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Hangin in the woods with Scout

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we're going to go to the bush hey and go outside you're excited aren't you now we're back at the crossing of the ditch I'm going to cross over on this fallen tree it's about good 6 feet up off the ground skulls going to attempt to jump that there's a big piece of ice there's probably going to stop them from doing so but we shall see in across you know it's a big jump buddy get across on the log with me cross cross you're good let's go this way come on

I'm going one way or another you can do it jump jump yeah good job okay wait over there that was crazy that's gonna be some 6 feet maybe good job scout I can make this come across a kill we're a bit yeah that's rather ask for tracks leading up to it I'm sure they're here but I can't see them as he rabbit tracks actually leading up to it the snow is very hard and I can almost walk on top of it so I not left any I imagine his peyote Silver Fox I'm always going to the same spot in the woods so I figured I'd just come to a different spot and maybe have a fire and set up my tarp just for a different spot anything so I'm going to use this log to sit on and I think I'm going to hang my tarp up between these two small little trees that one now I found some punk would and it took a spark for my fire steel soon smoldering for a good five minutes I found some bass with that I'm just wrapping up when we use as a tender bottle and then I'll burn my twigs I got someone got one fire going on I got my reflective blank it up it's a green one I got from Ken got from Benton's backwoods for me it's good size I've been wanting to make a bow drill kit without a soft for a long time every time I make a bow drill could I use a saw especially for the bow so this time I just used my bk7 it's chopped the ends off on the why and for the bottom part where I usually saw the notch I just split it with the with the saw and then I took where is his son I took para cord and wrapped it around below the the split so that it wouldn't split anymore and my pair of cords right in there and then I just use my bk7 to patong cross baton through this and I've made my spindle my baseball I did bring a socket from home

wow it's good when I try and do the punk would tinder bundle

this Punk wood is from oak tree no to breath ah

oh that's a lot of smoke there yes hope this holds meet it not looking too promising stay off of here skip get off some dangerous ice all right we did it scope we did it put your stick where's your stick found a little den or hold some sort obviously it's an analyst house there's trucks coming from this way right into it leaving down towards the water a note that way maybe a groundhog I don't know pretty big a hand in comparison to the hole I don't know anybody knows what that would be

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