupid seller my plan is to make shavings first and let them go sit out in the Sun while I make the rest of my prep I think that's the general consensus on the best way to do this only a few people have got it done so far alrighty this doesn't feel half as what is the sassafras that I already tried to do it with so that's probably a good thing

make some shavings right foot that takes a little bit different approach to get the good shavings from what would

all these the angel hair pasta shavings some of them anyway I'm gonna make a ton of shavings ton of little slots a little prep as with any like situation where it's hard to make player lots of little i think is the best what i'm doing is taking the bark off but not only the bark they're just cambium layer underneath it that when it comes off its it's bringing a lot of the moisture off with it and then you can see if you can see from there the the the wood itself is real slick with moisture but see that that's where that's where the all the moisture is well a lot of the moisture get rid of that and then the outside has a chance to dry off so I'm going to do that with every piece

it's just like juicing on me something worth noting that I think might help people in the future if they're going to try this I just then I just started I just realized it so the outside here came being lit where the Kami layer was it's soaking wet like it's wet the inside is not that bad to be honest so why use this at all like I already stripped off the cambium layer are you stripped off the bark but next it's still so Klah it's slick right so what I've been doing is just batana ng that part right off not even using the elder part and just using the inner so look that's split right off of there that's all the the wet crap okay thank you look at it's it's it's wet the inside is not half bad it's still the same age as the other stuff obviously but a stain dryer it's not where the where the tree is feeding tree feeds through the cambium layer soaks up water to the top two leaves and stuff like that the inside isn't half bad that might be useful tip so I'm just even going to give that to scout not even use that part you know I mean anyway I thought that was something worth noting okay you got my hat full of shavings my butt ton of small prep and open a prayer I'm sure it's gonna work though I have a good feeling about this one alright here goes nothing well it's already doing better than the sassafras that's for sure this is looking promising holy so I'm not allowed to fan it that's part of the rules in order to blow on it or fan it should be self-sustaining it's going pretty good I was hoping not to have to use fast forward in this video so hopefully it burns up pretty good didn't click yeah that's going to work come on

the wind is taken it might take a minute to get high enough because the wind is pushing the flame down but I'm sure it'll go

see my knee here and frame it's knee high I'm just going to adjust the camera to make sure that you can see my knee one set sorry guys about the shaky and this yeah it's going past money well I was pretty fun I took me two times to do it that was one of the ones that I actually look forward to doing it was challenging once again thanks is putting these things up he didn't do this I would have nothing to do in the woods i'm so bored in these woods it's not even funny but uh yeah got it going so thanks a lot guys for everybody who tried and for the pointers on everything i think at the heart of the wood the better honestly i don't know about when it was soft what I think it keeps him more retains more water I was actually going to try it with oak but I saw this nice dead piece of ash so i called it good with that this is self sustained i could probably throw more alive pieces on and keep it going this is I'm actually pretty surprised at how good this is gone so thanks a lot guys hope hope you enjoy it

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