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Fjallraven Outdoor Clothes and Gear. Keb, Vidda Pro Trousers, Friluft 55.


I go over my fjallraven gear and clothes, and touch on why I like the brand so much.



Fjallraven Keb/Vidda Pro/Granite Shirt/Friluft 55

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Video Transcription

guys this is Joe thanks for tuning in I'm here in the woods of scout today he's running around eating sticks like normal being all crazy but I want to talk to you today about a company called fall Raven obviously you've seen it before my videos and I'm probably pronouncing it wrong but none of that matters

they're a great company with great gear and great clothes and I'd like to support them so today I'm going to make this video talking about my fault even gear and clothes these are my new fall Raven pants that are called cab trousers and they're a little bit different than my feet approach Hauser's the veto pro-choice is that you've seen me wear have the two-tone color more so than these theory of the same reinforcements on the knee and on the butt but these are a little bit different these are more of a technical pant or a hiking pant or a climbing pant I would say whereas my Vita pro-choicers are more of my bushcraft pants not to say that these aren't just as tough or even tougher because I think these have more reinforcements than the Vita pro trousers

so these pants are made of two different things a spandex e stretchy nylon part which is here in the crotch and down the inside the seam there and on the back but not the butt and then the other part is their g1000 material which is super durable okay so the whole front of the pant from here down to the to the shin or ankle or whatever on the front is completely that g1000 material for those that didn't know the g1000 material is densely woven 65% polyester and 35% cotton so another great feature of these pants same with the fall Raven viewed approach rousers is that they have these cuffs these adjustable cuffs and this is really part of what sells me on these pants right so if I don't want this I don't like my pants flopping all around when I'm hiking alright and collecting Dew and moisture so I really want tight pants but I don't want to I want to be able to have the option as well so this gives you a ton of options right so you have this this strap that comes out is a super elastic material down here and you've actually got three snaps on this material itself and then you can tuck it back in and on the pant they have one two three four snaps so you could go literally from the last buck snap on the strap to last snap on the pant and have a decent tight pant or you can go the farthest first a snap on the on the strap to the last strap on pant and have it way cinched up and that's how I do it when I'm trying to cross creeks or anything because I can actually keep my pants up there but normally I just keep them right just tight enough where they're not flopping around that's good enough another great feature of these is they have a ventilation zip two of them on either side so one there and I've got my Costco long johns underneath here and one there and that really opens up the airflow when you're hiking backpacking climbing whatever even just walking around the woods to keep you ventilated and it really does it makes a difference I went on a big long city walk with the dog the other day three hour walk and I got real warm after a while I open these babies up and I just feel the cool air ventilating so real really good design feature on those ones the pockets are nothing to sneeze at either so you got a one right here with the mesh organizer inside the front pocket and I like these pockets that are on the front of the pant the front of the leg as opposed to the side they had to do that because of the venting I'm sure but it's a nice area to have a pocket on the front and on this one you get the button over or the snap over and then a zipper so you can put things like your wallet whatnot in there because like with my other Paul Raven pants you do not have a pocket on the butt but these are made for the wood so I don't know why they would those were my cab pants those are the first time you're going to be seeing those and I'll be wearing those quite often lately I'm going to be wearing these probably for the winter time we have a thick pair of long johns on underneath and the knees are over top you can actually wax these you sell this Greenland wax where it rubs on really easy and then when you want to take it off throw it in the dryer and it kind of just melts out or whatever the the wax is good for keeping you dry I haven't done it personally I haven't found even the need to do it but the where the g1000 is on the pants you can wax also I have this a Granik shirt it's full or even Granick shirt you got a real arctic fox fall or even color there or emblem there and then it's got the g1000 reinforced shoulders so when you can't when you when you're walking through the woods say you want to bring back a piece of firewood a bigger one than this obviously and you're holding on your shoulders and then going to rip out that's a good design it's made of wool it's pretty thick I

we have underneath this a small Under Armour not Under Armour I always see that small base layer just a poly on there and then this over top like I said it's three degrees Celsius I soak my feet on the way in my feet are cold and I feel fine in this wool jacket three degrees Celsius is nothing obviously but this is a good mid layer normally I like my things a little bit tight but this is bulky enough where I can actually put a couple layers underneath it and then like a down over top of it I could even put my Prem off underneath of it and be fine this is a good layer sitting by the fire if you don't wanna spark your your your prim loft up or like I said rip it rip it walking through the woods anything like that and wool is just cool right will is where it's at and I'm sure most of you have seen my fault or even free loop 55 backpack that's the bag I used recently my winter solo camp man I've taken this bag out for a week backpacking canoeing as well so this is a good bag if you want to see a little bit more of it go to those videos I'll put a link and I did a little stint of it not too much info on it also these are my follower even Vita pro trials you've seen everywhere I might throw some wax on them I like the color I like the green and black color but I also like this less subdued or this more subdued green on green color it's a little less weird going into gas stations and getting looks like a Warren chaps or something one more thing about these pants they have also the the knee pad holder so you can stick a knee pad up there not that I've ever needed them but maybe listen this video has to end because I made a rookie mistake and ran and left my memory card full so these pants aren't cheap they're about 225 bucks but it's a lifetime in bed alright guys sorry about that like I was saying I made a rookie mistake I left my memory card full when I went there I had to delete a few pictures and videos manually out there on my camera just to make room for what I did so sorry about that and the rest of the video is going to be have to be done in my in my living room here which is not that big a deal so what I was trying to say as I was trying to rush was that this stuff isn't cheap in any sense of the word in quality and monetary so these pants they cost $225 alright that's not cheap at all but look at it this way there are quality pant that ton of features that aren't easily found in other pants they aren't going to fray out on you the you know I mean even if you do rip a hole in the in the mesh say on like a huge thorn or even burn a hole through the g1000 which I'm not saying it's impossible to do you can definitely do that I would take a little bit but anyways who cares patch him up or don't you can still wear them that the features in these pants in the color even and just the the quality of them sells me big time and I will continuously we're full rave and stuff down the line I'll purchase more here and more year more no worries at all I will stick with full read night I think I am a fanboy like I said I really like their stuff this shirt even is a Paul Raven shirt I like the way it fits me fits nice and tight or on the mid as with all fall or even gear it comes with functionality they have this little slit in the in the pocket where you can stick your sunglasses down and they just hold there as opposed to like hanging them off your neck or whatever it's not necessary but it's a cool feature for sure sizing is is put it this way I am a very small guy I weigh 5 foot 9 highway 5 foot 9 away about 130 pounds and I'm about 5 foot 9 and I have to buy small gear from them small clothes from them because I am small and so this is how to how to how to gauge it right on this is a small on me at that way in that height I have to get size 46 pants in the waist because that equals to about 30 or 31 because it's European sizing so I hope this answers a lot of questions that I keep getting about my clothes my pants in particular I hope you found this useful I hope you liked this video and I hope you guys have a great day bye

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