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EPIC 4 DAY WILDERNESS CAMP e2 STRANDED! Wind Bound on an Island.


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Join us on the 2nd part of our epic 4 day wilderness camping trip...this was quite the adventure.

We battle extreme wind, huge waves, and we experience trees falling down all around us.

We got winded on an island that left us stranded for hours.

We paddle our canoes through many lakes and rivers, as well as carry them with our gear over lots of trails.

This truely was an epic 4 day wilderness camp.

Be sure to check out Doug's video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2uH6EJFZtA&t=2075s

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Video Transcription


what are you enjoying this trip that we're watching right now hope you enjoyed episode one this is gonna be episode two it's me just as epic lots of crazy stuff going on in this episode as well

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go to squarespace.com slash Joe Robinette to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain that's squarespace.com slash Joe Robinette to stick to say 10% off your website or domain so if you're ready to get started on your new make it inserted with Squarespace alright thanks a lot again to Squarespace for supporting another video for sponsoring another video go check those guys out hope you guys enjoy this video alright well just getting packed up the rain has stopped for now and it's a good opportunity to get all over gear packed away I'm gonna have so much more water weight in my backpack for my tarp and my tent that I think it's gonna be a lot of double carrying today on that big one which is gonna kill some time eat up some time but sleeping bags very wet just you'd like permeating through right it stormed all night so regardless of how much start running through the down the walls and stuff so this soup egg guy quite a bit wet take a little bit more difficult to put away and tonight it might not have it's warm but today is supposed to be a warm day and Saturday I think tomorrow night but tomorrow is no rain so hopefully we'll be able to get to camp tomorrow night or even to tomorrow morning we can dry our stuff go to the camp for tonight make sense well considering today we've got a lot of portaging it's raining and I gotta set up my my backpack properly this big camera and the tripod it's on or going away and it'll be GoPro until probably tonight GoPro just out on the water Wendy's died down for a minute I'm gonna head right to the portage it's a 2000 meter back to back with almost a 3,000 meter so the mm eater just right over here know what I'm definitely gonna get some water into me before we start that thing because I'm feeling a little parched and headache my headaches gone from yesterday sure water I'm trying to catch my hand here is the beginning of our discontent the mm neither port hush which looks to be start off like a mess oh man yep that looks like it's supposed to it just started the first big one and it's 9:00 in the morning I'm not gonna be trying to walk around puddles or anything like that just slogging right through there's no point so let's see how long this one takes I'm having a problem balancing my canoe properly this whole trip

propping it up there's only I don't have to use my hands right but I'm propping up in the front with me with my pull my paddle coming down in the front so it's coming down on the front I probably need to put the yoke farther to the front no farther to back pattern I want it to I'll figure it out here it soon I'll have to stop up sure tried to stop and put down the boat take off my sweater her my my shirt got t-shirt on now and move the yoke forward and I did help with the balancing oh it's a hot humid day there's no Sun oh and the rains back looks really pretty coming into this spot Oh misty Marc I thought it was raining at first so this poor taj isn't that bad the first try the second one we're gonna do the big one is it's a lot less easy to fall we're doing this I'm pretty good sweating sweating my behind off oh we decided to drop the canoes for a little bit probably in the middle of the trail and just take it easy we're just hiking with our backpacks just some hills here it's a little bit easier to do it though the canoe and the backpack it's not gonna walk far and probably up to the hill go back get the boats and then continue single here carry two for the rest of the way you've got even close it's going on an hour we have taken breaks and drop their bags rally's relayed to the canoe in the bag but yeah it's taken almost an hour and I still don't see blue don't see that the link blue

I'm running on empty here I gotta oh we get to the end I'm gonna eat some food and have a drink I didn't bring any water on the trail because it's heavy so only I'll be in doo-doo for a decent break at the end of this thing which I'm really hoping is any minute now you know that type 1 type 2 type fun this is type 2

super sore eyes for about two minutes until we get back onto the next one on to the next one shining I almost don't want it to be hurt yeah lots of mosquitoes well beating my food drank most of my water and we paddled to the end of this lake at the starter long walk through the woods right now oh yeah it's great yep longest poor talks on the trip so I think I'm gonna do just leave my backpack here for a while and see how far I can get just my canoe and then double back for it I might only walk a little bit I'm not sure yet it's 10:25 now


I'm back I wouldn't got my bag back was dumb was dumb idea walked away to far I lost my energy by the time I before I even go back to my backpack man need to ski toes are nuts I saw I probably won't be doing that again I'll relaying I'll either do it for a shorter amount of time or just take a break with all my stuff on the ground and then pick it all back up and go with everything at once this you burn away more energy welcome back and forth a bunch of times have I done this before my new I'll carry my pole in my hand my paddle sorry and also my rope lovely lovely oh yeah that's a big difference you can use like riding on my backpack more than my shoulders more than my shoulders just cuz my yoke is right now and I could feel all in my hips like crazy [Music]

alright die slaughter just taking a break right now nowhere near done nowhere near done we've already been doing it for an hour crazy back on the trail that walking on the trail never left the trail the trail is life I think well once we get out of this we'll be back on the Tim River I think I'm gonna take it easy on the river trying to a bit of fishing we still have a decent amount of distance to travel today and poritosh me stuff like over a thousand meter seven hundred and five hundred or something so decent another port hushing left to but I need a break I need to start having some fun enjoy myself

not just bustin my butt into the ground so yesterday we really put in a lot of time in paddling getting to where we needed to get the fishing wasn't great at that spot anyway all those spots were coming in but we're deep in the park now and I'm hoping that Tim river it's holding some little Brook ease in there so that's what I'm thinking about on this trail just picturing fishing and calm

nice okay boys and girls we are at the end finally this is what exhaustion looks like now definitely didn't sink we'll carry that whole thing but that was impossible so that's what a big old portage feels like in Algonquin Park this is the norm really like again this this port house was way bigger than that normal ones but this is all day long for every day of a canoe trip normally that's why lightweight gear Lake canoe packing properly gear wise and arranging it properly inside the backpack is a really big deal for this stuff I said I never do no it wasn't like find your way that's true there's the rain perfect okay

superhot don't care now I care that it's raining okay no sweat through my line in full of fish I wanted nothing to do with that first cast and in the weeds so it's not too bad but there's nothing to break a bone that's for sure he stopped back there to put his raincoat on and I haven't seen him for like 15 minutes at least I do not want to paddle upstream so I'm kind of just coasting wait for the guy there he is

man that's torture still sprinkling and the sun's come out it's actually really cool

oh man that tree almost buckled wind heavy great not on us though we're dug with when we're on that last floor Tosh Doug had a big thick tree and land right next to him sketchy that's one of my biggest fears not in hypothermia oh here my bears not wolves it's nice to relax all these trees on the side of the river here are called holders look how many millions of them there are there's a small shrubby tree and then above them we've got white spruce white pine bunch of spruce not much color over on this section not like enough for Tosh drills very colorful down here corridor towering spruces on either side alright up it on it's sketchy take see if you know necessary our life jackets everything buckled down so let's try alright well hopefully you can see the extent of link on the GoPro so we're gonna just shoot down that way with the wind and the current and then we're going to come back paddle back up that way along the shore surfing straight surfing I'm up out of the water

oh my

you gotta keep her straight almost oh oh that was a big wave that was a big wave so straight as I can Oh


she's Roth but she's her she's a rough sea bye

Oh buddy we gotta cross the lake and get in behind that campsite there to go to the port eyes which is up back up that way the only thing that we can do you still gotta cross up there and then paddle our butts off against this to get there well I'm I'm good for Sally sitting out for an hour without eating lunch and trying to wait it out maybe that was uh that was those intense well we might be winded here it's been over an hour that we've been here we're just kind of waiting so what happens we might have to stay here tonight it's not really what we want to do because we're losing

distance we'll have to make it up tomorrow and tomorrow it's supposed to be our fishing day now we're going up river tomorrow Walla so yeah we're just gonna wait and see if worst comes to worst we stay here and if not maybe in a couple hours it's almost 4:00 now in a couple hours if it comes down we can start to make some more distance not so be able to camp where we wanted to or where we were supposed to but we can't there's nothing we can do about it it's just too dangerous the thing is this is like a long narrow Lake we have to cross directly across it right and I understand like coming down and coming back it's just I was trying to do that and staying straight dug to staying straight was almost impossible it was sketchy so rather than push it and be irresponsible out here in the backcountry we are going to just post up and definitely let you guys know what the deal is when we figure it out but until then I'm just laying around Doug's literally sleeping I saw that it quite funny oh man holy wind okay so this is the water that I got from the form of the campsite where all the wind is crashing the waves are crashing into the shore and the winds blow and everything there are the debris and sediment and junk dank so I'm coming over here behind where it's not half as windy and I'm gonna get some water over here because I'm parched take some poop pills some anti poop pills that's why that's why the same nasty brown stuff it's not half as windy over here so I'm gonna try but I don't have high hopes well it's not much better not at all but I need some water so that's what's gonna be that's what it's gonna be you guys like my toque it's an alpaca will to extend to me from an awesome subscriber thank warm everyone all right we've been here for about three hours there's no end in sight the red squirrel yelling at me no there he is right there anyways there's no end of this in sight so what I think we're gonna do what we are gonna do is get in the boats and paddle down along the shore like where Doug is now all the way down there and hook around and come back up against the wind I'm hugging the shore on the other side to get to at least that campsite across and then possibly the portage but we can at least take it no we could at least take a break Matt oh man Doug's soaked we'd at least take a break at that campsite or stay there but it's better than just sitting here in the wind so here we go oh my goodness okay calm down going for it flinch the whole time it's a pucker pucker five minutes oh shut up but this wind is just too much we're just literally at the side of the shore here

I got spun around danger made it over here okay just gotta wait for like a little calm in the wind all right we're off again I lost so much ground getting flown back this way okay the other way so obviously when I stay there with them or try and take it from them

so we're going to head on and be farther along to where we need to be just hugging the shore we crossed over behind the island


well we did overshoot the haurache our mad scrambling to front fight the wind with the wind this time which is great and back to the port dive and do a kilometer poritosh and then paddle to a campsite and it's 6:10 now so it's gonna be getting into camp late maybe just get up super early tomorrow make up some time

today we slept in is real daunting you know the thought of getting out of your nice warm suit bag it's like just ok so halfway through this that wasn't me - poor tush I'm dying there's one now one side on the next Lake and it's 7 o'clock at night so if nobody's there we're taking it nobody's gonna come after 7 and if there is someone there we have to do another 800 reportage and then paddle again and we're gonna run out of light so across great success he's here well that was a day that was a day one of the most difficult days camping I've ever had most difficult lately for sure so we got winded on that how long do you think we're at that site four hours five probably pushing for three three and a half for sure should have been four five six we should still be there actually hard day kind of a little bit better now that I've got some supper into me it's still only eight twenty there he goes I had chili we got to we got to the camp and just set up real quick we had really not much to to do other than set up our our tents and get a little bit of firewood before it got dark so I've already eaten like I said Doug's about to eat now and I'm not gonna be up very late tonight it's 8:20 and I'm thinking 9:30 maybe so we lost a lot of time distance today we have to make up tomorrow somewhat and then our day out which is Sunday we're supposed to only have like 10 or whatever 11 kilometers to paddle out we might have more which we always try to you know early because you're a long drive home right that's all right it don't have a meal for Sunday so we need to get out for sure I have your meal the ingot lunch today so any it was so windy like we were paddling when the wind gust we are paddling and we weren't moving and that palying and we just had to keep that boat straight because if it if the wind caught a little bit it went sideways and you're gone so dangerous we're lucky it was perhaps you know those pack boats are very nimble and sensitive what is the word I'm looking for you can paddle them quickly in their agile agile whatever my brain is fried so tomorrow we're going up to the Petawawa River against the current but hopefully and what was in the forecast is that tomorrow is a nice day a chilly day but not windy and no rain I think this wind this wind is ushering in a cold front but that's ok except for my soaking wet socks and boots but again it's a lot of tight be fun fun to watch back fun to edit when I did those two big poor Tasha's or a year ago or whatever in the springtime by myself I vowed never to do who I can't and we didn't plan on doing them we just kind of had to had to do it last minute so it would have packed differently it's all learning experience though still after all this just came down right over behind our tents live pretty intense pretty intense so I'm gonna get do this and get out here quick I don't know if you can see it but there's a one on the diagonal over there it broke off of this tree here at the top and fell down that's the top of it super sketchy we looked around for dead stuff before we set up our tents our tents are right here well no I know it's got bleep green I'm sure that was so nuts man oh my goodness


straight nuts they see I said this earlier in the trip that this is my fear this in hypothermia oh my goodness I said no bears no wolves it's freezing hypothermia foot probably more than a foot on the other end oh definitely oh my and just snapped off you don't know there's trees the street here oh my goodness sketchpad McGee I ran I ran I thought I saw it coming I heard it and I thought it was coming down Android towards us I ran far I fell down the little hill but like oh my goodness craziness craziness I'm moving my 10 the thing is even if you do move your tent there's trees there's trees bro guys it's quite a different scene from yesterday especially know what I'm like nice and calm slept pretty good stop at 6:30 it's 7:00 now so just getting some breakfast ready

and then we're up and out of here big day of paddling today so yesterday lots of poor toshing today a whole lot of paddling no trees fell down we didn't get squashed oh yeah go show the carnage we survived

no just hypothermia we gotta worry about well I am well I put the right amount of water today

no no drinking it today let's go check out the carnage back here last night was crazy with the trees falling it was like four trees at least check this out so definitely that one on a diagonal came down then see right in front of me here this is all downed branches and limbs like look cracked broken so there's this this is a big tree laying this way looks like a big ol stock on it too it was at the top of a tree this might have broken off too I'm not sure about that birch but then way back over that way there was a huge crash and then our tents are literally right here but let's go check out look it looks like it's common here this looks like it's all been all brush piles that like trees have been falling in it stashed over there that the branches and stuff this is the top of that one I was talking about

just crazy and like we were saying last night there's nothing we could have done about it you know they always say but look out for widow-makers look out for dead trees and stuff well that birch was the only dead one and that could have possibly been toppled before we got here so

so get ready above us too this one's been broken off before - yeah we fellas felt comfortable underneath that so we went from day one live from two to there all right so that that distance get my fingers here and then there and then yesterday we've hit from divine it took us all weekend I were to do that mm reportage in like two and a half hours whatever to get to the timber over here then we went into ship of you this was like the only smooth sailing yesterday at all this little stretch right here we saw those otter in there and it was not too windy or whatever and then we had to come out on the ship of goop and we had to go right across to this portage and the wind was whipping this way right through this like wind tunnel right and we had to cross completely sideways to it we ended up going to this first campsite first because we got winded and then coming around and crossing over to this and then that's when those people showed up so we had to paddle upstream or start upwind we paddled past this port arch like in here some for some reason because we missed the portage back down the protoss now we're in Blue Lake and we're now today we have to go from blue do this eight 40 metre portage into big trout hook around down through white trout down through grassy then up the Petawawa which is against the current in the river and up to misty forks and try to get up to like Roseberry today which is a long day we might not we might only have to I have to stay around Shaw wherever Shaw is here

Shah's here getting winded yesterday really screwed us like it really switched our plans around and stuff and like we wanted to stay to our schedule and we just couldn't show hopefully today we can make up that time and then be ready to get out of here tomorrow at a decent hour it looks nice the sun's coming up there's a blue sky and everything's coming up millhouse which way by the tents yes yep Doug's found some something back there we'll try and see what it is oh it's thick but it's thick and wet oh man I had no idea it's a hemlock yeah okay I come pushed over this one which pushed over this one it was not this one broke this man dude this is just look at that one uprooted man would you remember we heard like Astro cracks - like a lot of those even with this even more when we're back here behind us if they came down but look at the break in this one it's a big hemlock oh yeah yep wait yep that is nuts paddlin for some time making good time making away lots of paddling paddling by awesome cliffs and some fall colors and open water it's a nice day man it's a good day for paddling it's a stark change from yesterday we've made it to the Petawawa River nice we will do a little fishing here and I'm gonna pee cuz I haven't done that in hours should be proud of me well Doug said he had a bite he's standing right in the in the rapids but I got a piece super bad so poor Tasha's right here though her meters shy of where Doug is so I'm just gonna hop up on there and pee and grab a bite to eat cuz I'm real hungry and happy hey guys

julius in the well we from hate hit to the campsite we paddle upstream the tim river for quite some time a couple hours found this campsite it's actually really nice big open behind nice fire pit and good water access in front we fished for a bit when we first got here but dug wing caught one fall fish and that was it no trout so if we got the truck we're gonna fry them up for dinner no go that's alright we're both real hungry so first order of business before tents or anything like that is get firewood your fire going so we can cook food it's a nice big open camp looks like it's been stripped of wood see what we can find there's a decent one here we take that one that's all we need it's dead for sure that's definitely doable just look around for a little bit thinner my hand it's cold back here Chile Chile there's a decent sized tree right here or dead standing more than enough I know that's why I said look for a little smaller one but you know and then I walked about that far and I was like man

look at all these and cut off over the years that's funny so that tree is BAM

my food's almost done I'm just letting it sit now it's almost ready we both got our tents set up back in the woods it's crazy how flat this area looks until you start really looking for a camp spot or for a tent site and then it's all sloped but there's not much at all it's fine I'm so tired if you sleep on a rock well Big Agnes tent Fly Creek ul1 I just gotta get my sieving pad see them bag all that stuff in there but I can do that later on I can even do that after it's dark we're losing light quick as you can tell who's Doug set up in his MSR hubba

he's got no screen on it on this trip you got much more room in there than I do in mine good to know I'm just a little guy

I get some color in the sky tonight relaxation time finally today was the best day so far for me it was felt more like a real canoe trip day lots of portaging lots of paddling but nothing too crazy nothing like back-to-back 5000 meter black portage is coupled with debilitating weight there's a point in the whole day that we thought we'd die today yesterday but we're both very high spirits right now we said to each other this might turn out to be abusing trip after all nobody just is just part of it like and if it was a longer trip those first two days we would have forgot about by the end of it by anyway anyways but tomorrow is is our last day so a little bit of crappie wrote planning on our part this time we really did wait till the end till we got to the park office to book it to even really attempt a book yeah and most of the sites were filled with you yeah they said was a long thought it was supposed to be filled up like a long weekend for some reason even though we've seen find you today three people of the dozens of campsites we didn't see one occupied right in this whole trip we saw maybe three three sets of canoes so anyways whatever oh yeah poor planning on our part for it but it's okay

we should have if we wanted to fish we should have just focused on fishing and not moving so much but we really really put some distance in like today we had to run over 30 kilometers I'll check it off later on and figure it out we fished last night this is our canoe trip but yeah canoe trip I think that's what we do we do a canoe trip in the mornings at at night sitting around the fire just kind of hanging Oh has been like the highlight for me also the otters and then looking back on it they're almost dying in the wind is a highlight even though I didn't walk to almost die good times and there will be more about those trees last night oh man those trees boy there's been and then today we only showed a couple of them but there's been blowdowns on multiple Portage's yeah

probably every Porto's has one down we have we hacked away at a couple of them but the other one that we couldn't step over we did so we worked it out we did 35 kilometers today ish and that was pretty good took us about 11 hours and we worked out what we have to do tomorrow and we thought we only had like 10:15

we have 22 or 23 so we have a big day I'm gonna try and get up and get out of here early I've been signa every night but tomorrow we really are going to try and get up have breakfast quick throw our tents into our super bit into our back backpacks because it doesn't matter we have barely important tomorrow and tomorrow we're out of here so we don't have to take time and pack away properly throw it in and bounce we have a lot of upriver travel almost all river we have a couple lakes that we go into but almost all the 22 kilometers is river so if we get out of here by about 3:00 tomorrow in the afternoon that'll be good so that means we need to leave here like six or seven in the morning but then there is an eight hour seven eight hour drive home and I need to be home because I have obligations on Monday so the adventure continues lots of lots of paddling lots of canoeing but it's good it's cold building up my man muscles you know making myself back into a healthy not weak Joe

let's get my whiskers as I do this trip every time I come around your city bling-bling so what'd you get all right so I'm gonna end this tonight here I'll go with you guys tomorrow I don't know what kind of footage I'll have for tomorrow because it's gonna just be a lot of paddling but considering there's not sporting or very many poor Taj's I will have my big hammer out so maybe we can see a moose it'll be a nice morning maybe there'll be some mist maybe a fish or two

Sam squats alright guys have a good night are you going to bed are you guys going to bed there's something over there I just woke up then all I can hear is crashing in the woods it sounds big I vote for in the morning Doug and I both woke up he heard a UH I got up to Pete and he's like I heard a moose in the bush crashing through I didn't hear it told me about it and now I hear it when I'm up in it's 6:45 [Music]


the old massive tree blocking the river [Music]

so they were super percent chance of rain tonight and she's raining it's not too bad right now it's just starting to thicken the only thing clouds are very gray there's rain that's right we still got half a day at least we started at 8:00 oh no it's live in three hours stretch now back on the Tim River after bunch of poor tossing and rivers and lakes back on the end here and soon we got turned around on our last Lake a little bit lost some time I'm both really tired I ate my last sandwich just now so a little boost of energy so making the long haul oh we've got probably go eat nine clips left to go few hours then it's upriver and it's slow going but this has been a good trip it's been a very hard trip a very difficult trip a very rough trip but it'll be a very memorable trip as well a lot of cool very cool things will happen a lot of very exciting things happen and we busted our butts and that's no joke so I'm gonna end this here thanks guys for watching

I really appreciate it watch out for new videos very soon please give me a like comment and subscribe I want to hit a million very soon that is a goal of mine I'd really appreciate some help with that so thanks a lot guys on to the next

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