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Get To Know Joe E3. Finding Enjoyment in the City


In this 3rd episode of get to know Joe Robinet, I hike through the city with Scout, talking about my city, and other stuff.. we end up in a wooded area and make a cup of tea.

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Video Transcription

all right scooter you want to go for a walk let's go for a walk and get out here all right you heard it let's go over a city walk today I'm just going to put my girl per 1000 you're good to go all the other dogs are jealous big old guy gets to walk around no leash go for walks a scope a scope yep just ignore me there you go so wipes off work today huh I had the chance to over the woods of scope but I find when I go to the woods hey off the road here come let's go come good boy I find when I go to the woods I don't do a lot of walking I end up walking for about an hour and setting up and hanging out for the rest of the day and that's fun and it makes for a good video and I enjoy it and so to scope but what I think he enjoys more is just walking so a lot of the times I'll take him on these what I call City walks quote unquote shitty walks just because I can walk for about 3 or 4 hours we've got a good pace in distance and I frequent these areas she let him off leash as opposed to on the road he saw him walking without a leash on the road there but I keep him close pretty soon we're going to go up to some fields and stuff where he can walk and run around like a crazy like the crazy dog he is no peeing on that one wait


sit go

that's a lovely sound so we're up here on this pedestrian bridge that crosses over here on Church Road here on Church Road turns into the Ambassador bridge that goes over into Detroit Michigan

busy busy road with lots of transport trucks constant

not very bushcraft DEA guys another bouche crafty honker way off in the distance over there there's the Ambassador Bridge

the ghetto here lots of cracky house isn't sketchy people nice guard I'm trying to find a spot at a park where I can stop and have a boil up some water have a tea just kind of hang out for a little bit until I get there why don't I just tell you a little bit about my city so again I've said this before in other videos these people in this van behind me probably go nuts my city is Windsor Ontario and I live in Canada so Detroit Michigan is a stone throw away from where I am right now literally where I'm still walking right now I can see the bridge so it's not the nicest of places geography wise or topography wise either be honest but it's okay we stopped the Yanks from coming in and the world war 1812 right on the border there so that's kind of cool just a little bit of history right not the fact that we're not American or any of that stuff I really don't care about any of that but there's some history here at old sandwich town wyandotte Detroit those are all old old names so my family has some history in this area as well my great-great grandpa I'm a great-great uncle wanted to Jules Robinette ran a winery here what robinette winery which is pretty cool it was really really big back in the day and it's no more but I was able to get some bricks downtown off of an old building with McKenzie Hall that are stamped with the robinette name so I have two old school bricks at home with my last name stamped into it good eel can go well we're not quite at where I want to be just yet now we're at the part where I can actually let's coat off leash and not worry about it too much so in this little vicinity right here this is called Mi'kmaq Park he's been around forever they used to have two giant water slides back that way but as you can imagine with safety rules all that nonsense these days they can't even have Teeter totters or seesaws or merry-go-rounds and Parks definitely not going to have a friggin giant waterslide in the park so let's go up sit down good boy you wait there nope down hey little brat down good oh it's so hard to enforce things with him now he's eight years old I really don't care he knows what he's supposed to do he just want to do it and back when he was two three four or five even I would I would have enforced it made a big stink about him not staying there but I don't care he's earned his right to be a little defiant the old scooter up somebody's having fun burning out doing donuts here so much testosterone so much back and forth normally when I do these city walks I have this small Camelback backpack that I wear I can fit everything I need to into it but since I'm going to try to make my way to the woods flock in there I got my hidden woodsman deer rock and inside it I have a firmer exit pad I have a stove to boil water tea I have my gloves I have a knife and some water so pretty light on my back I really really like this bag I've been using it ever since I got it so it's super comfortable nice and flat on the back thanks welcome sign sign everywhere Sun tops just blew by me sirens are blazing there's a hill there and it's the highest elevated point in Windsor and they said old dump literally an old landfill called Malden Hill used to be called Malden dump not too sure when they decided to change it into a hell for tobogganing recreation and whatnot I always remember it as malted Hill 32 this year and I don't remember it as it dumped but that's what it used to be Oh check this so before we make up our way up the majestic dump got some local art some local art you know good freedom of expression there all right there's the grand Hill she is no joke really that's just the first level of it it goes up in levels every year Windsor in Detroit do these communal fireworks on the river for people from Windsor people from Detroit to enjoy and they spend millions and millions of dollars they get a barge and they go do it in the Detroit River so a lot of people go down to the river to watch them but being from the West End we've always come to the Malden Hill here we sit up on top of the hill and once I get up there I'll show you why you get a view of pretty much this whole half of the city and you can see the fireworks well you can't really fill the boom in your chest like you can downtown but it's a lot more chill up here people drive their cars right up on top and it's tough so pretty cool well as you can see I'm at the top now and I'm glad it's a super clear day because hopefully behind me you can see the Detroit skyline there's the Ambassador Bridge I don't know if this is picking it up blue bridge spans a huge portion then all down there

blah blah blah all huge buildings all the way down and the fireworks are usually around there somewhere don't you ever give your dog water well I can admit that that sides not that ugly you look over here and that's real bad sometimes there's a flame in the sky over there a huge blue flame that you can see all the time it's too bright right now but just dank friggin Windsor dank all right so it's time to get down off this hill we'll find some shelter and some trees boil up some water have a spot of tea no copper I said have a copper

all right let's try this again I'm gonna have to figure something out because that would be good some good footage but that's just not going to work with a Gorillapod

bear bear bear grylls this is a species of willow I know it doesn't look like the normal weakened willow but if you look at the buds Salix is the latin term at the buds they're like a duckbill right flat to the stem that's a good indicator this type of old girl I found is really good for bowed row this type of bow drill this type of bow drill is super good for willow I'm almost up a little patch of woods looking forward to that I've been walking for about a good hour and a half now I think I'm almost halfway sit down for a little bit and home head home it'll be about a three hour walk by the time I get through with it finally into the woods and the first thing I see a blanket bonus but I'll get you cold so this looks like a soupy mess in here she's all Cottonwood low-lying marshy Oh Oh found a hut found a little samsquanch shelter let's go make the tea in there that sounds like a fun fun little thing to do oh man I just missed it

the huge red tail hawk oh I saw her he roosted I saw let's go get him she's go sit sit sit stay there is there is see him oh I hope so he responded to that whistle big time oh I hope this GoPro pick that up I wonder if the that's why the red-tail flying around there it's rabbit for there oh yeah look something got a meal or close to it never ceases to amaze me the amount of wildlife you can find in these city parks these urban maleic wildlife refuges I see a lot of deer in the other place I frequent to talking wrong the background noise it's terrible crops up very easy but whatever there's another little tepee looking thing over there and then this one we might go check the other one up as it doesn't it doesn't look the greatest what is that huh look at that would you look at it no way that some took some effort man that's really cool here's another one they left on the standing good standing yeah Native American person who gold chips I wonder what they did it with here there's a chip but Oh ever since coming into this little patch of woods everything's coming up millhouse again well it is right next to this trail be honest if I'm sitting in this thing and somebody walks down the trail I'm gonna feel a little silly let's go in and check it out there's no real no real benefit to sitting in here I thought I can see no I don't know I'm sitting here it's cool it's cool people are doing this kind of stuff okay let's just push it by a big tree with our back against it it seems like a little more reasonable thing to do you know what I kind of like the vibe oh is getting asked that little totem pole carving deal over there so I think I'm a little backed up by that all right well maybe I'll I'll wrap this video up here you don't need to see me walking anymore I'm sure you've seen enough walking today but yeah this is just a little video but I thought it would be kind of cool so you guys can see my city I'll probably put this in to get to know Joe series or the playlist I mean

yeah because this is something I like to do with the dog and we're not in the woods and went on camping and things like that so when I had the time when it's nice enough I do like to walk up as much as I can because he's cooped up a lot these days in the house he doesn't get to expend the energy he needs to I'll have two cool videos coming up probably I'll post them within a month or so I'm not sure why I stopped to go film it edit all that stuff one of them I'm gonna go travel again quite a ways up kind of near where I was before in Eastern Ontario and I'm going to do a natural shelter bunch of Crowell and do a natural shelter and that'll be cool and then I wanted to do a winter overnighter kind of thing with someone who a lot of you know who is a public figure in the community really cool guy

haven't got to meet him yet so him and I and two other guys are going to do authentic I was going to do this video as a question and answer out here but this is long enough so I'll save that for another video I appreciate you guys that watch all these even the ones that aren't so Bush crafty and I appreciate you guys who I appreciate all the comments a good one the nonsensical ones and the funny ones maybe I'll do mean tweets mean comments kind of kind of in the future - you're not even mean just like insane maybe insane comments Joel Reid's insane covets alright I hope you guys like this video

take it easy I'll see you soon bye click over here if you want to see more get to know Joe videos mark mark mark mark mark work

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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