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Full List of Filming, Camping, Survival Gear for 10 Days, 10 Items, Alone on an Island in the Wild



Join me as I go through all the Gear used on my 10 day 10 Item alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness Adventure.

I go through my core 10 items, my filming gear, my survival gear, and a special birthday present from my family.

Joe Robinet Algonquin Belt Knife https://www.webberhandmade.co.uk/products/algonquin

Hestra Gloves https://hestragloves.com/sport/en-ca/gloves/outdoor/31270-falt-guide-glove/400020/

AquaQuest Tarp https://www.aquaquestwaterproof.com/tarps/#defender

Frost River Backpack https://www.frostriver.com/search-results/?q=isle%20royal%20jr

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

so here's the ten items I chose all together starting at the top left is my tarp by aqua quest my sleeping bag underneath by MEC next to it is my egg wa Canyon Morial 21 saw my fire steel column fire steal my Webber hand made of Gong Qin knife my paracord my zebra pot my fishing tackle my graspers Brookes skin leaving forest axe and my food that's it from left to right jerky lard oats coxa rice lemons dehydrated vegetables spice and rice I'm not gonna die out here you know what I mean

even if I didn't eat anything for 10 days I still lives it wouldn't be fun to be suffering but with this amount here I will be okay you look over here this is all of the extra stuff I have this all of this together is exactly all everything I have this is all filming gear plus that then I have I have my gloves these are Lara's fault gloves by Hester Oh bear spray I have a hat I have rain gear I have a hidden woodsman first-aid kit things in here like stomach pills hemorrhoid cream bug bite stuff antacids stuff like that I've got two pairs of sunglasses Maya's been a little messed up lately when it's super bright out I need these lenses and then when it's not I need these my eyes been like real squinty and hurting so that kind of helps with that I have clothes in here I have two pairs of socks a longer shirt [Music]

well sure let's see let's see exactly what I brought here oh yes my bug stuff that's what it is okay so I have this stuff called rhino skin it's for the black flies it's it's light and it's supposed to be super tight fitting and they can't bite through it so in case they come out that's my solution that and a little bug net like my head net so the rhinos can have a hood pants and a shirt that's all those things there I guess socks so hopefully I don't have to use those but we shall see we got a pair of underwear another pair of underwear a long-sleeve shirt t-shirt two pairs of socks I haven't changed yet at all I just been adding like my puffy or taking it off or taking my sweater off on my person I have long johns on I have full raven cabs pants I have Vasc hiking boots I have wool socks I have a poly shirt a sweater my puffy and a little merino wool beanie all right

this is my cap jacket my fault even kept jacket again this is just for like like abrasion really more than warmth I've been sleeping on top of it over top of my boughs as well I've got my journal I got a leather-bound journal I got just for this trip I filled in that much so far so I'm enjoying writing in it it's actually it's really really interesting I'm I'm finding I'm I'm really enjoying that part of it I haven't kept a journal in a few years so pretty cool and then also I have a book called a loan on the shield

it's about

a dude paddling and critical which is not far from here so pretty cool there this is just my fishing pole case a backpack I brought it all in is a frost River Isle Royale jr. it all fit in there pretty decent this is only like maybe a 40 or 50 they have forty liter backpack tops but there's a bedroll strap on the bottom which came in handy so I want to give a huge shout out to frost River

- Petra and - aqua quest I reached out to three companies and all three companies delivered I told them exactly what I was gonna do and they all wanted to be a part of it so aqua quest sent a couple dry bags and my tarp estra sent these lars fault and gloves which are really cool and frost rover with the backpack so thanks a lot guys really appreciate all that I have my camp my camera gear hair still to go through so you saw my ten items you saw my other items that didn't count as the tent the reason those didn't count as the tent was because even on a loan they let us bring gloves a - a little bit of extra clothes and stuff the only thing that I brought that really wasn't part of that was the book in the journal and I don't care that's mine I'm having that as my thing for ten days while I'm here I really want to keep a journal of everything that's going on my thoughts that I keep to myself not that I share with you guys even though I share everything with you guys there are some things that I need to work on and and look back on and read on and feel Hallows remember how I was feeling at this time specifically so yeah that's very important to me and the book I'm reading a book sue me okay so my other my other stuff here this is the Rhett last of all of my gear all of my filming stuff I'm filming right now on a Canon a TD I have it on a large-sized tripod I also have a rode videomic go so that's my main camera that's what I've been using pretty much this whole time I also have my backup camera I'm like Nikon d50 500 with a small little microphone another rode microphone on it things plate wobbly wobble wobble drop it drop it shake it shake it stop it stop it that's not how it goes anyways with another decent sized tripod in here I have a Canon 60d with a lens I also have a Canon point-and-shoot and extra batteries or something like that in here this is Harlan's friend Nicole fitters I have a scope that shows night vision like heat sensor stuff so once I'm on my bigger island I can shoot it around at night and see if there's any critters walking around or coming to maul me inside here I've got lens wipe I've got extra batteries for both cameras I've got a charger because I have I got two Chargers one for each camera I have a goal zero solar charger here that charges like the wall outlet style so I can charge a knife with the solar panel all this stuff is decently heavy and it's pretty fragile so I'm trying to be really careful with it considering it's not even mine I board it all from Harlan and read the code footers big thanks to him - I got my headlamp this is what we use for helping us film on the show and that's why I brought it but in all reality headlamp is very useful obviously I've been using it

chest mount for the GoPro GoPro there's a GoPro on my boat still a big old light for nighttime this is delicate to an extra lens for my Nikon odds and ends in here like selfie stick cords chargers extra batteries USB chargers GoPro floaties GoPro mounts for the canoe just everything I've got an Olympus tough point shoot here that I can do like time-lapse stuff with I also have in here this is a Sat phone to my Pelican case I can call if the poop hits the fan if I need to get out and I also have that spot system I showed you the other way the other day in my pocket I can hit the SOS button and get out of here if I need to I'm not doing it's not going to happen

what Pelican case satphones for emergencies last but not least the most important thing that I have with me right now by far I don't know what's in here

I have not a clue what's in this box why is it the most important thing to me if I don't know what's in it because it's a birthday present from my kid and my wife pulled out all the stops hearts all around the box bula runed look at that it's my birthday in about a week and I'll still be here it'll be my second last day here and I have a present that's why it's so important to me I have no idea what's in it and I'm super I can't tell you how excited I am to open this thing so thanks honey and honey both my honeys I'm super excited for us no idea so yeah so this is gonna go all this stuff on all my camera gear my delicate stuff

this is all going inside my big red dry bag that's why I have that I hate it the thought of bringing an extra big bag because it looks like I'm I have two backpacks when I really only have one full of year but the reality is there's no way that I can fit all of my camera gear into my backpack without with my ten items and those extra length on my book my first-aid cuz all that stuff that I showed you there all that stuff not just at 10 items goes in my frost river bag because I feel like that's my bag with all the things that I have that I need the camera stuff is just extra right even on alone they gave us a huge Pelican case way bigger than that bag to carry around Plus that oilskin tarp and another blue tarp itself so our hands are just full of stuff plus a big 110 litre Kelty backpack on our backs so I'm glad I got that done I've been needing to do that this whole time right it's an important thing to let you guys know exactly what I have that's everything I have am my boat I'm not coming out as an item it's just a vessel that travel around in but I figured I didn't know what to bring as my 10th item when I when I when I originally said I was gonna do this I combed the boat as an item and you guys were like don't do that that doesn't make sense you know what I mean so thank you for that I realized that that you're right about that and it's helped me big time so I didn't know what to bring for my 10th item and I decided on a saw and I'm glad I did because it's when it comes to shelter building and cutting up firewood and stuff even in here like swinging an axe in this area it's a lot of rocks and it's okay to cut down a tree or limit rewith it but when you're trying to buck something up it's really dodgy kind of so pretty tight in here too alright that's that it's time to pack all this gear up get in the boat head down the lake and try and find a great spot for my permanent camp for the next eight days nine days seven days eight days eight days

it's today's day three I'm here for ten days seven days maybe okay up and at them

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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