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I Spent my 34th Birthday Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness. Last Ep 10 Days 10 Items


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Join me in an adventure of a lifetime.

I spend 10 days alone with 10 items in a backpack, I live/camp on an Island, have a canoe to travel in search of food.

I live on fish and whatever small reserves I had.

I encounter Eagles, loons, and beaver, see sign of Black Bear, Moose, and many other animals

I have epic sunsets, strong camp vibes, and lots of time to think and film.

I build a semi permanent shelter, chair, tripod, carve a spoon, and have endless camp chores.

This is the last video in a mini series,

I hope you all enjoy 10 Days, 10 Items ; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness.

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Video Transcription

man he's strong it's a big old oh my goodness

dude the sky hey guys thanks for hope you enjoy the series so far this is the very last episode of the series the final episode article was awesome enough to say they wanted to sponsor a video so thank you very much although audible has been my best sponsor bar nine done it most times for me and I really appreciate it so thank you and see you guys who've been clicking on the audible links thank you very much when audible sees things happening they want a sponsor again and that's very good for my channel it's summertime couldn't be a better time for audible you're out there lounging on the lawn you're taking road trips if you watch your kids play at the park all that kind of stuff and audible comes in handy with that with with titles for that stuff I thought I could recommend you a couple titles that I enjoyed but I think you might enjoy them along lines with this video the first ones called braving the wilderness the quest for true baloney and the courage to stand alone though obviously just by the title you can tell that that's something that we would all be interested in and this second one called north of normal this one is actually pretty interesting a memoir of my wilderness childhood my unusual family how I survive both that was very interesting so once again our goal is hooking you guys up start a 30 day trial and your first audio book is free go to audible.com slash Robinette or if you're in America you can text Robinette to 500 500 that's audible.com slash ROP ine T or again if you're in the States just text ROV ine T to 500 500 so like I've said before they carry all sorts of titles not just outdoor stuff you get stuff for your kids for your parents for anyone in the family tons of different titles and you can download it anywhere your phone your tablet your computer lots options okay one more time thank you very much to audible for the sponsorship hope to have you back again and we'll get right into the video thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoy the very last episode in the ten days ten items alone on island in the Canadian wilderness series miniseries series

it's 6:30 now I'm starving man absolutely starving no rice and vegetables didn't cut it last night you know it did it for the time being but that's not that doesn't stick with you real hungry I have this like salvaged and like it's spread apart my food now like make it last for real I'd like a handful of rice a handful of oats like maybe a day's worth of jerky I have all day today it's 6:30 in the morning all day tomorrow and then half the day over the 10th today I'm really banking on a fish for today this cold man it's almost too cold to go in the rain and fastly I will if I have to my firewood still a little half of it rubber rain gear I hope it if anything will be blatant in this I know why they played in the rain with that ship has sailed mmm tarp water better than boiling it let it cool I wondered this whole thing right now I have been feeling okay just because I'm sitting there not doing anything drinking tea water but you can just trying to get these rain pants on with an effort and I'm huffing puffing I have this is gonna be gonna suck so I gotta get in the boat - I've been looking around already I went over three or four five tons and got the firewood that was around here it's all gone I know where there's a bunch of dead standing good ones like the other day it's on that side of my Island I can't walk there because it's impenetrable every two knee trips back and forth with the wood so I gotta go up in the boat and paddle around I gotta take it easy though take my time 100% where I'm with PFD this time I've been wearing it and not wearing it but in all reality I should be wearing it a whole time because I'm by myself but sometimes I just hop in the boat real quick or I don't feel like I need it if it's super calm oh and sometimes it can't get it on over that fall Ravens coat all right I'll bring you on the GoPro is raining the constant rain with the there's nothing pouring by yes there's a few in a row I'll go grab the biggest ones like sigh thicket of the bass come on you know you want to [Music]

I got two more good pieces what I want to do go back drop him off at the camp grab my fishing pole bring my saw and ask that paddle around fishing all stop and grab decent size thickness pieces but I saw two really good ones but they're almost telephone-pole-sized I like the other one I cut the other day I can't do it right now [Music]


now there's something really nice about paddling on a rainy day especially knowing I have a warm shelter to a backseat with firewood there that can dry with these gloves on I don't want to take them off oh my goodness thank God for this tart seriously look everything's drying here I'm drenched shivering cold freezing freezing cold my hands are numb my food in here Mike there's no supper and lunch nonsense day there was only eating fight I'll sit by this fire and I got to dry out and warm up it actually I have to build this fire again and I didn't get more wood because it's so cold

Oh cold trying to fight the win and everything so tough this would make the fire try or cook eat repeat so got that whole Pike in there I got some rice some veggies I left just enough rice and veggies for tomorrow to do the same exact thing this is a big old pot of food guys a big old pot of food I'm super stoked to have this do that there's so much pike in there little chunks look at the chunk boy it's almost done I mean even bet I'm gonna forget sit here and Mao this down no he knows there's a spicy meatball Oh

all warming me from the inside filling my belly Thank You pike you get in there it's spilling filling to say the least I couldn't eat it all so I put the remainder in my little dish here it's not much but they'll come in handy later on tonight the lid on it I'll go clean this out and I think I'm going to make myself my very last hot chocolate the present from my wife the kid I was saving it for tomorrow but that's okay I still have one thing to make though the things to make once more tomorrow so I'll do my birthday cake I'm really chilled right now I'm trying to warm up is getting it's hard to if instead of drinking hot water or spruce tea or Labrador tea I'm gonna make the hot chocolate I'm looking forward to it too well that was really good I still have that little bit I showed you for later on tonight I actually changed out of my boxers and put on an extra shirt for the first time I'm feeling pretty good feeling pretty warm vote to drink this but to make this hot chocolate let her sit for a moment my gloves are soaking wet

that's why able to do this they're leather too but thank you will attend mold my spoon eating utensil dealy there's no dirty that's compared like the top part I haven't shaved down but I kept shooting down the bottom cuz he keeps getting super dirty a pretty nasty extra touch with that head well I've gone feral I've gone feral over here I don't care it doesn't matter at all oh yes

ciao woody Shaw what AG anyone know that reference trouble buddy gee people just do nothing

I imagine only a small percentage of you know what I'm talking about Oh been loving this cooks up been drinking sawdust and lichen and moss and dirt everything doesn't matter everything goes into my food everything goes into my drink and I didn't put it down let go it does not matter dams feeling real good after that pike I eat that whole thing ball I put that little thing in there that's almost done whole the whole Pike is almost consumed in my blended my point is I can't even speak ciao buddy that is so good turned out alright you know it's got to get up and do stuff everything on that either if it means getting wet it's just a waiting game it's just like a not even waiting in which it's like an endurance them like skills aside you know I mean you need to know how to make a fire you need to know how to get food you need to know how to make a fire when you're wet you know drying off all these things are very important but it's just a like a mind game it's being oh here alone for anymore time but I'm just learning how to slow down I bet you the footage from the beginning of the trip and until now is completely different light hold the knife I'm sure of it

had a few good revelations they've got thought of a name for my new daughter I can't tell you before I tell my wife before I run bottom away but I hope tomorrow I hope tomorrow I wake up and for my birthday my birthday is tomorrow if you didn't know I hope it's nice and sunny but if it's not that's fine I can't lie and say I didn't have that thought yeah that's my birthday no will blame me if I bail a day early if I just you know knocked all my stuff called Harlan on the satphone say I want to be picked up a day early and go that thought did cross my mind but I'm not going to do it I'm gonna spend my birthday out here by myself like the plan was I bet you anything even if tomorrow is a nasty day I bet you tomorrow night will be epic I have the perfect sunset at a perfect night it'd be all that much better for it so I am going to wait for that and I'll be upset if I miss that I'm just gonna hang out guys I'll get back to you if anything happens but other than that this is me for the next till dark well since I talked to you last I needed more firewood I was all out I got a gun now I fell in the water not bad just up to my thigh my one thigh and my neck my other leg was a cup to my ankle or something but both my boots are soaked my socks is drenched my pants are drenched so I'm just trying to dry out now I'm steaming up a storm over here it's okay I got a lot of firewood and I cut it all up and I have a decent amount but I'm probably gonna use them the majority of it trying to dry out these are all my clean clothes no two or eight like yeah an Ergo comes the wind again it's late it's like it's 8:30 still pretty light out that killed me man getting all this firewood cut down a couple big really big trees and it took me a long time to saw it up and get it back here and saw it up here but I'm good for tonight now I needed I felt an urgency to get it in case tomorrow I wake up and it's just like a storm or whatever so they stopped raining for now did that got wet in the process and that's okay I'll be fine I'm dried out pretty good now my socks are still wet but they're dry and they're steaming up nice let me see my wood collection here super super twisted so it's hard to split but I got her done man it's a gorgeous night again I'd be old there paddling in a second but everything's wet I really got a I'll show you for freezing cold on the feet just you have a well-defined trail now oh man look at that oh my goodness it's crazier than two minutes ago yeah I wish I was paddling in that right now look at that yeah another nice night it seems like every night man it doesn't matter what the day is the night is beautiful oh I'm looking rough look at me okay back in to warm up my feet ease my freezing cold feet ease you name it smoked out well date was different

yeah it started off I thought I was gonna be in bed all day in the shelter all day kind of thing I'm glad I went out was fun at first I got that Pike too was some work after I move here shifted yeah man it was it was another day you know what I mean it was another day over here tomorrow will be another day tomorrow's my last full day and night and then I'm getting picked up the next day at midday so I'll be ten days I'm excited I'm excited from a birthday 34 years old man I don't know what to think what that there's not much do you think I guess just what it is 34 years old making up some Labrador tea I'm not too cold my coat unzipped and everything for the first time in a while I haven't had this to coffee forever so for this trip I anticipated hot like the weather was supposed to be super hot for the first few days it was pretty warm I anticipated hot and bugs knock holding rain and wind although rain was only really today but cold and wind a lot what it's all good no me no I don't get sick from golden wind I could sit from black flat fights so maybe tomorrow will be a nice hot day either way I'm excited to see what it'll be I'm down my book I don't know if I told you I've been down my book pretty much earlier today or early in the day today waters boiled they want to warm up that food still got it in the pan there I'm just gonna throw it on the fire and eat it up I'm pretty hungry now cutting up that wood was crazy man if I didn't have this jerky nigga that Nick subscriber slash friend Nick sent me a bunch of jerky for this trip I didn't have that man I wouldn't be able to be able to keep going like I mean like two or three pieces just every time I like I crash I need I need it I can feel the energy from it the fish is like the main staple for meat protein sustenance but that jerky is like zero today just kind of keep me going I don't have much reserve

this makes me wish there was someone here to see this unreal spring peepers in the background well good morning my birthday it's my birthday it's forth the 4:20 in the morning I'm gonna get up and hopefully good on the water and watch the Sun Rise have a nice morning paddle but I gotta go warm up make some food and yeah hopefully get that get that in time little birthday thing for me I haven't done that yet so why not write blind to myself okay open up him I'm 34 today my birthday so far so good it's a pretty decent morning it's cold very cold wow it's cold the lake is glass though glass I'll take this man beauty morning all right I got to eat the last of my oats and get on that water quick this is the first time I felt a little rushed in days I just wanted to get over here in time it's not started yet I'm gonna paddle around this island here on the other side of it and try and get the sunset or sunrise there's miss like crazy oh man we're gonna get it it's cold it's freezing cold it's okay though I'm happy for it this is a idyllic like I was prepared for even rainy day with a good a good night but like there's not a cloud in the sky there's a tiny tiny breeze if anything the Sun is just the boat to crush there's fog on the lake mist on the lake it's pretty serene there's two loons right in front of me I think I can't wait to do something in the water

my bill will the girl beard this year oh man I'm stoked guys I really am this is already there she is a little beautiful 5:50 call she's bright but she's a bright one too smart that's the best morning of the trip maybe one of my best birthday morning's ever I can feel the Sun like I'm like I can literally feel the warmth it's so nice well I got lots of time today and it seems like you're gonna be a beauty so I do need a fish for today I imagine I'll go back to camp soon and warm up because I'm really really really cool maybe have a tea and some jerky spend a bunch of energy getting here not a bunch but I'm starving and yeah just relax for a bit and then come back out to fish because it's again it's almost 606 thank you for spending my birthday morning with me it was pretty awesome pretty really awesome my boots are still wet from last night nearly dry but no throws up on that panel this has been a really good shelter I'm super impressed with the tarp start by aqua quest it was slapping around the whole week like and it's God just branches poking into it left and right I did not clear them all off after after when I was putting more more logs supports on in the middle of the windstorm just threw him up there there's no holes in it it's got no spark holes this thing was used used for these 10 days very very impressed with it and I'm very happy that I brought the size that I did at first I was concerned that was gonna be way too big I have no open space for it but imagine me and anything smaller but I did I spent a lot of time in this shelter I have a lot of things in this shelter that stayed dry including including the fire inside so it's pretty awesome pretty awesome this is what is not what I envisioned doing but it made a lot of sense I envisioned building a little bit more but I'm only here for 10 days have to tear it down anyway there's no point I took down enough trees and stuff anyway so this was great this did every single thing I needed to do very blown away very very happy with with this type of shelter if I had a second tarp I could put it on the front and have a little bit of a wind block and maybe just leave this part open or whatever but maybe for next time what a perfect day about the birthday is a shallow leak this is early in the season I was told if they're our wallet they're not gonna be deep anyway so who knows oh man Jake 20 30 feet up I got a fishbowl jigging seriously I got a fish hole jigging if this is a walleye oh it's a pike oh what a good official jigging that's sorted oh I wonder what I should do so here's my conundrum it's early I want a want a walleye it's a nice eating size plate and everything but I think I'm gonna let him go let this guy go my good deed for the day so he was in a boat of 10 feet of water and I'm about 50 or 60 feet off shore the wind is pushing me in i troll I deny I'm sorry I Jake I did not roll that so those are all good things to know I thought it was a walleye just gonna run to the corner store for a second you want to come with me the corner and here's the store my Labrador seat I don't need a lot it's a few leaves I'll call her good take out the stems you know hey cheers folks got that my piece of jerky I'm gonna savor this piece now my last few pieces

didn't beg got a little wet with condensation last night moisture from me breathing inside it so letting her dry she's been there all morning sure it's dry by now warm for the touch nice [Music]

I'll lay out here on the rock air my dogs let the Sun go out don't oh the Sun feels so good oh my goodness this is all really come together everything happened perfectly I wouldn't change a thing now I got a really thank I'm a huge huge thank you to Harlan I set me all up so with this boat fishing tackle there's a big ol rock Wow little rock sleeping bag hook drove me over here on the four-wheeler sent his fiance six hours each way to eat me from the the Thunder Bay Airport six hours each way thank you you know I mean there's that's crazy didn't ask for a thing in return

this boat is it is it blessing I was expecting to use a normal canoe Odin of got around on those windy days not as easily fishing fishing from it would have been difficult for me too I'm not saying it can't be done I would say for me personally so Oh in this boat now I think he has it in its fleet so if you guys are thinking about a woodland caribou trip alone he's a solo boat this style he has it now I was the first one to use it's a little dinged up a little scratched out now sorry with that Hurley thank you

a man wouldn't change a thing I'm not having any luck right now it's been that way for some time but that's okay it's my fault for letting that plate go earlier like I said it was just too early and I had high hopes but if I have to eat rice and vegetables personai in my last night that's okay I've taken a lot from this Lake and and I'm getting out tomorrow and I can have spaghetti for supper I wasn't craving spaghetti or bacon and eggs with dippy okey dip that toast in there son bags bro can I get a green exit here hope you hear the echo I'm not just doing this for no reason there's an echo Oh life is good life is good and my wife like everybody just kind of came together for me real quick at the end there like I was supposed to come in a certain time like I think I was supposed to get here yesterday or something like that movie two days ago now my trips done tomorrow so like put me like a week or two a week or like nine days in advance or something like that that math doesn't work anyways the trip got moved everybody just like hop to it my mother-in-law everybody so thank you to everyone for making this possible I hope that the video turns out well I hope the videos turn out well make this into a little miniseries yeah man really cool there are lots of I got like seven SD cards full so that's gonna be Oh plus the GoPros Oh plus my limp is point and shoot I've like 10 or 11 SD cards to go through that's gonna be fun the things you started thinking of when you know you're leaving and like that's gonna become my reality now I'm not waking up and paddling to try to fish to eat for the day

the clouds are just amazing because this is something else this is like paddling in a dream there's not a breeze there's perfect mirror clouds in the water make for real

look at that look at the clouds the only sound is like faint birds on my paddle

this is an experience right now well I got a fish on but by the sounds of it and the feel of it Iza bigan like might be the same big big guy caught here the other day this is the same exact spot I just cast here after trolling and I got him yeah he's pulling my boat there's gonna a big fish darn I don't know I don't want a big old dirty fish this is a big fish man he's strong oh dude the sky the whole commotion going on crows it's a big old Pike fight he's not in that biggest place he's big but he's just twice T as the day is long I'm eating them he's not too big to eat come here big guy he's beast actually oh yeah he's a hog oh my god it's thick I can't eat this thing I feel bad I'd waste so much it's a hog

it's a hog oh man I just barely hooked him inside the lip so you should be fine oh please up beast man I'm letting him go I can't okay it's literally like a super super thick dense fish I don't want to just take and we need part of them he's obviously a monster in here and yeah it would be a waste but that's okay that's okay okay but that man that was a there's a fight that was a fight and literally had just in the tiny little corner of his mouth what surprise he stayed on the line that long remember early in the trip I was losing the fish left in right seems like a while ago now okay I'm just gonna keep doing this I came to this part where that Creek was so yeah anything that goes is fine I'm enjoying the Sun and enjoying being over here I'm hungry and tired but it's my last real day I need to be out not just laying down I didn't look for that okay back to back I literally just let that guy go and put the camera away I hope this is a good size for eating it is it sure is is that even uh yeah it is all perfect perfect good you got my camera alone why he got me but he went to all right this is my eater this is my dinner for sure nobody gets my camera what it's a good it's still not even small by any means but way better eaten size than that other one so we will continue paddling around for a little bit they make her way back because the winds picking up and the clouds are gathering I think it'll be fine but continue our little puddle make our way back

prepare this guy have a decent meal and relax and wait for the nighttime hopefully good hopefully get a good night time paddle a nice sunset calm water style but either way this day is already been a blessing so let's still prefer a calm night okay I've got some really nice fillets off that like really nice fillets probably the nicest ones I've caught so far I got a ton of meat here look at that that's a healthy amount of good-looking meat really impressed with those I did it on the rock across again because there's no sign of anything there so that means the rest of it didn't go to waste something ate it so they did that again I'm sapped like I have zero energy at all I've got a still cut up firewood luckily a golfer would I just have to cut it up and split some make some kindling why not I gotta take my time because I don't have any energy at all I can't really breathe too good hey walking up this little incline to the camp was a well I'm really glad I got that fish man that's that's important so that everything we find you know I'll even know it after I eat that I just could take my time entire don't get up at 4:00 in the morning Joe some really dense good wood it's been in a fire before her part of the forest was burned it was in there's char all over the outside out outside of it I guess you can't see that one see she'll mean it's dry [Music]

my fish in here keep them cool cook up a small piece right now one of the pieces right now

before supper this we've got some good policeman there's a decent boy shoot that might make it split when it cooks I messed up my stop anyways there she is

crop that up that up for now I got chili again man wind kicked up I gotta put layers back home all right she'd done some hot air I didn't put any steak spice or any kind of seasoning

I guess that is my seasoning and it put a nice takes place on was so I'm just gonna score a little bit of lemon but I have to be super careful my hands are full of cuts and they're all infected I'm talking like painful I can't touch things about my hands robbing so the thought of lemon juice getting on them it's just not fun like I'm okay with a little bit of pain but it's just that's not fun all right this is my appetizer for my before my main course of plague rice spice and veggies tastes like pike I've come to know the taste well ok not so bad you just dry up and cook up the rest my food and between now I'm gonna start the fire again it's not done but fuel the fire get it ready for max session of cooking I have a three course all the three cores birthday dinner first course was good second course will be better I'm gonna cut him up into chunks half this size like that there's water in my pot when it's got fresh water I'm going to boil them good then I'm gonna use the water to make my rice and veggies like I've done in the past like I did like the first time I got the plate or maybe the second and I said I want to do this for dinner on my birthday this is what I want to have I'm doing that but I got lots of Pike this time like on a pike so it'll be a good dinner and I'll obviously not be able to eat it all because I'm a little boy and I'll save some for a midnight snack again because that worked out pretty good yesterday I'm not gonna eat this little flimsy piece don't ask me why okay that goes on to boil and then I'm going to show you the remainder of the food that I have left to show you how cool it came and without the fish I don't think it would have been possible okay that's good let's show you the food okay she's real late so I've got oh and I didn't have my lemon in there my lemon is right here this goes with that my lard which I want to use tonight again my lemon my vegetables almost gone this lemon is almost done there's a lot of lard there's like barely anything left those lemon tons of lard left about half the space left two spoonfuls of granola or oats in the morning like five pieces of jerky is the jerky that saved my life huh about a half a portion of rice okay that's what I brought so all that's what I brought and then my wife sent me the graham crackers chocolate bar and the marshmallow I have two tiny squares of chocolate bar one marshmallow and a half of what it should be for s'mores for graham crackers so cutting her clothes I could have probably went without the lard to be honest with you but I thought I needed it for frying and stuff and obviously I didn't get enough fat but this stuff is and I don't think it's too good for me to be eaten either but the jerky man Nick the jerky man thank you

y'all go in we all go in now I've got my fish done and I left it in cubes a chunk so as that stops cooking I'm going to sit here and debone these Y bones because I find I get way more meat when I don't try to debone the fish as I'm filleting it if I just cut the bones right into the fillets and then do this after I trying to get much more meat I'm losing it Louisa I'm I'm tired and weak no food is ready who's not ready food is on its way see Foods on this way so no Florida right that's all the Pike deboned as you can see there's a lot of meat there so this might be a little eatin fest not three courses two courses and my dessert will be my third I guess yeah I'll have to eat this in two settings this is way too much food for me just the plate alone it looks like so much old Joe old Joe and his shrunken tummy are your folks finished product there's a lot of food here a whole lot of food big old chunks of rice too I mean this dude might as well squeeze the crap out of the lemon we'll sit down here and eat nice it's a nice night nice evening yes all right have your birthday dinner I'm sure it'll be nice enough to go for a paddle tonight it seems like it's already calm down I wonder what my family's having for my birthday dinner all right all right the time has come I'm waiting no longer I have three squares of chocolate my focus one marshmallow the pre-made my marshmallow stick you know I'm not messing around here heavenly and I have thing that pies are all together if she's still intact is she still inside ah nice I've got two halves of halves so quarter so if I that's gonna go on there perfectly the most marshmallow it'll be good I'm tempted to take one of these pieces of chocolate off and eat it by itself I think I will because that's still gonna be good

definitely doing that let me see that piece of chocolate laughter this is a real real stuff boys and girls okay so this is going on here I want to set this on the rock to melt while I roast the marshmallow I don't like roasting it on the flames I want to roast it on the embers

oh yeah just like that just like that but Bam's son I'm super stoked on this right now can you tell can you tell okay we're done melty good marshmallow don't leave the Sun run of the ham Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam that's about perfect Oh dripping chocolate my clean hands too oh I almost forgot that's really good that's super good all right that's more ever ever not just because of where I am and what day it is and be waiting to cook it but that was actually a really good s'more like that melted perfectly happy birthday content content I only eat about half of that food and that was a while ago now hi I waited probably about an hour since I stopped eating to eat that I'll eat the rest of that after my paddle tonight and then I'm good on the pike for a while real talk

I was a mature bald eagle for sure yeah percent bald eagle oh it's truth bread snapped their won the land on that rock and get the scrap just get that bike there must still be some left what you know tore to shreds already that's cool very cool sunsets coming there she goes set behind the trees right now a perfect day man it's awesome this thing just play-doh absolutely perfect

I'm pleased to have done it very very pleased to have done it and I'm ready to go home that's for sure so is like a yeah we all ready to see the way from kid and get back to editing and plan on my next trip and stuff but this is a this is a good one great birthday spent my 34th birthday alone on an island in the Canadian wilderness nowhere near where I live if I drove here took 30 hours I took two planes I took six hour car ride took a load of to our truck ride and then a couple kilometer quad ride and then paddle however far I paddled in my first camp was not far from the take out maybe 1015 where I am now maybe like another 20 minute pedal from there but I've explored this whole this whole Lake I've gone on a lot of the islands I all I just found a bunch of must-haves in a a birthing island for moose watch the loose poop on it and I've been seeing rabbit hair at snowshoe hare rabbit poop all over the place but I soon either they're hiding really well or they just come to the island not bounce before four it melts it's gonna be a good night there's gonna be some color

I believe there's make some filler oh nice day no bugs and all the mosquitoes came out today but who cares it's perfect man perfect absolutely perfect

thank you for watching and continue to watch and if you've been watching for a long time thank you it's it allows me to do this kind of thing put it out for you guys to watch right it's a win-win it would be a good birthday present for everyone watching to subscribe I would like to get to a million subscribers I'd like to be the first bushcraft channel to get to a million subs I'm like 600 right now or I was ten days ago six hundred thousand sorry yeah that'd be great you do that appreciate that it's been a very good trip I say that it's my birthday

guys tell you guys 34 I'm 34 180 fo 1980 foes took the dough it's a good year it's a fine fine vintage I'll probably gonna split this thing up into like maybe three parts four parts with a gear video tops so this would be the last I'll still film this but this section will be the last episode we'll call it call it a miniseries so you guys will already know that but yeah I'll take you along with me tomorrow getting picked up and everything as long as I don't rape Yammer on too much again thank you everybody that made this possible Harlan Lucas Kevin Wilhemina

Brian anybody else I'm forgetting thank you all big time all right guys once it turns a little bit more colorful I'll probably hit the camera again

I already did thank them in a gear video but for those who didn't watch it or again I'd also like to thank Frost River for the backpack aqua quest for the awesome tarp and estra for the gloves they all came in really handy I liked all of them and I'll be able to use them again this fire is pretty close to my lens so I went with that that wood burns a crazy man there's so much resin in it you guys I forgot to put the piece of chocolate I broke off I just saw it sitting next to a chair bonus birthday surprise it's a pretty awesome day

pretty good birthday cool way to spend it for sure I'm whipped I'm dog-tired it's 11 o'clock I just wanted to stay up and see the stars see the possibility of a another Northern Lights but I can't really stay up any longer I'm super tired so I'm gonna finish this up I'm gonna tuck myself in Lowell Betty and I'll be it and I'll get for my birthday I'll celebrate with the family when I get home

this is a good trip nine date 9 9 nights 10 days ha ha tomorrow I'll get up I'm sure I'll pack up pretty quick and stuff we'll be anxious it's time to go now you know I'll probably troll I'll probably call along the way back if I catch anything I'll just release it watch me catch myself one more cup of this tea and then call it a night spruce tips and lower lower door T in there alright guys thanks for spending my birthday with me you have a good night I'll see you in the morning

bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I'm sure hopefully later than 4:30 let's call 7 7 will be fantastic I'll see how that goes you

good morning last day day 10 5:20 in the morning yup I've been laying here since 4:00 can't go back to bed super late already so I'm gonna get up and eat my scoop of oats start packing up I had a good sleep again just can't sleep past like four or five for some reason my face is swollen spruce brought a bad man I'm loving it really I thought it was gonna be the worst part of it and I've had restless nights for sure get up really early but restless nights was just a good thing Restless no I mean restful I've had nights full of sleep bro just instantly warm it's such a hot fire though perfect that's how I stayed warm those windy cold rain days we want to do something that come back oh you see that that's gonna sustain me for hours oh I do have a coal community I saved like four four piece of jerky damn but those will be all all you're throwing in the canoe on the way to the takeout for sure

all right please sir can I have some more I'm gonna take much water on that black stuff in my water good all those yeah I'm ready to stop eating stuff like that now go back to being somewhat clean I'm taking this spoon with me look at it loo the difference in it keep shaving it down to keep it clean look at the top top as it's about how my hands look I can't do much with my fingers anymore like even opening that ziplock bag to get the oats out it's like torture my life my fingertips my fingers are all split and cracked and burned and everything I probably said that 100 times but it's it's serious things probably the worst injury I've got over here she's my hands beat up I remember that from when I was out here with Shaun - it's got to be the the fish obviously when you're breaking firewood and stuff - if you don't have gloves on every single time does Jackpine super tough like when you think you can break a twig you're like it holds so I don't jabbsi in the finger or whatever - just common occurence fishing line fishing hooks fish and then they get infected I think from touching the fish so much anyway I'll be fine I'm not complaining but my figure is just talking about what what's going on you know okay look at that that's gonna fill me up no doubt I'll be completely full off this all you need to eat the rush it's hard to believe it's over it's kind of surreal

I'll probably start packing up pretty soon here I'm gonna take the cold minutes just to myself and kind of recap on everything that happened and just appreciate it give thanks I get back with you guys when I started back there this was an awesome setup like went better than I could have planned for sure very impressed with that turf there's not a burn hole or a poke hole in it like what I mean I didn't strip off all the pokies of everything I did on the main pole where it was resting but you know the wind slapped it against these things but a billion times this trip and you can see this black from the burning like above the fire all those pine needles are black and absolutely no no burn holes in the end the thing super impressed seriously

oh my poor fingers are so sensitive I [Music]

know just put on your gloves Joe that hurts too

this prop lug was probably very important in those windy days on those windy days

can't breathe take a jerky break you want to keep one piece of my jerky so this is my shelter man you could see like moss carpeting all the way like safe distance away from the fire moss carpeting on top of my bed this is why I didn't need to build an actual bed here's the tarp I'm sure I could've got it smaller if I really tried I just don't have it in me right now it's just gonna go in the canoe it's fine I gotta take it off to get on the ATV anyway so bottom straps on this sleeping bag and then we're all done packing up I'm not leaving yet I'm gonna wait till the fires out completely it's still a little warm I just peed on it and yeah I just hang out for a bit sit by the water and relax

all righty guys that's my little offering to eagle feathers and a sweet pot hanger this has been an awesome spot probably never be able to replicate something like this but just the whole situation the Moss carpet the good fire in front the soft bed the Sun the breeze the view the fish what more can I say goodbye site you were a good one she is loaded up gear thrown everywhere no energy or care to pack it away properly I almost lost the boat I almost drifted away the very last thing okay guys I'll uh I'm just gonna paddle around mr goel is still there picking away at the remaining pike good to see you good to see you have a good one mr. Gaul won't be seeing you again you're welcome this is part of the reason I really like this meandering part even though it's not calm dead calm it's way more calm than out there on the open water you get a small and kind of like a river feel off of it and I can normally catch fish here look great looks right I'm calling this good yeah yep nice I made it I made it got all my stuff up on the shore I got a couple hours to wait here stuff well I am pooped I got to eat the rest of my jerky right now I ate a couple pieces on the way I needed it now let's see what the bag holds magic bag of jerky oh it's not promising that is not fortunate aside from crumbs I have two pieces like oh man huh it's crazy what little food can do to you I've done more on trips than this like energy-wise like that that one last fall of Doug we did some crazy poor Taj's even my last spring one made by myself

I did like six hours paddle six hours portage last day in the rain to get out night food though I normally don't need much food to run on she's not a big guy at all but when my energy goes i legit need food I can feel the energy come back I'm sorry come back to me as I'm eating it's good to know it's good to put your body through this I think it's good to understand what you can do on what and how it affects you what a good trip some believe what really I probably said that five times but it's the truth I really feel like it absorber eat the moisture absorber I'm almost there almost at that point well I really hope Harlan knows to bring like a granola bar and a bottle of water for me that would be heavenly he's carried the canoe maybe a quarter of the way so that those guys don't have to come all the way down here to with the four wheelers it was arduous last time is super steep and rocky and getting hung up I'm gonna continue to do that with the rest of the year and try and get it just up there a bit they're supposed to be here in a half an hour it's hot no I need a drink I just saw a caribou on my last carry through first caribou I've ever seen in person woodland caribou okay all I have left all I have left is my tarp and my camera bag my camera bag has a ton more stuff in it now because I just threw it all in instead trying to organize the other bag but I'm gonna carry that stuff and the camera up the trail and wait on the trail for those guys it's in the shade and it's cooler this is real hard real hard going slow going too yeah completely empty I want to stop for a break but I know if I put this thing down I'm not picking it back up so I'm just trying to go super slow there's no point in me getting three-quarters of the gear where it is part of the way there for them just have to go all the way to the lake for my hast piece of gear right what's up how far am I not far at all I how are you all right you're coming guys get a granola bar with my name on it yes okay I got some food Apple Cinnamon breakfast thingy I hate Apple Cinnamon but uh yeah II know fabulous Brian but Brian brought me the Apple Cinnamon good yeah which I hate but I love right now and actually I came to Cerritos and Harlan brought me the so-called king of beers oh yeah that tastes just like great lakes boro yes right now it's put noumenal mm there's the truck the truck finally so like I said the four-wheelers didn't make it down this time I was afraid of that so good thing I start walking good thing these guys came sure put my gear for me cuz I oughta boat died and gave me breakfast bars and beer that's always a plus it's like a it's like a elven breakfast bars and beer that's it could be an album name no alright well that's it we're about to head down the lone dusty road sleep at Harlem's tonight and get on the plane tomorrow I see my family thank you very much for watching guys once again thank you to everyone who was involved I hope you enjoyed it I had a really good time this won't be the end see lots of videos soon coming up Joe's back hurt he go thanks a lot bye good girl


yeah he's pulling my boat there's me a big fish this is a big fish you

the whole commotion going on crows this big old Pike fighting he's not in that big place he's big but he's just waste is the day is long I'm eating them he's not too big to eat come here big guy he's beast actually oh yeah he's a hog oh my god it's thick I can't eat this thing

I feel bad I'd waste so much it's a hog it's a hog oh man okay and I just barely hooked them on the side of the lip so he I just barely hooked him inside the lip so you should be fine

Oh breeze up beast man let him go okay it's literally like a super super thick dense fish I don't want to just take them and eat part of them he's obviously a monster in here and yeah it would be a waste but that's okay that's okay okay put that man that was a there's a fight that was a fight and literally had just in the tiny little corner of his mouth what surprise he stayed on the line that long remember early in the trip I was losing the fish left in range seems like a while ago now okay I'm just gonna keep doing this I came to this part where that Creek was so yeah anything that goes is fine I'm enjoying the Sun and enjoying being out here I'm hungry and tired but it's my last real day I need to be out not just laying down I didn't look for that crazy finish okay back to back I literally just let that guy go and put the camera away I hope this is a good size for eating it is it sure is is that even a yeah it is all perfect perfect son of a gun you son of a gun you got my camera alone I got me pretty wet - all right this is my eater this is my dinner for sure nobody gets my camera what

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