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10 Days, 10 Items ; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness. Mini Series.



Join me in an adventure of a lifetime.

I spend 10 days alone with 10 items in a backpack, I live/camp on an Island, have a canoe to travel in search of food.

I live on fish and whatever small reserves I had.

I encounter Eagles, loons, and beaver, see sign of Black Bear, Moose, and many other animals

I have epic sunsets, strong camp vibes, and lots of time to think and film.

I build a semi permanent shelter, chair, tripod, carve a spoon, and have endless camp chores.

This is the first video in a mini series, I have a ton of footage.

The next video in the series will be out soon.

I hope you all enjoy 10 Days, 10 Items ; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness.

Joe Robinet/Webber Handmade Algonquin


Hestra Gloves https://hestragloves.com/sport/en-ca/gloves/outdoor/31270-falt-guide-glove/400020/

Aquaquest Tarp https://www.aquaquestwaterproof.com/tarps/#defender

Frost River Backpack https://www.frostriver.com/search-results/?q=isle%20royal%20jr

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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hey guys I just completed the last leg of my long journey north I'm in a whole other time zone I'm so far north I took two planes I stayed in a hotel last night and Harlan from Red Lake Outfitters and I drove down a logging road for like two hours and then tip a four-wheeler into the plush for about three or four kilometers those guys just I just left those guys I'm here by myself left to my own devices and the middle of nowhere for 10 days I'm super excited this is gonna be a great journey it's gonna be self-discovery self-reflection eating lots of fish building a shelter that I'm gonna stay in for the duration I've got ten items I've got a backpack and then I've got a backpack full of camera gear in front of me this is gonna be great I'm so happy it's surreal I'm still not I'm gonna look for a spot to post up tonight and then start worrying about where I'm going to set up my permanent shelter for the duration tomorrow I'm alone I'm truly alone okay we're gonna find a spot let's plot to post up for today then I gotta catch a fish for dinner that's gonna happen I promise it's gonna be well I do see a spot I have a pretty big tarp so I don't know that I'll be able to utilize the whole thing but here's a decent flat spot right here for tonight I don't have a sleeping pad so I need to make a mattress with spruce which is okay okay maybe I'll stay here stay here decisions decisions hey it's all my gear for the ten days with the exception of my camera gear is all in this frost River pack let's go set up a camp this trip I need to be extremely careful that I don't lose anything or make too many mistakes so I'm gonna try and really keep thinking the whole time put the axe mask in there no chance of losing it

let's save this I'm gonna use it for part of my betting look at that right there in my bed some grouse droppings oh and look at that right next to it no bunny poops Oh bunny droppings so I got all my stuff for ten days in this Frost driver Isle Royale jr. frustr was cool enough to send me a pack so thanks a lot guys I really appreciate it there's a pretty cool pack wax canvas my 10 days here are not going to be like a canoe trip this is stationary camping right like I mentioned I'm gonna camp here tonight and probably find a permanent camp tomorrow but I'm not this is not a canoe trip where I'm traveling this is living off the land I barely have any food guys I'm super hungry right now already I've only eaten breakfast today and it's 3:30 so I don't want to dig into my reserves yet or anything like that I'm gonna go hungry right now until I get situated enough where I feel like it's okay to go fish I do have a fishing pole and some tackle which is great my fishing pole got a saw I'll go through my ten items later on not right now this is surreal oh my stomachs grumbling this is surreal I feel I don't feel rushed I know that I have to do a lot of things but I feel pretty pretty calm pretty up he's at peace


well I think this harp might be a bit overkill on the size but that's okay this is like a 20 by 11 chart from aqua quest

aqua quest also sent me this for the trip I reached out to a few companies estra fault pest rogue love company frost river packs and aqua quest and they all sent me something which is very cool 3 or 3 so thank you to all three companies for that I really appreciate it so this is a heavy-duty tarp guys this is a big big one already strung up a Ridgeline so let's get this hung up let's see what you can do in this tight small area

the Bergen that's a lot of tart and some toggles a third one just in case I need it so my idea is just to leave the tarp fold it in half its doubled up right now and that'll be fine for tonight got to put my toggle through both these tabs so might be which might prove to be a bit difficult especially with all the weight of the carp on it I gotta loosen this this tarp up or the line up alright let's try this again you can do it Joe I know it my mom used to sing a song to me when I was little you can do what you can do it yeah you can do it's not really riveting lyrics what I'm thinking about it and that's what this trip is all about thinking about stuff it's saying it out loud Aruba chill make not time for singing yet right this is difficult this is proving to be difficult Josh did it did it okay one-one toggle on look at her go all right I got her up she's uh not the greatest but it's definitely solid it'll protect me from any kind of rain give me a little bit of a wind block and yeah it'll be home for tonight nice and big in there I'll be able to put my backpack in there and everything with me you can see here I have some spruce boughs these are the tops I've separated them into course I'm sorry coarse and fine so the I haven't cut any trees down for this or anything I've just used the stuff that I've sorted the boughs that I've cleaned off in the immediate area to put my tarp up I will go take some trees down right now to get more more spruce boughs but this is this is what I've got it so far so this will go on top and this is like the base but this is nothing like compress that with my hand in a second so that's the that's a next order of business for sure I have to make my bed I am losing time so I need to get a fish tonight hundred percent I think what I'm gonna do is collect my boughs now pile them here roughly head out into the canoe troll around see if I can fish see if I can spot any good saw other sites or other places to set up a camp and then come back here and finish the bed cuz I can I could finish the bed while I'm losing light but I really need to get a fish so also it's very very very dry very dry and Duff here so I don't really want to have a fire here I believe I want to have a fire down on the the rock when I get to my permanent shelter my permanent spot tomorrow I'll set up a proper fire pit line it with big big rocks and everything so there's no danger of it but for tonight we'll have a fire down right next to the water things are coming together I really can't believe how hungry I already am like it's almost five o'clock and I just ate breakfast today so it's all day with hope food but I don't have much food I might not even have to take down any trees there's a big spruce here I can just keep D living here so that's even better this is literally right next to my tarp it's very convenient I planned it this way I swear

so because I flew here on two separate planes

I got a few pieces of kit from Harley the outfitter so one of the pieces of kit was a fishing pole and a reel and some kit and some tackle because all that stuff's kind of difficult to bring on the plane the fishing pole for sure and I got a sleeping bag for him too I had to bring two bags one bag was full of camping gear one bag was full of filming stuff so plus I had to have some clothes for the layover and all that fun stuff so this is a four-piece rod not used to using one like this but it's pretty nice it'll be even nicer if it gets me some fishies all right I feel very good right now I feel very rejuvenated and like energized I'm pretty hungry can't get past that but let's go remedy that you know let's go around you that let's go do what we're supposed to do while we're here all right this is gonna be a good trip man she's gonna be a really good trip I don't break this rod within the first five minutes

it's getting chilly winds kicking up like crazy a little dressed up before I go out there all right that sucks right when I want to go and fish the wind kicks up we all head around on that side of the island to try and get protected a bit but I'm gonna troll I'm gonna go troll for some pike wish me luck see what I can see trying it a lay of the lake right now Len Thompson number two this was my lucky lure when I was around this last time so I'm hoping she does the same for me [Music]


not so cold out here probably loses - all right wish me luck folks

no luck trolling yet do some casting near shore keep warming up and cooling down having to strip this to Conan off I need to catch fish and live so don't catch any fish tonight it's a rice night rice and a piece of jerky night I've come out into a different part of the lake this lake is huge got a bunch of islands on it so I have to kind of really pay attention to where I'm going because I don't like it turned around with all these islands there's lots of landmarks but a lot of them look a lot the same so I really gotta we gotta be careful

it's beauty out beauty day no bugs which is crazy I was expecting to ten days though Lots tanks sleigh no problem slay the fish it's like around here so I think what I'm gonna do is go back get a fire going cook up some rice and make my bed it's obviously better fishing at dusk and dawn just you know just go to the grocery start to hop on the lake grab a fish head back over to camp and cook her up but that's not the case I'm gonna do one more lap I'm gonna do one lap around my small island it's right in front of me I can see it there I left my stuff of the shore so I can I can identify it even easier okay one more lap around the lake and I'm sorry around the island lake is he large I'm definitely not laughing on the lake trolling some rice for dinner trying to give this bed as much loft as I can it's giving me a cold ground if I don't get off of it I got to try to make it nice and even to so I'm just weaving these basically taking the cut ends and weaving them underneath into the other ones so that they I don't get poked by the thick ends and it's more uniform that way there's no not nowhere near enough I could feel the cold of the ground through it and the heart of the ground I got to get a lot more spruce boughs I gotta eat too I'm gonna make a fire to cook and I make a fire to boil water to drink I'm so like lips are chapped I really need to drink water I pounded a bottle of water before I go to the car at like 3:30 or whatever or three so yeah I'm due for some water and some food all right open that BAM I'm gonna go go get a fire going I think and well the food's cooking while the rice is boiling up I'll come work on the bed some more you're the bird I'm concerned about the fish how will they stay ten days if I can't get fish they're gonna have my fire right down here sitting on this little ledge you have the fire on the rock in front I'll have to prop it up with a couple different rocks I got my food rations in here and my Billy can collected some firewood I got a little get a little bit more and make this pit I am starving it's like unbelievable how hungry I am day one oh I saw fish skills right here on the shore right in front the camera I'll show you in a second here so that means there's fish 100% you know what I mean like I was kind of like maybe this Lake you just doesn't have fish it's just Joe it's just old Joe's fault you know there they are

looks like pike scales something ate a Pike hear a bird probably that is definitely a plus it's a positive thing so on to the fire [Applause]

there now it's kind of blocked in here you know what I mean the fire is not gonna just roll off it's kind of contained right there I might even actually move it over a touch that's kind of close to the shrubbery there all right have it right there be able to sit on this little tiny ledge that's not so bad

not too shabby as they say look at that this is bone-dry I have to really really be careful with my fires okay I'd say that's enough nice and easy all right here is my twigs my kindling here is mine lichen as tinder you shall see what happens I've got a firesteel on a lanyard no less here we go that's not so bad oh yeah nice and easy in the boreal all these jack pine have these super tight curled up pine cones or sorry yeah pine cones there's sirata nests which mean they don't activate until there's fire so I'll pop open and then that's how they regenerate fire driven forests in the boreal did I mention I was in the boreal the boreal forest covers a lot of North America a whole lot in North America and I never get to really visit it this is only my second time coming - engine here show you what all I have I've got a cook sir

this is gonna be for measuring and then for also drinking like tio2 and stuff a couple pounds of jerky from Nick good bloody neck thank you very much lifesaver with that I've got a bag of D hider dehydrated vegetables leeks carrots onions greens stuff like that I really need to get vegetables into me for my stomach about two lemons small thing of spice pack of lard small bag of dainty rice bag of oatmeal or oats I guess and then a big bag of rice the only reason this rice is separate from this is because it's a different kind I just threw it in at the last minute so really let me show you exactly what I have I'll lay it out here and show you in video it's not much you know it's not much there's no state there's no sorry there's no like meals there's only staples there's only add-ons there's oats for breakfast that's about the only thing that I can eat by itself and the rice I guess but that's not fun either all right let me show you exactly on video here so you can see it has once you look at it it really really doesn't look like much to me I'm the one oh here it doesn't look like this much that's it from left to right jerky lard oats coxa rice lemons dehydrated vegetables spice and rice I'm not gonna die out here you know what I mean even if I didn't eat anything for 10 days I still live is it wouldn't be fun to be suffering but with this amount here I will be okay fish really really needs to happen now fish need to come into play because I don't have any weight to lose you know I'm a pretty skinny boy alright rice it is use one scoop of the cooks maybe not one full one that took a lot over there 3/4 of a scoop of the cooks into the pot I want to put a little bit of vegetables in there too just a sprinkle yeah an hour live in hall and out of control over here this Jackpine does not coal up it just ashes and it doesn't want to stay lit I can't get really too big of pieces right now because it's all just kind of branches so I'm gonna have to keep feeding this fire religiously to keep her going Oh pine cones opened up like I said serratus open pine cone so rotten it where's Joe I don't have any silverware so I've got to whip myself up a crude spoon all right well my food is done I'll show you what I'm working with here the vegetables rehydrated pretty nicely no I can't spill a grain I don't have a grain to spare Cheers I'm veggies don't mind if I do okay so

oh man okay I have to eat more regularly even if I'm just snacking on jerky or something I didn't put any jerky in this like I said it's an eye opener with the fish thing so I'm eating this tonight rice and veggies and I'm saving the jerky I will need protein I'll need meat so just to play it safe I'm not even gonna put one piece of jerky in here I'm not I'm gonna open the bag because then I'll be snack on it vegetable do make the the rice taste much better oh there's celery in here too celery celery I'm so happy about the celery I still have a bunch of work to do on my bed I gathered a bunch more boughs over here I cut from this side by the water because there's more so I've got a big pile over there I probably really have to collect more and fash it all still it's a mosquito I have no bug protection at all like no tent or screen of any kind I did bring a bug head net and like a bug shirt like a tight fitting shirt that they're not supposed to bite through so we'll see we'll see how she goes I hope that there is no bugs the whole time but being here for 10 days we'll see it's gonna be hot too the temperatures supposed to be hot well I'm gonna finish this up and then I have to boil up some water I'll fill this thing up and boil it and then I'll have a bunch of water I'll have this almost full of water which is just kind of get my cooks in and drink I'll make up some tea later on there's some Labrador tea around there's some spruce some jack pine I'll make a little menage a tea I'll get back with you try to get as much of the excess rice out as I can my last trip I was drinking rice water it wasn't the greatest but no big deal either way okay I'll fill it about 3/4 of the way full yep and boil that bad baby up it's baby bad behavior it's um it's gonna need a bunch more firewood but that's okay [Music]

so this is about 3/4 full like I said this is my water for tonight I do want some water right now I need water I don't want to drink hot water I don't want tea so I'm gonna set this in the lake and have it cool down that way I have to make a beer where for the water a little water we're all right she's okay right there for now at least I'll get a couple rocks and make a little we're okay firewood too and make my bed lots of work all right I'm calling that good that's my bed for tonight all right there she is Wow

solid wood there some older here that's all beaver - it's died off and you kind of just pops out there see how it's been chewed off

it's about perfect it's the only thing around here that can burn that's not jack pine all set we're gonna fish wish me luck the trees not getting any bites

you're gonna for one stay where where am I might have might not be able to I have my afternoon this lake is very big there's lots of different areas to it I need to find like a little stream like a little Inlet or something like that because that would be where the fish will be but that's all for travel days that's tomorrow got to travel around see where I want to be and hopefully tomorrow I can find a spot and start to set up permanent camp it's very peaceful right now it's getting to me book the time of the night that I love when it changes from like bright more blues and purples and then summer go down completely really soon like I said it just went down past the treeline

flat flat ish now I better start paddling back to camp I don't want to be over here too late and make it too dark I'm not really familiar with the lake yet I'm not having any luck at all like literally there's no bites I have now used that Len Thompson spoon a jig a little spinner and now I have like a wrap like a floating wrap on their stick bait it's getting cold very cold actually yeah buddy on film and everything first fish of the trip Oh buddy thank Jesus oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh that's too good it was a pike I saw him it was a decent-sized play okay that's the first time I was I wasn't rolling with the wrap and I got a bite I had a fish on okay okay things are looking up this this link is very shallow and every time I have like a spoon on or the jig or whatever it's just like catching on the rocks below it's very shallow and very um rocky so I think this is the deal the floating wrap the problem is I only have one of those like for real I better put a leader on that's crazy okay okay things are happening

I was too good well that was interesting hope it happens again in my decision-making for this trip I decided to make the fishing tackle the pole and the real all one item and I said originally I was gonna bring five lures that's ridiculous there's no way for ten days isn't it I bought it I brought a tackle box small tackle box

I got jigs spoons floating wraps we're in all one floating wrapping a bunch of divers unless I find a deep spot in this lake those divers are useless here all right I'm paddling back to camp I got to get back from freezing cold and losing light so if I get another fish on I will definitely let you guys know so I got I got all that Labrador tea and I got some spruce tips too should be a make an iced tea I'm gonna rip the Labrador tea up a tiny bit so it just gets imparts more flavor probably take it off the stalk okay probably take it off the stalk there Joe a little bit of extra clothes that I do have are in this small uncle crest Bay I'm using it as a seat I have no chair or anything I don't want to sit on the cold ground anymore you've been sitting on this is pretty cold so I'm just gonna warm it up by the fire nice heated seat get my tea you see me yeah okay let's try this Labrador tea and spruce tip tea the plant is called Labrador tea this plant doesn't really have too much of a taste to be honest feels good on my stomach stars are starting to come out it's a pretty calm night pretty clear night it stayed relatively light till about 10:15 not relatively light it stayed visible till 10:00 10:15 excuse me truth is I can see the tree silhouettes across the lake still I think the plan for tomorrow is to head down that way that's where I caught the pike or almost caught the pike down that way I think if I paddle to almost the end of the lake there might be a chance of like the wind pushing the minnows down there or there because the winds going going that way or there might be a creek or an inlet at the very end so I think that's what I'm gonna do I'm probably gonna get up early in the morning and fish just around here see if I can snag something in the morning for breakfast or keep it for lunch even and then come back here pack up and then start traveling down the down the lake try to find a permanent spot while I was paddling around tonight I saw quite a few nice spots there's there's there's a lot of bear open rock near the lake not the there's a decent amount of it and that would be ideal for me except for things to tie off to and then like pounding into the ground and stuff but I still can I still might be able to make it work I like the idea of it being out on the flat oh the flat rock or even just a somewhat flat rock because the fire is easy to have and it's open its open that was my other point lost my train of thought there I'm gonna bring any booze on this trip so we'll be drinking we drink of tea every night

I was okay you guys there's the North the northern lights are behind me in the sky I want to try to set my camera to a long exposure and get a picture of it but like I've never seen the Northern Lights in my life and the first night here they're right there it's unmistakable they're so bright there's there's like they're like beans shooting directly into the sky it seems and they're green they're dancing now I've always heard people talk about them dancing and there I can see it this is something else the green lights going green beams going up in like a white light dancing across so low there it is there is oh why oh my it's so bright Wow oh goodness

yeah quarter midnight quarter to midnight so I have like three DSLRs the two point-and-shoots four GoPros two tripods a bunch of attachments anyways I have all that in this backpack this waterproof bag so that's my my camera bag and I'll go through all my camera gear and all my gear that I have and stuff later on in the trip but I want to put this next to my bed here so I have something to push up against like snuggle up against I really like that makes a lot more comfortable and seeing as how these pine or spruce boughs are not a sleeping pad I'm gonna want to be as comfortable as possible so I'm gonna have that in there next to me I'm going to use my clothing as a pillow I probably I'm gonna put my long johns on though cuz I'm pretty chilly so anyways this will be a decent pillow

we need all my camera gear under here and go to sleep I want to sleep with my ex I can feel the cold through the ground already on my bum it is concentrated in one spot as opposed to laying down so I want to put on before getting into bed I'm going to put on long johns change my socks into these loose-fitting wool socks I'm pretty chilled I'll sure my feet are damp with sweat some dance to remember some dance to forget you know already so I already happening I haven't even heard that song in forever my dogs my dogs all right guys unless something eventful happens I'll get with you guys in the morning you have a good night's sleep try sleep as good as I'm going to I'll see you in the morning good morning guys slept really really good I stayed dry warm and comfortable which is pretty awesome it's seven o'clock now I woke up around six just been laying here wrote in my journal a little bit and just been thinking about shelter options and what I should do today first off so I think originally I said I was going to tear down camp and book it down there and set up I still will move I just think that I want to leave camp the way it is right now and go and paddle around and find a spot where there might be some fish and then look for a suitable spot to camp for my permanent camp there and then come back and get my stuff and head back down and set up because it's a good time to fish right now in the morning yeah and that's what I feel like doing so that's what I'm gonna do get up have some oats some oats for breakfast and yeah get in the canoe and paddle around excited I feel energized if it were rejuvenated I'm really really looking forward to today the breeze is kicking up and it's coming from behind you guys same way it's been coming the whole time so that's a really good sign I'm gonna start try to tuck out of the breeze or tuck over the wind at the other end of the lake there surprised how comfortable I stayed for real like it was a oh yeah I like with this bed I put my coat underneath me too my father even just light coat in between the boughs and my my suit bag just to give it a little bit more buffer off the ground off the cold it works fine I don't know if I needed it but it works great yeah open Adam this is all of the layers I have I have one extra shirt I could go underneath this fall Raven jacket doesn't give any warmth really it's just like a barrier there's no insulation or anything in it damn that was easy I am quite surprised burn an old Jack pine and spruce all night I did not expect there to be any kind of even warmth let alone be able to blow it into flames very cool very very cool the land of the fire guys this is the insert to my pot the top dish when you use that to eat oh I'm gonna scoop my oats honey you gotta I put some dried cranberries in here and stuff just in case I needed it well she's a little toasty warm guys I had to carve myself another spoon don't really know where it went now

alright see that see that beauty look at that dip look at that so I'll make that into tea have a good little brekkie noise English brekkie I don't know why it's English brookie maybe his the tea may because of the tea it's warming up quick back in the bush where my shelter is it's still relatively cool but out in the Sun it's nice and hot there's no clouds it's gonna be a hot day just loaded my backpack up with a few things I might need I've got bear spray in there I have a spot signal device and I have a Sat phone I got my coat and a couple snacks and stuff so should be good until we find a spot [Music]

okay we're in the boat so the black fly situation is a bit tricky thank you commode anytime the weather is definitely appropriate for them so I'm hoping to get a few days of no black flies and it won't be peak anyways won't be peak black fly season because that takes about a week or two or three even so even if they do come out by the end of my trip the Volpe peak it'll be fine and that's good considering I have no oh tent screen what a beauty morning pedaling past another group of islands here and look what I see a big ole open spot on top of rock with a nice canoe entry right there all smooth I'm gonna go hop up on the shore there and check it out a bit this is a good potential camp spot I don't want to commit to anything just yet because there might be places that look just like this dumb farther towards the fishing hunt where I think the fishing will be but as of now this is a great open spot best spot I've seen yet I can actually unfold my tarp completely I could probably yeah yeah the grounds all rock and lichen and uneven but I can build a bed I can even it out for myself where I needed to be back here is not so bad anyway tons of blowdown tons of material oh yeah look at the moss I can use that too tons of blowdown some lone neighbors oh man blue sky is this a sign is the Loon call a sign okay this is a definite possibility guys like Nick yeah hi up there on the list for sure I really like the open spot here I really like the possibility of spreading my tarp completely open building on to it building some wooden walls on it or whatever tons of material okay it this is a Jacke Pine Island and they're all about the same age so it seems as though this island burned there was a burn around here on my other Island I kept finding of stumps that had char all over them so anyways this is a there's no spruce on the island or if there is spruce they're few and far between so I'll have to I won't have to but I will bring my screw like spruce Bell bed with me and then add on to it too because it compressed that crazy over last night and it will continue to every night but there's a spruce there's some young spruce there so even if half the paddle to the mainland or whatever to cut some boughs and throw my canoe that's no big deal it's totally fun there's rocks to make a fire pit and it's this all rock to once I kicked down the lichen so it'd be a very safe for fires gonna hop back into the boat keep on heading down the lake those loons are going to town over there chasing each other that it's hilarious or maybe they're trying to learn how to fly maybe it's a young one trying to learn how to fly I may just have a fish on I don't want to get it too excited like last night oh it may just have a bite like on all four 204 - had it in my hand next time I'm grabbing that guy by the back of the neck what what look at the size of the lure look at the spoon look a little under the perch little perch on there that guy has a big appetite his eyes are bigger than his mouth there's a good thing with this is there's a good side I can use this guy for bait now I can't believe that I was trolling to Lent okay maybe I can use it for feet that's hilarious I've come into this little Bay here this is looking pretty promising so I've been pally for it a couple hours this lake is enormous it just keeps opening up into these bays and like pilings and stuff I really have to pay attention to the shoreline so I can get back to where I need to be I can hear running water that's that's awesome I've been looking for a stream or Creek you can get running water right you can't see it though alright we'll see what this is all about check it out completely so shallow [Applause]

okay it was successful what it's a sucker it's a freakin sucker it's not a walleye it's not a pike it's not a trout it's a sucker fish the bottom of the barrel in my opinion but what am I gonna do right I can't turn it up I caught it it's meat I'm gonna eat it so if I not tasted greatest but this is gonna be lunch today the remnants of a fish here it's got the head no eyeballs it's got the head and the fins still left on it at first I thought it would have been a bear but I imagine it was a little bird down in this Creek here I left the camera here who's so whiny and everything but uh yeah it was very very very very bear like down in there so I kept just talking out loud as I was walking I didn't want to surprise any well he's fishing or anything like that okay well it's 10:30 they don't here for a while I'm far far far from camp I was really hoping there was some Pike or walleye in this stream or near the stream you know they like to feed at the end of it right so I walked all the way to the oh I found another lake actually it was windy and shot and low like the whole shoreline was super low we didn't look promising to go back over in there to camp I might end up going over there to fish if this is no good for the next couple days in here I'm not gonna eat suckers for the whole time that's for sure so yeah I need water and I need some food

it's a nice day though okay I got a long haul back to camp I don't know if I'm going back right now or if I want to make this cook this fish up right here I really don't know I don't have any like lemon or spice with me here and it's a sucker so it's like it was a pike or a wall I'd be a different story okay at least I got a fish oh I'm saying that I only have three minutes left on this memory that's not good I got another Pike on the whole time I turn on the camera to the boat I saw them hit it there's a plank again big one and before you spit it doesn't make sense I don't understand why that's happening three in a row that's a big deal I can't land a fricking fish crazy alright he's hard filleting this night sorry about that in the middle of me talking guys my memory card filled up I got a playoff it's hard to fillet it with my belt knife but it's just one of them I got another one and some more pieces I got some steak spice on there and some lard melted we're gonna fry them up real quick cuz I'm super hungry whoa buddy getting white that's good it's a good sign the meat doesn't actually look too bad we'll see how it tastes it the sucker so you can imagine it being too delicious but right now I am just happy to have food just happy to have some meat all right fish is done it kind of mushed up it's just got to be the type of fish it is soft flesh they all broke up into really really tiny pieces is it gonna be actually hard to eat it I should probably make it next time if I do have to eat this again I'll probably cook it inside of a rice because it literally went to mush like it did not hold its form at all first bite

Bon Appetit guys oh that tastes fine he said perch it's so soft though that's the problem it's like a texture thing it's okay I'm fine with it I'm gonna cut into my first lemon that will go good on there this is my my luxury food here my women I got to boil some water to super thirsty but I'm gonna get this down first how to cook the other one still the other fillet mmm

sizing right mmm yeah buddy that lemon helps a lot okay it's not so bad I can handle this I prefer walleye or pike for sure but take what I can get it's 12:30

I don't know if I want to move today or not I found it oh I found a sweet spot I forgot to tell you guys I am here I found a spot that's completely open on all rock I'll have to tie like two big tripod to make a shelter with because it's not really trees but it's okay yeah I don't know I don't know if I want to move today or not like I said I'm not sure it's 12:30 now I'm gonna eat this up go lay down and the shelter for a little bit cuz I've been in the Sun all day and it's shady in there like big-time and cool so I'm gonna go in there right in my journal but I'm decide what I'm gonna do it all honestly it seems to me that right now look I'm not gonna move today I'll save that till tomorrow what I do know where there's some fish I caught it like I said to Pike today and couldn't get them keep him on the line like it wasn't like a bite and like let go it was like a bite reel in see the pike on my freaking lure and then spit some it's a theme it's a theme I've never had that happen to me three times in a row like that I'm not caught a freakin fish in the lake I've caught that sucker down near the stream but I've not I've not gotten that close and then screw over three times in a row before

so anyways where I am in this part of the lake is pretty shallow relatively shallow actually a whole lot of this Lake this is relatively shallow I did come to some deep spots over there but it seems to me like nothing is in the deep right now I so it was like a week ago everything's still like coming up to the surface to try and like get warm I think or look for food because nothing's deep every bite I've had every hit I've had has been in shallow water wet like on top so I haven't even seen the freaking sign of a walleye yet which that's what I was depending on eating ok back with you guys in a little bit like I said I'm gonna take it easy today I'm having a good time Oh mr. spike jumping spider I'm having a good time like today was um alright this morning it was interesting was was very exciting the you know I was exploring I was finding places that I don't know or if they're there or not I found that Creek with the running water just search and for fish I will figure it out I will figure this lake coat I'll get some pike I don't know but walleye not looking too promising but I'll get some pike

even if I only catch a fish every other day you know I mean that'll sustain me big-time I was expecting to catch two or three fish and day like eat two or three fish a day that's okay it's okay I've just been relaxing I laid down in bed for a bit read my book I am I've made the decision I am staying here tonight and I'll move tomorrow morning that's what I'm doing I also was thinking about just staying here I have a nice big open spot up here that I can clear out a little bit even more and yeah I like the area but it's super windy there's no rock up here like I can't ever have a fire in my thing unless I I line it with rocks which is fine but a couple locations I saw today we're really uh they were ideal the only thing I really liked about this spot well not the only thing but the main thing I like about this spot is that I have the option of being in the Sun and being hot and dry or being back here and being cool I think there's no Sun in here at all well minimal Sun and it's windy the wind is just whipping through here so I like the option of being able to have warmth or chill but the wind will get annoying the wind will be get to be a bit much after a while no rock up here and I'm far from the fishing spot I think that this spot I'm here right right here is not good for fishing so I am going to move and and it's cooler too you know I mean I'll be able to actually make a bigger shelter and utilize some wood with it but it is a good spot I'll stay here tonight for sure get up in the morning pack up all my stuff head out probably back the way I would went today to one of those spots it's 220 now I think I'm gonna go get in my boat and paddle over across and try and get into some sheltered spots and fish a little bit more I really I don't want to have to rely on suckers you know what I mean I want to I want to get a pike go get a walleye so that's what I think I'm gonna do I can't be over here anymore I can't keep paddling against this way and I got pushed all the way down the lake patrol and fishing and then trying to get back is just fighting the wind so much so back up my Lynn camp here I'm probably gonna stay here for the night unless the weather changes and then I'll get over paddle around and fish again but yeah I'm beat I got to boil up some water man any a drink really bad pretty nice boat Northstar similar to my Swift so I thought I'd go through some of the items I'm carrying on my person like I said I will go through all of my 10 items I'll go through all my filming here at every single piece of here I have I want to do that tomorrow

once I pack up before I leave so I have it all like they are to show you guys that's Wendy over there on this side of the island pick it up beaver chewed up alders they're kind of funky but they were decent it's nice to have a mix of woods not just that jack pine some spruce all right this is a little bit better a little less windy over here so on my person at all times fire still calm fire still on a lanyard in my pocket I like fire still calm a lot gobs my belt knife this is the Algonquin model Weber handmade this is my design me by Weber handmade in the UK scandinavian grind just stout sturdy all-around good bushcraft knife next I carry the spot emergency beacon I can message them let them know I'm okay I can hit the SOS button if I hit that search-and-rescue comes it's game over let's not do that I'm carrying bear spray I have I wasn't carrying yesterday but ever since I was at the creek today I put it on Safety's on there I'm not gonna not gonna have to use that but better safe than sorry right I won't here by myself oh and last but not least my butt wipes those are standing with me nan stuff so that's all I carry on me I also have a Sat phone but that's in a blue Pelican case about that big so I'm not carrying on me at all times have it strapped to my backpack so yeah it's there when I need it okay hope that gives you guys a little bit more info and again like I said tomorrow you get the whole rundown on all the gear I'm glad I got that fish at lunch because it's not looking like I'm gonna get a fish for supper tonight this wind is absolutely ridiculous I'm tucked back here in the middle of the woods in the on the island just to get over the wind so yeah it's important tomorrow for me to move for a few different reasons the fishing the location but also the wind was supposed to pick up throughout the week and if it's like that here today it's only gonna get worse so I have to get down the lake quite a bit and sheltered behind a couple different islands and then on that side of another Island or mainland or whatever but I assume I'll be on an island yeah I build a big like a-frame structure with the with the tarpon with the next fish that I catch I'm going to do the same deal with the rice and vegetables but boil the fish first so I'll fillet the fish for supper fillet the fish I'll boil water fillet the fish throw the fish in the boiling water let that boil get all the juices and everything from the fish and then throw my rice in to boil with the fish water and my rice and my vegetables so that should be good I should get all the nutrients instead of like frying it away or early and drip away over the fire or whatever I'll try that I've never ever ever done that it's not my type of thing fish soup does not really ring my bell or appeal to me but it does right now it really does right now Cheers I'm glad I brought my little coops up because I'd be drinking over this it's definitely doable I just don't want to do it boiling the water to have drinking water all the time it's a lot of work and you're drinking hot water a lot of the times the lake truck works putting this right in the lake to cool it down but takes a while and in the middle of the day when you need to drink water you need to drink water drinking hot water but it's okay day two is nearly done it was a good day a little frustrating with the fish having those two pike on them getting both away which is crazy but I got the sucker which is great happy for that I found a few good campsites or spots to be my next campsite yep things are good so tomorrow is an ambitious day





I woke up to a lot of wind it's 5:45 in the morning the wind is still coming from the same direction which is huge which is a big deal because it means I can still go where I wanted to go and set up where I want to set up I originally thought it was coming from the other way she's because I was sleeping help us sleep or whatever but it's not Suns coming up to on that side but like it's a very blustery day already so died right down last night it was nice and calm and for it to be like this this morning kind of concerned there's a little bit of weather coming in and I gotta switch camps and stuff so I'll be exposed so I'm gonna get up here pretty soon and get a move on find a new camp

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