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Finding the Rhythm -10 Days, 10 Items; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness Ep. 3



Join me in an adventure of a lifetime.

I spend 10 days alone with 10 items in a backpack, I live/camp on an Island, have a canoe to travel in search of food.

I live on fish and whatever small reserves I had.

I encounter Eagles, loons, and beaver, see sign of Black Bear, Moose, and many other animals

I have epic sunsets, strong camp vibes, and lots of time to think and film.

I build a semi permanent shelter, chair, tripod, carve a spoon, and have endless camp chores.

This is the second video in a mini series, I have a ton of footage.

The next video in the series will be out soon.

I hope you all enjoy 10 Days, 10 Items ; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Wilderness.

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe

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Video Transcription

they're trolling now for about a half an hour

no luck I'm making my way down to that Creek that I was out before my poor Tosh into the next Lake might fish the creek we'll see what happens I did get a pike in this little Bay before - one of the ones that got away from me there's a nice big rock in front of me I think I'm gonna fish inside of it no luck on the rock wall it's all super shallow by the not even that is shallow with there's tons of rocks in the shallows like it's not just a drop-off anywhere really on this Lake it's very different than what I'm used to up here used to very deep lakes this shallow and then very rocky near the shore fish on fish on Oh spike she's a good Pike Oh spit it

man that's a theme that is a theme here that's crazy that was a big pike bigger than the one yesterday this is that was the second time I've casted and caught one this trip the all the other times it's been trolling but as you all know I've only got the one Pike in the boat and that sucker so this is a good spot anyway

he's going back for his food [Applause]

but sure that's where the Eagle was all those birds boot to oh look yeah it's having a feast look at this oh my goodness which pieces over where look there - this is crazy an eagle smorgasbord okay let's go down let's walk down the creek see what we can see I want to bring my fishing pole my paddle on this trip through through the creek and then I'm gonna see if I should go in there and fish in the other lake there's all the suckers in there I can see them yeah oh there's another one there

oh yeah yeah I was definitely the eagle look he's having a heyday turkey vulture man there's fish all along this Shore I'm keeping my head on a swivel right now for bears I don't think it's necessary to be screaming the whole time but keeping your head on a swivel making a little bit of noise can't be a bad thing all right

this looks like somewhat of a trail a highly doped people come back in here so by a game trail all birch there's birch oh my goodness look at this bear proof look at the size that bear proof holy crap that's a big in boys and girls it's oldie oldie but a goodie all right there's moose poop terrible holy moose I'm coming up to get some birch mr. bear don't mind me I'll be leaving in a minute so this whole time I've been using lichen an old man's beard for fire-starting which works fine but it's nothing like birch I'm gonna load my pockets with this easily peeled birch bark I'm not gonna rip it off the tree damage the tree by any means just as easily peeled off stuff bonus bonus birch coming in for some birch mr. Bao this is a pretty cool florist old man very hilly it's nice look at the beaver chew on all the Berk shoots

well here's a dead here's a dead down birch it's not gonna matter if I peel it off this one right oh yeah but oh yeah I'd look at that one there hit a couple of those how's it go a long way cool thanks for the birch [Music]

two eagles up there the fish for the fish or the fish another fish and the fish okay this is like a spawning or something and the fish oh that's fresh that's very fresh bear poop that's from today that's from today or yesterday at the very latest Oh stinks oh man it stinks okay fresh bear our fresh bear fresh bear

now you can see the full circumference of the lake it's pretty small I'm pretty low I can't catch anything here from the shore and I don't want to bring my canoe down through that Creek so I'm gonna head back up into the the main lake goes in my lake it sucks I thought for sure I was gonna catch something here it's nice and deep I think it drops off way better than the other lake that's all right alright check this out big ol bear print next to warm Bear poo okay lots of bear in the area barrier it's a very very berry area okay well no luck on the fish not here at least so I think it's safe to write this Creek off I can't get out of here seems like the suckers that we're here are dying off moving out

and I don't have any luck catching any fish in that other lake if worse comes to worse I will port ours my boat over here and try and fish that Lake but not today

I still have options of Pike in the other Lake so tied one on today like you saw we'll keep trying that actually looks like there may be a clearing up over this hill what canoes back that way streams back that way but let's go over here and see what this is so you're clearing almost and then just like a bog this is wild over here this is a game trail for sure 100% there's a cool forest okay I gotta go get back into my lake and start fishing is uh seems like the mornings my best time I monster pike on I'm letting I'm tired himself out this time I already lost one since I talked to you last Lewis sighs this guy's Yelp got to get on the boat now I really don't want to screw this up but I really want to get it on film - nope nope nope nope nope in the boat look at the size that thing that's three times besides the other one BAM son BAM son it's a good size plate it's much bigger than the one I caught yesterday I'm gonna get this guy filleted up I saved that bag from yesterday there's enough food for today maybe not for tomorrow so hook up some for lunch come up is on for supper

just the repeat of yesterday that's a good amount of meat for one day like I like this whole catch a pike in the morning and don't worry about food for the rest of the day kind of thing it just keeps up I will be okay with that my Birchbox so like I said I saved the bag from yesterday cleaned it out - it near my food for the night time look at that man that's a couple that's like a pound money the bank show you what's a bank [Music]

the bush plane up there far away though very far hello well I'd say that morning was a success

it's still only 9:30 I'm glad I got up early and went out and fished I don't feel an urgency to go fish anymore today at least so I had to work on the shelter a bit huh gotta fix my bed and maybe add a back wall oh Michael lay down for a little bit first a little beat along against that wind I was other for a couple hours things are good things are good folks successful recon mission food in tow yeah very cool yeah not only did I get that fish I get a good score on birch bark dome on my butt lake a good score on Burt birch bark - so everything's looking good easy fires stuff to cook on the fire now here's looking it's been better it's been better receding hairline old Joe put

I'm happy I feel really content right now get away really happy feeling good tired and thirsty that's why you do get some water it's all it's a constant thing like all day yesterday when I was just hanging out here reading whatever was a boil water boil water drink it it takes a while makes me appreciate a water filter for sure what I thought I was gonna miss was the seating padding that's really not the case last night was the worst night but it wasn't even bad at all I only woke up a cold time they're still energized it's a good feeling it's good feeling so this is my bed last night my boughs down my sleeping bag person sack and then I crossed over bag and then I had my coat there too and laying on top of that with the sleeping bag it wasn't so bad but it was um it was uh uneven it was lumpy it was a bit cold I'm sliding down towards the fire sliding down towards my feet and it's finally no way back well when I roll on my side it's really not comfortable at all on I'm a side sleeper so go back to my original idea yesterday I kept saying I was gonna make my bed this way I don't know why I mean it this way poley just because that's the way I was laying relaxing so I think now I'm gonna move my bed put on going sideways try and find it an even spot if not I will prop it up with logs and stuff it's at least on the one side but as of now I'm looking right here it's not bad no that's not bad at all actually which way is better but no definitely the other way okay so that's how it goes the head goes here feet go there everything's comfortable yeah okay that's it a heads here so I know my head goes there feet down to there all right lots of boughs lots of I was in moss and we'll call this a bed see if I can just kind of move this like a mat and then add on to it after yeah for sure I can most of it anyway yeah that's not enough that's not enough boughs

I want these big pieces of stick in there I thought I could adjust it so much so that they were off like away from me

but I kept feeling them last night still yeah I'll get double that or so for tonight and see how she goes adjust in the morning again tricking is to like weave them in herringbone pattern so like the fat ends the socks are on the outside and stuck underneath the other ones in this case I can stick them underneath the moss and lichen - she's a help but like I said earlier even if there is a little bit of a fat stock on it I almost feel it so I'm trying to get rid of those trying to do this the best I can have a good night's sleep tonight and keep up my fun times I'm feeling I'm feeling beat though like it's I said earlier I had a lot of energy and I felt good and stuff and then I wanted to do that paddle and came back and I'm beat like I think it's the lack of food like I know I'm still I'm not I'm not going without you know I mean there's fish every day now almost but yeah except for the first day but there's not much in between that like I have oats for breakfast and then I had fish for lunch and fish for dinner yesterday but I am noticing like I'm getting very um winded very easily and I'm having to take my time and do things slow which isn't a bad thing you know I mean but I do notice the lack of calories I think I'm having jerky snacks here and there but I don't want to overdo that because that's like my my rations you know I mean if I can't catch fish that jerky is my my actual meal my actual meat that I can have so it's kind of important keep the jerky I need some substantial firewood I'll cut down a tree I found over here but near the shore fall it into the you can see it's got a lean towards the water so I cut the notch on this side and I'm going to cut it with a saw on the outside there and it will with any luck fall inland this way [Music]

I made my knock down here I'm cutting above the not coming down dangerous it's going in the water damn it I can't fight it let's go in the water

go go go Oh caught up go yes not going in the water now whew that was a struggle that was a struggle okay this is gonna want to kick out I got to be careful

Oh get her I'll get her she just hung up that's great lit up for long all right substantial firewood it's hard to say some substantial firewood finally I cannot stop burning twigs for a bit so come into play if it starts to rain any of these days I'll save this I'll Bank all this wood hey I'll stack it in my in my shelter I'll burn a little bit of time but even just these twigs I'm getting off here are super dense really good firewood so yeah if it ends up raining for a day I can just cuddle hunker down there I'll have to worry about shelter or fire more money in the bank roots right here it's all about sorry ants

sorry ants yeah she's getting choppy again super windy super windy so there's fatwood in those limbs the ones right near the trunk which obviously is not out of the ordinary but I just didn't expect it smells really good so I'm gonna make a couple shavings of this split up some firewood and get a fire going and cook lunch because I am famished all right I made a little concoction birch bark flakes fat with shavings and a little bit of old man's beard off the twigs I'm gonna try and spark it right in here and then just dump it on the fire and put twigs on top just having fun you know just playing around


we'll look at that it worked all right lunch Pike backstrap gonna cut it into little cubes or bites chunks even and I'm gonna fry it up with some lard in my pot I'm going to use the actual pot to do it not the pan not the insert pan that comes with it there's a little bit more than will fit in there I believe the backbone on here yummy Pike spine that's my lunch melt some lard in there moss in there they don't put a little steak spice and lemon in there before it cooks up too much well that feels good on my cuts yummy smells good it smells really good I think I'll cook it for a minute longer all right guys you know what I lick my fingers after touching this and it tasted so good we got a good amount of meat just wanna make sure it's fully cooked yeah that's really good meat is nice and firm he's so good I have this much for lunch - the piece I just ate so you can bet I'm gonna savor all this this would be a good lunch thank you thank you pike just creating a little bit of a windbreak and a little bit of a barrier my back is to the majority of the island so if anything comes at me from this side it's just an open shot I don't necessarily need like a wall like a like a stopping wall just something to rustle to get my attention kind of thing or to deter from going on this side and come around near the fire anyways all I'm doing is taking the tops of the trees that I've used already so I've got Jack pine and spruce oh just bunch them up in there it's working okay yeah that area is still open I don't know if I'll put logs there or or do the same thing but I'm just working really slow everything I do I feel like I can stretch out you know what I mean I think it's better that way that way I'll always have something that I know I need to do I'm not rushing to get things done it gives me like like an agenda and like always improving kind of thing Oh am I getting smoked over here sorry always improving always improving my situation and not beating myself up doing it quickly and exerting a lot of energy that fish was super good I feel re-energized already I love the pike I love the play [Applause]

now I have something sturdy to actually wrap this around instead just tying off the trees next to it and not the right direction I'm wrapping this good I'll tie it off I'm gonna do it on the bottom as well

oh yeah that girl my little forest and I am just sauce felt exactly like this yesterday a freight might fish for lunch then - I don't know why it would make me tired if it is I'm not saying it is I'm just trying to understand why it happened yesterday after lunch - fish for lunch and see if there's a difference I'm definitely down honestly have zero energy at all I'm sacked like the guy I want to cut that wood and over by the water I just laid down and lay there for like a half an hour I just laid there in the wind like I couldn't get up I don't know what's going on I felt this way after I ate a bunch of fiddleheads one spring I've passed out like two hours is how I feel the same way I know I'm not allergic to fish or anything

I'm feeling much better after just laying here for a bit relaxing dropping my knife doing that the axe just fixed up my camera gear and stuff I found a couple extra SD cards which is awesome some 32 gigs so I should be okay but it's super windy and the waves are kicking up I think I'm gonna go paddle around the island it looks fun out there it looks fun I'm gonna I'm gonna leave the canoe pretty empty so I can get around pretty good and put on my lifejacket boot around the island not really fish just going paddle [Music]





I can wait a little bit that's fine man that was nice crazy I couldn't get out of here if I wanted to I mean I could but hol leave you some big-time work I'd have to dodge dart from island to island with a heavy heavy boat full of stuff it's just crazy hope tomorrow is a little more calm if tomorrow's Tuesday it was supposed to rain on Tuesday and I think tomorrow is Tuesday I can't really tell I just know this is the fourth day right now figured I'd make myself a permanent eating utensil I've said this probably three or four times now I got this super dense old spruce and yeah seems like the ideal wood around here to use for it so I'm gonna split this down my knife and Carver up now I'm not a real real good Carver kind of guy you know I never really got into it recognized make myself unusable eating utensil for sure that's what is dance super dance Wow okay that's why I want to use this for my permanent so you know I can take stuff off of it to clean it off I can just shave it off a bit after I eat I'll leave it a little fat to begin with nice and dense wood it's not gonna get all rotted I'm being used okay cool this is my beating stick I want to keep this to use this if I need to batter up over the park bro Oh apart so you look how clean this wood is on the inside that's why I want to use it look at this it's nice nice and smooth being weathered forever this is probably a super old tree hard as a rock petrified wood almost my knife seems a lot sharper [Applause]

I'm full like I'm forcing this down I just boiled up the fish it's real like a touch of vegetables in there like minimal no rice at all little fish soup realloc I said it's uh it's filling I'm I'm very full I'm not hungry at all at all but I'm putting it down still all my scoop is working well happy to report Lucas even go a little bend to it blue oh yeah the best work I've ever done I'm so full honestly like this was perfect I get a rash in my rice now no rice eating tonight I only ate a little bit of rice last night so I'm already up perfect perfect perfect well I'm staying here tonight there's no paddling around it's finally died down the winds done finally it's 10 after 9 that was a lot of wind today for a long time got my firewood stacked up here underneath my cart next to the fire it's not gonna rain tonight there's no clouds at all now there's clouds all day and that wouldn't just push them right through so I don't know if it'll rain tomorrow after all huh tomorrow is Tuesday I worked it out I got in on Saturday Friday if I don't Friday so it was Friday Saturday Sunday Monday yes exactly

so tomorrow's Tuesday Wednesday 5:00 so on the radar before I came out that was as far as I could see and they said chance of rain or something chance of rain probably knew was in my note so we'll see it'll be a change of things that's for sure if I can tomorrow I'd like to go explore the lake more if this look if this win lets up they just it's not even fun at all to paddle around in this wind I went earlier like you saw earlier tonight and it was just like can't even do nothing the morning said with my only time we could paddle actually I know sorry at night every other night I could paddle too but the mornings were the fishing the best fishing I feel hungry after I ate that like right away I don't know what's going on if there's not enough in the pike you know what I mean no no not for what I need but be supplementing those a little bit of vegetables and rice and stuff should be fine I don't need to eat want to truly I am working a lot so I'm expending energy I'm probably not drinking enough water in the day time I like after I eat lunch I've been feeling like really really tired just kind of like laying around but again I can't in sound I can go paddle around or anything I'm sure all that will change being here for ten days you mean you're gonna experience all every type of weather cold jack pine tea there's no shortage of loons all right guys I think I'm gonna call it alright I think that's it for tonight I'm gonna try and conserve battery and SD cards so unless something interesting happens I will see you guys in the morning good

good morning I slept pretty good supper oh good look what I did kind of barricaded myself in here I'm a big pack in front my jacket supporting my pillow everything just block inside my pillow doesn't go anywhere I got a nice comfortable bed that was a good sleep I woke up to a very little breeze but it's blowing sorry about that another SD card down I woke up to very little wind is blowing the exact opposite direction this whole trip it's been hard this way today it's soft this way barely any breeze but it's gonna rain like I can tell it's colds very chilly and is gray gray day last night's tea Jackpine when I went to bed last night the wind kicked up against so bad I went to that like ten o'clock or something super early when it kicked up so bad it was worse than in the day I thought my shelter was gonna blow over like it was a general genuine concern I fell asleep I woke up to this a gray day completely gray today that's okay though totally fine with that get some water on get a breakfast maybe go for a paddle if it stays dry if not work on some camp furniture I've been sitting on the ground for way too long I need a chair

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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