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Preparing for a Two Night Backpacking Trip.


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I show my backpacking gear while getting ready for a 2 night backpacking trip in West Virginia

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Video Transcription

in a few days here Kyle and I are going to do a backpacking trip in West Virginia so I thought I'd make a video going through my gear and and how I pack for it this is the backpack gonna be using it's a Mountain Equipment co-op sprint or spirit 30 a camera which one mountain quickman co-op is the is a brand as well so I bought from the store it's the brand it's a good pack I've used it a lot for a few years now a couple years

I like this outside zip zipper compartment where you can put your wet stuff or whatever and then also it's a pocket here I've got the poles to my tent on the outside my cuff in my water bottle on the other side and I got it cinched down real good without food and water it weights 16 pounds so with food and water on be right just under 30 I think so is always on a backpacking trip I'm trying to bring his least amount of gear as possible and I've really narrowed it down this time so let's go through a couple things real quick first we're going to the Dolly Sods area in West Virginia and it's playing it's calling for rain hmm so wear rain gear okay my rain gear is gonna at the top of my pack so I can access it very well this is a mountain hardwear tops and bottom they're like very light and I can pack them down smaller than this I just got off this one with elastic round and this one just rolled up so those are you on the top of my bag easily ox up accessible eye prim loft my Mountain Equipment co-op from Loft is gonna be on the top as well I'll be wearing it on and off I know it I have these gloves these little like factory nitrile gloves that I can get for free from work so these are like a one-time-use glove but they're enough to keep the wind off me and keep my hands forgetting to beat out and they're light light light light and they've packed onto nothing I like them a lot they're useful I've used them a few times other ones my beanie my toque Mike's bald and if you're in the States wherever you want to call it this is a merino wool icebreakers brand I wear it a lot

these are my extra clothes I will open it and show you what I have so I have clothes that I'm gonna wear in and then these are my extras we're only going for three days two nights so I don't I'm not bringing a lot at all this is an Outdoor Research waterproof still nylon bag it's lightweight and I just it'll keep my stuff that I need to keep dry dry so an extra pair of icebreaker wool socks Stanfield's polar therm long underwear again long underwear and a long underwear a shirt that's the extent of my extra clothes I'm going to be wearing my clothes and when it starts to rain I'm going to save it rings I'm going to take off my pants I'll be wearing a North Face nylon pants I'm gonna take those off and wear my long johns underneath my rain gear and I'll keep my pants dry for the next day or the night so that's how that's gonna go um what else

so my tent this is something new for me my buddy Justin hooked me up big-time with this tent thanks a lot man I really appreciate it this is a big agnes steamboat nope that's one I don't know what model it is I'll put it in the description anyway so originally this comes in here there's two pounds for the whole set up the tent and the poles that comes in there and it's really really lately but my whole problem is I want to fit my bag my tent inside my bag my backpack I don't want to get wet so if I take the poles out and just strap the poles to the outside I don't care if these poles get wet and now the tent doesn't have to be long like that they can compress even more so that it already does or flat so that's what I'm gonna do the poles are gonna go on the outside strap the bags the tent is going to go on the inside this is a one-man glorified Biffy it's it's very small but it's all I need and it's actually roomy enough that I can sit up in it and change no problem I've only set this up once in my front yard to test it out and setting up was super intuitive BAE Agnes I'll put the specific name link as far as sleeping pad you guys see me go through this a couple times recently this is that Astro kneeble Astro air like 20 are again 20 ours not the value it's the name it's a warm weather pad but I'm bringing a warm bag and I'm saving weight and space I'm bringing this um warm weather pad this pad has a pillow built into it so I'm not bringing pillow I always bring it down below but I don't need to because the baffles in this my sleeping bag again Mountain Hardwear negative 7 or if you're American 20 degree bag down bag in a compression sack I'll keep you warm a first aid kit with basic stuff in here duct tape painkillers gauze and bandages sorry with the I have a silky saw for tools and my Swiss Army Victorinox farmer that's the only tools I'm bringing I'm going with Kyle he's bringing grants for as many to cook in I have my titanium snow pea a solo kit I have the lid as well and my my water biology I'm also bringing this kind of Nalgene this fits 48 ounces and it breaks down so for water purification Kyle's bring aqua mirror drops so I don't have to bring a filter or anything to purify but it might mean that we need to put a bunch in a bag in order not to have to just fill up one note one algae at a time so I'm bringing this just in case then it holds up there we go um as far as videos hit videotaping and taking pictures I'm not bringing my DSLR on this trip I just recently actually Kyle has it for me got a GoPro silver a GoPro for hero silver the one with the LCD screen on the back so that's what I'll be using to film it's gonna look a little different than my normal stuff for sure and I probably won't get it right because my first time using it but I have an extra battery for it and have this tiny gorilla bottom and use for it so my camera gear is going to be lightweight this trip which is awesome what else I have sunglasses obviously this bag has all my little odds and ends in it I only have one bag of that everything else is like contained in itself but in this small odds-and-ends bag it's actually the bag that comes with my sleeping pad so it has a repair kit attached in it I have emergency fire kit which is strike-anywhere matches storm proof matches and little sawdust puck thing that you can light on fire really easily toilet paper and baby wipes pain meds and anti-diarrhea meds which is super important and my headlamp and a lighter a mini bic lighter just in case I'm not bringing a firesteel this trip it's matches or a lighter or unless Kyle has this fire still we use it that way everything's taken care of now except for food ok let me just do it I'll get right back to you the way that we're doing this trip is I'm driving to Kyle's house which is near Columbus Ohio then from there we're driving to West Virginia so he doesn't get done work before we're not starting the trip to West Virginia until about 4:30 puts us there about 11 o'clock at night if we're looking something around something like that anyways so what we'll be doing is is eating at restaurants or whatever on the way sleeping in the parking lot and getting up and making breakfast and then heading up from there so I'm not going to include that stuff in my stuff here I have oatmeal for that morning but I'm not packing it so I'm not killing it that's gonna be like in my car bag I really tried to dial my food in this time for this trip and I think I did a pretty good job so I'll just start off for morning for breakfast I have two packs of oatmeal and two packs of raisins and those will all be eaten together for lunch I have have two of these salami sticks or dried salami at one for each day and a half of brick of of our jalapeno Havarti each day for lunch that's a lot of lunch okay I'll be fine with that for lunch for snacks I have each day three bars I have a Nature Valley bars here and then for supper

it's going to be Melton house this one is a old chicken breast with mashed potatoes and then at night one tea a honey lemon tea okay next day it's the same thing except for I have a Snickers bar in there and my chicken teriyaki with rice is my supper now I've also brought in that mesh bag I'm gonna have my stove my canister and my stove pocket rocket my lid to my titanium cup and my spork as well as extra I'm bringing one extra Lipton soup lunch thing in case I'm freezing cold on the trail and just I'll pull out my stove and cook it up real quick I have an air heads and some of my daughters which princess gummy bears and I'll fit all into this yellow mesh bag and I'm using this yellow mesh bag for a reason I want to be able to see what food is where I want to be able to take it out without habit without taking out all the other food to get to it the stove canister isn't going in there that's the only thing I forgot to mention I'll bring my reflectix as well but that's a given it goes right in it back home I pack my pack doesn't have a frame on it so that kind of adds to the frame or framework what would be a frame first goes my suit bag sideways X I'm going to put wicks hat sideways I'm going to smush it in there next my sleeping pad these are all things I'm doing this

on purpose like in for a reason in the way I'm putting it in well after that goes my clothes food


and then things that I don't know if I'm going to wear or not right off the hop I'll actually put my rain gear in next and then have my two Clegg loves and my premaloft ready to come out regardless because I want to be able to access all of those things even more so than my rain gear if I have to it's a given I'm going to have to put on my trim off I might not have one of my rain gear depending and then the top goes the analogy so Kyle is going to bring an extra tarp and he's going to bring the booze so it's a leader of whose weighs almost the same as the tarp with the cords on it so one of us is going to carry one of those as well in our packs it's not not going to affect anything at all for me so my tent again my tent poles are going to go on the outside in my pocket I'm going to buckle two buckles so that they don't go anywhere and that's going to save me space on the inside and I really like I said don't care if they get wet it doesn't affect anything the other side the pocket goes my water inside my nesting cup so that my nesting cups not just inside my backpack and you can get crushed it's titanium it really could but with this on it and on the outside I have or sorry inside with the analogy inside the cup and attached to the outside of my bag I have easy access to my water and I'm protecting my cup that gets clipped to and then all these little odds and ends the GoPro battery my GoPro tripod my toilet paper all that stuff is going to go in this top department here so I have easy access to it as well I will keep my Victorinox Swiss Army farmer in my pocket at all times and I'm going to put my saw just slide it down in the front she was uneasy and with my food and water and there I have to away it still but I don't feel like I'm at 30 pounds not at all the suspension is good it actually tightens up as far as I need it to tighten I have a small waist and some bags don't you got a whistle on there pretty good to go man want to run up and quick quickly way this night you know what it weighs so my pack weighs 23 pounds with food and water and I'm ecstatic about that I can hike for trying to do 30 miles in two days so I can take my 30 miles with with 23 pounds I'm not worried about one last thing I wanted to mention was my Footwear I'm actually wearing trail runners for this trip and I think that's how it'll be go on from now on they're just super lightweight they give me enough ankle support they're grippy they're all mesh so they're my foots gonna get soaked there's no no getting around I know it but my foot gets soaked in my Sorrell my Solomon's as well my Sullivan's our gore-tex but that doesn't mean anything that just means they don't dry as quick you're still gonna get wet regardless so these are mash these will dry dry and it'll keep my foot better in my mind that hiking boots so these are Montreal trail runners

guys I hope you enjoyed the video and learn something and be on the lookout for my backpacking trip in about three or four days thanks guys but

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