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Joe Robinet Update Video/Crownland Camping During Ontario's Fire Ban.


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It's been a while!, come join me on an awesome overnight camping trip, I'll tell you where I've been, and whats to come in the near future.

I canoe in an old familiar place, I've not been here for 7 or 8 years, I find a great spot to set up camp in what felt like the middle of the wilderness.

I swim, fish, eat supper, and enjoy a cool night under the stars.

I hope you enjoy!

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Video Transcription

hey guys Joe here it's been a while been about a month since I posted my last video with this video let's get caught up I'll tell you all the stuff I've been doing we'll spend the night out in the woods have a good time but first I need you change over this city nonsense magic okay see now I'll bring my boat down head into the water and I got a good couple hour paddled ahead of me if you can't tell them just getting over a sickness my throat's a little jacked up so my voice sounds a little weird they'll be all right you guys can bear with me right so like I said we'll get all caught up today tell you what's been going on with me family why I haven't posted videos in some time but right now you go run down we were at a place about seven hours north of me North where I live I'm cool bass just jump right in front of me I've been to this place one time before maybe like seven or eight years ago and I remember it had great bass fishing and some crappy fishing and blueberries and mosquitoes if I can find the same place that I camped about seven years ago it'll be right by a beaver lodge and when I camped there last time I was around this time of year all I could hear was baby beavers grunting just like that won't hate long which is pretty cool so I'm gonna try to find that spot again do some fishing just kind of hang out there's a fire band there's a fire ban in Ontario most of Ontario which is crazy I can't remember the last time that there had been a fire band that affected me so it's been going on for a couple weeks now so don't fires no fire this would be a backcountry camp during the fire ban no fire action okay here's my first ops I've come to the end of the world it looks like flat earth style that's a beaver dam and I've got to go down there I've gone crash let's go crash Oh quite a breeze coming from that way nice headwind nice headwind I'm not out of shape see the water lily flowers tons of lily pads all the time but you don't always see the white lily flowers they're a little start of a beaver dam like a place just scoot through this on here do it I can do it do it this camera is kind of impeding my pedal strokes

there we go I did it to these purple flowers very nice who can name these purple flowers this is not like a trick question I honestly don't know there I've seen them all over the place especially canoeing in the water let me know if you know the type of purple flowers those

so many beaver dams just like the third one dumb beavers is industrious did you know that other than humans the beaver changes its environment the most and the most more than any other animal kind of interesting this is becoming a grueling title normally I thought it would be like a two-hour paddle there's gonna be a lot longer way three or four that's the second time I saw the Kyle blue heron great blue heron not a little blue heron great blue heron it's getting warm I need a haircut it's getting warm I'm getting hungry and thirsty I think I'm gonna look for a little spot with some shade there's a nice breeze coming through here so maybe I'll stop first and lunch if I can spot find a shot yeah never mind I found it right there can't say it but I found it we new up onto that rock and a shade a little snack you're pooling some water it's roasting hot over here I got a hat I just took it off for a little bit because it was sweating oh she's a spicy meatball there's deer flies too no black flies though it's a good thing for old Joe oh yeah it's nice and shady over here perfect the real Slim Shady so I'm about to get out this is my out my take out for the coat look what I found what kind of scat is that it's about size of my tub my finger I know what it is do you it's frog poo dangerous dangerous Joe for a shot let me just loop this around some rock it's not a big strong wind right here and it's kind of sheltered in this rock so that's what I'll do loop this around a loose rock going up there to sit down I'll go the long way

I'll go the easy way oh this is a nice view wow this is really nice nice and soft ground too it's good to get out guys really good too you know it so I haven't been I've been on a few trips but having filmed them so late June or mid June I went with Doug as Sean and Scott we all went to Algonquin Park did like a pretty good distance trip well but since there were so many people there are four guys of YouTube channels I didn't film what would end up happening as Doug's video got messed up he could only use a couple clips Sean didn't really make a video Scott was the only one actually make a real video so anyways we do that and then I see it at home with the family for a bit and then as a family we drove up north far up north to around su st. Marie we took the long way took the Canadian way and took our time stopped the Collingwood parry sound Sudbury all the way up and just did like a family trip the wife is pregnant she's due September 16th stepped out 10th September 10th so she couldn't get up for much camping this summer and we didn't want to just not have anything for emerald to do this summer so kind of took a road trip went up north seen some friends and actually the main reason of it and what I looks pretty excited to tell you guys is that we went looking at houses so we went up in that area the algol more area and looked at four houses and really really liked the one of them I will put an offer in on it so we're wait to see what the deal is now there still has to be a lot of things that fall into play but to sell our house we have to have this kid and move up there before the winter time if it all pans out but it kind of seems like it's supposed supposed to happen it's all kind of working out so it's pretty exciting where I live now is a lot of you guys know there's no opportunity for me to go out and camp I literally can't go anywhere around my house now especially in the summertime it's it's unbearable with the heat and the bugs and just the thick thick bush there's no water I can't come there's there's a breeze here there's no bugs you know I mean I'm in the shade it's everything's good right now if I was at home I'd be in the thick of the bush just sweating my bum bum off and getting eaten by bugs that's not fun and that's doesn't make for an enjoyable video and I can

every now and then but I can't be a normal summer thing and even so when it's not summer I still have to travel eight hours a week to go to a spot to camp so moving up north will give me tons of opportunity I'll have Crowell in I'll have private land I'll have parks all around I know people with hunt hunt camps and stuff like that I can camp on so it's like not only that but the quality of life is better the kiddo can grow up in a little bit better place and I did and yeah we're all looking forward to that the wife is very excited for everybody's pretty excited so I'm hoping that happens if you guys send well wishes to think of that if you guys pray pray for that for me I'd appreciate it seems like it's supposed to happen and I'm really excited for it so yeah just been hanging oh and then I got back we got back about a week ago and I decided okay it's time to come out but then the burn ban kicked in effect and I was kind of bummed out can't have a fire and then I got sick I just think I'm really bad cold for my kid or whatever play with play with her neighborhood chums so yeah I've just been out of commission I think it's been three weeks since I posted a video like I said I've been out twice since then it's just this is the first video in a while so I'm itching to get this out a mission to have this trip done and edit I'm actually looking forward to editing which is out of the ordinary for me so so before this video goes any further I got a sponsor for this video and it's not a normal sponsor I know a lot of the times you guys say like Joe why can't kid you can't you get sponsors that have something to do with the outdoors or something to do with what we like and I'm starting to get more and more of those type so this video here is sponsored by the bushcraft Journal so you guys a lot of you probably know about the bushcraft Journal a lot of you don't bushcraft journal is an online magazine it's been going for a long time the owner's name is Danny and it's it's chock full of information about bushcraft and not much feel no filler interviews with with high-end guys in in the field tutorials very it's like mesh backwoodsman put straight for bushcraft is right it's an online magazine so I think the magazine subscription is like 9 pounds here it's like less than a can of coke month or something like that 12 bucks something super super super cheap anyways I highly suggest you guys to check it out and sign up for this Danny's a good guy he's been in the in the community for a long time I follow him on Instagram I also I also follow the bush crap journal on Instagram so they have all their social media accounts then he actually sells might have it with me lo and behold a bushcraft Journal so they he sent me this Joe it's been great to follow your journey from way back today to where you are now he'll be inspirational work best in you thank you very much Danny appreciate my 10 day trip I was writing in a journal a lot and those big thumb or something I still liked it enough to travel around too far with it but check this bad boy out nice and compact says the bushcraft Journal write on it which is pretty neat hopefully that's in focus for you it's kind of bright out here I can't see but then it's also just got a little attachment there a book marker sweet little feather keychain Deeley just really cool really sick sorry again I'm off the camera here it's all segmented it's got different parts for different things I like it I like it a lot so Thank You Danny for sending you this if you guys are interested which I highly recommend

check out the bushcraft Journal online all the social media accounts sign up join up it's it's cool to support small businesses within our community so thanks Danny

thanks bushcraft Journal check it out guys

bushcraft Journal I need some food and water so like usual I have my be free that's from Kennett katadyn Katahdin it's a great water system I'm actually I brought a little water bottle I'm gonna probably just empty this into there for now because we're in a fire band I brought a little pocket rocket jet stove which I've used a long time check this out I got this from a fox light gear and a couple of bags from here a mesh one this one's kind of cool it's double purpose or double sided this one's it's all multicam rip stop or whatever get all my food on the one side and my stove that's my stove to go with canister excited for that and then on the other side I got my spot safety thing but you can use this as like a map case - which is kind of cool then it's got like little tabs that hang up really really impressed by Fox Fox like here lately they've stepping it up during an American company small small company as well so for lunch today manly voice sounds like to have puberty I got some dukes hatch green chile pepperonis I got a granola bar nothing big that's okay it's hot out I don't really feel like a big wall lunch honey my pepperoni first

so I hope you guys all been doing well you've been entertained by the outdoor people on YouTube in my absence Lily seems to be coming back Lily seems that look she's got a renewed sense of enjoyment making those videos which is good to see she's very good to see she Brown for a while ciao my glasses stepped on my brand new ones in the parking lot and broke them somewhere my movement hipster shades actually work really well okay with you guys after slide an animal trail beaver otter what have you all right lunch looks good

I'm nice and cooled off I'm full enough we're gonna head on it's a nice day nice place - I'm really liking this place I'm glad I came here especially if I move up north of there so no comments this was looking pretty nice actually loving paddling for another arrow I'm not even ten minutes after the lunch spot all this rock up here is very enticing I don't think controlling I must have got a weed I don't think I'm where I don't think I'm where I wanted to get to I'm I keep paddling but I want to check this out - maybe I'll double back here or something if I if I don't like the other place or if I can't find it um [Music]

where does the river go bro okay I don't remember any port ocean is very strange there's not even any Rapids or anything okay maybe I want a different channel the river I want to go ahead up here and see if I can portage around and get back into the river or something but usually on a river the only reason that you would portage is because of Rapids or and dried up but this just ends okay let's go let's go check it out the maneuvering between these big rocks here

big big rugs oh this is just crawling so it's not like use the water or anything like that

okay she ain't going anywhere this is a absolute dead end of the river okay well it actually looks like at one time the river probably did flow through here almost hundred percent sure through there a little just shake still does but it's way too low and walked by big rocks oh no I do remember there was a big old Beaver Dam it's all coming back to me it's all coming back to me again this is like six or seven maybe an eight years ago the frogs yeah okay okay cuz we paddled up to paddle all through this up to there and then had to just lift over it's just a tiny little lift over before but now it's like 100 meter Porto's not even whoa cool it just goes right back in right there look at that drop though hey I could run it alright that's not so bad I'll probably leave my camera over here and go back for my canoe and my stuff on the rocks oh yeah this is nice I need to find some shade though that Sun is sounds brutal but now that I'm past this last portage I'm even more certain nobody's gonna be out here so that's kind of cool I guess I'm going out away well that's definitely a beaver lodge it's not the one that I've been looking for potential camp look at there's this tree we stood it up somehow or built it around that tree that old dead tree it's pretty cool it's a big one some snacks in the boat I ended up putting away a sunscreen on my legs in the boat I'm not going to do that right next to this village why would I do that I brought my Big Agnes tent just the body deflation okay I'm gonna swept downriver I'm in my canoe right now I know it may not look like it oh man so there's definitely a way through that's not a question but I do have to backtrack so I had a backtrack on find the mean Channel I thought I'd hang by the shore and hop up on the shore if I needed to but it's almost impenetrable so back to the main channel in the middle and try and pick my way through this but like if I look over there maybe I can record it and look better because if it doesn't open up and it's just like this I don't want to camp near this I'll go back a little bit and get to the open water okay I'm gonna look at that footage see if I can see anything and then make my decision all right that didn't look very promising at all so it looks to me like this for as far as I can see even if with the zoom all the way out I'm gonna have backtrack

head back to some shady huh so shitty Pines maybe so there won't be the patch of blueberries where I thought it was but I can look for at it for a different spot near where I camp and I'm sure there's fish all in here not just that one spot in the river obviously I gotta get out of this Sun a little blow it up there nice flat rock and some shade go check that out anyway okay one thing I just remembered as I was getting up on the shore I said I was only here one time and that was the first time in my life I ever got poison ivy so here's all the blueberry bushes too early oh that's a big horsefly so I really would just want to try to be careful where I'm stepping considering I'm wearing shorts as well don't come across too much of it oh yeah okay so anyways I'm up on land now on the land proper it's shady it's a little breezy it's pretty nice I don't see any flat spots but let's look around kind of a flat spot back here but it's all in the Sun yeah what about this I think this is what I saw from the on the boat

super uneven it's all rock - yeah actually maybe I can deal with it put it here

lay right in here this little valley I'm so stoked on it because it's in the shade in the breeze and not far from the water and look at that best of all another beaver lodge right next wasn't joking when I said it was in the breeze okay and because I don't have to worry about having a fire with the band I have to worry about setting up in a fire safe spot that's even better okay I'm gonna go get my gear from the nothing on this trip this is 14 no sorry 12 centimeter zebra Billy and probably one of my older pieces of kit I made sure to check this area for poison ivy and I don't see any around here where I'm squatting down so pretty decent we do have maple trembling Aspen some ferns blueberries which aren't not ripe yet aren't not ripe yet oh that was a hot day in the Sun guys I need a haircut I've tried to go get my hair cut probably about five times in the past couple months and it's just hasn't worked out I don't want to wait there and I guess making an appointment with me makes sense right I got my tent poles and my pegs for my tent my Big Agnes flight Cree ql1 like I said I don't have the fly for that tent so I'll be using a tarp with it inside my zebra part I have a little baby isopropyl eye so prou canister I have a lid I already showed you my Fox light gear with my food on my spot system in it my emergency device pepperonis my hammock I'm gonna set that bad boy up in the woods and maybe not we're gonna set up over here in the breeze and hanging it mother Fox a pouch with some bug spray compass headlamp wipes some clothes I got a little towel in here for one of those swimming a little pack towel those are handy to have in the actually all year round but especially in the summertime just my puffy my trusty puffy in case it gets too chilly tonight I don't have any pants or anything like that so just just my shorts

maybe a sweater in there but if it gets chilly I'll have to put that on I got three beers we're still decently chilled actually I like I'll put them in the water what do I need somebody'll know what I'm laughter though I got extra batteries and charters and stuff for my camera I got a new sleeping bag yeah I smell smoke that's not good that's not good a new sleeping bag this is about the same size as my negative two phantom spark by Mountain Hardwear but that was way too hot for the summer so I got a positive two Celsius sleeping bag from western mountaineering unfortunately purple is about all the colour they had but that's alright this thing weighs very very little and it's good for the summertime and maybe a little bit into fall so excited about that I've used it two or three times now I'm not a chair you got my bush chair my camp chair actually sorry how easy this bad boy goes together guys this one's from REI REI is in the States there's also MEC version at NEC in Canada or you can go with the pack chair or whatever the heck the actual name is but I think the REI or mme ce mec brands are a bit cheaper because these are not cheap chairs guys there's a hundred bucks for sure it's not like a fun purchase you know I mean it's not like a tax or a knife or something something cool you know it's a chair but comfort is cool it's cool to be comfortable you know what you know what let's sitting it right now flip the script

look at me a heavy chair Wow my knees my camp pillow I'm really liking this thing lately got a little wet anyway super lightweight and comfortable it got very wet got very wet I'm gonna have to dry that out so if that got wet that means my sleeping pad yep I see the pad is soaked it's good thing at summertime this is my Nemo Astro air light small suit pad I have lightweight no insulation and it's strictly summertime bit pad that's a paracord to sneeze o g8 that ah it's all sinus e - no my whole grill usually when I look at the Sun and breathe through my nose in through my nose I'm gonna make myself sneeze oh that sucks anyways got my old Kyle made tarp my tent is just loose in there again this is just a screen body part of my fly Creek uo1 that's it I've also got oh my goodness I've also got a care mat knife from Ben's backwoods use a couple times so far and my fishing kit I think I already showed you my oh I have my phone my phone charger my sunscreen I don't know if I'll get cell service over here I have no idea and my bushcraft Journal that's what I have for tonight today and half of tomorrow I want to see what kind of beers I have have flying monkeys juicy ass let's go close up on this from Barry really really tasty beer I've got the staple Canuck Pale Ale from Great Lakes brewery and the really tasty one is the octopus wants to fight from Great Lakes brewery sorry for all the sniffling okay well relax a little bit let me set up this hammock and kind of show I don't have any saw axe fire starter I do have a lighter just in case but mod to have a fire so it's different it's very different there's nobody over here this will be the first time I use this tent on video this year later up 74 it's a big agnes flight creek ul1 I've had it for a really long time buddy Dustin gave it to me maybe four years ago five years ago

it's old like temples are ripping through why is holding up very well I really like it I think with everything included

maybe not the ground sheet think it's right at two pounds one of the lighter tents that you can get it's a single person head to the ul1 ultralight one you can get the UL to which is not much bigger or heavier and it's the boat of better size for one person mike has that one he likes it I'm lucky that I have the frame of a 12 year old girl small things are accommodating for me so I'm gonna tuck it back in a little bit I'm not gonna really worry about getting too much off the ground except for maybe a big handful of pine cones that's not the most comfortable thing to sleep on here a plane so I'm gonna I brought that tarp to put over top of my tent to keep me out of the Sun and protect me from rain but I have this shade here seems like well the Sun is setting on that side so I'll be alright it's 5:35 right now so only a few more hours of Sun and I don't think it's gonna rain there was no rain in the forecast so we're gonna sleep all right that's a basic frame of the tent yeah but we'll see how level it is y'all comfortable days if not the beauty of it is I can move it and put it wherever I want oh oh

danger Joe so it just kind of clips on nice and easy you saw the first of all positions or I want it but it's like half a foot off the ground now this is too much of a slope too much of a downhill going that way I'll have to figure something else so it's okay because this really I really need to put anywhere until it gets dark like I can just kind of keep you here and pick a spot there's a couple flat spots over there and even with all this mesh on here and we thought the fly on it it's a hundred times hotter in there so I have no desire to hang out in that hole but I will do is throw my sleeping pad or my clothes some heavier stuff in there so I have to take it down not have to worry about the wind blowing it away either all right Kyle eat your heart out who's got the short shorts now I even cut the built-in underwear out so they dry faster okay so I'm going to jump in there's a little cliff right here that my own camp is on and I'm not just gonna jump in willy-nilly I before I came back to the camp last time I went out to where I thought I would jump out to and I put my paddle down and I could barely touch the bottom when I have my arm extended in the paddle extended all the way down so that's plenty far I'm not going to dive just gonna hop in I also threw a big rock when I was up here threw a big rock in there trying not to remarries you guys over here threw a big rock in and it took a long time for bubbles to come up so I think everything's good I wouldn't do this if I didn't think it was safe especially I forget about myself but I'm gonna go run down and grab my GoPro so that I can jump with that and potentially lose that in the water all right Joe wears shorts all righty wish me luck all right to the best of my recollection I measured right here so I was just gonna jump jump right there you know oh man a little sketch no twins just a little bit and it's not that cold either it's actually really nice oh man oh yeah all right now I got to go get up back to my camera to shut it off so there's my canoe maybe six feet in front of me I still I'm trying to feel free I'm not trying to swim I'm trying to feel for rocks on the bottom so I don't bash my knees up but I still can't feel anything man there she is hunk you good thing I didn't bash Manisa that's a shabby nice and refreshing to me I'm gonna do that again okay I'm gonna do it again most right off yeah let's do the same thing it was nice and safe well just keep her safe do it one more time call it good the older I get the harder it is to do this kind of stuff



that's the bottom I touched the bottom with my toes for sure it was like gravel it didn't feel like boulders at all which is good oh I can't wait to fish this too I don't need a haircut oh that looks fine this is the Talos talking aboot it's literally cold a pack towel almost like a ShamWow house type deal I would highly recommend getting one whoo hey bear well that was it that was super interesting I heard something big running it was running across that little there's a little Beaver Dam right there just going like right across legit off the end of my little camp here like I'm I'm right here I'm just standing here drawing off and I heard that I look over it's a freaking bear bolting across that's awesome

I didn't yeah I didn't expect that man mid summer that's pretty cool that is pretty cool he must have heard me or saw me or something he was booking it and then actually he stopped when I I was able to get him I hope I got him it was fully zoomed out zoomed in zoomed in that's cool that was cool so it makes me like this place even more it's pretty cool like literally I'm not far in guys there I've done trips for a week straight and not seeing a bear or any kind of wildlife I am if I'm being honest probably but a three-hour paddle and a couple leftovers so we were I'm sorry I have some beaver dams and I will just post it up here well that's the cool thing about crown man it's a little bit more wild right there's not you know populated a lot of people here there's not I don't see signs of anybody I saw a couple fire pits I'm sure people come back in here but anyways I'm going to get some water and click up my supper because I am a hungry boy over here the Sun is encroaching on my space all right a little baby canister not gonna throw that away put it in my pocket so I'm doing this on top of rock clearing it all the way vigilant to sit near it start no fires there's a pretty decent little stove this is probably one of my first camping stoves I had MSR this one's the micro rocket I believe but there's also a pocket rocket yeah this was a bit smaller I think than the normal one but they work decent or they work really well actually they've proven their own for a long time it's my MSR oh man I'm super hungry doing that little bit of swimming really kick that hunger up a notch deer flies the deer flies are around put that on quick enough well my water first just because it's a little beaver II toss why the hydrated food in them probably simmer it a little bit what's good about the easy consumer ice and easy and this zebra pots so old that's a little warped and I can actually keep the handle up go to the extra little Oh little Clips there we go okay

I'm gonna get some bug spray off they'll craft a beer or two I'm waiting for this sounds a good idea oh no having a kid guys having a kid super soon it's surreal


where we start with octopus Kanak or cheers guys oh she's not even that bad not even that foaming very nice


what's really cool about this house that we are putting it off for a nap is that it's on the water it's got about two acres of land total the houses on it and two acres total so and there's Bush on it and

there's property nearby that I can use 100 acres that I can use like 20 minutes down the road then there's endless braum and canoeing four-wheeling ice fishing event or so and with that the host and this basement is nice and dry and big and bright and not dank like mine at home

so upstairs has four bedrooms there'll be enough for the family on the oven or on the main floor and then the basement I can make into a couple different things one of the things I want to make is like an office / studio and the main goal that the end goal is to have a soundproof room where I can edit shoot videos and dare I say it live stream do twitch podcasts and live streams there maybe once every two weeks I know someone up there who have very good friends with and they would be more than willing to help me out with that they've already told me we talked about it at great lengths when we were up there they're very smart they're very techy I'm not and that's one of the reasons why it takes me a long time to do things and things that I do online not very good but yeah very techy guy and very willing to help so it's interesting I'm excited to do that I have a wanting to do that for a while it's just my house where I am now it's it's not worth it it's not we're trying to sell it right now we put money into it but the money isn't the money the smart money isn't isn't building a studio the soundproof a studio in the basement all that stuff there it's it's creating curb appeal and fixing up the things that need to be fixed in order to get good money for it so that's what we're trying to do right now are in the process of we've been in the process of fixing it up now we are in the process of

singable getting a mortgage for the second place and selling ours and doing that whole big rigmarole of moving and moving far

so we'll be waiting until well has the baby to move did I tell you guys the name yeah I think so I haven't shot a video since that GoPro video I did it on Conklin eight days after I got back for my 10-day trip attended a solo trip I keep hearing something over there was Warner if it's a bear anyway so on that trip I told you I thought that I had a name picked out but I had to come home and tell will first and see if she liked it she did and we both agreed I guess I'll tell you now I decided on autumn so we autumn Eva Robinette Eva for those grandmas wills grandma's name was Eva she just passed away last year so we both really liked the name autumn it'll be autumn when she's born it's not autumn very close to it odd was my favorite month

emerald tattooed on here I have autumn tattooed on here with maybe that can move in Tamarac underneath it or something like that yeah pretty cool I like the name we almost went with hazel hazel is kind of cool too a little old-school but

it might have been a bit too old-school I like autumn another thing what we'll do in the basement at the new place is build a comfortable living area because upstairs is well it's very very nice it's more wood and I haven't had carpet in in 20 years so I want carpet I want big-screen TV I want to be able to watch UFC and lay on my couch and relax like when I come home from trips speaking of UFC you guys see Daniel Cormier knockouts deep a not crazy the first round knockout and then Brock lesner rolling up trying to treat it like the WWE that that actually made it not half as cool as it was the moment but it is what it is I guess I'll still watch that Brock Lesnar Cormier fight for sure I'm waiting on my boy Connor to come back yep lots of fun things also exciting things I have a couple trips coming up too maybe I'll wait maybe I'll stop this get some food into me set up a different shot and tell you about that okay

there's a run on scene a run on scene all right she's boiling best spaghetti going mom spaghetti wife spaghetti simmer down

doesn't look that great right now but it will I promise do you want to fight hello guys you guys got going on in there so we went up to look at the hoses up there and said we stopped when we did a bunch of stuff tried to make it fun for emerald but when we got finally got up there we'll wasn't feeling so good from a couple days of travel and we stopped at the shoots Provincial Park and we me and emerald laid in the river and let it took us take us around and played around a bunch and wills got a blood disorder or a disease a real weird disease called porphyria and basically she's a vampire so she can't be in the Sun too much roasted messes her up but with her being pregnant it's really it's a big issue honestly even though I'm making fun of it so anyway she got a little sick from that so when we actually got up there she stayed with our friends up there and I took emerald up to Lake Superior Provincial Park and I showed along the way on highway 17 there's Chippewa Falls and that's where I asked wil to marry me so I was able to bring emerald there and show her I took her exactly up and told her exactly what I did I got down on one knee and I showed them world exactly what I did that when I proposed it was kind of cool and then we went up to a globe a and got a campsite and camped there for the night together and they cooked on the fire and swam in Lake Superior went climbing on the rocks we actually were able to go we watched the sunset together from the canoe people red sky over Lake Superior it was really really cool it's a good experience it's about to share it with her the next day we were we went up and saw the pictographs - which is really cool we were the only ones there it was super early in the morning she had to climb load onto these the sketchy rocks like a 45 right into the Lake Superior to check out these native-american drawings on the rocks it was really cool it's a fun time with her yeah there's good times those reason I was gonna say that oh yeah the flare ban so the fire bans started that night up there so when we when we rolled up I bought firewood they said you can burn it till 12 till midnight tonight this is done you can burn it till midnight tonight and the fire band kicks in we're like whatever I don't carry we're leaving in the morning it doesn't matter what so many people were so pissed off we're sitting on the on the beach emeralds building sandcastle it's a dusk and this family walks by I could tell they were from Quebec just with the accent and they had driven seven hours or something to get there and we had drove a ton of the time we get there too but they're expecting the camp and how like stay there for like a week or whatever and have fires and obviously that's how they were gonna cook that's just part of camping for a lot of people and me too having a fire you know I mean a lot of people is that's what they look forward to sitting by the fire telling lies at night not a couple of these you know I mean just hanging out it's it's really a huge part of camping especially if you only get away for like a week of the year for camping you know what I mean like this is my job we do this all the time so whatever I don't care if I don't that will fire but for some people that they don't get that they only get a certain amount of time most people so they're passed anyway talk to me they said they were gonna drive down to Muskoka which was from there maybe six hours maybe not even that far if you do if you go to the top but five five ish at least because there was no fire band down there yet a couple days later there was the fire pan reached down there I can only imagine how mad they were they probably went home but anyways I get it I completely get it but in the same man it's like for me personally when I'm by myself

I don't need to sit around a fire alright anyways you know I mean I'm I don't anybody talk to you or anything I'm just go lay in bed so that's what I'll do tonight lay my hammock away a bed early

fish fish until I can't fish anymore and then go to bed get up early and do the whole spiel again tomorrow you know get up eat really quick and balanced because I have a lifetime of driving ahead of me the color on the spaghetti is kind of gray it's not really the greatest color it's been too hydrated in my basement for like six months maybe just sitting there smells familiar

does it taste normal I can't tell blue tastes normal that's such a bitter taste in my mouth from the warm IPA would you almost spit that back horror on a spoon hot okay I think it's okay let's say here burn my tongue try to eat a little bit looking back with you I will tell you about my upcoming plans I haven't forgot promise I know there's a lot of talking in this video I realize it a canoe did try got here I swam I set up I showed you all that no I'm just talking cuz this is what I'm doing eating I'm talking I may feel a slight feeling from doctopus guy there's a point 86.2 all right supper was good it's that time of night where the bugs come out and I go fishing those corny it was so corny Joe second cast second cast I got me a bass got me a bass on the second cache that's not so bad I have some fun tonight just catching bass left and right oh yeah my hit hiatus I became a early nineties rapper rhyming cat with just a fishy kind of night I got a crappy I'm very very cool this is my third cast second fish and different species of fish altogether crappie are really good eating

oh yeah that's awesome yeah little guy very cool you don't hook crap you're sunfish I believe they're bigger than bluegill and whatnot that's not bad I'm happy with that crappy

I know I know okay that's not bad that's not bad at all very cool man some fish up in her some fish up in her bra I'm using uh I'm apps egg Leah three three yeah three silver one I was using a tree during the day because I always thought silver was good for Sun and that brass was good for overcast but it's working tonight I didn't get anything today so very cool they all use my DSLR now I should have relied on fish for this trip but I didn't want to have to cook it without a fire like you don't want the fry pan fry fish what did jet boy or with the pocket rocket deal so there's a weed bed I just keep kind of well the first castles against the rocks but these second third cast was against this weed but I just got another bite was against this weed bed and I got that crappy there I had one follow it right up to the boat just now this is not bad back in here guys of course I get the DSLR out and I actually film myself fishing and don't get anything par for the course it's beauty over here bears fish solitude nice and breezy good good first video for for a while yep okay well maybe I'll put the DSLR away so I couldn't start kitchen fish again is weird okay I'm really bummed out but I didn't have the camera for this one guys this is my peace deliver peace to the resistance

peace the results some decent color on that guy obviously he's going back in so that's three different species I don't know what this is specifically this is a sunfish bluegill baby pumpkin seed but anyways it's going back in my caught that little guy on my floating rap it's a small rap but still three species three fish that's not so bad he's too bad that's not bad y'all good frogs all around I love it I love the Frog ease the Buell frogs the gren frogs do part frogs I spent too much time with my daughter lately it is a frog Symphony a frog sign fan i alright we'll try and cast over by this beaver lodge it's where I caught my first one got that bass I can't believe it's so nice so if there's no bugs I'm getting all sorts of stuffed up right now no bugs its beauty Oh was it middle of June June 19th no July a whole month I had July 19th guys my sister's birthday today actually happy birthday sis

that's the Rocco's jumping off all right little bass struggling a bit little bossy little bossy guy he's broke well no lunker so far but decent amount decent variety I'm having a good time there's actually a really cool place really cool place I've probably got a real fish a real decent fish some decent fish guys by far the biggest one I've caught on this trip I switched up to a little tiny glow-in-the-dark Len Thompson pink and white the Hat is a decent B - guys think it's a small I'm not sure looks good smaller to me he's a fish and you go that's cool man

a little n Thompson number seven pink and white the brass on the other side yeah that was 100% a large but I don't know what I was talking about no don't move right along the weeds where along the lily pads I feel like I may be sick all over again lots of noises lots of life around here that's a life I'm gonna stay over here until my bump is to numb just sit here anymore well I think we've headed my nose is pouring off my face I'm feeling pretty sick and the muck catch any more fish so go up there and rearrange camp I got to figure out where I'm gonna put that tent and everything too so it's 5 after 9 right now it's hard to see this but there's pretty pink pretty pink cloud pretty pink clouds and a moon boats all tied up already got most of my gear up there just gonna bring this camera and my fishing pole I'm going to do a little casting from sure I have a sweater or anything alright put my hoodie on I wish I would have brought my jogging pants I drove up in sweatpants it would have been fine to just put them on my backpack oh man but I do not assume that I will be wearing them I thought it was gonna be super hot which is actually not once that someone tell it's a decent temperature but anyways well pair of fleece pants might not be bad I think bad idea that I think bring I found a spot for my tent it's over in Lismore but I'm just gonna clean all this stuff up and probably cast a couple times and then go sit in my tent I cracked my second beer when I go back to my lip or well I've got everything cleaned up it's very mosquito way out here and I realize I probably shouldn't drink that nice delicious multi beer in my tent so I'm gonna finish off my Canadian not like an Indian I'm not drinking Canadian like a knock and head on and into bed I got a bag here with garbage and my food I'm gonna hang that up I already hung my bear bag I mean started the bear line for the back but just gonna finish this up crush it and hang it up and head into bed I'll catch up with you guys in the tent it's very buggy very buggy very very buggy I told you I let you guys know my plans coming out I have a truck already booked

I'm flying to Yellowknife and then I will be going to the Great Slave Lake from there and I'll be there for a week there I'll be fishing for like world-class front lake trout and all sorts of cool fish there's musk ox up there there's lots of really crazy stuff up there so it'll be a really good trip good video and I'm taking my brother who has never been anywhere he's maybe even into Toronto one time as far as he's been I'm taking him up to woodland caribou on a flying canoe fishing trip so that will be pretty epic and I have a baby coming so those are my two big plan things and the baby coming so with between all that stuff that'll that'll probably be the extent of my outings until maybe like oh and potentially moving potentially moving so that will be a lot of things going on for me in the next couple months coming up yeah but I will still keep you guys all informed I'll keep you up to date and even if you don't see me for a little bit doesn't mean I've stopped I won't stop YouTube will stop making videos it just means that I have stuff going on in life and I can't sneak away for a trip or anything with that maybe I can keep you updated with update videos every now and then but I don't want to bore you with that stuff either so very exciting things coming I'm happy all this stuff is happening and yeah it's good it's very good and you guys are along for the ride both feel like they're hot I'll go to bed now I'm super tired I will see you guys in the morning good night I got bit on the neck quite a bit sweet dreams good morning both 6/3 excuse me so it's 6:30

sup pretty good my throat's a little sore but I feel way better than I did last night

not so sign of see I could breathe a little bit through my nose that's a blessing

yeah it's a little chilly it's not bad though I'm gonna get up eat my oatmeal make my own pack up and get out of here no I said what's wrong and I got all sorts of sick but okay I'm pretty hungry when you get up now stove in the morning nothing like it's over the morning boys and girls you know that oh my goodness well I've got everything packed up now almost 7:30 so I'm ready to get out and start fishing I'm making my way back to the car

make sure hydrate good again and put on sunscreen and all that stuff because if I take my time fishing get back 7:30 now talking about three hours to get here maybe go up three three and a half to get back because I know the exact way to go now but I will be fishing and I do have all of those leftovers at the beginning honestly I only showed you a handful there was over ten it was very tiring on the way out okay all right head out into the Sun I was just over there and it's quite a bit warmer than amazing the show funny how that works oh they're nice nice and break


caught this feisty little dude just now he always get into a more intimate close-up part of the river somebody spots up in there to possibly kill and I just got a fish right in here too so not bad

so a few things to note from this trip I do normally wear pants in the summertime and there's for a couple reasons for sun protection for bug protection but then yesterday when i didn't have them on is because I was only paddling one day I figured like it's okay if I have one day my legs in the Sun I applied sunscreen probably four times and by the end of it I was just like slopping it on I could feel my legs getting hot very hot today they feel okay but even when I got to camp yesterday like kind of concerned about the poison ivy sorry it's gonna cast a line right here yes oh it's so good it works anyways I was a hog that was a big roll bass except the hook more Jo except the hook more okay so anyways so long story short with pants I need to wear them maybe not until fall could I get away with running shorts and then last night I would have liked to have pants too when I was just hanging out with by the nullifier but I did not for you know sitting on my chair damn it so pants

and then if I'm coming back to this spot for fishing worms like plastic worms and spend eight maybe some top water stuff yes

the monster yeah see I just like the abundance of fish here you know and I realize it's summertime but that's why they're all riled up also there's lots more sports to camp here down that way back that way and that way so yeah if I'm around if I don't move I'm definitely coming back here there's me a sweet spot in the fall all right guys I've got everything strapped on and ready to go I'm not over this sickness as over as I thought it was it's just kicking my butt man you're gonna blow my nose like crazy and I'm worn out hot catch my breath so this is good to get away but I'm glad I didn't just jump straight into a pine sap inland oh no it's muck in my dead cat on top of my camera anyways I'm glad I came out just didn't jump into a really big trap but really big trips are to come really soon so thanks for watching this if you don't see me for a little bit again it's not because I'm not making videos it's just because I have a whole lot going on and I will have videos oh and then once this fall season is over this autumn is over I'll be pumping a moat again back to your rig back to your regularly scheduled Joe Graham thanks for watching bye

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