Trip to Doug's Property.


Drove to my buddy's property, had a blast, just walking around, and having lunch

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Video Transcription

so on the way to Doug's property pretty great great a outside today but I'll be all right nice and cool driving on the 401 so should probably stop filming now now we're walking around Doug's property here and we came to a pond that he's got which is pretty awesome it's nice and big and scope decided to go for a dip scare off the fishies Doug you said he got bass and bluegill in here nice Gilligan go get him go get him Gilligan and always being mean to you okay I mean the jewel later Joe his head fell off his head and I picked it up and that's what sauce I don't have ways what are you doing there Doug you know you're not supposed to put on an act I don't know what I'm here you go


i guess i'll use yours dude don't touch my hat in hand yes Doug all Scouts in the water again scaring off all the fish draw buddy all right there dougie bear thanks for the day did you have a good time let's go

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