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My Les Stroud(Survivorman) Story: Get to Know Joe. e2


I met Les Stroud, Survivorman a few years back, in this video I explain how we met, and the influence he had on my bushcraft, survival, outdoor life.

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Video Transcription

guys thanks for tuning in Joe here we're in the hot tent today think I do a episode to get to know Joe episode 1 1 over very well and it's almost at it's about 10,000 views now in four days that's really good for me for especially just for me sitting there talking about myself so I appreciate the views I appreciate the fact that you guys do want to hear this kind of stuff you do want to get to know me a little bit more and on the last one ice mentioned something about having a less shroud story and I got overwhelming amount of replies saying yes they'd like to hear the Les Stroud story so this is my last route story back upon time so a boat I don't know man twelve years ago roughly maybe even a little bit before that there was nothing there was nothing for me

the internet was there it just wasn't readily available for people at least I didn't know of forums and groups and stuff like that people talking about bushcraft or the outdoor survival wilderness skills stuff like that so my whole library and people that I knew that did this kind of stuff was just through books that I read on the internet art books that borrowed from the library library boys and girls without they used to be a thing things I watched on PBS like Dick prenta Keys alone in the wilderness on PBS when they do like they want to get them give them donations and stuff they play that what else

Oh Ray Mears uh Ray Mears was on PBS as well with survival stories here was Telemark bushcraft he had like three different shows that was on that were on PBS and then though nowhere OLN started playing this thing called survivor man and I am blown away by this right because Ray Mears is awesome but he's bringing his gear he's British he's he's well known he's a little bit farther out of my reach farther out of my my knowledge and and and Les Stroud Survivorman I come to find out lives a few hours north to me right and he's out there doing all this this guy became my hero like I'm talking like I can't explain it I I was I was I had to find out everything this guy did I went back I found at the library his snowshoes in solitude VHS not DVD because DVDs back then were hot commodity still yeah so so I found them all as much as I could about him I was obsessed with watching a show survivor man and I would watch all the time so I actually did a bunch of research on the internet when still the internet was not a big thing at least for me and I found less strout's phone number okay and I was just blown away like what am I going to say to the guy though right I'm just doing all this research it was just trying to find some way to connect with him some what is a way to find a way to pursue this as my career as something that I wanted to do in the future and I thought he's the guy to talk to you right so I actually found his number on on the internet like I was saying to his his website was like this rinky-dink if you've ever seen my website majora up in a bush graft website it was worse than that okay a mines pretty bad it was like a couple phone numbers a place where you could buy a DVD a DVD of his snowshoes insulted or DVD of a survivor man or whatever so found his number on there called him he answered I think it was him a guy answered and I got so nervous I hung up the phone that sounds a little creepy and stalkerish it could have been maybe but that's how I felt I just didn't know what to say the guy went my supposed to say oh I like your TV show I live in Windsor yeah I don't it just seemed too far to me so I put that on the back shelf for a second and just continued just soaking up as much as I could just just knowledge bushcraft survival all that stuff and again went on the internet and found an address to write him - so before an email and all that stuff the norm was to write a letter so I wrote him a letter just explaining to him helping of an impact he had had on my life because he had and what kind of things I could do in the future to to become more going in that direction for a career and things like that so I wrote him a letter didn't really expect anything after that couple months later I get this big letter back from from Africa a big envelope from entitle from Africa and then it was a signed autographed picture of Les Stroud and a huge letter with him wrote back to me all just as much info as he could give me in a letter right and he's a busy guy and he wrote it from Africa on a shoe of Survivorman how cool is that okay

and in the letter he wrote back like I don't usually write back well but blah all this stuff but this this spoke to me or whatever I actually looked for that letter today like for two hours in my base I can't find I know I still have it I definitely didn't get rid of I just can't find it I wanted to show you guys maybe in the future if I find it I'll put it on a video but uh yeah so I got that and I was ecstatic I was just tickled pink to have that to my my hero actually acknowledge me and write me back and sign a picture and give me tips and tricks he actually told me to go to the school called school in the woods I believe by David era arama who was one of his teachers in our parama and never ended up doing that think oh boy anyways fast-forward like eight years and I'm up in Huntsville right so we had moved from Windsor up to Huntsville up to Suzanne Murray to go to school then we had moved down halfway back to Windsor to Huntsville in Huntsville is 40 minutes outside of Algonquin Park it's a cottage country basically we lived in a cedar log cabin there with a wood stove for heat it was really cool we had a moose walk through our yard a couple times really nice place so I'm really getting into the bush graphing outdoor stuff and like this is how after I'd gone to college work and decide to want to take a course so I'm looking all around me the only people that are the only course I can find there's one by Canadian bushcraft caleb Musgrave or oz I'm sure a couple people have heard of him and I was his first student so I went I drove a couple hours the Hiawatha First Nations area took a class a thumb talked about Les Stroud a lot come back couple days later and me and the wife decide to go to Blockbuster to rent a movie so we go we're both separate in the in the aisles separate aisles all of a sudden my wife walks up to me with a beat red face and she goes let's try his two eyes over and I'm like no way you know what I mean my heart like just like skips a beat he lives in Huntsville okay maybe I forgot to mention I he he he's looped around around that area but at that time he lived in Huntsville so it wasn't hard to believe that he was there it was just very exciting so the wife comes up to me tells me that and I'm like man I gotta go say hi go but I don't want to just be like hey let's trout you not I mean like another just like groupie or fanboy whatever which I am completely I just didn't want him to think that so I needed an inn and right right away my head thinks just tell him he wrote you a letter from Africa like that's an inn that's that's a conversation starter for sure oh man is getting toasty so so I walk over and he's with his son his son Logan and he's young at the time and I don't want to like bother him too much or anything but again I have to say hi associate less hi you wrote me a letter from Africa once and he looks at me he says I did he's a guy I didn't do that much I said no and I explained to me oh yeah yeah and I'm not sure if he actually remembered or if he was just humoring me because they said Gant was like eight years prior but really really down-to-earth guy talked to him for a good five minutes in there again I was the one to to kind of separate it because I didn't want to seem needy I didn't want to seem like like I was holding him up he was you know the son you know I mean Who am I to break up that time so talk to him for couple minutes he actually says I'm having a book signing at the bookshelf which is a book store in Huntsville in a couple days why don't you come definitely I'll see you there less so I go we we set we separate separate ways I was just tickled pink I actually called up Caleb the guy took the course with

cuz it was like the day the day I left I told him he was just blown away - and yeah a couple days later I went to the book signing with him and there was a full house

I actually got I spent a bunch of time with his son Logan that day I just talked to him for a couple hours I waited till the end unless I gave a letter I was really happy just telling him everything

how much he's like influenced my life and all that stuff I spent a little bit of time with him there - that's my left Stroud story pretty cool especially for me for noah for him having such an influence on my life early on it does kind of suck now what he's what he's doing saying Santa bow alone saying that we had producers and had food and camera crew and stuff with us on the show we didn't that's just a fact we didn't we were alone and he doesn't believe that he's saying in social media and other places that that that is the truth did he really I don't think that he should he should be doing that because it's not the truth the same with him putting down barrels and stuff less trout you were up here Bear Grylls you were down here you have no no kind of like connection in the middle there there's not even a question in my book so let's just keep taking the high road man don't worry about the other people you are doing it you were the first you you go and survive for seven days however long now buy yourself a film and do a great job don't worry about bear girls and and don't say that things are fake that you don't know that aren't you know I mean alone was real my experience on alone was legit so hope you guys enjoyed this little less trout chat um yeah you asked for it so there was we'll be back with another episode of get to know Joe and maybe next month take care guys thanks for watching bye

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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