Winter Overnight Bushcraft Gear


I head out for a bushcraft overnight camp in the winter, in this video, I show the gear that I chose to bring with me.

The backpack is a Fjallraven friluft 55.

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Video Transcription

it's wintertime in Canada I found a spot to camp tonight I thought I'd go through my winter bushcraft overnight kit with you so first off it's my backpack this is a fall Raven friloux 55 to get started we have this flap that goes over the top and it has really cool straps so you undo it and you need to get however however tight or loose you want but instead of it just being a strap it has these loops that you can actually grab with your hands you know what I mean and pull down

so that's in there and that's loose I'm going to tighten it but instead of just being a strap that's a handle that's a loop now easy to grab nice nice and easy to cinch up we don't need our super tight loosen her up and we've got two straps like that one on either side and there goes your roof your top right so that's I can find up quite a bit of gear in there too I don't really like to because it's a little bit heavy on the top but anyways gives you a lot of extra room and then on the top here you've got a buckle with a strap and then on the front you got a buckle with the strap and the front is a elasticy pocket I like it because I can fit a lot of things in like down jackets whatever stuff that I want to get to quickly so what I have in here today is my firmer s-sit pad which is going to become invaluable I'm gonna use it right now on my knee I've also got my GoPro with my tripod and a vitamin water which I just grabbed at the gas station on the way in just for extra that's it for the big stretchy pocket the front but as you can see you can fit a lot of stuff in there man and especially if something's wet you can just put on the outside it's pretty cool first off I got my poncho all right that's my bushcraft Outfitters still nylon poncho that's English my shelter for tonight next up is paracord going to attempt to keep all my stuff on this poncho while I'm showing it to you I don't really want to put it in the snow and I certainly do want everything getting wet so right comes right out after my my car for my poncho is my cordage bag

where I've got Hanks a paracord but also this small reflective cord as well so I got more enough paracord and other kinds of cord to last me I've got my food and my Fantomex poach I've got odds and ends in here the headlamps extra batteries first-aid kit compass stuff like that you've seen it before my other videos it's a little bit more bulked up now that I'm actually out here really camping far away from my car far away from my house I got a linker Lane hanky good for picking up pots or wiping nose whatever and here I have a little bit of clothes

not many I'll show you it's not even necessary to keep them in this this dry bag but I figure a girl consolidated in here instead of just loose in my pack I really don't have much I have what I'm wearing then I have a pair of wool blend socks to change into at night before I go to bed a Costco underarm a Costco base layer top before I go to bed and Stanfield's polar therm long drops before I go to bed I have my Costco bottoms on right now they're thinner than my stand field so I like to sleep in my stand fields so it's nice to have the bag they're kind of protected is not needed whatever my sleep gear consists of my sleeping pad which is a thermal rust NeoAir I'm using a bivy this time this is a minimalist REI bivy assume use this probably once or twice before and then I have a new sleeping bag from MEC or Mountain Equipment co-op I believe it's called the Talon it's not called the talent it's the other nuan they have it's an orange one it's a negative 10 Celsius bag and here I have it in like a eight liter stuff sack which is kind of too small for it but it will work so I've also got a little piece of steel nylon material that I can make a chair a bush chair if I want to I'm not sure if I want to do it or not and my piece of reflectix which I'm going to use to sit on and possibly put underneath all of my gear well Oh can't forget my luxury item my down pillow still in the backpack I have my side pouches I waited till now to taking whoa because they were stuffed in there it was hard to get them out I've got a liter of water and an algae I've got my titanium snow-peak Solo Cup I have the lid to this in one of my other bags in my little odds and ends bag the other side I have my 19-inch Sandvik axe my trusty X so this is the top this is the outside zipper on the top and I've got OD hydrate apples dehydrated apples thanks again Stephanie those are awesome she grew those in dehydrator room for me I've got a map inside a plastic bag I've got a Clementine and one more Stephanie wunderbar on my strap on my backpack I have my Casio watch I'm not keeping this on my wrist because I'd like to tell the accurate timing right now it's 0.8 degrees Celsius all right one more pocket and that's on the inside of the lid and there we've got things like a tax carrier for my belt my silky gone boy and my wallet and keys so I want to keep my wallet and keys in there and zipped up I'm not gonna open this pouch again until I have to leave these are the only two things that were in there and I can put them in a different spot I'll quickly go through my food with you because I'm sure people will be interested in here in some inside bliss and butcher paper I have a nice fat ribeye steak that I want to cook no seasoning no grill straight on the coals or I might make a grill out of wood I've got for tomorrow morning two packs of oatmeal I've got oh that's a secret I'm not going to show that one just yet okay a couple bars clip four lid to mine my Snow Peak pot I got another pepperoni finger rice ice pour some trail mix and some cheese I definitely won't eat all this stuff but it's nice to have just in case and who care it weighs a couple pounds more it's nice to have food and speaking of food these dehydrator apples probably one of the best things we're having my life honestly

my pots on the fall to even free low 55 killer pack I'm not a fan of the red to be honest with you but it's not that big a deal it kind of grows on you too I know this wasn't enough this was in a long video right so just tune into the trip with you I post after this and you'll be able to see everything I'm doing with my gear what oh I'm cooking how I'm setting my poncho up as a tarp I'm trying to stay warm and dry under the snow alright guys thanks a lot bye

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