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Improving Camp and Catching Fish Ep 4 10 Days, 10 Items; Alone on Island in the Canadian Wilderness



Join me in an adventure of a lifetime.

I spend 10 days alone with 10 items in a backpack, I live/camp on an Island, have a canoe to travel in search of food.

I live on fish and whatever small reserves I had.

I encounter Eagles, loons, and beaver, see sign of Black Bear, Moose, and many other animals

I have epic sunsets, strong camp vibes, and lots of time to think and film.

I build a semi permanent shelter, chair, tripod, carve a spoon, and have endless camp chores.

This is the second video in a mini series, I have a ton of footage.

The next video in the series will be out soon.

I hope you all enjoy 10 Days, 10 Items ; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness.

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

that's nice and hot as fire normally is it feels good though feels really nice warming the warm bed bones water on have some breakfast

have some tea BAM son I'm gonna head out go explore fish some I got all the necessities my GoPro my gloves my bear spray my rain gear my life jacket I am going to move these logs inside more just in case it does rain while I'm gone those are my big fuel pieces I'm gonna gather some kindling and stuff and put it in here before I go as well just to be prepared my birch bark is already on the inside I will if it does end up raining I will scooch my fire pit in about another foot and I'm gonna build a chair right in front of it but I can't pass up the opportunity with this such calm water to go to nah go paddle so that's what's happening after catching that big Pike yesterday I kinda realize what I was doing wrong the first couple days I was just overzealous I wasn't letting the fish tire itself out I was just so happy that I finally had a fish on just real dinner in try to get in the boat I know better I just was very anxious with that big guy I let him run another pair himself out then was time to vote as much II do so that's why I'm sure I lost most of those yeah waves are kicking up winds picking up completely the exact opposite wave was coming from yesterday like I said earlier - I was I was second-guessing my decision on location you didn't let me know wait the way I oriented mic camp what fact that matter is the wind was coming from this way hard nuts come from this way I don't camp on this side of an island so it's like I'm kind of getting cross breezes from broke both but I'm not getting it full-on you know I mean because if I can't put this side of an island I get a full on today I'd get a full on from this side so it's kind of the best of both worlds I'm getting I am getting hammer where I am with quit when it kicks up but there would be worse places to be I'm sure the next that stop just hide out at the middle of the bush and I can do that it's just I was anticipating bugs and that's why I wanted to be on a rocky outcrop for a breeze

this is day five I've only ever I've only seen a couple of mosquitoes I see I saw a few black flies first couple days with they're just crawling around they weren't doing anything not acting at all but yeah we shall see what what time brings this is by far the farthest down the lake that I've modeled on or near my Island thought I'd come down here in search of walleye I've only been getting pike so you see if I can catch a couple walleye that would be ecstatic about that not holding my breath though realistic Joe it feels different

it feels different let's see there a small pike or a walleye Oh feels different guys yeah I stopped fighting half as hard spike cool that's today's food sorted not as big as yesterday but definitely an eater and enough food for me to eat today

very cool I'm gonna keep paddling same way I was going i'll keep trolling and if i catch another fish i'll throw back unless it's a walleye that'll keep her Suns coming out a bit well I've come down far far to the end of the lake I think I'm going to turn around now I want to do to camp chores I want to build some furniture like a chair and a bench yeah yeah it was existent yeah a successful morning

I got to realize that it doesn't matter where I set up I set up in the best direction faced and facing the best direction that I could have so I feel better about that I can't really improve upon my location so I want to improve my camp

dramatic sky a little bit of sunlight that was peeking through is gone more clouds blowing in it's getting dark though I'm about halfway back it's hard going need water there's my put in there's my camp whoa well happy to be back the past three days I've been using this small brass Williams bobber not small but not very big Williams wobbler I'm working great great on the pike at least I will see what that's oh hello the camp hello the camp I've been leaving my bear spray out of the holster just set up on a stick there so I can see the red from far away and so if I come up the camp I can grab that as I'm walking up to my shelter in case there's any bear room but yeah it's not a it's not a concern Oh old bones need some stretching make myself up a chair got four logs I've already notched this one idea is to put them together like this so I want them both knocks roughly the same spot same angle fit together better [Applause]

like that using the Canadian Jam not for something other than tying up a shelter so you can see what I'm doing here I think I'll show you my next step but basically got a bipod I got a second bipod the second bipod is gonna go it's tied the same way it's constructed the same way it's gonna go on the inside of the other one I'm gonna put a stopper log here when I tie it in and then I'll put another one on the top kind of hold it together and then I go boom boom boom boom boom with logs and that'll be my seat that'll be my back it should be pretty good

I got a tie it all in together though so this is the bottom one I want the top on there so sometimes you can notch this but I don't really think it's necessary and even jam it all on and then do another couple wraps so this Canadian Jam is gonna hold three pieces of wood together right here sometimes you can grab a little stick wrap it around a few times and get a little bit extra like a toggle you need a little bit extra torque on it okay she's on there really good but I will wrap it

just tie it off okay one side doing bam sign

I've gotta get rocks to stop it from sliding because it's sitting right on a rock - I ended up putting a rock back there put a rock there and I'll put a rock in front of that foot and see how that goes

now I should be able to lean back because before when I leaned back in it it slid out damn it okay a heavier rock behind it's still sliding I just need a heavier rock behind yep she's going slowly okay no problem we'll go grab one oh yeah who's a peasant now not I that's not so bad guys haha improving your situation hey alright that was a good use of time this is just super comfortable chair it wasn't that hard just used a little bit of paracord and an axe and I guess my saw to cut these I'm glad I brought a saw and an axe it's useful

I gotta get some water on my head to pound it

it's pretty good pretty good and then if it does rain I'll move this chair in it's it's definitely portable I'll move it in I'll tuck it over into the corner a bit and then pull the fire pit right in

I got a huge rock for the back leg of this it took a lot out of me carrying it up here

okay so considering it's day 5 considering it's day 5 and I already got the chocolate and the s'more stuff out of my birthday present let me give you a little backstory

originally I was supposed to come five days later than I did but things got changed around and I changed my flight and I hopped on a flight and booked it up here as soon as quick as I could so originally I would have only had four nights out here before my birthday and then six nights after five nights after the remainder for ten days after my birthday so I would have been here about half the time and on my birthday and then spend the rest another half remainder of the time here because my flight got changed I came earlier it made my birthday the last night that I'm here so it changed everything so when my wife and my daughter were packing that up for me they weren't making this for the last night they were making it for like the middle so they put well unbeknownst to me they put the s'more stuff in it and I would have had half the week or half the time he had five days at least to to eat that stuff because there's three that there was enough for three s'mores that said I'm assuming the rest of what's in this box is theirs the rain is meant for me to look at or have or keep or do whatever with for more than just one night the last night you know what I mean so I'm going to open it today an early birthday present today for me you know what it's mine I can do whatever I want with it so happy birthday thank you sweetheart

no like in the bottom she loves her hurts pictures we have two pictures of em and lil puffing little spray perfume on it my lovely family she made me an envelope and little maybe an envelope you made dirty hands on it from Emmy to dad

the upside down hard do daddy oh there she is dear daddy I hope you have a good birthday we love you daddy with our full hearts

near and far I love dad oh he's so precious Thank You Annie I appreciate it I love it another one from Emmie don't let me to dad dad hurt

she made me out of a heart that is awesome I think it's me [Applause]

oh that's too cool yeah I'm gonna have to move back here I'm right in the cusp it's raining it's raining all this one's from my eye lovely wife I'm not gonna read this one to you I want to read this one to myself I'm going to move everything back get out of the rain Thank You family it's much appreciated I really I'm excited to read the one for my wife I'm excited I'm happy to see the one for my kid makes me feel good thank you very much for the note honey maybe cry said a lot of the things that I need to do here thank you for that I appreciate it I love you very much I'm gonna sit here in the rain and thank you I got these little birds these little brown birds I like the color of a chipmunk and they like to run around instead of fly and they I keep thinking they're chipmunks well not anymore I originally thought they're showhomes little bird little birdy my only animal companions Birds I haven't been doing much I laid down for a while in my sleeping bag got real cold and windy it's they were stopped raining only rain front touch nothing bad at all but it got real cold and windy laid in bed I think I passed out / like dreamt I don't know if I was actually asleep but I was just thinking dreaming weird things it's hard to dream I guess if you're not asleep but it was just weird like in-between thing I wasn't fully out I woke up read some more my book which I really liked by the way actually called alone on the shield like Kirk Landers yeah Kirk Landers it's about a guy in critical meeting someone that he knew like 60 years or 40 years ago or something like that on an island and political political is in another Park near woodland caribou I'm near woodland caribou now up here it's like waaah bikini quite a coal and woodland caribou well yeah it's a good book I'm really enjoying him it's like a really good type of book for me to be reading over here yeah and then and then I got cold my feet started to get really cold in the in the sleeping bag so I got up and I behind my my shelter quite a bit into thick woods and peed back there came back I'll take you back in there maybe tomorrow it's it's wild back there like I've taken you back in there a little bit for me to get on spruce for the shelter but like is thick and tons of blowdown just moss is like deep is my knees it's it's absolutely insane back there like I wouldn't surprise you if no humans ever stepped foot on this island before you know I mean there's so many on this lake like why would they I'm not saying it's

not possible it very much as possible but I wouldn't surprise me there's no sign not recently anyways no sign of bear either no sign of anything really

Oh red squirrel I saw red squirrel mitten

the pine cone shells the pine cone shells but other than that nothing but it's pretty nice now it's it's the sun's come oh when still there but it's always been there it's not strong right now I got to get up and do something I've been laying around too much it's 2 o'clock 10:00 after 2:00 I didn't do much for lunch today was just jerky at that whole pike still 4 for supper oh I had my hot chocolate I woke my first hot chocolate close read my book it was good it was really good okay let's go do something ground is littered with grouse poop look my footprints in the moss that's insane

see a clearing over there let's see if we can make our way over there it's not a bad spot for a picnic doesn't seem to be too windy here there's no access to the water and there's no way I can hike back and forth with all my gear too or could have done that to set up here and I wouldn't want it but a good spot for a picnic nonetheless I'll check this out so just another type of liking or is that that the rep yeah with the red dots on it there's just another type of lichen or moss pretty cool though

yeah like reindeer moss or lake and I think here and the work type that is the another type right underneath that's a moss for sure that one I think this is reindeer lichen huh there's lots and lots and lots of lichens and mosses lots of different species yeah that's pretty cool there is a little spot down to the water

not a clearing you got to go through the brush and that's a drop-off but still there's a spot down the water it looks pretty calm right now so I think I want to go boom oh no canoe cast a line and see what I can see just spend a spend a little time in the water someone cut that baby down bring it back [Music]








those too much hurts my chest [Music]



can't really messed up in the wind what am i doing I needed firewood I need substantial firewood right like I keep burning twigs like the rotten pine that stuff works fine it's just what I eat you want that won't do

like that's just for cooking and for ambient smoke and fire but like if I need a hot fire to warm up or something stuff is key we armrest at least I was crossing my eyes just straight ahead that's my plan we'll take a lunch spot and spot

I'm absolutely beat I need food and water

I took a while warmed right up I think that was the first time I took off my tooth today now I got to cook supper for sure this woulda lost me a few days it's a lot of wood I do have to split some down still

that's handy

what look at the grain of this it's not wet there's a smell rotting her punky you see this that's not normal that's not fat what or anything it's very like fibrous solid that's not was a that's not what I was expecting all right that's good that wood burns hot burns with a dark orange flame quite a lot of resin in it it's very good wood I'm happy I got that tree I want to go gut yeah I'm gonna go down and get my food I can barely move I need food really bad I'm gonna go get my fish and cook it up I'm losing my line it's been too long since I ate actual food today was just I just picked that jerky trying to conserve again I'm not gonna eat rice tonight conserve it I have a whole Pike every other night I've just had a half a plate and I'd have a whole Pike so yeah just fished tonight maybe a little tiny pinch of veggies a little splash a little salt Bay of veggies in there veggie bay meme review and this knife is getting dull Baxter getting better at playing with the this knife still not as efficient but it works I don't even try and take out the bones anymore

I just pick them up when I eat does not matter I got time for picking bones you know I got time time is on my side time is all I have to race against time all the time time to boogie what I'll cook that much up for now it's quite click the Minaj flex in there lots of fish still got only one in there I'll save it white is well seen

now we wait you know I just thought of a beer an ice-cold good beer that would be amazing with this dinner well ass beer I had was the night I got into Red Lake the day before I started this trip after my flight but after traveling all day I had to we went out for dinner me and Harlan and his girlfriend and a couple of his employees but before that I hadn't drink beer in a long time like a month not even one I'm super hungry let's try and dig into this see if it's right all scrambled oh boy the nutrients do it he's much better at it than I am all right Bon Appetit first plate tastes familiar it's not bad I'm just getting a little tired eating pike I think but better than just rice better than rice and veggies

all right I'm gonna eat this up I wanna make you watch me my whole meal hopefully I can go paddle tonight I want to want to go watch the sunset if there is one there's tons of clouds so who knows but that's my that's my wish for tonight those hot okay that was hot sorry about that or liking put it completely and just scrub it right out like an SOS pad or a brillo pad I guess trying to give all the scent Oh trying to get all the remains oh because again this is my only pot right so I'm using this for boiling water to drink for making tea for cooking my food everything better to not have your pine needle tea taste a three-day-old Pike and I will clear away my mess and then it's ready to go for drinking or whatever

I will actually pour the boiled water on here so don't contaminate the water with this then it's good for drinking tonight I end up being one of my favorite nights last night was like the least favorite but they've all been really nice Northern Lights something epic sunset especially today man today was like cold grey so in my search for wall I said I can't get them out along this like I'm jigging right now I was checking I found that Creek into the next Lake Merwin down that of the lady knew but I just like books it for fishing and then getting the canoe down there way but to what I thought what if that lake drained everything to somewhere what if Ally had bigger it's worth a shot and if tomorrow it's nice out I think I might do that and if not tomorrow maybe on the next nice day I will still have it's crazy seems like this is my life that's where I live right there now it's thundering and raining I thought I heard thunder yeah it's frickin he's gonna come in here

I'll spare you the act but I'll show you beforehand and after that's the old blister there you see it right there so I have to pop that man I don't know it's what's in the air but like the weather completely changed I feels like like that storm system passed completely and that like it's gonna get like it feels warmer already like that got a rager fire going and stuff but like it feels a lot warmer than it was I have a feeling and I I hate to say it even I love but I have a feeling the black flies are coming in but that's okay I've gone this long without them that's a that's re more money in the bank okay I want to pop this thing all better flat at least [Music]

good morning it was cold it's super cold my hands are numb I woke up to this wind ice bitter ice cold wind all right hunker in back down I'm laying back in bed for a bit oh my god oh he's a big boy oh it's a big fish that's a big ol fish guys look at that guy holy crap

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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