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In this video I go over my gear and give some info on my upcoming Epic canoe trip

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Video Transcription

hey guys it's Joe yeah getting ready to go on an 8-day new trip with my buddy Kyle so this one's are actually going to happen I'm not cancelling he's not forgetting his passport we're doing this thing so we go out to North End old Malkin we're going to add a couple lakes and a couple rivers as well should be pretty good so leaving about five or so days from now and I'll plan to post this as I'm gone so that when I get back won't be too too long of a time frame between actual between the preparing video in the actual video so first off before I get into my stuff I got a new bag it's called a slog it's a rubberized backpack so it's got harness system on it and I got about 32 pounds in there right now that's including my food and water for eight days it's a little heavy but we're only poor toshing it's not like we're doing backpacking with it so I think the longest longest portage is like two or three kilometers which is pretty long for a portage but it's not the biggest deal in the world they're not going to be backpacking all day long so 30 pounds for a day is right around where I want to be the backpack itself probably weighs like four pounds it's all rubber it's it's pretty heavy-duty but nobody'll so also I've got a new pair of shoes these are New Balance minimus trail runners and these are what I'll be using the whole time they're super lightweight and they're going to dry out real quickly on me I was going to bring a second pair of camp shoes but it's no big deal the temps are maybe too bad supposed to be like almost 70 degree fahrenheit in the daytime and down to like I don't know 50s at night or something around those lines it's not going to be terribly bad so everything is good I'm excited to use these trail runners to shoot pretty nice a warm around a little bit they're very comfortable feels like nothing's on my feet so I'm going to break this down get back to you alright guys so this is all my stuff it's really not that much let's just get into it first off when we put this trash compactor bag in there I'm not going to lie in my backpack with it I'm just going to actually have in there fold it up that way when it rains or if it rains and my my tents wet or whatever I can isolate dry things things inside my backpack doesn't weigh anything I think it's a good idea my reflectix is going to be like my back support on my backpack so I know I can use this as well for other things but it weighs nothing and it's worth bringing okay go on would my hat I've got a note to a research baseball cap it's all mesh and it's got a protective sun layer on it what else I've got a chair so one of these aree I pulled up chairs this is like when your camp cherries but like a quarter of the size it's a little heavy and a little bulky but I think that on a canoe trip it's worth it I'm not too worried about the weight I think I'll really be happy with this once it's all said and done I've got a bushcraft outfitters poncho this is gonna be my rain gear and an extra tarp but I know I've been told already it's not saved to the canoe with a poncho on if it's raining but you know what I'm gonna have my lifejacket on anyways and I'm strong sore I'm really really not concerned about drowning because I have a poncho on when I tie a piece of paracord around the waist so it's already tied tight to my body I'm honestly not concerned about it I've got 19-inch Sandvik axe let's go on the brain and then Kyle my new partner is going to bring a full-size adventurous one a buck saw so between this saw on the axe we are golden on wood I'm not concerned about trying to get more of having more tools to get wood if it's more than enough and that that being said I bring my Swiss Army bushcrafter on a lanyard because I don't think I need a fix plate with my axe all I'm really going to use this for is making some shavings opening packs of food picking my fingernails I really don't see what else I'm going to use a knife for other than those things fire steel all right so that's all taken care of fire cutting cutting tools all that nonsense

I got a fishing kit where we're going there's going to be brook trout there's one of you lake trout there's gonna be smallmouth bass so I'm crossing my fingers and be able to get a brook or lake trout I've not been successful yet in that but I'm sure I'll catch some bass if we go and hopefully the the trout is well I got some spoons some worms MEPs and we just a bunch of different things in there it's nice and small I got my positive three Celsius Mountain Equipment co-op synthetic that I've used in a ton of videos packs down this compression sack really tiny my therm-a-rest NeoAir will be my sleeping pad it's the bigger of the two one the bigger of the two pads that I have but it does offer more comfort and I find when I'm sweaty and the other one like at night the other one I just stick to it this one I'm not too bad so this is more comfortable I like this one a lot so inside my seam Bank compression sock I also have a down pillow I forgot to mention my shelter my shelter is going to be my Big Agnes Fly Creek ul1 this is the whole tent in here including the footprint the screen and the fly nice and small really good I was thinking about going without the the bug screen but again it's not a backpacking trip and it'll add even if it rains a lot a little bit more protection for me so I'm gonna bring it let me go and this is the top of the poles and the pegs for it so these these go separate so I can fit it better in the backpack these are my clothes

small Outdoor Research bag of clothes and this is my food they go to a research bag of food I'm gonna open those and go through those in a second I've got two containers for water one Venus platypus one liter soft water bottle my other I'm actually gonna keep attached on the outside of my backpack so that when I'm in the canoe we're gonna be continuing all day when I'm in the canoe I don't have to actually open my bag to get to my water so I got on this little condor pouch I got my Snow Peak titanium cook mug in there my lid my spork and my water bottle so that's going to my cook kit and my water bottle all accessible on attached to the outside of my bag so two things for water I'll be using pristine drops which is like the Canadian equivalent to ooh aqua Mira the lakes out there are really nice I'm not worried about filtering the drops will do more than more than what I need and then I've got a few bags just a random random stuff so I think about three bags of random stuff it'll be this will be things that I need to use every now and then this will be toilet paper and wet wipes with hand sanitizer attached all in there more than enough you want more than enough just in case excuse me I have floss sticks toothpaste at a small toothbrush in this container or sorry in this bag I've got I would have bought pepto-bismol pills some of you know I have IBS and I've actually stopped taking my IBS pills because they had side effects and stuff that I really really didn't like so I'm trying act without for a while I'm about two weeks now without then I'm doing okay

there's problems every now and then but for the most part of okay but what I did find is the pepto-bismol really helps with it sell my stomach when it's like feels like there's a hamster eating me from the inside out I uh I don't want to bring the liquid pepto-bismol so I brought pills and I actually emptied out half the pills in this I'm putting other things like antacid painkillers cold and flu kills just every kind of pill that I'm going to want is in this so it's nice and nice and compact and then the rest of the things I have would be like band-aids gauze repair kit for my sleeping pad and this little bit of cordage which I can it's a rule school which I can sew with or use for extra cordage if any - there's some chapstick in there and that's about it in that one so that goes in my yellow mesh bag this small bag is my paracord I've got like five Hanks of it anywhere from 20 feet to 5 feet and then down to like a couple feet so that'll be useful I don't know how much I'm going to use this but in case

Kyle's bring a big tarp and in case it rains we want you to string it up again lightweight and I'm not worried I'm not cutting grams here this isn't a backpacking trip I normally would be but I'm not this time on purpose then my third bag of miscellaneous goodies I've got a packed owl this is going to be invaluable I think just for random things if my if my student bag sorry if my tent does get wet dry the inside out or if I'm setting up in the rain I can dry the inside after I set it up I think this will be really really nice to use my aforementioned

pristine drops for my water purification I have a Phoenix headlamp nice and lightweight try that out and sharpening cam I followed him in DC for let me clean this up I'll lay my feet might like food and my clothes out come back really quickly before I get into my food in my clothing about this bag is heavy-duty one from milk and Coderre the hidden Woodsen and this is what I'm going to be using for my camera stuff so on this trip I'm going to be using my DSLR which I'm filming on now my tripod which the cameras on right now and that'll my DSLR will fit in this bed when it's not in use the tripod will be a tribe's attach the old side of my bed I also have a gopro hero4 silver and I'll be using guy and I have two extra batteries one for my GoPro one for my DSLR and extra SD card for my for my vessel my DSLR I also have a head mount for my GoPro so when we're fishing and stuff I'll be able to get some shots of that alright so this is my food for 8 days I'll get a couple things out of the way these two bottles of booze are tiny they are 200 mils this one is for tea creek whiskey this one is uh scotch I just reused the bottle so that's my specific boost for me for eight days cuddles bringing his own this will do fine for me I don't want to drink too much but I want to be able to have a couple drinks each night just to kind of relax

I enjoy it out there so who's for a date also bringing my MSR pocket rock at our micro rocket whatever which one it is this will be good for our suppers and then

rehydrating our suppers and then for a full meal in the morning it depends we don't have to use it for suppers we can use a fire but this is a failsafe and again it's doesn't wait too much so I'm not too worried about it I've got breading for our fish when we catch it fingers crossed and then this is my this is my actual layout of food so we got seven uh seven meals one two three four five six seven so we've got oatmeal two packs of oatmeal with two packs of raisins in each bag so they're already all mixed in and everything all I have to do is I can actually heat it up in the bed I pour water in the bag and I'm going to go or I can put it one cup whichever I'm feeling like I've done it the bed before and it's totally fine so two packs of oatmeal two box of raisins each morning then I've made up like snack bags for each day and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna have all this in that big bag down at the bottom of my pack Oh every day in the morning I'm gonna leave one of these at the top of my pack so I throughout the day I can get my food and I don't have to dig through my pack and in these bags there are there's two different kinds but in this one I have dark chocolate covered almonds a whole lot of them I don't have to eat all that in one day that could be split up into two days I've got a Nature Valley bar I've got a fruit bar which is like pure fruit blueberry and raspberry this one is and then I've got just a normal girl of our smaller spoon Oliver so that'll be my throat today

snacking and then the other type I have is basically the same but instead of the the chocolate-covered almonds I have party mix like humpty-dumpty party mix chips which is like green glows and pretzels and cheese and stuff like that and also in some of them I have water Crystal Light for my water I'm only bringing the three of these because I find it actually makes me thirsty when I use these but it's nice to have a break from just drinking water so I'll use one of these a day for three days I'll probably skip a day in between so my snacks are done my breakfast is done Oh lunch is I want to be doing some a little bit different today our this trip I have tortillas the whole-grain flat breads and then I also have some German salami so in here I have enough for two days and here I have enough for two days and have pack so so four for four days for lunches I'm set I actually might stretch it into five days and making instead of putting four pieces of bread or straight before pieces of salami and each one I'll put three and I'm going to go to the grocery store and get little packs of mustard because that's what I like to have them with sandwiches so and then I will cut up baby bells which I'm also bringing and that will go on there as well so every day for lunch well five days watch I'll have flatbread Germans salami VB Bell cheese and mustard for lunch so I'm thinking that's a pretty cool lunch what else we got suppers so I can hydrated my own meals this is spaghetti this is quinoa chicken green peppers red peppers onions mushrooms nice healthy that one this is spaghetti what else didn't have a chili we made chili so I'm really pumped about that I got chili there and I got another chili another spaghetti and ground beef rice and vegetables in this one so that's all my food for eight days and it'll be rationed perfectly I'll come up with nothing left and I'm not going to go hungry I almost forgot one of the best things I'm thinking I'm really going to like this when I'm out there this is I dehydrated nectarines bananas and an apple so this isn't a lot it's one of each but I'm sure when I'm out there the flavor is gonna be awesome I'm looking forward to eating I'm not bringing a lot of clothes because it's never necessary to I never change into them these are just basically emergency or if it gets too hot so I'll be wearing my new full raven pants I got in I'll be wearing a polyester shirt and Under Armour boxers and new Under Armour socks I got so that'll be what I wear in and I'll probably be wearing that the majority of the time unless it gets too hot or cold so say it gets too hot I'm going to putting on these shorts cool brand can you HL sure super lightweight nylon nice and uh nice and comfy they could pack down to nothing I'll bring a pair of saw I'm gonna have three pairs of socks these small wool socks are gonna be the ones I sleep in if it gets cold if I need to I'll be on my pack regardless if I need them I'll be wearing a pair of these underarm socks polyester and then I have another one that we'll be wearing in so three pairs total this is my Cugini Mike how do you go Patagonia Houdini wind shirt which I'll be wearing on the canoe I'm sure sometimes I'll be chilly with the wind I have a merino wool full full sleeve shirt a thick merino wool one that would be four if it gets cold and then long johns I also am going to bring a couple pairs of Under Armour boxers but they're in the wash right now that's all my clothes that's all I need so I'm pretty excited this should be an epic trip I'm really looking forward to Kyle and I have had to cancel like the past three trips together so I haven't seen him in a while and it'll be good to get out there for a full eight days will be pretty good that's a long time away from my family and I'm blessed to be able to get it so I want to give a shout out to Kevin Callen who actually gave me some pointers and stuff on where to go in Algonquin we were looking for a more challenging route and we wanted to do somewhere we hadn't been before so we're gonna hit the Nipissing River and a bunch of lakes as well I hope you gotta get a lot of foot footage and I'm gonna make a couple videos so I hope you guys really enjoy them hope you enjoyed this one I hope that you learned something from this and if you did please comment like share and subscribe and I will see you very soon thanks

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